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The New Neighbours

The new neighbors seemed an odd couple, he a big angry flannel shirted grump, and she a homely unhappy victim type who always looked down at the ground as she followed a few paces behind him from the car to the house. I watched them move in and heard him yell at her to carry this or that. She said nothing as she did his bidding. It was difficult for me to knock on their door and welcome them to the neighborhood because I didn't like this guy from the get go and have little sympathy for the victim wife, but my house is 8 feet from theirs and a little higher, so my windows look down into their house, so meeting them was inevitable.

I knocked & heard him yell at her to get off her ass and answer the door. She answered wearing a thin cotton housedress that buttoned down the front. I had some interest about what was underneath the dress, but couldn't get past her uneasiness as she stood there looking down at the ground and not at me. She whimpered out a quiet hello, and I introduced myself. She held out a limp hand to shake and invited me in. Bob came in quickly from the kitchen and shook my hand and was glad to meet me and offered me a beer. I don't drink, so I insulted him with a "no thanks". He informed me that if I was too damn good to drink with him then I was to get out right now. I left quickly…

Over the next few weeks I saw them a few times, and it seemed that when he wasn't around I might have seen the start of a smile on her face. One day I was washing the windows and noticed that their back door, which opened into their laundry room, was wide open and rock music was coming out. I continued to wash the windows, which afforded me of a complete view of their laundry room. She (I still call her "she" because I never found out her name) anyway, she entered the room carrying a laundry basket and stared loading up the washer. I couldn't tell if she noticed me there 8 feet away or not, but she was moving to the music and taking her time loading the washer one piece at a time. I was glad to see that this woman enjoyed some part of her life. I began to take notice to the naughty little lacy pieces of negligee she was loading up. She held up and examined each piece and playfully dropped them one by one in to the washer as she swayed to the music. I began to feel awkward standing there mesmerized by my neighbor so I opened the window and called out "Hello". She paused briefly, but turned only slightly my way. I could not tell if she saw me or not, but I'm sure she heard me, so I no longer felt guilty staring at this quickly blossoming flower.

I watched her pick up a thong, a see through panty, bra set and many more tasty items and examine each piece while swaying to the music, then drop them playfully into the washer. I think I saw her check to see if I was still watching as she slowly unbuttoned her dress as her slow swaying turned to sexy bump & grind. She slowly removed her dress while dancing like a stripper, then she continued to dance around in her bikini underwear and her see through lace bra while she was still loading the washer. She turned away from me and bent way over to get each piece now with her fine looking ass and thinly covered patch offered for my attention. As she was bent over, ass proudly displayed for me to see, I saw her peak back through her legs to make sure I was still watching and she reached up and slid her panties down affording me a full view of her pussy lips. She rubbed her panties over her pussy and stood facing me as she removed her bra and through them both into the machine.
Just then she sat back into the laundry basket spreading her legs. She licked her finger and started to masturbate. I could take it no longer and I freed my now fully erect cock and masturbated right along with her. There I was 8 feet from her and both of us were masturbating and still she hadn't acknowledged my presence. I shot my load right on to the window that I had just washed and she screamed YES, YES, YES, I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING. She turned her head to look at me and said "thank you" as she pranced her way out of the laundry room.

I'm thinking about bringing over a welcome basket.

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