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My wife and I went to my Company Christmas party, which is always a big drunk. The wet bar had more empty bottles on it than full ones. I was getting pretty loaded and had lost track of my wife. I went out into the hall and walked down to the lobby where I could see her standing with a group of woman who were all having a good laugh about something. As I stood in the entryway Karen, who is one of our sales reps pointed out that I was standing under the mistletoe. Not only did Karen plant one on me; her tongue was exploring the back of my throat.

After I recovered I noticed a different taste in my mouth. I walked over to my wife, Linda, who was grinning ear to ear as she asked, "Well how was Karen's kiss?" Not wanting to make a big deal out of it I just said ok. Then to my surprise Linda asked me how she tasted while holding her hand over her mouth trying to conceal her smile. I told her that I don't normally think of a kiss as having a taste but Karen's did. Linda asked if I liked it, I said yes, it was different.

Linda took me a side and told me that the reason all the woman were standing around laughing is because one of them walked in on Karen and Jack, while Karen was giving him a blowjob. Linda said Karen was licking the cum off her lips as she walked out of the bathroom and back towards the party where I was coming from. Linda noticed the look of shock on my face when she said, "That's right, you just got a good taste of Jack's cum." I told Linda I needed a drink and reached for her glass but she pulled it away and said she wanted to taste it too. Linda pulled me towards her and kissed me deep. I noticed I was as hard as a rock when she pulled away licking her lips.

When Linda noticed me adjusting myself she reached for my crotch and commented on how hard I was. Linda asked what turned me on, her wanting to taste another man's cum in my mouth or me having the taste of cum in my mouth. I said neither one and tried to brush it off as being drunk.

We went back to the party and had more drinks. I had a margarita and Linda had to take the opportunity to comment about the salt on the glass and comparing it to the taste of semen. Finally I had to admit that the thought of the events that took place really turned me on. I wasn't sure if it was thinking about kissing Karen after she blew Jack or if it was kissing Linda, when Linda knew I had a trace of Jack's cum in my mouth. Linda told me she was very wet thinking about it. I asked her which part turned her on and she said both were equally exciting. After I thought about it, that made sense and I agreed.

Linda asked me if I would kiss her if she had another man's cum in her mouth. I felt my face turn red and my cock grow to the point of almost exploding. Linda stepped closer to me and rubbed my cock through my pants and said "I'll take that as a yes." Not knowing what to say I asked what she would do if I kissed her with another woman's cum on my lips. Linda said she would beat me over the head with an iron skillet. My hard on felt like it was about to soften when she said, however, if you ever kiss me with another man's cum in your mouth I'll do what ever you want me to do. Linda rubbed my crotch again and again I was on the verge of exploding.

I didn't know where this was coming from but I was so excited I had to take her out of there and into one of the back rooms. Linda gave me a blowjob that lasted about thirty seconds and I filled her mouth with a huge load of cum. Linda stood up and grabbed my hand and lead me back to the lobby where she saw Brad standing under the mistletoe. Linda walked up to Brad and planted one on him. I recognized the confused look on Brads face as he walked away not knowing that the strange taste he had in his mouth was my cum. I was hard all over again.

That night Linda and I were all over each other like we were kids again, as we talked about how we might surprise each other someday with just a kiss. Our love life is back on fire and if Linda isn't satisfied at the end of one our love making sessions, alls she has to do is talk about our newly found fantasy and I'm ready for action again.

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