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Gary's Special Recipe: The past

"Mmm mmmm oooo gods GARRRRY" I yell as I came hard. Panting I sit up on my bed naked, dripping all over the covers" I wish you were here so I wouldn't have to do this my self. While masturbating has always felt great and I've always had great orgasms it's just not the same as the feeling of a big hard dick thrusting in and out. With my 18th birthday in two weeks I was hoping for an extra special present from a long time crush. Ever since I was 14, I've wanted him. He was never the perfect guy and was a little on the big side, but he always made me laugh and was pretty handsome, and just so damn lovable. One time during a movie in Biology class we were learning about the " birds and the Bees" and it was a very graphic movie showing all parts in great detail, Well many of the kids were squirming in their seats, especially the boys, they had all went hard. I looked over at Gary and saw what would have to be the biggest bulge I have ever seen in pants that baggy. He was all red and hot. I would have jumped him right on the teacher's desk if I weren't so damn shy.

He is a math wiz, SO after class that day I asked if he would help me "study" for my next test. He told me to drop by any day after six, and he would. He told me to use the back door that lead directly to his room in the basement but to knock on the ground window first. I put on my smallest black leather skirt (was about 7 inches long) and a tight top that covered my tummy but showed my hard nipples beautifully. A touch of red lipstick and no panties I grabbed my bag and walk the six blocks to his house. I got to his house and went around to the back noticing his parent's cars weren't there. " Perfect' I purred.

I knelt down and peeked through the window and saw the biggest dick I had ever seen to this day (I was still a virgin at this point, Hopefully not for long) I guess he didn't think I would be over right that after noon and had taken the liberty to "relive" himself without me. While he may have shut the curtains they had blown open slightly, and through these I watched him lying back on the bed slowly stroking his hard thick nine inches up and down with his hand. There was a porno flick of a girl getting the best gang bang of her life on the TV, But I was more interested in the soft moans I heard come from him, I know I would make him scream out In pleasure if my plan worked. I felt myself get wetter in anticipation of that hard cock pumping in and out of me. Gary had started to stroke faster and began to pant. While watching I felt my hand move between my legs and began to rub my clit. I was so excited and wet, but was it from seeing Gary jerk off, or the idea I could be caught fucking my self in his back yard at any time, I didn't care. I rubbed harder and faster in rhythm with him, who knew he would be that loud in bed. I couldn't wait for my turn. My other hand sneaked up my shirt and began to caress my breast while the other was dipping its digits in and out, I was so close, and so was he. Gary's hand moved up and down his shaft thumb rubbing over the tip, I could see the precum from here. Suddenly he yelled out " Bekka" and began Cumming all over his hand. There was so much of it, I wanted to know what it tasted like, but the moment I heard him yell my name I went over the edge to. " Oooooohohmmmmm" I wanted to scream out but I couldn't or I would have been caught being a naughty girl. But that small muffled moan still attracted his attention his eyes snapped to the window but thankfully where I was sitting couldn't be seen from the bed. As he got up cum began to run down his stomach and thighs. He went into the bathroom and took a quick shower. I got up myself and fixed my skirt, I cleaned my knees and hands with a wet wipe and watched him come out of the bathroom with a towel on. Now was my chance. I got up and knocked on the window with my shoe and went to the door. I heard foots steps and then it opened reveling him in towel water running down his chest and neck. " Uh hi" I said managing to look embarrassed even though I wasn't.

He had turned that sexy shade of red blush I so love on him. " Come in I'll be just a minuet. I went in and sat on the bed inhaling the heavenly scent of Gary's sex, as he put some clothes on in the bathroom. He came out and sat down next to me looking nervous. We were talking and I moved my hand back and touched something sticky, I turned and looked it was a small puddle of his cum. I scooped it up and showed it to him " what's this, Gary?" I asked. He turned even redder " Uh I can explain it's uh, um." I brought it to my lips and slowly licked it off of my fingers before I looked at him. " Mmmm it taste delicious. What kind of sauce is it" I loved making him squirm.

" It's a, um, alfrado sauce." He looked up to see if I bought it.

" Is it your own special recipe?" " You could say that."


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