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A "Hands-On" Woman

James I. Miller


I was alone in the plush office of Marcie Brown, junior vice president in charge of product development at Eros Tech, one of the world's largest manufacturers of adult products. When I had scheduled this meeting a few weeks earlier, I had hoped that Eros Tech might react to my invention a little more favorably. Still, Marcie had previously said that they WERE interested in the U-Ball, just not yet sold on it. As I looked around her office, I thought over my first impressions of her. She was a very attractive blonde, about 5'7" and 120 lbs. She appeared to be in her middle thirties, and to have a good deal of common sense. She conducted business in a very serious manner, with herself always in control of any discussion. I guess that was to be expected, she being a vice president and all. I was very impressed by her business expertise and by the fact that, at a young age, she already had a lot of influence at a large manufacturing company.

She came back into her office and said "Well, Mr. Miller, we all agree that the test data you have provided to us is very interesting. But we're not quite ready to commit Eros Tech to your invention." She paused and looked at her watch, then continued "It's already getting a little late. You'll be in town at the Hamilton for at least the next couple of days, won't you? (I nodded.) Good, that'll give us more time to consider your proposal. When I leave here in a few minutes, I'm going out to have an early dinner. If you'd like to come with me, we can discuss your invention a little more over dinner."

"Thank you," I answered, "yes, I'd like to go with you. And I'd be glad to discuss my invention further."

"That's what we'll do then," she said. "Since we'll be sitting down together to have dinner, I think we should be a little less formal from now on. Call me Marcie, and I'll call you Jim." We left together in her car to go to the restaurant. We drove for only a few minutes, then Marcie pulled into a luxury apartment complex and parked in front of one of the apartments. "I'm picking up a friend, Cindy Stuart," explained Marcie. "She's coming with us to dinner. I hope you don't mind." Marcie went into the apartment for a moment, then came back with a beautiful young woman, about the same size and shape as Marcie, but brunette and seemingly about ten years younger. The young woman got into the back seat behind me, and Marcie took her place in the driver's seat. Marcie turned toward the younger woman and said "Cindy, this is Jim Miller. He's in town for a few days to discuss the invention that I told you about. Jim, this is my friend, Cindy Stuart." Cindy and I exchanged greetings as we shook hands over the back of my seat. Then we were on our way to the restaurant again.

"Mr. Miller," began Cindy, "Marcie has told me that you've invented a new kind of condom for men."

"Please, call me Jim," I began, "and I'll call you Cindy, if that's okay. No, that's not quite right. My invention is not a condom. It's a sexual aid intended to help adults feel more stimulation and get more pleasure from sexual intercourse. It probably does work effectively, though, as a method of birth control and in preventing spread of diseases. Those benefits have not yet been proven by long-term testing."

"When Marcie called it a condom, I thought I knew what it was. Now, I don't have any idea what it is. But it does sound very interesting. I don't know what Marcie has told you about me, but sometimes I work for Eros Tech in testing new products. Is Eros Tech going to test your invention for you?"

"I've already had a lot of testing done," I said, "and almost all the people who have used it have been very pleased with it."

"The testing you've had done," said Marcie, "is fine, as far as it goes. But there's more to testing than just finding out who likes what. And there's really no substitute for in-house testing."

Then we arrived at the restaurant. As we ate, we talked about a variety of things, none of which I can really remember now. After dinner we all went back to Cindy's apartment. She fixed us each a drink, and the conversation again turned to my invention.

"What made you come up with it?" Cindy asked.

"Well, there have been times when I've needed to use a condom for safe sex. For me, though, if it means that I have to use a condom, SAFE SEX SUCKS! Condoms just interfere too much with pleasure. A lot of times, I can't even reach orgasm when I'm using a condom. The awful way that condoms decrease pleasure made me start thinking about the possibility of INCREASING pleasure. I thought it would really be great to actually increase pleasure, and maybe get at least some level of safe sex benefit at the same time. Health professionals won't ever look for anything better than a condom. They seem to think that if a man doesn't fully enjoy sex when he's using a condom, then there's something wrong with the man, not with the condom. Besides, they don't give a damn about another man's pleasure. Eventually, I came up with the U-Ball."

"U-Ball . . . that's what you call it?" Cindy asked. (I nodded.) "Why do you call it that?"

"Well, it's a little evacuated ball in the closed end of a very short pouch made of latex rubber. The rubber pouch fits over just the head of the penis, leaving the shaft totally uncovered. Condoms have to cover the shaft to keep them on and to prevent leaks. With the U-Ball, the internal air pressure is lower than the external pressure. That's what makes the U-Ball special. Higher air pressure outside holds the pouch on the head of the penis and holds the little ball tightly against the urethral opening."

There was a brief pause, then, looking a little self conscious, Cindy asked "I'm sorry . . . the URETHRAL opening?"

"It's the hole at the end of the penis where the man's cum squirts out."

"So I guess the full name is URETHRAL Ball," Cindy said reflectively. "Well, considering what it's used for . . . why don't you just call it a SCREW Ball?"

I smiled at her suggestion, then with a sigh said "That WOULD be a good name. But that name might be confused with something else. Besides, the name *Screw Ball* couldn't be used in a family discount store or anyplace like that. Right now, the U-Ball is sold only on the internet at But eventually, after the safety of the U-Ball and its effectiveness as part of safe sex have been proven, the U-Ball should be sold everywhere that condoms can be sold."

Then Marcie said "If Eros Tech decides to make and sell your invention, we can work out a name later. But you know, Jim, if I turn the U-Ball over to our testing department, it will probably be at least twelve months before they get around to any serious testing. And then at least twelve months more before they would be ready to discuss what they will call preliminary test results."

I had not heard this discouraging time frame forecast before. "Damn!" I said. "Why should it take so long? It's a pretty simple thing to test, really."

"That's just the way big companies like Eros Tech do it," shrugged Marcie. "They're terrified of some kind of liability. Seems like some people just aren't willing to accept responsibility for any harm that might result from the choices they make themselves. They try to blame some big company instead of themselves, thinking that it's a good way to get rich. Sometimes, there might be a way to get around that kind of testing, though."

"I'm for that!" I said. "How could we get around it?"

"Well," said Marcie, "I have enough influence at Eros Tech so that, occasionally, I can commit the company to a new product just on my say so alone, without going through all of the formal testing. I have to use my clout very carefully, though, and very rarely. If you could convince me that your U-Ball would be safe and really increases pleasure, then I might be willing to commit the company to its production and marketing just by signing off on it."

"I know that it would be a safe, highly profitable product for your company! What would be needed to convince you of its value?" I said.

"I'm a very hands-on person," replied Marcie. "I don't just accept whatever bullshit some *authority* might tell me. Too often, authorities turn out to be full of crap. No, I believe what I see for myself. Well, at least I believe what I see when it makes sense to me. If I could see a demonstration of the U-Ball myself, and if I was impressed by it, then I might be willing to put my job on the line. That's what I'm doing, really, when I commit the company to a new product just on my say so."

"Well," I said, "that seems clear enough. How could we best arrange for you to see a demonstration of the U-Ball in use?"

Marcie looked straight at me. She said, very matter-of-factly, "I believe we have a good opportunity to do that right here, tonight. I brought several of the U-Ball sample packs that you sent to us with your initial submission. From time to time, as she told you, Cindy has worked for us in field testing our products, and she has expressed an interest in the testing of the U-Ball."

"Yes, that's right," added Cindy. "Your invention sounds really interesting to me, and I would like to be one of the first women in the world to be fucked by a man using a U-Ball." I was a little bit startled when this beautiful young woman used the word "fucked". Up to then, we hadn't been using words like that as we talked to each other.

"So you see, Jim," Marcie went on, "we can take care of the need for testing right here tonight . . . or, I can turn it over to our testing department and let them fiddle around with it for a few years."

For some reason I was having trouble realizing what Marcie was suggesting. I spoke slowly, trying to think my way through an embarrassing sort of thick mental fog. "You're saying that . . . you want to watch Cindy and I have sex while I'm using a U-Ball. And . . . if you're satisfied with the U-Ball's performance, then you will commit Eros Tech to its development and marketing?"

"Yes," answered Marcie. "That's what I'm saying."

While I had been looking at Marcie and asking my dim-bulb question, Cindy had slipped off her blouse and bra and let them fall onto the couch. She took my right hand and placed it over her left breast. Reflexively, I pressed my hand against her soft flesh and gave it a firm squeeze. She moaned softly and pressed her tit into my hand.

"Jim, I'm very attracted to you," she said, "and I think you're attracted to me too, so let's do it. We can have some fun. Besides, Marcie will pay me for doing it, and you'll get Eros Tech to make and sell your U-Ball."

Cindy stood, opened the buttons and the zipper at the back of her skirt, and let the skirt fall to the floor. Now wearing only her heels and bikini panties, she turned around slowly in front of me, showing off her full breasts, slender waist, and high, shapely ass. She pulled me to my feet and helped me out of all my clothes. I had been working out at a gym at least two or three times a week for the last two years. Cindy sighed with appreciation when she saw my well-muscled arms and chest, my flat belly, and the above-average dick sticking straight out from my groin. She rubbed the palm of her right hand across my chest and down along my left biceps. She licked circles around my right nipple, then slowly went down on her knees in front of me, licking down my chest to my waist. Then she stood up and pressed her soft body against mine, her nipples like hot coals against my skin.

"Jim, I know we're both doing this for money," she said, looking me straight in the eye. "But there's no law against enjoying ourselves while we're making money. I'm going to do my best to give you as much pleasure as I can. I hope that you'll do the same for me."

Dropping again to her knees, Cindy put both her hands around the base of my cock and started slowly pumping the skin back and forth along the shaft. She stuck out her tongue and licked the urethral opening. Then she licked around the head and down each side of the shaft. I started moaning at the pleasure her tongue was giving me. Then she opened her lips and suddenly popped the head of my cock into her very warm, very wet mouth. Her tongue danced over the sensitive underside of the head as she slowly moved forward onto the shaft of my dick.

"Wait! Wait!" said Marcie. Cindy stopped swallowing my cock, but kept the head firmly in her mouth. "Jim, is her spit going to interfere with the attachment of the U-Ball? Will it stay on the head of your cock just as well, even after she's covered you with her spit?"

I was really getting into what Cindy was doing to my cock. I didn't feel like answering any damn questions! With some effort, I moaned "Yes, it's okay. I'll still be able to put on the U-Ball. Let her do it, for god's sake!"

"Okay . . . have fun," said Marcie with a wave of her hand. Then, under her breath, she said "Now I'm finding out things that I really need to know."

Cindy got back to her blow job. She held the base of my cock with both hands as she again started swallowing my cock. Her mouth was stretched open as far as it would go as she moved her head slowly forward along my shaft. She slowly worked it through her mouth and into her throat. She gagged momentarily as the head of my cock pressed into her throat, and I tried to pull back a little to let her recover. But she wrapped her arms around my hips and put her hands on my ass, pulling me back toward her. She shook her head "no," so I stopped trying to pull back. It took her over two minutes to get it all in, and she had to fight off the urge to gag a couple of times, but then she had my cock down her throat to the hilt.

Her eyes were glazed over and she was breathing hard through her nose. I was glad that Marcie wasn't asking any more questions. I was too far gone to have answered any. As Cindy slowly pulled her chin back from my ball sack, she pulled her hands from my ass and brought them back in front. She used one hand to play with my balls, and she used the other hand to reach between my legs and tickle my ass hole. She even stuck a finger inside and massaged my prostate. True to her promise, she was giving me some fantastic pleasure.

After she had withdrawn so that only the head of my cock was in her mouth, she sucked hard on just the head alone. Then she swallowed my cock again. This time, she had me in to the hilt in less than a minute. She started pumping her mouth over my entire cock with a steady rhythm. Inevitably, I felt the pressure building up. I started instinctively rocking my hips back and forth, thrusting my cock into her face as she deep throated me, and then pulling it out as she withdrew. I was nearly to the peak from which there would be no alternative but to blast my hot cum down her talented throat.

"Okay, he's pretty close now," said Marcie. "Time to stop, Cindy. You've got to be sure that he stays hard, you know." Then, after a moment, a little louder "TIME TO STOP NOW, CINDY!"

Cindy pulled my wet, throbbing cock from her mouth with a loud pop. Saliva dribbled down to her chin from one side of her mouth. I quickly lifted her to her feet and lapped up her spit, then licked up the side of her face to her ear lobe.

"Geeeze!" complained Marcie. "Come on, cool down a little, why don't you! Shit, watching you two go at it, a person would get the idea that this was going to be the last sex that either of you was ever going to have! Don't worry, you'll be fucking each other's brains out soon enough. And it won't be the last fucking either of you will ever do. Jim, you're going to put on a U-Ball now, while Cindy and I watch."

Cindy sat on the couch and Marcie handed me a U-Ball. I held out the plastic bag so they could both see and said "See how the plastic bag collapses in around the U-Ball? (They both nodded.) That's because the air is pumped out before the bag is sealed." I opened the plastic vacuum bag with a small scissors, and I was just starting to pull the cardboard ring over the head of my dick when Cindy stopped me.

"Wait a minute," she said. "Before you put that on . . . " She blushed, then decided to go on. "Jim, I'd like you to do for me what I've been doing for you. Please." She slipped out of her heels and then stood and took off her panties. She watched me with a smile as I stared, open mouthed, at her incredible body. Naked, she lay down on the couch on her back, placing a small cushion under her ass so that it was raised up a little higher than her head.

I could hardly believe my good luck and the depth of Cindy's lust. She was going to let me eat her out. She had asked me PLEASE to eat her out! Marcie looked at us with obvious signs of displeasure. My licking and sucking of Cindy's sweet pussy would reveal nothing about the U-Ball. ("Tough!" I thought.) This was just a part of her first-hand demonstration that she was going to have to accept, whether she really liked it or not. I put the U-Ball onto a little coffee table in front of the couch.

I knelt down beside the couch and put my hands on the sides of Cindy's waist, pulling her ass and the cushion under it over to the edge of the couch. She spread her legs wide, putting one leg up on the back of the couch and putting the other foot down on the floor. "Do it now, Jim," she said with glazed, lust-filled eyes. I started kissing and licking up the inside of her thighs toward her steaming cunt. I gently kissed her outer lips and licked up and down her crack several times. Cindy closed her eyes and started moaning softly. I glanced over at Marcie at the other end of the couch. She didn't seem to be displeased anymore. In fact, she seemed to be enjoying what I was doing to Cindy. Marcie had her right hand inside her blouse and she was moaning a bit as she caressed her own left breast. Her glazed eyes and shallow breathing betrayed her own arousal.

I gently pressed Cindy's lips apart and slipped the tip of my index finger between them. I moved the finger up and down her very wet crack, gradually going deeper and deeper into her, until I found her swollen clit. I stroked her clit with my thumb, and pushed my middle and index fingers into her hole. Cindy gasped and started writhing against the couch as she massaged her own breasts with both hands. I started pumping my two fingers in and out of her snatch with a slow rhythm. Then I stuck my face in under my hand and licked down to her anus. I licked across her little hole several times, then I stiffened my tongue and thrust it into her. She groaned loudly and her whole body went stiff. She began to tremble as I kept thrusting my two fingers into her pussy and tonguing her anal opening. Suddenly, she thrust her cunt hard against my hand. "Aaaahhh!" she moaned loudly as she cam. Her hot, sweet juices poured out, covering my hand and my face. I loved it.

As I pulled my fingers from her cunt and raised my head, she smiled at me. "Thanks, Jim. That was great!" she said. I started to stick my gooey fingers into my own mouth, but she reached down and grabbed my wrist to stop me. She pulled my hand to her mouth, then licked off all her own juice, finally sucking hard on the two fingers that had been in her pussy. She looked beautiful as she enjoyed the taste of herself.

Marcie stood in front of the couch. She was fully composed again, her hand no longer inside her blouse. "Okay, Jim," she said, "NOW are you ready to put on the U-Ball?"

I picked up the U-Ball and stood up. "Well," I explained, "all you have to do is pull this little cardboard ring back over the cock shaft until the back edge of the rubber pouch is lined up behind the ridge at the back of the cock head. Then you slip the edge of the rubber pouch off of the ring. The rubber pouch closes down around the head of the dick, and the little ball is held out at the end. You pull off the ring and throw it away."

Then Marcie said "That thing is covering just the head of your cock, none of the shaft. Are you sure that it will stay on, and that it's covering enough to prevent pregnancy and spreading diseases?"

"There's no need to cover the shaft to keep it on," I said. "There's a vacuum release stem on the right side of the ball. The stem makes the rubber bulge out a little." They nodded as they looked at the bulge on the right side of the ball. "You wiggle the stem back and forth a little to break it loose . . . (I was doing it as I explained it) . . . then push the loose stem completely into the ball. The rubber pouch is sucked down onto the head of the cock, and the ball is held firmly at the end. Air pressure holds it on until you're through fucking."

"To prevent making babies or spreading diseases," I continued, "the only important part of the cock is the hole at the end. Condoms cover the shaft because that's the only way to keep them on. With the U-Ball, covering just the hole IS enough. NOT covering the skin on the shaft is the big advantage that the U-Ball has over condoms. A man using a U-Ball feels a lot more stimulation on the shaft than a man using a condom, and that makes for more pleasure. And shooting his wad into a partial vacuum makes a man's orgasm stronger, longer, and wetter. The U-Ball is enjoyed by women too. I've been told that the U-Ball makes a pussy feel like it's really filled with hard, hot meat."

Cindy worked her way off the couch and stood up. My cock, with the head covered by the U-Ball and ready for action, poked playfully against her thigh.



She looked down at it, gave me a hot look, and said "Time for bed," as she turned and started to walk toward her bedroom. I watched her swaying ass for a moment as she walked away, then I followed her. Marcie followed behind me.

Cindy pushed me down onto her bed on my back, and straddled my waist. I felt the shaft of my cock pressing against the crack of her ass. I started squeezing and caressing her ass cheeks with both my hands. But she reached down on both sides, grabbed my wrists, and pulled my hands up over my head. She pressed my hands against the mattress. "You'll get to play with my ass later," she breathed into my ear. She released her hold on my wrists and I started to move my hands down, but she scowled at me. So, a little reluctantly, I put my hands back in place over my head.

Satisfied that I would keep my hands where she had put them, Cindy kissed and licked all over my face, then slowly down my neck and chest to my right nipple. She suddenly bit the nipple. Her bite was hard enough to draw a little blood.

"Owww! . . . Shit!" I cried, and my body jerked reflexively at the sudden, sharp pain. But I kept my hands in place over my head and Cindy stayed on top of me. As a small drop of blood slowly oozed from my bitten nipple, she moaned deeply. She eagerly collected the small drop of blood on her tongue and pulled it into her mouth. Not yet satisfied, she then squeezed the flesh around the nipple to produce a second, larger drop of blood. Again, she moaned as the blood oozed from my wounded nipple. This time, she pushed the blood across my nipple with her tongue, then put her mouth over the nipple and sucked the nipple, and my blood, into her mouth. My nipple was burning with sensation because of what she had done to it. Her sucking on it felt better than I would have ever imagined that it could. Cindy was driving me to new heights of lust, and she seemed to be enjoying it almost as much as I was.

She lifted her ass off my middle and scooted down a little, reaching between our bodies to grab the shaft of my cock. She put the U-Ball against her outer lips and groaned. "God," she panted. "It feels SO big against my pussy."

"Gaahhhh!" I groaned. "Slip it in with your fingers, and then I'll push it in all the way with my dick."

She moaned loudly as she slipped the U-Ball into her wet cunt mouth. She didn't wait for me to push it in farther. She immediately pressed downward, and my cock slid smoothly into her pussy to the hilt. I felt like my whole body was iced over and on fire at the same time. I shuddered once, violently, and then started to tremble. My moans of pleasure mingled with hers. She raised herself until only the U-Ball and head of my cock remained inside. She paused for a long moment, allowing us both to savor the intense feelings and the thought of what was coming next. Suddenly, she pressed firmly downward, abruptly impaling herself again on the full length of my cock.

Then she was going up and down my cock faster and faster. There were no more pauses. There was only hard, fast fucking. As Marcie had suggested earlier, we were indeed fucking each other's brains out. Soon, Cindy shuddered violently as she cam. As her hot juices poured out over my balls, I felt the tingle in my cock that told me I was only moments from filling the U-Ball with MY cum. I guess Marcie sensed that I was really close.

"Stop! Stop!" called Marcie. ("Where the hell did she come from?" I thought. It had been nearly twenty minutes since I was last aware of Marcie's presence.) "Come on, Cindy," said Marcie. "You know what to do now."

I had gotten so close. I knew that the inside of the rubber pouch had to be wet with my pre-cum, but I hadn't really shot my load yet. My dick was still pulsating inside Cindy's pussy. She lay on top of me, enjoying the feeling of the U-Ball and my cock, still hard and still inside her to the hilt. After she had recovered a bit from her orgasm, she pulled off of my cock. She got onto her knees beside me and lowered her head onto a pillow with her face turned toward me. She gave me a hot, come hither look and said "Okay, Stud. NOW it's time to play with my ass. And this time, there won't be any stopping."

I got onto my knees behind her upraised ass. For a few minutes I kneaded her cheeks with my hands. Then I raised my open right hand high and brought it down sharply onto her right buttock. SMACK! "Owwww," cried Cindy in surprise, then "yesss!" as she pushed her face hard into the pillow. Again . . . SMACK! Then my left hand onto her left buttock . . . SMACK! Over and over I brought my hands down sharply onto her tender flesh. Her ass was turning a bright pink under my stinging blows. Cindy moaned her excitement into the pillow.

I put both my hands on the mattress behind her and leaned forward, my face only an inch from her smarting left buttock. Without thinking, I suddenly opened my mouth and bit her tender ass flesh. It wasn't hard enough to draw blood, but it was hard enough to make her scream. She lunged forward and banged her shoulder pretty hard into the wall. Her movement, though, was just a reflex, caused by her surprise at my new assault on her ass. She quickly moved back onto her knees, with her bitten ass raised high and her face back in the pillow. She wiggled her bruised ass at me.

"God, yes, Jim," she moaned. "Give it to me HARRRD! Make me cum next week just from remembering what you do to me now!"

I again got onto my knees behind her upraised ass. With my hand, I rubbed my cock up and down along her crack to coat it with her juices. Then I put my thumbs at the edges of her asshole. I pushed outward with my hands to spread her cheeks apart. Her small, pretty asshole drew my tongue like a magnet. Laura moaned when my wet tongue again pushed its way into her rectum. I rimmed her for a few moments, then replaced my tongue with the end of my eager cock.

"I feel it! I feel that hard U-Ball thing against my asshole!" cried Cindy excitedly. "Oh, godddd . . . push it into me!" she groaned.

"You'll have to relax," I panted. "I'll never get it in unless you let me." A moment later I could tell that Cindy was concentrating on relaxing her asshole. I felt it give way just a little, as I pressed the U-Ball against the opening with my fingers. Then suddenly the U-Ball and head of my cock popped inside.

"Owwwww!" screamed Cindy. "You're a hell of a lot bigger than I realized. How much went in?"

"Just the U-Ball and cock head," I truthfully moaned.

"Shit!" Cindy panted. "You'll have to take it easy then, at least at first. You'll kill me if you don't."

I pressed forward carefully and about a half inch of cock shaft slipped inside. Cindy groaned and pounded her fist against the mattress. I leaned my head forward and down as far as I could, then launched a large ball of spit downward. I was aiming for my cock shaft, but I missed. My spit made a big wet spot on the bed between her knees. I decided to try once more, and this time I was lucky. My spit splattered against the top of my cock shaft, just behind Cindy's straining bung hole. I immediately used my right hand to spread my spit around my exposed cock shaft and pressed gently forward again. This time, almost an inch of my cock slipped inside.

"God, Jim," Cindy moaned. "How much is inside now?" When I told her that there was still over four inches to go, she said "Let me rest for a minute and then try some more. I don't know if I can take your U-Ball and your cock this way. We may have to stop."

Marcie was suddenly standing beside me. She reached over and, from a small tube, squeezed out a large glob of KY lubricant onto Cindy's asshole, then worked it into the hole around my cock shaft with her finger tips. She put a second large glob onto the top of my cock shaft, then rubbed it all around the shaft. "I hope that will help," Marcie said as she moved away again.

Carefully, I pressed forward again. This time over two inches of the shaft went in. I pulled out about one inch, and then pressed forward again. After a bit, with the help of Marcie's lubricant, my cock was fully embedded in Cindy's rectum. Her rear passage was incredibly tight and hot.

"Okay," panted Cindy. "It's better now. Start fucking me . . . slowly."

I started a series of short, slow withdrawls and reinsertions. I could tell that Cindy was getting used to it. It was getting easier for her all the time. Instead of groaning in pain, she was now moaning with pleasure. After a few minutes, I was pulling out until only the U-Ball and cock head were left inside, then plunging back in to the hilt. Then I was fucking her brains out again, but this time the U-Ball and my swollen meat were reaming out her bowels instead of her pussy.

Cindy was thrusting her ass back to meet each of my forward thrusts stroke for stroke. Then I felt the pressure building up again. The biggest ejaculation of my life was boiling in my balls . . . cumming up through the tubes . . . approaching the hole at the end of my cock. There would be NO stopping. Suddenly I froze. Then I exploded. I cam harder than I had ever cum before. My cock pumped and pumped and pumped. My whole body shook with each pumping contraction. The U-Ball filled with my jizz. And Cindy joined me just after, groaning loudly as her bowels clamped down repeatedly onto my pumping cock. I fell on top of her, and she fell down onto the mattress. I didn't know whether or not she would be able to cum next week just from remembering this fuck. But I knew that I would.

After a few moments of recovery, I stood up beside the bed, and Cindy rolled over onto her back. "God, Jim," she said "that was the fuck of a lifetime! That U-Ball and your cock felt SOOO good in my pussy and in my ass. When your cock was in my pussy, the U-Ball kept pushing back and forth over my G-Spot!" She gently pressed her right hand down over her trembling cunt lips, closed her eyes, and sighed in contentment.

"Now," said Marcie, "how do you get the U-Ball back off your cock after you've shot your wad into it?"

"Well," I answered, "you have to let air back into the U-Ball, then you can lift up the rubber just behind the cockhead, and carefully slip the head back out of the rubber pouch."

"Wait," said Cindy, "When I sucked you before, Marcie stopped us before you finished. I didn't get to taste your jizz!" She looked at the U-Ball, dangling from the end of my now limp noodle. "That little ball is filled with your cum, right?"

"Yes . . ."

"Okay, come on back into the front room." Marcie and I followed Cindy back into the living room. Cindy got a clean champaign glass from the bar and handed it to me. "When you take the U-Ball off, I want you to put your cum into this glass so that I can . . . drink it."

Marcie and I looked at each other in disbelief. The idea that Cindy wanted to drink my cum started to rapidly bring my cock back to life. "I think maybe the best way," I suggested, "might be to use a pin or needle to poke a hole in the U-Ball, then enlarge the hole with the pointy end of a scissors, and pour the cum through the hole into the glass."

"Good idea," said Cindy. She went to the end of the bar and then came back with a pin and a pair of scissors. "I'll do the poking and enlarge the hole, you hold the U-Ball still and hold the glass," she said.

"Wait a minute," I protested. "After what you did to my poor nipple, how do I know that I can trust you to be this close to my dick with a pin in your hand?"

"Well . . . maybe you can't," admitted Cindy, "but you'll never know until you give it a try. Besides, you loved what I did to your poor little nipple. Come on, hold the U-Ball out where I can get at it. I'm thirsty."

God, playing with Cindy like this was almost as much fun as fucking her. (Well, no, of course not really that good. But we WERE enjoying each other's company even though we weren't fucking at the moment.) I didn't have to hold my dick out for her. It was completely swollen again and it was sticking straight out from my crotch on its own. I did take hold of the shaft to hold it still, though, while she was poking the U-Ball. After the poking was done, she used the end of the scissors to enlarge the hole, then pointed the end of my dick down and let my cum run out into the champaign glass. When the U-Ball seemed to be completely empty, she held up the glass for me to see.

"Look. You can trust me . . . sometimes. See? All jizz . . . no blood!" She lifted the glass to her lips and took a small sip of my pungent man goo. "God, it's still warm!" she moaned. She walked to a chair and sat down.

Watching her drink my still-warm cum and walk around naked had me all excited again. I carefully pulled my re-swollen cock back out of the little rubber pouch and dropped the used, empty U-Ball onto the coffee table.

"Okay, Jim," said Marcie. "She'll be happy for a while with her drink." She leaned down and picked up the used U-Ball and looked at my stiff dick. "I'm very impressed with this little thing . . . uh . . . by little thing, I mean the U-Ball, not your cock," she explained with a smile. "I think that we can do business. There's just one final thing that I need to find out before I'm ready to commit Eros Tech to the U-Ball."

"What's that?" I asked.

"Well, after using one U-Ball and taking it off . . . Could a man put on another one and do some more fucking?"

"Sure," I said. "Using a second U-Ball is just like using the first one."

"Hands-on, remember? Don't just tell me about it. Show me," she said as she started to quickly unbutton her blouse.


(I hope you have enjoyed reading my fictional story about the RLMS U-Ball. If you would like to find out more about the REAL U-Ball (TM; registered with US and international patent offices), and how you can get a sample pack by mail order, please visit

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