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A Pound or More of Flesh

I went along to my local bingo hall, it was the nearest place where you could drink at lunchtimes.
As I entered, the numbers were being called out and not one pair of eyes looked up except for the barmaids.
My usual please I said smiling, I didn't feel like smiling because it was my eighteenth birthday and my mates had deserted me earlier in the week for a fishing expedition.

I paid for my drink and sat down.
I didn't like fishing, a bit too cold and wet for me.
Looking around, the place was full of middle aged women mostly, they all looked up and groaned as someone shouted house.

Sitting there daydreaming I became aware of one group of women looking at me while laughing and joking, strange I thought, what on earth is that all about, I was sure I didn't know any of them.
One of them came over to my table and smiling said you look all alone and down, would you like to come and join us?
My god I thought one of them must fancy me, none of them could be under fifty. I went back with the woman anyway and we sat down at their table. There were seven of them and after some humorous introductions one of them asked if we would all like a drink, I accepted gladly, it wasn't often that women bought me drinks.

We sat and drank and laughed and joked, I told them it was my birthday and I was a bit depressed at being on my own.
We began to talk about bingo, not a big enough bet for me I said. Surprisingly they all agreed, one of them said we quite often end up betting between ourselves on the next number out. We play for fairly high stakes, we have a two hundred pound pot on the first number of the next game.
They persuaded me to join in and I managed to lose thirty pounds just on the call of one number.
An hour later despite having only the price of a drink in my pocket I owed a total of two hundred and fifty pounds to them.
Sheepishly I told them I was a bit short on the necessary to pay but that I could pay within a week or two.
One of the women paid her friends so that I owed all the money to her, but they didn't seem too happy about it.

Suddenly it became clear that the hall was closing, two of them had a quick whisper to each other and then asked if I would like to come back with them and have another drink, they only lived a short walk away.
I had nothing else to do so went along.
After much gathering up of coats and "lucky pens" and the like we set off along the road, arriving in due course at a large house.

We were all ushered into the living room and told to make ourselves at home while our host fetched some more drinks.
Gradually the casual chatter quietened and there were some strange sneaky glances at me. What have I done I thought, nothing that I was aware of.
The woman getting the drinks came back in and standing near the door asked me if I could give a hand. I dutifully followed her back to the kitchen.

She smiled, sit down for a minute I want to talk to you, she said.
I sat in the nearest chair and she sat opposite me.
I'll come straight to the point, she continued, we didn't invite you here for the pleasure of your company, you see you don't seem to take your gambling debt quite as seriously as we do. A week or two to pay it as you put it is not quite good enough so I'll tell you what will happen instead.

The only things we are interested in from you is immediate cash or your fit young body, and as you don't seem to have cash, well, it's been a long time since any of us saw such young flesh.
I sat speechless in amazement.
She smiled at my obvious shock.
Oh yes I am aware that you don't find us very attractive in view of our ages but you will oblige us nevertheless.
And what makes you think I will agree to that I said, briefly overcoming my surprise.
Because my friends husband and son are Ben and John Franklin…

She said no more because she needed to say no more, recently released from prison for armed robbery Ben and John Franklin thought nothing of emphasising their point of view with a couple of cartridges in a shotgun.
I stared in amazement at her face, and at her raised questioning eyebrows.

Two hundred and fifty pounds takes a lot of paying and we only have four hours she said looking at her watch.
I have made the drinks she continued, nodding towards a table, you will serve them to us. She beamed broadly as she stood up, take off all of your clothes she said.
Again I was rendered speechless with surprise.
We want you to serve the drinks to us in the nude, this is only the first of many little amusements we have planned for ourselves this afternoon so come on chop chop.

I stood up still looking at her in amazement.
Her smile faded and was replaced gradually with a sterner look.
Get undressed she urged.
Her look told me that I had to comply.
A horrible thought struck me, without clothes I was usually quite turned on, it would be dreadfully embarrassing if that happened in front of these old girls.

As I slowly began taking my clothes off and placing them on a chair her smile returned, actually I will give you something you can wrap around yourself to start with. She rummaged in a drawer and produced a yellow crumpled piece of material. It didn't look very big and she just stood there holding it. I wondered if she was going to give me it or embarrass me further by waiting until I had undressed, perhaps she would join her friends and leave the material on the table. I didn't know which I would find more embarrassing, her seeing me naked or walking in near nude in front of them all.

She made no move so I carried on undressing, as I got down to my last item of clothing I glanced at her.
Go on she said I shall have a preview.
Removing the last of my clothes I stood naked and embarrassed.
She just gazed with an appreciative look on her face for some seconds.
Okay, wrap this around you while I put the drinks on a tray for you she said with a slight smile again.
She handed me the material, it was an almost see through sheer headscarf. I wrapped it around my waist and was dismayed to see that it did little to hide anything.
She wafted past me and producing a tray placed the drinks on it.
Looking me up and down again she said right, wait for thirty seconds then bring in the drinks and serve them to each of us. She returned to the living room.

Standing all but naked in a strange house I began to think how on earth I was going to deal with the embarrassment. Some seconds later I realised the time must be up and decided I had better get it over with. Taking up the tray I looked self consciously down at myself, at least I wasn't aroused.
I walked over to the door and peered out, for some reason checking that there was no one in the corridor to the living room that could see me. Realising my stupidity I stepped out into the corridor, I had to keep going now as they must have heard the drinks tray rattle.
I took a deep breath and pushing the door open with my elbow just enough to get through with the tray, went into the living room.
As I stepped over to offer the first woman her drink I tried to pretend to myself that all was normal despite the near smirking smiles.
Each woman slowly took a drink from the tray and thanked me briefly. As I went round I became aware that I was becoming aroused so I tried to subtly speed things up but they countered by making small talk with each other before taking the drinks.
I was only on the third drink when I was sure my arousal was beginning to show. I sneaked a glance down at myself and saw that things were worse than I thought. It was also plain that they were aware of my renewed embarrassment.

I made ridiculous moves to try and hide things like turning sideways slightly and lowering the tray but it made little difference. I moved on to the fourth woman the one who had seen me in the kitchen. She slowly took her drink whilst looking me in the eye. I knew now that I had a raging erection pressing out against the scarf. Thank you she smiled. I moved to go on but had only taken two steps when she said wait, come back here. I returned apprehensively.

They were all trying to suppress their smirks at my plight.
That scarf is not really doing very much towards covering anything is it she said.
No I replied.
Well let's take it off then shall we she continued.
I made no response but she took hold of the edge of the scarf and tugged at it while looking me in the eye. It fell away releasing my previously constrained erection.
Carry on she said.

I proceeded to offer drinks to the other three women whilst trying to stop everything swaying as I walked.
At last I finished but one of the women said get us some ice for the drinks.
I gladly made to return to the kitchen.
Still nude she added.

I got some ice cubes from the refrigerator and placed them in a glass. Looking down at myself I felt very silly with everything hanging out but I returned to the living room.
Thank you they said politely as I offered the ice.

He did that very well said one of the women, shall we let him cover up until the next game so he isn't too embarrassed.
They all agreed but then just gave me the scarf back. So this was their plan, humiliation. I wrapped the scarf around my waist again for what little good it did.

One of the women held out her glass and said get me another drink. In the kitchen I desperately tried to think of things to cool off my arousal but as soon as I returned to the woman it was back pressing hard at the flimsy material.
The woman took her drink and said wait.
Looking at my erection and then back at me she said my he is excited isn't he. With a mischievous grin she touched very gently with one finger and was delighted at my slight involuntary twitch.

They all thought this was hilarious and spurred on the woman said take off the scarf, I want to see how twitchy he is.
I reluctantly took it off allowing everything to swing free.
I bet I could make him twitch without touching she said.
Desperately trying to control myself I made no reply.
Perhaps I'll just kiss him she said staring me in the eye.
The thought was enough to cause tiny involuntary spasms.
They all laughed out loud again as I fought to control.
Feigning horror she said he's not going to shoot me is he.
I feared that he would if they did not back off a bit.

Another women said here take my glass and get me another drink, and perhaps you ought to pour some cold water on him while you are there. I left for the kitchen while they laughed and joked at my expense.

I didn't bother with the water, I knew it would make no difference.
Returning with the drink I offered it to the woman but she grabbed me briefly "by mistake", I must get these glasses adjusted she said.

They allowed me to wrap the scarf around myself and told me to sit down.
The host sat down next to a telephone and picking it up, dialled.
Shortly someone answered.
Hello Sue she said.

The girls are all here and we have another guest with us, we were wondering if you fancied a bit of smacking this afternoon.

Oh yes finest young flesh available, shall we see you in about twenty minutes then.


I didn't like the sound of that, things seemed to be moving on.
The host smiled at me, Sue is my next door neighbour and she is rather partial to smacking young men.
She won't hurt you too much.

Stand up she said, I stood while she fetched a towel and offered it to me, I gladly covered myself with it. They gave me a drink as we waited. It seemed to me that I would need it.

The doorbell rang and the nearest woman answered it.
Stand up the host said to me.
Shortly the woman returned with Sue.
Sue was a large woman, about 15 stone I estimated.
There was much effusive greeting of each other and then they settled down and Sue turned her attention to me.
Well she said what do we have here, what have you all been up to.
The women told her that they had been having drinks served naked.
Oh she said that sounds like a good idea, I'll have a gin and tonic please, and in the nude mind she added.
I retired to the kitchen and poured the drink.
I decided I would take the towel off near the living room door because they might let me put it back on again.
Up the hallway again, I took a deep breath and then letting the towel slip off and fall to the floor I re-entered the room.

Sue took her drink and said oh and something to stir it with.
They all laughed.
Sue looked at me, we'll just give your bum a little smack in a minute she said, have you been smacked before.
No I replied.
Well one thing I want you to remember at all times, don't ejaculate, I want you to hold on to it, do you understand.
Yes I said wondering how I was going to manage.
She finished her drink and told me to get her another one.

When I returned with it she had moved forward to sit on the edge of her armchair. The room went very quiet as she looked at me and said patting her knees, come on then lay yourself across my lap. Oh no I thought, the indignity, I had expected that I would have remained standing. Two of the women moved their seats nearer so as to be able to see.
She patted her lap again saying come on.
I draped myself across her lap very carefully so that I wasn't squashing my member but she made me stand again and smiling said no, that bit goes across my thighs.

I draped myself across her again, this time with my erection pressing hard against her legs.
She rested a hand on me and said, one thing, if you do come you get the cane, do you understand.
Yes I said.
She began smacking me very hard, every blow interrupted my breathing, I was shocked that it was so painful. Every time her hand fell my flesh was stinging.
She battered away at my skin for about two minutes solid then stopped.
She picked up her drink and sipped delicately, then placing it back down immediately resumed smacking.

After another two minutes she again stopped. Stand up she said.
I extricated myself from her lap and stood.
She led me to a coffee table and told me to put my hands on the table and keep them there.
I bent over and leant on the table.
Stick your bottom up as high as you can.
I did so.

She came beside me and reaching under she pressed the flat of her hand against my erection to encourage me to lift higher.
Satisfied she stood behind me and began smacking hard.
After some seconds she stopped and again reaching under urged me to lift higher.
Resuming her smacking she again stopped shortly and said to one of the women, could you come and sit next to us. The woman did so.

Just put your hand here and press upwards would you she said, pressing with the flat of her hand again to indicate her method.
The hand felt warm and soft and was beginning to arouse me even further.
Her hand moved away giving me a moment's respite only to be replaced by the other woman's even more firmly.
Some seconds later the smacking resumed harder than ever but my overriding problem was that hand. I desperately tried to think of something else but each time I was smacked my erection moved slightly in her hand. The friction was more than I could stand, if only they would stop smacking or remove the hand briefly I was sure I would be able to keep control. I clenched my teeth and my stomach muscles in a last desperate bid to hold on but smack, smack, smack, smack, oh no, I recognised the point of no return…
Those powerful contractions so pleasurable in other circumstances began relentlessly pumping my semen into her hand. Oh she exclaimed, as each new spasm delivered yet more unwelcome fluid. The smacking stopped and all eyes were transfixed as the fluid overflowed onto the table.

Now that's very naughty isn't it said Sue while offering the woman some tissues. The woman wiped her hand as her friends and Sue all began laughing.
That's very naughty said Sue again, keep your hands on the table.
She began smacking me again harder and harder, on and on until at last she was worn out.
Right she said, I told you not to come didn't I. Yes I said sheepishly.
She left the room and came back with a bamboo cane about three feet long.

She stood me in the middle of the room, bend over put your fingers on your toes and do not move for any reason.
As soon as I did so a resounding swipe connected with my bare flesh.
There, I'll teach you not to come in my friend's hand.
Three more loud cracks filled the air and sent waves of burning through my skin, followed by another six in quick succession.
Any of you ladies fancy some caning she said.
They all did and all took six swipes each.
Then Sue said right let's finish with one swipe each, as hard as we can.

Each woman duly took the cane and swiped very hard bringing tears to my eyes.
I could hardly stand as Sue said okay, go and get dressed.
After I had dressed the host came out and opened the door, goodbye she said, see you at the bingo next week.

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