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The corner bar

I live in Las Vegas, which means that everyone that I have ever met looks me up for a place to stay while on "Vacation". Alice and her sister Beth were no exceptions. I knew Alice in collage but had never met Beth, she was, by her photos, a very attractive young lady. Beth was turning 21 so Alice was taking her to Las Vegas to celebrate, at least that is what I was told when the phone rang at 3:00 am.

I pulled on a shirt and some shorts and went to the airport to pick them up. I actually thought that they had a hotel room and it would be a short trip and soon I would be back in bed dreaming of that pixie haired blond that I had seen in the grocery store earlier. I met them at the luggage pickup area, when I saw Alice all these hot times we had came rushing back, she was hot. I looked at her full pouting lips and remembered my dick slipping in and out; it took a second to regain my thoughts. Alice came running up to me throwing her arms around my neck and planting a kiss on me that took my breath away. As I looked over her shoulder up walked an angel, extended her hand and said " Hi I’m Beth".

"Scotty this is Beth my little sister" Alice said with a coy smile. "She turned 21 today and we are going to get her drunk."

I look into Beth’s eyes in an attempt not to glare at her tiny but curvaceous body. "Very glad to meet you Beth".

We had lots of small talk between the sips of Jack Daniel’s on the way to my house where we were going to drop off the bags and head to a local casino and finish the drinking we had started. We were not in the casino 20 minutes when Alice got caught up on a 21 table and would not leave. Beth and I continued to get to know each other at the bar when Alice came up and asked for a loan of a 100 bucks. I gave her the money and told her to keep enough to get a cab back to my place. Beth and I were going to a neighbor hood bar and get smashed. She snatched the bill and nodded.

It was now close to 5:00am and when we entered the bar the bartender was asleep standing up against the register. It took a good 5 minutes to wake him and get our orders. We took a booth near the back of the bar and began to talk. She was very good to talk to, she had a lot of funny stories and was soon letting loose. Of course the subject turned to sex and I was surprised to find out that Beth was quite the freak. She told me about going down on a girl at a party in front of a lot of strangers. This really turned me on, but I was trying to remember that she was Alice’s little sister. I wanted to get more drinks but the bartender was back asleep and I had a hard-on that would choke a horse. Beth leaned over and looked at me with perfect blue eyes, brushed the hair from her face and said "Have you ever done it in public"? She moved her hand down to my swollen cock and began to rub.

"I have thought about it" I stammered out "A lot".

Beth took a quick glance at the slumbering bartender then bent down and unzipped my jeans. Her hand moved under my shorts and she began rotating her finger around the head of my cock spreading the pre-come as she went. She just smiled then with both hands pulled my pants down around my ankles and slid her tongue up and down the shaft of my dick. I had closed my eyes and forgot we were in a bar, just feeling the heat from her breath and the wetness of her tongue was making me think with the other head. I slowly unzipped the back of her dress and to my surprise, she stood up and let the dress drop to the floor. She peeled off her bra and panties then even slipped off her shoes. When she get naked she gets naked. I nervously look at the bartender then back at this perfect girl with a shaved pussy and a hungry look on her face. Well who was I to spoil a party. I was striped naked in record time. We got into a 69 right there on the booth. I would look over every now and then to check on our sleeping caretaker, then dive back into the sweetest tasting pussy I could ever imagine. When she came the first time I thought she would bite my dick off, then came a wave of pussy juice all over my face. I had heard of female ejaculation but this was the first time I was almost drowned by it. She got up and walked over to a table near the center of the bar and bent over it placing her hands between her butt cheeks and spreading her ass as an invitation. I stood with my waving hard on and walked naked to the center of the room and slid my dick right up her ass. She moaned but not to loud. I started off very slowly then faster and faster, with my eyes closed, I had my hands on her waist and my dick up her ass I heard the door open. In walked a couple who stopped dead in their tracks. Beth looked up from the table and smiled at them. They looked at each other then walked over to our table and sat down. We continued to fuck like wild dogs. The girl of the couple reached up and played with Beth’s tits as I plowed her ass. The guy went around and knelt behind us to get a better view. Beth looked up at me and said, "Come so all of us can see, come on my tits". I have waited all my life to hear those words. So I pulled out of that tight little butt hole turned Beth over and without stroking my cock came like a title wave, some on the table some on Beth, I think I even got some on the girl. Then I realized I was in a bar naked with my hard dick standing straight up dripping with come and I had just butt fucked a beautiful young girl in front of two strangers. It felt great. We never got dressed, I drove home, parked in the garage and we both walked naked into the house. I forgot all about Alice.

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