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A Ride To Remember

My name is Chris. I'm a college student and have been dating a girl named Natalie for a few months now. Nat is twenty years old with shoulder length blonde hair. She stands about 5 feet 4 inches tall, with a beautiful ass and fair sized tits. Natalie's got a dazzling smile and perfect, plump lips. I've always fantasized what it would feel like to have her lips wrapped around my hard cock, but as she wants to take things slow, that has remained a fantasy of mine. A while back though, that fantasy came a step closer to reality.

We had been given the opportunity to travel on a charter bus to the west coast to do a study at a marine station for a few weeks. Naturally we both jumped at the opportunity and set off with about thirty other students. Since it takes nearly a week to drive to our destination we had to get up pretty early some mornings. On the third day into our trip we had to rise at 4:30 AM! Needless to say everyone on the bus was pretty grumpy and in need of a few more hours of sleep.

The whole bus was quiet and I was beginning to drift off to sleep with Nat curled up beside me under a blanket we were sharing. I was watching the early-morning mountain scenery float by when suddenly I felt Natalie's hand touch my thigh. I looked over at her but saw her eyes were still closed, her lips slightly parted. Her hand began to rub up and down my thigh, kneading her fingers like a contented kitten. I was really enjoying this and returned the favor, squeezing her thigh gently. We had made out plenty of times before but no matter how good I was Nat had never let me into her pants. Not wanted to scare her away I had always backed down and respected her personal space. Considering this I was pleasantly surprised when she let me rub her pussy through the light pajama pants she had on. Her hand became more persistent, pressing against the considerable bulge I had inside my jeans. I felt her fingers fumbling with my belt buckle so I gave her some assistance, opening up my belt and jeans for her. Her warm hand immediately began fondling my cock through my boxers. I tentatively slid my hand up and under the elastic of her pants. Seeing no objection from her I slowly moved my hand down her silky panties, feeling her pussy lips against the already wet fabric. I pushed her underwear aside and was surprised to feel her cunt was shaven completely smooth! I ran my index finger up and down her slit a few times before parting her lips and sliding a finger inside her warm, wet hole.

By this time Natalie was breathing heavily as she still pretended to sleep. She reached inside my boxers and pulled out my throbbing eight inch, uncircumcised cock. She slowly rubbed my foreskin up and down, lubing the head with my pre-cum. I began moving my finger faster inside her cunt, pushing in a second one, causing her to grind her pussy hard against my hand and moan quietly. Her hand stroked my erection faster as she came closer to cumming. I removed my fingers and put them in my mouth, savoring her taste on my tongue. She gently squeezed my balls, rolling them around with her fingers. When my hand found her cunt again, Nat grabbed it with her free hand and pushed three of my fingers into her slot with a sigh, moving my hand in rhythm with her other, which was busy jacking me off again. I could see her nipples straining against the tank top she was wearing and desperately wanted to reach over and play with them, but remembered that there were other people on the bus who might see. As I fucked her wet cunt with my fingers she put her own finger into her wet slot, then rubbed it on her ass hole! Nat then pushed her finger inside and worked it in and out. She was breathing very heavily now as I rubbed her clit and she fucked her own ass. She was pulling my dick hard now and I felt my balls tighten as I began to cum. I felt a warmth spread from my balls up my rock hard cock to come spurting forth all over Natalie's hand and the blanket that was covering us. I was light headed from my orgasm and just then Nat clenched her legs around my hand as I rubbed her clit furiously. "Oh Chris, fuck me, oh fuck, ohfuckohfuckohfuck" she moaned as she came, her pussy gushing all over my fingers. The guy across the aisle was woken up by the noise she was making so I pretended to be asleep for a few minutes. Then slowly I moved my hand to my mouth and sucked her juices off as she did the same with her hand. She licked my cum off with the tip of her tongue as she locked eyes with me.

As I did my pants back up she leaned close, pressing her warm tits against my shoulder and whispered into my ear, " Next time I'm gonna swallow your cock whole while you eat my pussy until I cum all over your face." ...I can't wait!!!

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