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Larry said good morning and gave me big grin at the same time. That seemed a little out of order as he was always on the job before 7 and now it was almost 10 o'clock. He also knew we had lots of work to do on the driveway this morning. I finished what I was doing and Larry was still grinning and just standing there. Our work had a more leisurely pace during the middle of the summer so it was no big deal if he wasn't there on any given day. Then he started with "Well, you said, it was ok if I woke up early and my nuts were full" then looking down at his feet obviously waiting for my response. "Yeah, I remember saying that. So?" Larry started again, still looking at his feet, "Ever since last week end I've been waking up with my cock so hard it almost hurts to touch it. . . well you also said that Peggy enjoyed an early morning Fucking." That's right, I responded. "Well I was on my way over here as usual and since I have to drive right past your place to get here, I just figured I would stop to see if you were still there. Your truck was gone and the garage door was closed so I thought I would knock anyway. Then I remembered you gave me a key. I was really surprised to find out the key really opened your front door."

Your house was very different... completely quiet.. no music and for awhile I thought everyone was gone. Then I could hear someone in your bedroom and the bedroom door was ajar…I quietly walked over to peek around the door and was pleasantly surprised to see your wife lying there with her fingers between her legs slowly sliding her rubber cock in and out. After last weekend, I wasn't sure how welcome I was and now didn't seem like the time to interrupt her. So I just watched her and massaged my cock through my pants. She looked so small in that huge bed and I closed my eyes to help remember the three of us playing for almost two days… still, that seemed like so long ago. I must have made a noise, because when I opened my eyes, Peggy had stopped masturbating and was looking intently in my direction. I quickly cleared my throat, pushed the door open and mumbled something about stopping by early to see if you were still there. She smiled and I could see that she was looking at the bulge my cock was making in my pants. I looked down also and could see that there was a wet spot showing where some of my pre-cum had leaked out.

I started to tell her what you had said 'about having full nuts in the morning'… but she was quickly out of bed and standing there nude in front of me. My confidence came back when she placed one finger on my lips to quiet me and gently massaged my cock with her other hand… she was so warm and soft as I wrapped my arms around her, I almost lost my load in my pants. That's when the first problem developed. I wanted a very deep, warm kiss and Peggy wanted my clothes in a pile on the floor. She had my t-shirt up and off OK and my sweats were easy to pull down, but my old running shoes had bad laces, so there I was feeling kind of awkward bending over bare-ass naked trying to un-tie knots in my shoestrings. Peggy decided to be helpful and reached between my legs to grab my cock with one very warm hand and began massaging my full nut sack with the other. I almost lost it again.

By this time, I was feeling very welcome and was sure that nothing had changed since the weekend. I was finally able to get one shoe untied and decided to just break the other. We were both laughing now and Peggy was pulling me down on top of her in the middle of your huge bed. I was finally able to get that deep, hot kiss I wanted as your wife was closing her legs around my cock to squeeze it between her legs. I started to dry fuck her gently, knowing that her pussy lips were getting wetter and soon I could feel her wetness beginning to coat the top part of my cock. Your wife was really hot…when you said that she enjoyed having a good fuck in the morning, I had no idea any women could be this hot at this early hour.

She had her arms wrapped around my neck and was whispering very quiet at first.. then as she got a little louder I could finally hear her saying "I need you.. I need you Larry.. I need your cock.. bury your big black cock in me"...then in a little more demanding tone.. "Fuck me... Fuck me... Fuck me now." I can't tell you how hard she was making my cock. I asked her to tell me what she was doing when I first came in to her bedroom. Her answer was a short.." just being hot." I asked again, to see if she would tell me more. She said that she woke from her dream and went easily from dream to fantasy and her fantasy was a mixture of what we did to her last weekend and making plans to do it again. Listening to her talk sex and breath hard was doing great things to my nuts and soon I needed to taste her pussie. I began by kissing my way down to her nipples and was rewarded for lingering by her fingernails digging deep into my back and shoulders. Then I softly kissed my way down to her navel as she continued humping slowly into me. Finally the warm moist aroma of her pussie greeted me as she placed each of her legs up and on my back. Soon she was squeezing my hands tightly as I explored each fold of her pussie…pausing occasionally to suck each of her lips into my mouth.. run my tongue over it.. and let it slide out again. Her pleasure was very obvious from the sounds she was making as well as her encouraging me with… "Oh god Larry, you feel so good.. don't stop.. and I need you so much." What a perfectly exciting women.. she had my cock fully hard and I could tell without looking, that I was oozing what she wanted.

Peggy shared her first orgasm with me just when I felt it was time to slip my tongue in to begin playing with her little bud. She had such a grip on my head that I had to be very careful not to press hard on her tender parts. I was again rewarded with a very wet pussie and now tender, slightly swollen pussie lips. Her orgasm was fantastic. I couldn't help but think how great it must be to wake up next to her every morning.

Now I really took my time. Her pussie tasted slightly musky and I wanted to savor her smell.. she was gently holding her lips apart as I probed deep in her treasure with my tongue. Her orgasm had not subsided very much and I remembered how long she stayed at her peak during our early morning fuck session last weekend. I couldn't help but wonder weather you had fucked her before going to sleep last night?

Her pussie is truly fantastic but all this licking wasn't doing anything for my full nuts. I kissed my way back up over her belly and nipples and soon she was wrapping her hands around my cock. She must have been using her favorite lubricant to masturbate with because it was sitting by the top of the bed still opened. I just watched for a moment.. her eyes were closed.. her hair all disheveled.. her legs spread open around me.. and her fingers were opening her slit with one hand and gently guiding my swollen cock head in with the other. I put a few drops of her lubricant on my shaft and laid down very gently on top of her. Her arms were quickly around my neck and her tongue in my mouth... my cock head slid easily into her moist slit. Her breathing quickened and she started her little girl whimpering again.. then softly... "Fuck me Larry.. Fuck me good.. The warm wetness of her tight little cunt wrapped around my cock was almost too much.. I wanted these feelings to last so we slow fucked for a very long time. Your wife had two or three orgasms in a row all kind of run together and was almost crying for my load of thick hot cum.

I kissed her again and held my cock very still as she humped me and started pulling at my back and ass muscles. After a minute I pushed myself up so I could watch her again leaving my cock as deep inside her as I could. I wanted to gently rub her wet little cunt and bring her to orgasm again so I could feel her pussie muscles contracting and sucking on me as she had done last weekend. I watched as she opened her eyes and smiled up at me.. she guided my fingers to her pussie and waited.. anticipating my soft touch and her next orgasm.. how fantastic it was to watch the heat grow within her and her body shudder as her pussie squeezed my cock. We just laid there quietly, coupled together in her hot wetness and enjoyed the ebbing of her orgasm. Not saying a word I began making light touching circles around her nipples and very slowly started to pump her again. Now her eyes were wide open watching me intently and showing me a very warm, sincere smile. Since I was sitting up Peggy was able to gently run her finger tips over my upper body, tracing muscles, shoulders, neck and then around my ears finally ending up sliding her finger tips between my lips for a light sucking. They were covered with the smells of her pussie and my precum. She spoke first. " Larry! " Uh h… yes s s s. "Are you really going to Fuck Me?" You bet your hot sweet little ass I am. Then she asked again.. "Then are you ready to Fuck me now?" I think she liked my answer. I bent over her completely but still not putting my weight on her.. shoving my cock completely in for three or four good deep strokes and asking "if this was she had in mind?" What a great smile she has when gets what she wants. Just beautiful. Now she began pulling her knees up and I could feel her legs just starting to wrap around my ass clamping me into her cunt. This time I wanted just a little more so I gently reached around each of her legs and let them rest across my chest and shoulders as I continued slow pumping her. She finally closed her eyes to fully experience her fullness and I'm sure my cock was now so hard that she was able to feel the throbbing of my heart beat. After slow pumping for awhile and pinching her nipples, my nuts were telling me it was time to fill this white bitch with what she needs. Her eyes were still closed and she was whimpering like a teenager with her first big cock as I reached for both of her wrists and pined them to the bed above her head. Slowly at first and not really sliding my cock in fully ... just far enough to let her feel my dark sack lightly touching her puckered back door.. that's all it took.. she struggled into another fantastic orgasm only this time there was no letting it subside. My nuts were maxed out and I could feel my cock leaking into her with each stroke.. each stroke getting deeper.. then I could feel her wetness beginning to coat my balls .. now was my turn to enjoy. With her legs pinned up over her and her hands pinned to your bed I started to fuck her hard. I even surprised myself.. I rammed my swollen cock in the balls slapping limit for several minutes…. at first Peggy struggled to free her hands but then, just gave up completely to her total orgasm... now her whimpering almost sounded like crying but I could feel my load moving… every muscle I had was focused on the single purpose of filling this hot white cunt with the greatest amount of cum.. the thickest... hottest load of sticky cum I could deliver. The fire started first in my nuts moving slowly through my groins, then just erupted... my nuts were taking a beating… being squished against her ass hole.. the slapping even surprised me.. finally my cum was flowing into her…first the thin watery cum that shoots so far and finally the thick gobs of hot white sperm she needed. I continued pumping making sure there was no part of her pussie that was not coated with my hot sticky seed.

How quiet everything was… the only sound was Peggy's breathing. I'm not sure how long we stayed locked together, but finally I released her legs. Now I started hoping I hadn't really hurt her. Then I realized I was still pinning her wrists and released them also. I started to lift some of my weight off her when she gently wrapped her arms around my neck, puling me to her and quickly slid her tongue between my lips. What a fantastic women. Her leg muscles must have survived because she began rubbing her legs up and down the backs of mine and in just a few minutes her pussie was humping my cock again. It wasn't long before I could feel my first load of cum working it's way out and leaking down between my nuts and your wife's little ass hole. Peggy's orgasm had only retreated not subsided and her breathing, and little girl whimpering were getting my cock very hard again.

I lifted my weight off her permitting her all the movement she wanted and she immediately curled her pussie up under me again and pulled her knees back to her shoulders. It was clear she wanted as much of my cock in her as she could get. I could feel my cock continue to swell as I started matching her humps with a ball squishing deep fuck of my own… Peggy's orgasm started again after just a few minutes of this and continued for several minutes more. Her fingers were digging into my back and ass muscles as her hot little cunt muscles tightened on my cock. Finally I needed her again.. as much this time as the first. The fire was back in my nuts and every one of my muscles was quickly focusing on filling her pussie. Soon I could feel the hot liquid flowing.. burning through my swollen cock.. and now pumping into her deepest wettest parts. This women truly knows how to share.

Time to lay still and let my balls and cock finish draining.. as Peggy's tight little cunt continued to squeeze me.. I finally felt like I had been milked dry and just wanted to hold her close. After gently lifting my weight off and slowly pulling my cock out.. it was still very swollen, just not rigid any longer so I eased off your wife and laid beside her and was not surprised when she curled her back into my chest and maneuvered my cock between her legs so she could hold it tight pressed to her pussie lips. She seemed so small, warm and soft as I gently played with her nipples. I guess we both must have dozed off because it was 9:30 when I open my eyes again. I did my best not to disturb her as I slid my arm from beneath her pillow and rolled out your side of the bed.

I really hadn't planned on being this late but I figured you would understand and sorry about that big wet spot we left on your side of the bed.

What could I say? I gripped his hand in a brisk hand shake "Larry my friend, why don't you finish working on the driveway." " I'll be back later. I'm going to hustle home right now and see just how full you left her.. and add some of my own...."

P.S. If you would like to read more and find out how Larry got his own key go back and read "Double Stuff Weekend".

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