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Near Miss

Something was missing in our lives and I knew just what it was.
Although we have been married for 27 years, we are still very much in love, or even lust for that matter. Our sex life is strange. My wife likes sex but is only really hot for it for about five days, just following her monthly cycle. So it is sort of boom and bust, with us going at it like rabbits for five days and then nothing for the next 23 days.

During those five hot days it really is a matter of anything goes, with the only exceptions being my wife's reluctance to give "start to finish" blowjobs and anal sex. I guess it is the lure of the unknown, because both of these acts have become an obsession with me. I admit that on one occasion my wife did lower herself down onto my penis and I knew it was not her vagina my helmet was rubbing, but it didn't go in. She persisted for a little while, but eventually her natural lubricants slowed to a mere trickle and I could tell that this wasn't going any further.

Some months later, during a particularly horny session I was able to play with her anus while I fucked her deeply from the rear. She didn't seem to mind this so I reached for the lubricant and our smallest vibe and began to buzz her winkle with it. She still didn't object so I withdrew my cock until just the head was still in her pussy and then inserted the vibe gently but insistently into her tightest hole.

Still she did not object so after a short pause I gently pushed my cock back into her warm, wet pussy. This was the big moment. She was completely filled with five inches of vibrator and all of my raging hard-on. I paused again. She made no sound and luckily for me, no complaint.

I slowly withdrew my cock and at the same time, let go of the vibrator. It slid outward in unison with my dick, held from completely popping out by the end resting against my abdomen, just above the base of my hard-on. After a much shorter pause I thrust gently back in, pushing the vibe in with my pubic bone.

I could feel the vibrations through the thin membranes separating her two passages. What a feeling! I began to rhythmically fuck her, never going as hard or as fast as I would normally do when taking her doggie-style. The feeling for me was exquisite and I guess my wife was felling good too as her pussy became wetter.

For all of this wonderful new play, I still found myself wishing that the two invaders were reversed, with my hot cock in her forbidden passage and the small vibe in her pussy. Even so, the sensations were impossible to ignore and before too long my cum erupted from my loins with such force that it popped the vibrator out of her arse.

As we became aware of each other again there was an uneasy silence, but still no complaint from my wife and more encouragingly, she did not immediately declare that it was to never happen again. During our post coital banter, I told her how I would like to "train" her arsehole using gradually larger vibrators, until she could take my cock instead. She didn't rule it out! I was in heaven,

Some months passed by without a repeat of the episode, or any discussion about it. I was beginning to feel that I had let the right moment slip and that perhaps I should have swapped holes back then while the going was good.
Then, quite out of the blue, the opportunity arose again. We sometimes play a little game where my wife acts very submissively and tells me that I am free to do anything I wish. From experience I have come to realise that this only means that I can do the things that I always do and basically my only freedom is to choose the order in which events proceed. As it turned out, on this occasion she was in one of those submissive moods.

During these sessions I am supposed to treat her as a whore and subject her to acts against her consent, but after 27 years you get to know the limits. Things were proceeding in much the same as they always do when I decided to ream her out with a vibrator. I reached into our love box and took out the same small vibe that I had used to penetrate my wife anally that one time before.

She rolled onto her hands and knees to present me with the greatest view on earth and I immediately knew that it was again time to push the boundaries. I think she knew what I had planned for her when I dribbled some lubricant down over her anus. Normally she gets so excited during lovemaking that no lubricant is ever required. So the game was up, but she said nothing.

I began to wonder if perhaps she had presented her rear at me with just that thought in mind. Whatever the reason, I wasn't stopping now and began to penetrate her with the vibrator just as I had on the previous occasion. She seemed more tensed up this time so I exercised a little more patience when inserting the vibe.

Eventually I got it all in and was able to fuck her in the same manner as before, using my lower abdomen to keep the vibrator stroking in unison with my cock. I hadn't even come this time and she asked me to take the vibrator out. The disappointment affected me mentally and I found it almost impossible to orgasm, even in this, my favourite position.

Again she did not say anything about the invasion of her most private hole, and again she didn't tell me never to do it again.

So here I am, still frustrated at not achieving my aim of pleasuring my wife's arse, hoping to find a way of overcoming that last hurdle and creating part two of my story...wish me luck!


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