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The Cruise

Buck Austin

It was almost midmorning in south Florida, when Cynthia Carson was able to find her Uncle Ralph's boat. All the boat owners were more than eager to help the beautiful young woman find her way. She was told it was a comfortable sloop in the fifty foot range, with all the comforts of home. Her Aunt and Uncle had promised a cruise for her on her eighteenth birthday. Ralph told her Mom they would take her to the Bahamas for a couple of weeks.

Cindy was a stunning young woman, five foot five with light auburn hair and blue eyes. The thin tank top did little to hide her full breasts and upturned nipples. The matching wraparound skirt exposed her thighs as she walked. She wore her hair in a French braid that ended in a blue bow between her shoulder blades. She had recently graduated from High School in Savannah.

It was no family secret that her Aunt and Uncle were devout nudist, and Cindy knew she may be expected to wear no more than a smile, once they were out to sea. "Oh Cindy, I know Ralph and Ellen are a bit strange, but they're good people, and they think a lot of you," said her Mother. So, here she was ready for the adventure.

"Well, we about gave you up for lost, dear" said her Aunt watching her Niece move up the walkway.

"I'm sorry, I got turned around. There are so many boats here," said Cindy tossing her bags onto the deck.

"My God, she has a face and figure like a Greek Goddess," thought Ellen, not having seen her in three years.

"Welcome aboard Cindy, we thought you changed your mind about coming," said Ralph as he observed the movement of her nipples beneath the thin top. "Wow. Now that's what I call a prime piece of ass," thought Ralph.

Uncle Ralph showed her where to stow her bag and prepared to get underway. The Lady Finger was no row boat. It was quite plush with a full bath, two bedrooms and a complete galley and living area.

Cindy slipped into her new white bikini and went on deck. The sound of the wind in the sails and the warm sea breeze lulled her to sleep.

"That girl's done a lot of growing in three years, and now she's legal. Damn, I'd give my left nut to try her on for size," thought Ralph as he worked the sails.
"Hey, sleepy head, how about some lunch," said her Aunt.

"Gosh, I must have been zonked, I didn't . . . " Cindy began, and was startled when she noticed that her Aunt was nude.

"Come, I made meat loaf, it's getting cold," her Aunt continued.

Ellen at 34 was ten years younger than Cindy's Mom. She was a tall natural blond at five feet seven, with breasts that, when not in their "C" cup, could barely hold a pencil. Her tummy was fairly flat above her untrimmed pubic hair, slightly darker than her head. Her legs and ass were still firm and shapely. The Lady Finger was moving quickly now under full sail with her Uncle's expert handling.

Uncle Ralph was still doing sailor things when she came below. Ellen could see Cindy was a little uncomfortable and told her this was a clothing optional cruise, and she was not to feel pressured to join them. When Uncle Ralph came down the hatchway, Cindy tried to swallow a gasp and look the other way, but the blush gave her away.

Ralph was six feet, lean, muscular, and well tanned, for his 45 years. He was balding but handsome, with a mustache and a small beer gut, but the penis below it was not. It was wrinkled and thick and hung down more than six inches. His relaxed scrotum could be holding golf balls, by the size of them. He was the successful owner of a video studio that made TV commercials in the Miami area. Cindy once overheard her Mom say that he also made X rated movies there.
The meal was good, she was hungry, and the wine relaxed her. Uncle Ralph asked about her college plans and the general high cost of an education today. She said that she had been accepted at the University of Miami but didn't know if her Mom could find the money to let her go. Ralph said he would like to provide her tuition, living expenses and allowance, if she would let him.
The girl was elated. "That's wonderful! How could I ever repay you?" she yelled as she gave him a big hug.

"Don't be silly, you're our favorite Niece," he said laughing. Cindy was their only Niece. "Actually Cindy, I could use someone like you around the studio to help out as a receptionist or make deliveries, if you're interested," he offered with a smile.

"Of course I'm interested, I can't wait to tell Mom," she replied, very excited.

The afternoon brought more wine and conversation. The wine and the relaxed atmosphere caused her to forget her modesty for a moment. When she lifted her leg to show Ellen her new sandals, the split skirt fell away exposing her thinly covered crotch. This little move gave Ralph a blue steel hard on. "I better get busy, the wind is picking up. We should find an anchorage in the Bahamas by night fall," he said as he held the nautical chart in front of him, to save his modesty.

Chapter two

It was about 4:30 the next morning when Cindy woke up. She could feel the Lady Finger riding on her anchor as she combed her hair. She'd slept well and felt wonderful, so she decided to fix breakfast for everyone. As she reached for her bikini she thought "when in Rome . . . " and went to the galley nude.

Ralph came to the galley at five, following the smell of coffee. He was greeted by his beautiful Niece as he had only dreamed of seeing her, her pouting breasts jiggling as she whipped the eggs. She had a flat smooth tummy above her well trimmed pubic curls, much darker than her head. A gorgeous full ass on long shapely legs, it was all more than Ralph could take.

"How do you like your egg's, Uncle Ralph?" she asked as she started to blush from her Uncle's enormous hard cock. Blushing himself, he quickly exited to his cabin.
Ellen came out of the cabin a half hour later, glowing but disheveled. When she saw Cindy, she started to laugh.

"Wow! I need to have your beauty around here more often. He really blistered my cunt this morning. He hasn't cum four times in one session since we were newlyweds," she whispered, as she wiped her brow with a towel.

"I'm sorry Aunt Ellen, I was just trying to be a nudist," Cindy, said a little sad.
"Oh, don't worry, dear. Ralph's weakness for beautiful breasts did him in this morning. When he saw those big pink nipples, his libido exploded," Ellen replied, giggling.

"Aunt Ellen, I ah I couldn't help but notice how large Uncle Ralph is. How can you you know . . . withstand it? He's almost as thick as my wrist!" Cindy remarked, a little embarrassed.
Ellen examined her wrist for a second.

"Dear, it is as thick as your wrist, but I'm used to it," Ellen said, laughing as she buttered toast.

"I don't think I could get used to anything that size," said the girl stirring eggs.

"In fairness Cindy, if he had taken me when I was eighteen, with as much zeal as he just did, you would have heard a lot of screaming. I doubt that I would be sitting for days. I wasn't a virgin when I met your Uncle. I was twenty two and it was our fourth date when the rascal finally got to me. As I recall, it was in a night club parking lot after a dance, and I swear it hurt worse than losing my virginity. It was late and most of the cars had gone, so none of my friends heard my screams," Ellen offered, smiling, to her astonished Niece.

"My God Aunt Ellen, why did you stay with him?" the girl asked.

"Because I was in love, and because only one scream in that parking lot was from pain. Ralph has always given me monster orgasms; sometimes it's all I can do to remain conscious. He's also a very good man who cares for me." Ellen told her enthraled Niece as she set the table.
"Wow! I can't imagine any thing like that. I've never had an orgasm, with a penis inside me. It must be fantastic when you're also in love with him," Cindy said, pouring orange juice.

"Sweetie, if your Uncle ever got his ten inch tool in a grabber like yours, he'd never take it out," Ellen said with a chuckle.

"A grabber like mine, what do you mean?" Cindy asked, cutting an orange.

"Your Mom told me about the enlightening visit you had with her gynecologist, when you were thirteen. I've only known one other woman with your rare gift, but she couldn't control it. I believe your Mom thought you could." Ellen said with a snicker.

"Shit! Mom promised me she would never tell anyone about that. It's not a ægrabber' or a æsnapper', it's called a milk maid's hand, but it's more of a disability than a gift, unless you call never reaching an orgasm a rare gift. This rare gift has been nothing but a curse for me. So it's no surprise that I've had sex with only one boy.

"I was a sophomore and he was a gorgeous senior, who signed up to tutor other students in algebra. Mom was away at a seminar, and Grandma was asleep when he came over. After we had been working on my algebra for a while, he started making his move on me. One thing led to another and before I knew it he was inside me. Between my loud protests and his groaning, I don't know how Grandma slept through it.

"He threatened to ruin my reputation if I didn't let him have me again, so, against my better judgment, I did. Wow! That was like letting a pile driver between my legs........blistered me good. You would have thought he was on drugs or something. He moaned, groaned and rolled his eyes, then screamed several times and passed out on top of me, all in less than a minute. My crotch was sore for days. Then the nice gentleman bragged about me to his friends anyway. My girl friends thought I was some kind of freak, and every boy in school wanted to date me." Cindy exclaimed with a tear in her eye.

"I'm so sorry, dear. I didn't intend to upset you. I don't think your Mom felt that telling her sister was really breaking her promise to you, since we were so close. I assure you, I have spoken to no one about it until now." Ellen assured her.

"Can you really control it?" Ellen asked softly.

"I think so. I've had no I don't know. The one guy I was with was a jerk, and too concerned about his own pleasure to think about me. I I can feel it and make it happen, I think, but when I get you know, hot or excited, I'm not sure, I think my body takes over then," she said blushing to her nipples.
"That's very interesting dear. Well, we better get breakfast to the old lover boy. He's bound to be famished by now," Ellen said as she started serving eggs.

"I think I'd better put my bikini on, or you won't get anything done today," said the girl with a giggle.

"I was going to suggest that. My twat can't handle any more attention this morning," Ellen offered, laughing.

By late afternoon the Lady Finger was well into Bahamian waters, and running at about 12 knots. Cindy couldn't get over how clear the water was. It looked shallow, but Ralph said it was 50 feet or more. The many little islands looked like jewels on the green water. The wind started to pick up by mid afternoon, and the boat was running at close to 16 knots.
"Uncle Ralph said we are in for some rough weather tonight." Cindy said as her Aunt was preparing supper.

"Don't worry dear, Ralph will pull us into a nice little anchorage near one of the islands," Ellen replied.

"It's blowing too hard to get in close to any of the islands. I'll have to anchor in deep water." Ralph yelled as he brought the boat into the wind. "I can't raise anyone on the radio . . . nothing but static. I don't understand why there were no foul weather warnings earlier in the day. The Coast Guard always puts out bulletins and I haven't heard a thing," he said with some concern.
The boat was finally made as secure as possible with everyone helping.
"I think we had better strap ourselves in tonight, this shows no signs of letting up soon," said Ralph.
It was a long night indeed, but the dawn brought calm seas. Cindy was the first on deck and began shouting for Ralph.

"Uncle Ralph, weren't we near a group of islands when we stopped last night? There's nothing but ocean all around us," she said.

"I guess she snapped loose during the night, no telling where we are. I'll crank up the LORAN and get our new position," he said.

Cindy returned to the galley to help her Aunt with breakfast. It was not like Ralph to be late for breakfast, but Ellen had to call him in.

"I have no idea where we are; the LORAN isn't working. After we eat, I'll see if I can get our position from the sun," he said.

Ralph made his calculations and rechecked them to be sure. "I don't understand how that storm could have moved us hundreds of miles in one night, but I've checked and rechecked and can find no errors. We are at least 200 miles east of our last position and well out of the normal shipping lanes. If I'm right, the closest lands are the islands where we were last night," he shared with much concern on his face.

"Well, let's trim the sails, Uncle Ralph, and head back to where we came from. It just means my birthday gift will last a little longer than we expected, that's all," Cindy said, trying to cheer everyone up.

Ralph smiled as did Ellen, but both knew that the Lady Finger was not provisioned for such a long cruise. Water would be the first thing to go. Ralph and Ellen knew that by tacking into the wind, they would be very lucky to get 5 knots per hour. But to journey two hundred miles at that speed would take days, maybe weeks. The Lady Finger was only provisioned for a week.

Cindy was again the first one on deck. "C'mon Uncle Ralph, show me how to be a sailor, I know I have to go topside to help with the mainsail, will you help me?" she squealed with excitement, not guessing their true situation. Cindy started her climb, with Ralph behind her. The mainmast was almost 2 feet thick at deck level, and needed to be straddled well and close while moving up the eyelets. Ralph looked up and got an excellent view of his Niece's gorgeous bottom, only inches from his face. Her bikini bottom was loose in the crotch and exposed part of her pussy. They slowly climbed the mast, Ralph becoming very excited by the musky smell of her young cunt. She stopped suddenly to get a better footing, and Ralph, seeing his chance, buried his face in her crotch.

"Uncle Ralph, what are you doing?" she yelped.

"I'm sorry dear, I didn't know you were going to stop," He lied. That sudden impact was all it took, he now had her sweet smell on his face, and he wanted to return and get his tongue under that bikini bottom.

They were more than half way up when the side tie, holding her bikini bottom, came undone, exposing her beautiful cunt. Ralph could take no more. He grabbed the eyelet below her thighs, pulled himself up and dipped his tongue into her honey, and kept it there. "OH, MY GOD! What . . . what are you . . . OOOOHHHHHHHHAAAAHH. EE! Uncle. OOHH. Ralph. I'm going to fall. IIIIIIIIEEEEEOOOO!".

"Ralph! What are you doing to that girl? She sounds like you're killing her!" screamed Ellen, as she looked up the mast and saw what was happening.

"Ralph, what're you doing! She's your Niece; you dirty old man (laughter). I don't think you should be doing that, she really could fall," Ellen said, concerned. Ralph stopped for a moment and asked Cindy if she was all right.

"Uh huh, I'm OK, I guess . . . why did youEEEOOOOEEEEEEE. !" She squealed as he returned his probing tongue to her young womanhood. Cindy was both embarrassed and swimming in ecstasy. She offered no more complaints. They didn't come from her heart anyway. In truth, she never wanted him to stop.

But, stop he did, not because he was ready, but because his strength was waning, and he feared they both might fall in their weakened condition. Cindy fell silent as he removed his gifted tongue. Then she started to cry because she was ashamed of how her body responded.
The mainsail finally got hoisted, thanks to Ellen. "I. I don't know what came over me, I guess it was a combination of the stress of our situation and having her cunt in my face going up that mast," Ralph confessed.

"Well, from where I was standing it looked like Cindy was cuming all over you (Giggle). Listen, I've been married to you for 15 years and you've never wandered, except in my presence, so don't worry about it. However, we are going to have to talk to Cindy."

The girl grabbed a robe and ran to her cabin as soon as she came down, ignoring her Aunt and Uncle. Ellen continued. "I don't think she is going to be able to sort out her feelings by herself, and I don't think her dirty old Uncle should be the first to pay his respects."

Ellen went to Cindy's cabin while Ralph trimmed the sails and got underway. After several knocks she was admitted, and the two women sat while Cindy cried and begged for her forgiveness.

"Listen to me dear; there is nothing to forgive. Your Uncle was overcome by your . . . female charms, which are extraordinary. Trust me when I tell you that he's as upset about this as you . . . He feels it's his fault," Ellen explained.

"But Aunt Ellen, you don't understand, I didn't want him to stop. I swear, I would have made love to him on that pole if I could." Cindy confessed.

"Well, Miss Carson, you can't be surprised to know your Uncle would have loved that." (Laughter)

"Oh yeah, I wouldn't have any secrets after that, would I?" giggled Cindy.

"There wouldn't be a seat on this boat soft enough for you either," said Ellen while they both giggled.

"Aunt Ellen, what do you want me to do if Uncle Ralph, well . . . wants to . . . how should I say . . . continue our relationship?"

"Well honey, I can't tell you that, but he's had a taste of your honey, and if I know him, he's not gonna rest until he beds you. Once he gets a sample of your little milker, the rest of your time on this cruise is going to be spent looking at the ceiling over his shoulder." Ellen whispered, slowly, without a smile.

"Wouldn't you stop him or be angry with him if you caught him . . . you know, fooling around with me?" asked Cindy.

"No dear, the mainmast incident opened that door," said Ellen.
"Ralph and I have always had an understanding. If we're going to mess around, the other party must know about it. I would suggest that you help me get him aroused before bedtime each evening. That way I can keep the wolf from your door, and enjoy him myself . . . deal?" she asked.

"Are you kidding? What do you want me to do?"

"Well . . . I want you to get back into some clothes. For starters, I want you to wear a blouse (lose the bra) and a pleated skirt if you have one, no longer than knee length, with a full, not straight slip (the more lace the better) with light sandals . . . oh yes, lose the panties too," she instructed.

"I have most of that with me. Then what do I do?"

"After supper tonight you will ask me to paint your toenails. I want you to lounge on the sofa, sort of half reclining, and I will paint your nails." "I don't understand. How will that arouse Uncle Ralph?"

"Ralph always sits at the breakfast nook after supper to watch a video. He will have to look toward you to see the TV. When I paint your nails, I'm going to innocently spread your legs, while you allow your skirt to ride up. If you're positioned properly on the sofa, he should see most of your ample beaver surrounded by a lace slip," Ellen instructed.

"In light of today's incident, he will probably try to get you to look at his cock by changing his position. Cindy, if you get eye contact with him or look at his big salami, I won't be able to save your ass. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, I guess so, but I'm nervous as all get out," she said.

"That's good. You should be fine. If all goes well, you'll get a restful sleep, and I'll have a sore, well fucked cunt by morning," Ellen said as the women parted.

Chapter 3

The day went well. Ralph apologized to Cindy several times. She told him that Ellen had explained it to her and that it was forgotten (a lie). Ralph asked about Cindy's clothes. Ellen said, everything considered, I thought it best. He didn't argue. In the afternoon Cindy climbed the mainmast, in jeans this time, to just look around. Soon, she started yelling.
"Uncle Ralph, look, there's an island on the horizon to the west!"

Sure enough, there was an island there. Ralph couldn't find it on the charts. Ralph took the Lady Finger in as close as he could and circled the island but he saw no life at all. It was about a mile wide and two miles long. Ellen and Cindy were excited and wanted to go exploring. Ralph insisted on playing it safe and made them wait until he found a safe anchorage.

He was able to find a small lagoon and anchored within 50 yards of the beach. Ellen and Cindy, in their excitement, threw caution to the wind; they both dove from the stern, sans clothes. A large smile appeared on Ralph's face. "I've got to have a piece of her, Niece or not. I've never seen a cunt that was so tight I couldn't get my tongue in it," he thought as his penis swelled.

Ralph tidied up the deck and joined the ladies ashore. The women had decided to camp out on the beach for the evening. They asked Ralph to go back and get all the tents, stove, food, etc. Ralph, after some grumbling, returned to the boat to fill their order.

Cindy observed that Ralph's penis seemed to be unusually erect. "Yeah, must be the salt air; I haven't seen a hard on like that in years. The damn thing is almost straight up and his balls are tight as a drum. Ralph's the only man I've ever known who MUST cum three times before losing his erection. He's good for at least four tonight." Ellen commented.

"Aunt Ellen, you and I both know it isn't the æsalt air' that's creating that erection," Cindy said with some concern.

"Yes . . . I'm afraid you're right, I got excited about exploring the island and forgot to be cautious," she replied.

"Well, you weren't alone. I did as well. I'll go back on the boat and pick up a few things when he returns," said Cindy.

"If you'd like to, dear, but if I know your Uncle he'll want an early bedtime tonight. I think I can keep him satisfied til morning."

The tent was large, with two rooms, screens and zippered walls. Ellen cooked steaks over coals, and all enjoyed the food and atmosphere of the camp fire. Cindy made a bikini, of sorts, out of some of the dried native plant leaves. Ellen told her it was better to wear nothing than a "peek a boo" outfit, so she trashed it.

Ellen tried to keep Ralph quiet after they went to bed, but his big cock always made a light slushing sound as it pumped her. It sounded like a pole moving in and out of very thick mud. She could tell by his pace that she was in for a long night of fucking. His cock was stoking a fire now raging in her pelvis. The warmth crept up her stomach and she knew she would not be able to remain quiet much longer. Many of her orgasms with Ralph were so intense she couldn't remember having screamed, but knew she did.

Cindy was trying to sleep on the other side of the canvas wall. She could hear the slushing sounds, the whispers, and everything else. As her Aunt's moans got stronger, she couldn't resist taking a peek through the zippered wall. She very slowly opened the door flap until she got a perfect view of her Uncle's large cock pumping her Aunt's blond cunt. Cindy listened to Ralph's growls as he came, and watched the thick cum forced out running down and over her Aunts' anus.

The girl was becoming extremely excited and realized her crotch was hot and wet. She resisted touching herself for sometime, but finally fell into a pit of steaming passion and began masturbating furiously. Her entire body was aflame with ecstasy. The girl was so lost in her own pleasure she didn't know how loud her squeals and moans had become. She also didn't know she now had an audience.

Ellen knew that Ralph was only taking a break in their lovemaking and would come back strong. Then he heard Cindy's moans and slowly unzipped the door while grinning at Ellen. Ellen was blushing down to her toes as they watched the girl's most private moment. She motioned for Ralph to close the flap but knew an earthquake wouldn't make him move from that spot.

"Well young lady, Aunt Ellen can't get you out of this," she thought as she noticed Ralph's upright cock. It was so hard the ten inch monster was against his belly. Ralph flung the entire flap back, making the tent one big room.

Cindy had her legs wide apart, digging her heels into the tent floor. Her fast moving fingers had really zeroed in on her clit. She was covered with sweat and her own juices.
"Ralph, let her finish, she's so close. I know there's no stopping you now, but be gentle with her. She is going to be very tight, but if you give her time to relax, she'll reward you. If you stay calm with her, she'll drain your balls in fifteen minutes," Ellen whispered as she held onto his arm.

Ralph looked at his wife like she was crazy, but backed off. Cindy was now in the throes of a huge orgasm; three successive screams, then one very loud guttural scream just before she collapsed. When she regained her composure and opened her eyes, she was shocked to see her Aunt and Uncle kneeling by her side.

"How long have you . . . Oh my god! I am so embarrassed," she said as she covered herself with a sheet.

"Well, we sort of knew we got you started tonight and . . .Well, we . . .I felt it was time you had a real man," whispered Ralph, as he gently picked up her hand and placed it on his cock. Cindy didn't remove her hand, but slowly squeezed it and smiled at her Aunt.

"I see, and was Aunt Ellen consulted about this rash decision? I just hope you know what's getting in you," Ellen cautioned her Niece.

Cindy said nothing, but slowly moved closer to the large organ. She leaned forward and licked it, from balls to the broad tip, while stroking his scrotum. She groaned and made little guttural sounds as she tried in vain to take the cock in her mouth.

"Oh boy! I think she's relaxed Ellen, don't you?" moaned Ralph.
"Yes, I guess so, just go slow with her," cautioned Ellen.

Ralph lifted his Niece and placed her back on the air mattress. She seemed to know what was next as she opened her legs like a hungry whore. Ellen laid down beside her and fondled her big hard nipples.

The massive organ stretched her wider and wider, putting wrinkles in her plump lips "Oweee! OWEEE! Uncle Ralph, that really hurts! OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! Please take it out, oh please, please take it out" she begged as Ralph withdrew his manhood for a second, then slowly plunged again. He slid it in a little further the second time, but again the girl begged him to withdraw. After a few more withdrawals and plunges his scrotum was resting on her ass. He moved to his elbows and kissed the beautiful girl.

Cindy looked at her Uncle and smiled. "You were very gentle Uncle Ralph. If you promise to lay still, I have something special for you," she said as she hugged and wrapped her shapely legs around him, digging her heels into his butt.

Suddenly Ralph felt a tight squeeze at the base of his cock that moved slowly down the shaft to the tip. As soon as the pressure reached the head of his cock it started over at the base. Each time the undulations were faster and stronger.

"My God, girl, what are you doing to me?" he yelled as perspiration ran down his forehead.

Cindy started moaning and wriggling with the contractions.

"OOHH Uncle Ralph, please please fuck me. Fuck me now, please!" she pleaded as her hips started moving around. Ralph managed two strokes before he was screaming like a banshee . . . his cum pouring out of her inflamed cunt.

"Wow honey! That's got to be a record for you, less than two minutes!" Ellen howled with laughter.

"Ellen, Ellen, the girl has a snapper! I can't believe it. I've heard about this, but I didn't think they really existed. I can't believe I'm experiencing this," he wheezed, sweating profusely.

"Well I guess my estimate was a little high, Cindy. I figured he wouldn't stay with you for more than fifteen minutes but two minutes is really wild!" Ellen told her Niece as they both laughed.

Cindy went out to the side of the tent to squat and drain. When she returned her Uncle had another big hard on.

Ellen just smiled and said "I told you, didn't I?"

Ralph continued to take her again with a little more force, but screamed and came again in only minutes. This was repeated four more times, but he never stayed in her more than three minutes.

Ellen could see these short sessions were taking their toll on Cindy. She needed to come also. Her breathing was short and her face was a little flushed after Ralph dumped his fifth load in her.

"Dear, if you want to rest, put your face over here for a while. I think Cindy would like that," she said pointing to the girl's cunt. He complied, and stayed there until she had four or five big ones.

They all slept like rocks after their orgy. When Ellen awoke it was close to midmorning. She slipped out of the tent to tend to her morning needs. Upon returning she could hear Cindy's ascending screams followed by the giant one, a hundred feet from the camp. She sounded like she was being murdered. Before Ellen could get to the tent, the girl was screaming like a banshee again.

She came out to the beach below the tent and saw Ralph's slowly bobbing ass in the morning sun.

"What am I going to do with you two? I thought last night was special, I didn't expect it to continue this morning," she complained, knowing it wasn't true. The only reply from the sweaty couple was Ralph's moaning and Cindy's passionate squeals "Well I'm going to make coffee and breakfast for ME! You two can get your own!" she yelled and stormed off to the Coleman stove.

Ellen endured the girls screams and post orgasmic sobs for another thirty minutes while she prepared her breakfast. Ralph was the first to show life.

"Good morning dear, I trust you slept well. I see you got your balls drained again," Ellen said as she greeted her haggard but glowing husband.

"I just couldn't resist I mean, she was lying there when I woke up, stroking her pubes. You know how I am in the mornings, and you were gone," he replied, a little embarrassed.

"Well, you lasted almost an hour this time, what's your secret?" she said, a little cold.

"I found a tube of that stuff you got for numbing insect bites and put it on my cock. It worked," he replied as he stole a piece of bacon and headed for the surf. Cindy, following the smell of food, walked slowly to her Aunt very contritely.

"Well, we certainly have a glow in our cheeks this morning, don't we, dear," Ellen observed, somewhat miffed at her behavior.

"I'm sorry about this morning Aunt Ellen. I guess things got a little out of control. I've never cum with a man before. Uncle Ralph just kept going and it got better and better. I started having orgasms I didn't think was possible, if you know what I mean," Cindy said as she started to cry.

"Honey, your bottom may be snug, but it's not water proof. Please don't let it drain while I'm eating," Ellen observed, looking at the blobs of cum clinging to her thigh.

"You also smell like a whorehouse on Sunday morning. Please go for a swim away from your Uncle if you don't mind," Ellen requested, as the girl hit the surf. Since saltwater and raw flesh didn't mix well, Cindy was squealing and back on the beach quickly.

Ellen fixed them both breakfast, and they ate in silence. Cindy was moving slow and carefully but managed to clear the table and wash the utensils. Ralph went to the Lady Finger to see about some equipment. Ellen policed the camp area and did some needed washing and housekeeping. By mid day, the ladies got together to tour the island. Several varieties of fruit and some vegetables were discovered. Ellen found a shallow cave with a tiny fresh water spring.

Chapter 4

On board the Lady Finger, Ralph found a loose wire in the back of the marine radio. When he connected it, the static cleared up and he could send and receive messages. After some thought about his last evening and the pleasure he had this morning, he disconnected the wire and shut it off, after he got a weather report. He managed to get the LORAN working again and discovered his manual calculations were short by about sixty miles. Still, he thought that wasn't too bad, considering he'd only used a sextant once before.

The women were excited when he came ashore. They couldn't wait to tell him about all they had discovered. He took some of the spring water and ran it through a test kit on the Lady Finger but found no bacteria in it. He and Ellen moved the campsite to the mouth of the cave while Cindy gathered fruits. The cave was several hundred yards inland and would be better protected from the weather.

After lunch, Ellen stretched out under an oak to nap, while Cindy and Ralph decided to follow the beach around the island. Ralph loved the nudist life style, but it was almost impossible to hide sexual thoughts. They had not gone two hundred yards when his cock started getting hard. He tried to think of other things, beside his beautiful Niece, but it kept growing until it was standing up.

"Why Uncle Ralph! You didn't want to walk around the island! You just wanted to take me down the beach so Aunt Ellen couldn't hear my screams. You just want to ravage my tender bottom again, don't you?" Cindy said, smiling upon seeing her Uncle's erection.

"Well, I guess it's obvious. The thought crossed my mind. You're right. Once we're out of range I plan to put a few more blisters on your cunt," Ralph replied with a snicker as he took her hand.

"Gosh, you're making me tingle all over, Uncle Ralph. Part of me says I should run back to camp and medicate my crotch, but the part between my legs is too hot and wet to care" she observed, feeling the wetness build in her loins.

He lifted her into his arms and laid her in the shade of several palms, just past the turn of the beach. His steel hard penis entered her as his tongue slipped in her mouth. Cindy could feel her pussy working on the huge slow moving invader, but felt sure he'd used the numbing salve since he was showing a lot of control. She knew she was in for another long fucking. The young blond squeezed her Uncle's shoulders tight as the goose bumps climbed her tummy to her nipples. The girl could feel the wonderful fire building in her pelvis as the giant cock maintained its rhythm. The first explosion hit her and she shook like a fish out of water. The second was big and really curled her toes as she screamed. The third one seemed to lift her off the sand causing a loss of consciousness for a moment.

When Ellen arose, she discovered she was alone in the camp. A note was found on the tent door saying her companions were taking a walk around the island. As she strolled to the beach to do the same, she heard a faint but familiar scream on the South breeze.

Ellen stayed off the beach as she went south. It wasn't long before she saw Ralph's bobbing butt under the shade of a palm tree. She moved in as close as she dared to watch the lusting couple. Cindy's big screams were lasting longer and she suspected the girl was starting to pass out with some of them. She was digging her heels in the sand, squeezing his neck and screaming when the orgasmic waves hit her.

"Oh Uncle Ralph fuck me, fuck me, fuck the shit out of me and don't ever stop!" Cindy continued to squeal and wriggle.

Ellen knew her Niece's tender pussy must be chaffed and raw by now, but knew the girl's addiction to Ralph's lovemaking was too strong to make her care. After watching them for some time she returned to the cave and slept.

"Hey, sleepyhead! You missed a nice walk on the beach," Ralph said as he jostled Ellen awake. "Did you two go all the way around the island?" asked Ellen, observing the matted pubes and inflamed head on his penis.

"Yes, and there's a lagoon on the far end with beautiful blue water. You can see the coral on the bottom, it's so clear," Cindy replied, walking much slower now.

"Gee. I'm sorry I didn't go. I may take that walk after dinner," Ellen said, seeing the girl's very raw bottom as she drank from the spring.

"OK, Gang, we've got to have a talk about how we're going to live on this island," Ellen offered, as she stood and stretched.

"What do you mean, Aunt Ellen? We have everything we need; food; water; shelter . . . "
"And sex, dear. That's what we need to discuss. I know you two enjoyed each other today; a blind person could smell you. You're badly chaffed and your Uncle's cock is red," she interrupted.

"You're right, Aunt Ellen, we did it all around the island. It just seemed so natural. We wanted each other," Cindy confessed.

"I admit I'm in lust with her, Ellen, but I need you more now than ever. How do you feel we should handle this?" Ralph said sincerely.

"Well, wearing clothes and making rules isn't the answer. Ralph, we are no longer just a couple; we're a threesome until we get out of here. We eat together; sleep together and make love together. If anyone has a better idea, I'm listening," Ellen replied while getting the Coleman ready for cooking. Cindy and Ralph agreed to the arrangement, without comment.

Everyone was quiet through supper until Cindy asked if she was supposed to sleep in the middle. The comment broke the ice and they all laughed. Three slept together that evening but without sex. When Cindy awoke the next morning, Ellen was well into a blow job on Ralph. The girl felt as though she was intruding, in spite of the agreement, and rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. Ralph put his hand around her neck as Ellen slipped her fingers between the girls legs. He gently pulled his Niece next to him and kissed her, giving Ellen a shorter reach to her clit.

Between her Uncle's tongue and Aunt's fingers she was wide awake now. She returned his kiss. As she worked her tongue in his mouth, she was pleasantly startled by Ellen's tongue in her cunt. Between his kisses and nipple sucking and Ellen's mouth, she started cumming quickly.

His cock was very hard now, so Ellen straddled him and rode it while Cindy licked and played with his balls and her Aunt's cunt. Ralph couldn't stand this long and was soon cuming, as his Niece licked the cum off his scrotum. Ellen laid back between his legs with his cock still in her. Cindy sat above her Uncle's face, leaned forward and licked her Aunt's full cunt.

After an hour of lovemaking, the trio was ready for a swim and breakfast. Cindy couldn't get over how relaxed and happy her Aunt was this morning, she hummed throughout breakfast. Later, the ladies gathered fruit while Ralph tried his hand at fishing.

Cindy and Ellen went aboard the Lady Finger that afternoon to pick up some items. While looking for a pencil, Cindy noticed the loose wire behind the radio and called her Aunt. Ellen reattached the important wire as the radio came to life. The women looked at each other for a moment and started laughing. Cindy was still laughing as Ellen disconnected the wire and hugged her beautiful Niece.

Ralph was later asked about the obvious loose wire and blushed.

"I I just wanted to stay here forever, I guess. I'm sorry. Having an island to run naked on was always a dream of mine, but with you and Cindy here too, I just couldn't bring myself to call for a rescue," he said as he cleaned a fish.

"I disconnected the wire, Ralph. Cindy and I feel the same way, at least for a while," Ellen said as they all embraced.

About a month later a young radio operator aboard a Bahamian Coast Guard Cutter got a distress call. The caller requested a supply drop and a tow to the nearest port. The coordinates were in mid ocean, but the Captain ordered the drop and plotted a course for the caller's phantom island.

Three weeks later the Lady Finger docked at a very welcome slip in the Port of Miami. The news media, Coast Guard officials and Cindy's happy Mom and brother were waiting at the dock to greet the dark tanned crew.

"My god girl, you must have stayed in your bikini the whole time!" her Mom said upon seeing her tanned daughter. No one but the crew of the Lady Finger thought her comment was funny.

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