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In the gym

I am a cute 18 year old blond and love to exercise in the gym. One evening, it had gone already very late and I found myself all alone in the gym. I started to shape my beautiful body on one of the weight machines. As I sat there pressing my arm together, my 36C tits looked really wonderful in my short sports top. Suddenly, I realised that I was watched by two black guys who stopped exercising and stared at me. One of them I knew was the manager Tom. He smiled at me and then turned away to close up the door. His friend stayed and went on looking at me. He was wearing nothing but short pants. What a body, I thought, so muscular and perfect. I felt my nipples getting harder and harder.

I smiled over to him and he came to me. WOW, I thought again, what a handsome boy, and is it not the case that blacks have much bigger cocks than normal guys? He said, his name is Chris and he would like me to assist him at another machine. I smiled in the sexiest way I could and we walked over to the heavy weights. He lay down on the bench starting to lift these massive weights. I could see his muscles shaking and I got really horny. I could not concentrate on assisting him but touched him where he likes it most. He almost dropped the heavy weights and it was only luck that Tom, the manager, just came back to help Chris out. I stood there and did not know what to say. Tom was even better shaped than his friend and I could see that they both had a huge erection in their tight sport shorts. I said sorry to Chris and to make it up to him sat down on his body. I stroke over his fantastic body, he obviously liked it and reached for my tits. It was a wonderful feeling as his huge hands grabbed my big boobs. I through my head back and started to move my body on Chris' dick.

Tom watched us for a while and then asked if he should leave us alone. No, I protested, and got up. Chris got up too and I felt that both guys were too shy to just take a white, young girl like me. So I ordered them to get rid of their shorts. It was really amazing how quickly these guys got undressed. I could not believe what I saw: two massive cocks pointing right at me and one longer than the other. I would guess both were at least 9 inch long!!!

I fell down on my knees and grabbed their dicks. One huge cock in each hand I started to give them what they demanded. My fist around their stiff ones, my thumb on their tops I made them groan. I got rid of my top and led their wet cocks over my hard nipples. I saw how they enjoyed being treated like this and decided to make them even more horny before they should have me.

Chris suddenly said: "Please suck me right now!!" And I did not hesitate a second. Still on my knees in front of these two horny blacks, I pressed their cocks together and licked slowly over their tops. Ahhh, they moaned, and lost complete control when I let them both come down my throat at the same time. My mouth was full with two massive cocks and I had their balls in my hands, too. I licked like mad at their tops and gave them a blow job they would never have dreamt of. I felt how their juice got ready in their nuts and blew even faster. They also felt they would soon cum and pushed my head even tighter to their bodies. I got two enormous loads of sweet juicy cum in my mouth. I tried to swallow it but it was simply too much. They kept shooting their hot stuff on my face and it ran out of my mouth on my naked tits.

I was wet all over and licked every drop from their dicks. They were now really in the mood to fuck me but first they came down to me and started licking my wet tits. They both took one of my boobs and licked all their cum away. They got so horny as they tasted their own cum that they could not hold on. Tom ordered me to undress myself. I quickly got rid of my sports shorts as I wanted to feel them in me. I lay down on the bench and spread my legs. They immediately got down to my pussy and licked my clit like mad. I moaned as I never did before. These two black tongs down at my pussy one now getting deeper and to my ass hole. I grabbed for my tits and was about to have the biggest orgasm ever when they suddenly stopped. Tom got into position to fuck me, while Chris started to masturbate between my tits. I suddenly felt Tom's huge dick in my pussy. I screamed like mad, because it was so hot. He took his cock out again and gave me his full length over and over again. I reached out for Chris' dick and licked his balls. Tom's bums and Chris' massive balls gave me a huge orgasm. I groaned so loud as never before. Both guys gave me another huge load of their cum making me wet all over again.

But their huge black erections did not drop as I had expected, they stayed as hard as before, willing to fuck me again. This time I sat down on Chris, riding him like mad, while Tom showed my little as how it feels with a huge cock. They filled both my holes and gave me another enormous orgasm. These guys really filled me up with cum as their loads did not become smaller. They could not get enough of me and demanded more and more. I sat down on Tom's face giving him my wet and sweet pussy to lick while I myself licked Chris' ass hole. I saw how Chris held Tom's cock in his hands and made him cum again. Tom licked fantastically and I got another orgasm while I made Chris cum on his friend…

All wet with cum and sweat we decided to move to the shower room where we had some more fantastic fucks…

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