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As you came striding into my house, I inhaled the scent of you. I noticed as you shut the door, how wonderful your ass looked. You were so damned fine as I watched you and enjoyed the sight of your body. I marveled at your face, your eyes, strong arms and wide shoulders. And yes, the chest! The chest that my head fits so nicely against as I played with the sparse soft black hair.

As you turned to looked at me I wished I had some sort of and idea as to what was going through your mind. I didn't know how to feel, what to say or do. Should I be happy you were there or was this your final good-bye? What was going on in your head? Whatever the reason I became wet just being in the same room with you. I felt your eyes as they looked deep inside of me, as if you knew my every thought, and desire. The way you looked at me sent electrical currents through into my core.

I heard a click and realized that you had locked the door. As you removed the key from the lock and placed it in your pocket my heart was in my throat. There would be no way to leave without your permission. I became fearful of what was to come. But despite the fear I felt I still desired your touch, your kiss and the feel of you buried deep inside me.

As your eyes roamed over me I realized my unkempt appearance. Your nod in the direction of the bathroom sent me running there. I turned on the shower, the music and lit some candles, before I got undressed and to stand waiting for you. I heard your footsteps in the hallway and my heart beat faster and harder in my chest. I could felt the wetness flowing down my legs as the cool air continued to cause my nipples to harden. I wished you would just speak to me, touch me, kiss me do anything.

You instructed me step under the showers spray as you kissed me and had me soap my body. You watched as my hands moved over my body in a smooth motion. Your intense stare seemed to excite me more than my soapy fingers as they moved over my hardened nipples. I knew that I pleased you with my actions so I closed my eyes and moved downward to my recently shaved mound. It felt so smooth, and soft, just the way you liked it. I drifted back to the shaving as a shudder passed through my body. I still felt the warmth of your touch as you shaved me bald.

Suddenly your voice broke through my thoughts as you are instructed me to touch my clit, to rub it with my fingertips. You commanded me to spread my legs wider o that you could see my fingers in motion as you reached in and pinched my nipples. A sharp pain shot through them as you pinched them hard. I was rubbed my clit furiously, as I felt the electricity flow between my aching nipples and my sensitive clit. Faster and faster my fingers went round and round in and out of my hot, wet, tight hole. You pinched, twisted and pulled my nipples unmercifully. I moaned and begged to be allowed to cum. I was on the edge when you grabbed my hand and held it. You looked directly into my eyes and ordered me not to cum.

You pulled me from the shower and pushed me to the floor so I that knelt of you. I felt your hands running through my hair, then tug slightly and move my head towards your rigid, pulsating dick. The command was given to take the head into my mouth and suck. It was smooth and taunt, hard and majestic as it entered my mouth. I looked up at you wanting nothing more than but to please you. As I placed my hand on your dick I felt the heat as it pulsated in my hand and I could smell you scent. This was all very pleasing to my senses of touch, taste and feel.

I started to lick around the head with my tongue then flicked it and sucked on the underside. It throbbed in my hand as my tongue moved over it. Umm it was hot to my tongue and I could feel it pulsate as my other hand cupped your balls. They were so full and heavy with your rich hot cum. I felt the heat as the sperm inside waited to be let free as my fingernails raked across them. I smiled as you jumped and moaned from the sensations.

I licked down your shaft as it were a lollipop, sweet, salty taste of your skin, a tasty treat to my mouth. Taking your balls I suck one gently into my mouth, as my tongue massaged it then moved to the other. My hand stroked your shaft as I grasped and gently pulled causing the head to mushroom outward. Then I licked up your shaft, and around the smooth, silky head of your dick. I licked and kissed all around the head then I slowly lowered my head down your shaft. I swirled my tongue over the sensitive underside, sucked and stroked your shaft as I move down the length.

You pushed my head downward as I moved my head from side to side, as I used my tongue in a swirl motion. I sucked you deeper into my mouth, as you went further to the back of my throat. As I sucked I stroked your balls with my fingers, and tickled the taunt, fuzz covered skin encasing them. I felt them move around inside their sac as I massaged them with my warm hand. My throat squeezed as I swallowed you down, as my head moved down until my chin brushed against your balls. Your steel hard dick filled me mouth completely. Your hips pushed upward as you buried yourself even deeper into my throat.

My fingertips teased your balls as my mouth moved up and down over your throbbing, pulsating dick. My mouth and tongue teased, tantalized and taunted you as I felt you grow even harder. I moved my head from side to side as I tried not to choke or gag as your dick increased in width and length. Your desire built as you moved faster in and out of my mouth, holding me in place. Your breathing became louder and shorter as your left hand captured a nipple and began to pinch, pull and twist it. It went from nipple to nipple while the right held my head in place. Despite the slight pain I increased my efforts as I ran my hands over your butt cheeks. I heard your voice quiver as you moaned, "I am getting close!!!!!"

I moved my head up and down faster, as I sucked you deeper into my throat. As my fingers gripped your round butt as your hips thrust faster into my face. I continued to move over your dick as it grew larger and hotter. I heard you groan as your fingers wrapped tighter in my hair, "I want to cum deep in your throat and all over your face and tits!"

As the muscles of my throat pulled you deeper into it your grip tightened in my hair and I heard a low moan escape your lips. The head was held tightly in my mouth as the first spurt moved over my tongue and you thrust forward as cum slid down my throat. Swallowing fast not to lose a single drop of your essence I felt your body shake and quiver. You pumped what seemed like a gallon of cum down throat and into my belly before I pulled it out as it continued to spasm shooting cum over my face and tits. As you smiled down into my cum covered face body I knew you were pleased and proud of me.

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