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"Unlawful use of a graveyard"

They had been at his parent’s house for nearly a week. She had been on her best behavior for far too long. His parents lived in a quiet little town in New England were there was absolutely nothing to do. So she had nothing to do but chit chat and think about sex.
What was worse is that she saw him constantly. He was right next to her.
His parent’s place was so small that they had to sleep in the living room.
It was far too public for any kind of a fuck. God, did she need to get laid! She had constant fantasies about sucking his cock while she listened to his mother go on and on about what a cute little boy her son was. She craved to be fucked from behind while she helped with the dishes.
She could tell he needed it too. All she had to do was touch his thigh at the dinner table and she could feel his cock swell. He had such a nice cock. Large but not so big that she couldn’t handle it. She could suck him so well that he was practically her slave the instant that his cock was in her mouth. Nearly a week... like an eternity. She had never needed sex so bad in her life.
Finally they were left alone for a minute in the backyard. She looked at him and said “Baby I need you so bad.”
“Me too sugar. I need to fuck your brains out.”
“How? Where?” she whined.
“Tonight, we’ll go out”
“We had better, I’ll die if it takes any longer”
When night finally came, he asked for the keys to his dad’s car. They bounded out the door with excitement. Her panties were wet just with the thought of sweet sex. They drove out of town, looking for a quiet place. A dark place. Any place.
As they drove she stroked his cock through his pants. God he was hard.
She unzipped his pants as he continued to drive. She tugged and finally managed to free his throbbing cock. She leaned down and immediately start to suck. Oh, did it feel so good to finally taste his cock again. She pumped with her hand at the base of his cock just the way he liked. She was an expert cock sucker. “Hmmm... This won’t take long” she thought. She managed to cup his balls with her other hand. After only a minute he stiffened and delivered the load she wanted so badly. She started to swallow as every good girl should, but all of a sudden all hell broke loose. She was thrown from side to side as the car bounced off the road and into the ditch. Obviously he had forgotten to watch the road as she sucked him off.
They were a bit dazed but OK. Fortunately they weren’t going very fast, and it had been a soft landing. It took them a few minutes to stumble out of the car.
“I’ll go for help.” he said looking around.
“What?” he looked puzzled.
“I got you off, but I still need it bad”
“Baby, at a time like this”
“At least eat me” She wiggled up on to the trunk of the car. He came over reluctantly, but he did help her out of her pants. He knelt down silently and gently spread her legs. She arched her back. She loved the feeling of the cool night air and the cold metal of the trunk on her bare ass. She felt so wild to be out in the open on the side of the road like this, but more importantly she felt like she was finally close to getting off. His tongue found her clit.
“YEESS!” she screamed instantly. Her moans echoed off the surrounding trees. He found the right rhythm licking her clit, and then sucking it just the way she liked. She felt him slide two fingers inside her. His fingers started to fuck her as his tongue continued that wonderful dance on her clit. “Oh God! YES!!!” she shouted, leaned up and came with more force than she could remember in her whole life. Her body was on fire. Now she needed cock and she needed it immediately.
“Come on baby, fuck me”, she came up to him and started rubbing his cock through his jeans. “Please, please fuck me. I need your cock so bad.” He turned her around, so her chest was down on the trunk. Her ass was up moving around in the night air. She heard his pants unzip. “MMMMM”.
“Ooooh baby please”, then “OOOOOOOOOOHHH!” as he slid his cock into her. He started to pump it into her with wild abandon. She pushed back into him, trying to get as much of his cock as he possibly could. It felt so good, this was easily one of the best and most intense sexual experiences in her entire life. It was like lights flashing were in her head. She could hear his balls slapping against her ass as he fucked her hard. Her moans were loud and constant. She knew he wouldn’t last long like this and within two minutes she felt him coming inside her. She hung her head because she needed more!
Unfortunately, they had been so busy fucking that neither of them had seen the cop car arrive. Suddenly she saw that they were flooded with flashing light. And there not six feet away from them was a cop.
“Just what are you two doing out here” he demanded as soon as they turned toward him.
“Sorry officer, we ran off the road” her boyfriend stammered.
“I can see that” the cop replied, “but screwing by the side of the road is just not something that’s done in this town. I’ll have to run you in”
“Please don’t arrest us” the boyfriend pleaded.
Something went off in her mind. Cops had always excited her. It had been so long, and her boyfriend had come so quick that she just was not satisfied. She was standing in the night, in front of a cop, bare assed with her boyfriend’s cum still dribbling down her leg. She wished the cop would take her right there. Hard and without mercy, she was dying for a really long hard fuck. She glanced down and noticed a bulge in the cops pants. By the outline of his erection, he appeared to be hung. The cop noticed that she was staring at his crotch. It was hard for her to take her eyes off of it, but she did finally raise her eyes to meet his. This was a nice looking man she thought. She wished her boyfriend would just disappear.
“Please don’t” her boyfriend continued to plead. “If my parents find out about this I’ll be dead”.
She continued to alternate between staring at the cop’s sweet eyes and his sweet bulge. She made no effort to find her panties. The cop smiled at her, then turned to the boyfriend and said “Come with me”.
The boyfriend continued to babble while the cop led him away to his police car. He stuck the boyfriend in the back and locked the door. In a couple of minutes he was back with her. “Come with me” was all he said and led her off into the woods by side of the road. It turned out that the woods were actually just a line of trees around a graveyard. A few steps into the graveyard he turned to her. He didn’t speak, he just sort of pushed her down into a kneeling position. She gladly complied and started kissing the outline of his cock through his pants. She fumbled with his belt, unzipped and out popped a very large, thick beautiful cock. She started to moan immediately and opened her mouth. She took as much in her mouth as she could. She stroked the remainder of the cop’s cock and sucked with happy abandon.
After a couple of minutes he pulled her up, and bent her over roughly. She grabbed on to the top of a tombstone and then screamed as he slammed his cock all the way into her. Oh, this is what she needed. His cock was so thick that it just felt incredible. Her pussy began to throb and pulse immediately. It was as if the fuck was really just one very long orgasm for her. Later she would not be able to remember just how long it took, or what the cop had even done. She just had this feeling that time had completely stopped, and that she would just always somehow be here in the graveyard with this exquisite cock inside her. She just stood there, bent over, her ass arched, gladly accepting the hundreds of hard thrusts that he gave her.
It was the closest thing to heaven that she had ever felt in her life.
Finally he came. His cock had stretched her so tight that she swore that she actually felt him jerking inside her.
When he pulled out of her, she collapsed against the tombstone, and just lay there smiling. After a time she felt him gently stroking her hair and handing her pants and panties. She did not know what would happen next, but she felt as safe and satisfied as she had never been in her life.

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