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A good way to relax

It was a pretty hot day and I was working hard up at the shop with Alex, and we were both pretty tired and happy to knock off for the day. I suggested that Alex came home with me and we could jump in the spa. I knew it might not have been a cool refreshing thing for such a hot day, but at least it would give us some time together, and I could see her in a bikini!

Once we got home, I decided to have a lay down on the bed for a few minutes to let myself catch up. Alex lay next to me and closed her eyes, she was wearing a pretty tight top and her cute little nipples were poking out. Just thinking what I wanted to do them gave me an instant hardon, and I wished I could just do her right there, but I just lay there thinking about it.

A few minutes later, I said we should get into our bathers and head outside to the spa, so I grabbed my bathers and left the room to go get changed in the bathroom. After I closed the door I knew I just had to peep through the key hole. I always knew getting a lock put on my door would pay off sooner or later. After watching Alex look around at my stuff for a bit, she lifted up her top, and took her bra off revealing the best pair of titties I had ever layed eyes on, and I just wanted to open the door and ask to see more. Getting carried away with the moment, I realised I should too go get changed into my bathers myself.

When I came out I found Alex already standing outside taking her hair out of the bun it was in, and shaking it around like they do in the movies. I opened the door and stepped out and dropped my towel onto the table, and stepped up and jumped in the spa. Quickly Alex did the same, she was wearing a bright yellow two piece bikini and it was very tight, her nipples were poking through and her bottoms were showing off her beautiful tiny little ass.

I turned on the jets, and sat back positioning them on my back. After sitting there for about 10 minutes talking about how busy the day was at work Alex put her leg up against mine, and I noticed she had been getting closer to me. I didn't mind, this is exactly what I wanted to happen. Eventually she was right up to me and had her hand on my leg. I turned around and opened my eyes, and she was right infront of me, and kissed me softly, our lips only just meeting.

I was so happy this was finally happening, and it didn't take long for us to hook up. We kissed for a little while, and our hands ventured each others body. I decided I would be a bit daring and put my hand on her breast, and started playing with her nipple. She did nothing about it so I guessed I would keep going on with what I was doing. A little more, and I decided I would be daring again and reached for the knot at the back of her bikini top, and undid it. Slowly I pulled it undone and then slipped it off her, once again revealing those beautiful little titties that I just wanted to suck.

Alex was a bit hesitant about me taking off her top, but I assured her no one would be home for hours, and she nodded and let me keep going on what I was doing. I was kissing her on the neck and then slowly moved down and took one of her tits into my mouth nibbling on it softly with my teeth, it went hard pretty quickly and then I did the same to the other. I went back to kissing her and had my hand on her breasts still, pulling at each of her nipples.

A couple of minutes later, Alex put her hand on my thigh, slowly moving it up further towards my crotch, and slipped her hand under my shorts. Just doing that made me get the biggest erection I had ever had, and couldn't wait for her to relieve me of the pressure building up down there. Once she got there she took my dick into her hand and started to wank slowly, it felt so good. We kept kissing and playing around, and I slid my hand down her stomach, and undid the knots keeping her bottoms done up. Once I had that undone, she still wasn't impressed by it but she went along with it.

I positioned Alex on her knees sitting on top of me, I was sitting down against the wall of the spa, and I had perfect view of her round little titties, and was sucking them hard. I ran my fingers down her stomach again, and reached her not very hairy little box. It felt weird being under water, but it was still good. I slid two fingers inside her and she moaned a little and then went back to kissing me. Two fingers became three, and I started doing it faster, pretty soon Alex was cumming already and was screaming pretty loud. She suggested we should go inside, but I didn't want to, I said we should stay outside and have some fun, after all, it was a very nice day.

She agreed but still said we should get out. Once we were out, Alex noticed that she was naked, and I wasn't. But that wasn't for too long, pretty quickly she dropped a towel onto the ground and got to her knees. Undoing the knot at the top of my shorts, and then grabbing both sides and pulling them down to my ankles. My cock was huge by this time, and I could see her eyes widen when she saw it. I kicked the bathers away and Alex grabbed my dick at the base, and started wanking pretty fast. She used her other hand to massage my balls.

Alex then licked her lips a little and put the whole length of my cock inside her mouth, it felt so good I wanted to fill her mouth up with my hot and stinky cum. Still massaging my balls with one hand, she started moving back and forth using her other hand to wank me as well. This was the first time I had ever been given a head job where I was standing up and the girl was on her knees, and I felt like I was in a porno movie or something!

By now my cock was throbbing and I began to feel like I was going to cum. I stopped Alex from what she was doing to make sure she was alright with me blowing my load, and she quickly went back to sucking me without even answering. I took that as a yes, and then felt that wave of ecstasy come over me. I could have sworn I had blown the biggest load in my life, and I was suprised she took most of it in her mouth, some of it dripped out and landed on her titties, but I was more than happy to lick it off her.

Once we had finished that, I said to her that it was her turn to get the good stuff. I told her to sit on the table, and I took a chair near her and sat down in it. She positioned her legs on the arms of my chair, and spread her legs open showing me the best looking twat, it was nice and pink, and not a lot of hair. I could just tell that she had not been broken into yet, and I was so happy that I would be the one to do it.

I put both of my hands up, and spread her little slit open and slid my tongue in. Alex jerked a little and I smiled and kept going. I hadn't done this before, but I had a pretty good idea what was going on, and just went with what my tongue was doing. I was massaging her clit with my tongue, and she was moaning quite loud, but I wasn't at all worried, that told me I was doing a good job. She was yelling FUCK ME ! FUCK ME ! and then told me to stop licking, as she was cumming and wanted more.

I stood up, and she grabbed my dick once again tugging at it and bringing it back to life. This time she layed back on the table, and wrapped her legs around my ass. I grabbed my cock and wanked it a little to make sure it was completely ready again for this. This was the first time I had done this, and I didn't know exactly what I was doing. I put the head of my cock at the entrace to her beautiful pussy, and pushed it in slowly. I reached the end of her pussy, and could feel her little cherry there and couldn't wait to break it. I pulled out slowly and pushed back in, making my cock wetter and easier to move. With one sudden push, I pushed harder and felt me break her in. She screamed in pain, and I apologised and said that it would make it better.

I started moving in and out of her very fast, and and she was moaning. She was squirming around on the table, and her tits were poking up in the air. I grabbed her arms and lifted her up so I could kiss her, and she put her hands on my ass. I pulled my cock out of her and told her to turn around. She stood up properly and then turned aruond. I put my hands on her back and bent her over a little, and then started feeling her ass. I spread her cheeks a little and started poking her little ass hole with my finger. I rubbed her pussy with my fingers to make them wetter, and put them back at her ass. I stood back up, and put my dick in her pussy to help make it wet again, and then pulled out and put my cockhead at the entrance of her asshole.

Alex said she didn't know what I was doing, but not to hurt her. I assured her I would never hurt her and told her to loosen up. I spread her butt cheeks once again and pushing my cock inside her hole. It was very tight and I could tell she was tightening it up and not letting it in. With that, I shoved it right in and she screamed in more pain, and then let go. I pushed in further, and eventually had it all the way in, and my balls were sitting against her pussy. I pulled back out and pushed back in, moving faster each time. I was liking this, it was nice and tight and my dick was having the time of its life.

After doing her up the ass for about 10 minutes, I pulled out and told her to lay down on the ground, being our first time I wanted to do missionary style, because it just had to be done. She laid down and told me to hurry up and get down with her. I laid down on top of her, and she grabbed my cock with her hands and guided me inside her. She then lifted her legs up around my back and pushed my ass with her feet. Once I started doing it faster, I thought it was better doing her in her pussy rather than her ass.

Alex started shuddering and screamed very loud, she was cumming and she was letting me and probably the rest of the neighbourhood know about it. Pretty soon I felt my hips shudder a bit, and I blew my load inside her. She said that it felt really good as I lay down beside her.

We had both broken ourselves in, and agree'd that we had to retire to one another's place after we finished work.

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