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A taste of her own medicine

She never wore any panties when she went out, even a g string ruined the look of her skin tight black mini skirt. There was a ritual that she followed every Saturday night that always made her feel great. It started with a long luxurious shower where she would wash her hair and shave her pretty little pussy smooth. She loved watching in a mirror whilst she trimmed her cunt as the sight of it got her excited, not that she was a lesbian but she enjoyed watching herself fuck and it was sort of related, especially as she would always end up masturbating furiously after it was all smooth and wet. She had been masturbating constantly that day and her finger was sore from rubbing her clit so hard, all she could think of was getting his cock in her and feeling his hand on her ass as she rode him hard. She hoped he would be as dirty as the conversations they had had.

The wind blew up the front of her skirt and gave her a pleasant shiver as her pink juicy pussy lips felt the icy air outside. Her nipples which were like thimbles at the best of times now tightened and shone through her red satin bustier. She looked a million dollars and smirked as the driver of the taxi she got into gawked at her beauty.

The man she had met 3 weeks ago in a bar was nice and they had talked about what they liked, what they had done and what they would like to do in bed, he was 26 and called Ben. The hadn't talked about boring things like jobs and family, when there eyes met it was clear they had other things on their mind sand the talk was of sex and orgasms from the start. The only thing they hadn't done was actually do it. She loved to make them wait and have them come in their pants when she finally stripped off and masturbated in front of them before she let them make love. If they don't come by the time she was sucking her nipples whilst rubbing herself, they always did when she pulled out a vibrator and began shoving it in her wet, red smooth cunt.

She paid the taxi driver and gave him a flash of tanned thigh as she climbed up to Ben's apartment. There were no lights on and she felt a small unfamiliar sense of doubt that she had made a mistake about the time. The stairwell was dark and she rang the bell half expecting him not to answer. The door swung opened slowly, there he was, one of the most handsome men she had ever seen. Her breathing quickened as they kissed, she pressed her nipples against his chest and ran her hand through his hair.

Hello babe, you look sexy as hell. He slid a hand up her skirt and felt her smooth cunt "Shaved, how I like it" he smiled, inserting s finger into her wet hole.
"Later, you dirty boy, you'll fuck me when I say."

He stroked down her arms and pushed her against the wall, kissing her neck and rubbing her pussy. Before she realised what was happening he handcuffed her arms above her head and hung the chain on a hook "Right you slut, you are in big trouble" Fear welled up inside her, but he kept on rubbing her pussy. He hitched up her skirt and exposed her big ass. She spread her legs wider and bent over slightly so he would see her pussy lips poking through. He came round behind her and rubbed her bum, squeezing it hard and spanking her gently. A deep moan came from her throat. She wasn't used to being dominated like this but she was enjoying it and wanted to see where he was going with it. They had talked frankly about sex and she had even told him about her deepest fantasies, she hoped she was going to experience them.

He clamped her ankles into a leg spreader and began spanking her harder. The pain was mixed with pleasure as he worked his finger into her pussy hole and up over her clit.

"I'm going to give you a taste of your own medicine and make you beg for my cock. You made me wait too long and now I'm going to make you pay. I've been wanking like a teenager since I met you and you're going to compensate me for restless nights and ruined sheets."

He inserted vibrating balls into her pussy, which was dripping with juice and swollen and hot. An anal plug slipped into her ass hole, lubricated with cunt juice was not what she was expecting and she felt infuriated that he would think he could have that hole without asking. Sensing her irritation he spanked her ass hard leaving a red mark on her white butt, "You're doing things tonight you only ever dreamed of you tart. Your body is mine, it was designed for my pleasure and by god I will take pleasure in ever hole you have tonight. You won't sit down for a week, and you'll beg me to fuck you in the ass before we're done. She was giggling slightly but that soon stopped when he gagged her with a red silk scarf. "Red to match your pussy lips" he said.

For an hour he left her in the living room, there was a large TV screen playing a really hard core video of a woman having 3 men at once. The volume was up loud and he watched as she dripped juice onto the floor as the balls in her cunt and the plug worked her up. After 45 minutes he pulled her tits out of the red slutty top she had on and bit them roughly, before putting nipple clamps on her.

She had never been so turned on and her fat pussy was crying to be fucked. She couldn't control herself as he changed the ass plug to a bigger one and begged him to stop this teasing and fuck her. She was red faced and red bottomed and completely humiliated at her plight. "And now, in case you don't forgive me for this, my souvenir". He pulled a Polaroid out from behind the couch and started taking close up photos of her cunt and ass hole, as well as shots of her from where he sat on the couch. Tears of shame ran down her face. "Poor baby, don't like to be teased? DO you want it? Do you want my cock?" He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock. It was massive and his balls hung low and were big to match his cock. "I'll only fuck you if you promise to give yourself to me totally."

"I promise, fuck my ass, fuck m cunt, spank me and bite me but please do it now" she sobbed. Her clit throbbed and ached and she screamed for him to touch it, she tried to wriggle over to the couch so she could rub her twat against something. he laughed as she tried in vain to get her clit in contact with something and she was stumbling in the leg spreaders. She fell face down onto the couch and pushed her ass up into the air. He pulled the plug out of her ass. "I'm taking your ass first, bite down honey it's going to sting"
He inserted 2 inches of his cock into her ass, teasing it with his fat cock end. "Tell me what you want"
"please fuck my ass" she whimpered as juice from her pussy finally built up so much that the love balls fell out.
"louder dirty bitch, I can't hear you!". He was spanking her bottom hard and noisily. A deep primal urge came over her and she thrust back as hard as she could, plunging his cock into her as she lost control of her bladder and soaked them both in hot piss. An orgasm rocked through her and she knew that even though it was a release she needed more. He sensed her need and pulled out from her stretched hole and plunged into her pussy. She bucked against him and her clit made contact with the rough material of the couch and she screamed and grunted as he took her. "I'm going to come whore, where do you want it?" She turned her beautiful face round and opened her mouth wide, her face wild with lust for his cock. He pulled out from the dripping box between her legs and shot come in her face, as she frantically tried to get him in her mouth.

He spanked her hard as she sucked his cock dry. She laughed, "you dirty man, I loved that. I've never been so completely fucked. I felt like a whore. I was a whore!"she wiggled her ass at him. Her red cunt was dripping and he fingered her clit with his index finger as he eased his thumb into her ass. His left hand reached for the phone. "John, remember that slut you wanted me to get for you, the one who made you come in your pants? Get round here and see her, she wants to make it up to you"

He put the phone down and pushed harder on her clit. "No, I can't, please tell me that was a joke, you cant be serious" she panicked and began to try and get up. "Stay down slut and shut up, you deserve a taste of your own medicine. A lot of men round here want to get even with you" he laughed and started to tighten up the nipple clamps, this time he put a slim vibrator in her ass and began slowly spanking her as he eased his cock into her pussy.

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