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Internet Meeting Part 1

As most of us do when we are bored or addicted, I go on the internet to chat with or meet new guys. One particular night, I met this guy that seemed to be nice. We chatted a couple of hours & decided that we would meet one day. He said he was divorced & I was single so what could it hurt to meet?

He told me he just hung out with his buddies but didn't date much. I wasn't dating that much either since I had just come out of a relationship & wasn't looking to get into another. We chatted off & on for about a month then decided that we'd meet the following week end. I agreed to meet him at his house & maybe get in the car & drive to the beach. I was to be there at 2:00 Friday afternoon. As things usually get in the way, it was more like 5:00 when I got there.

He seemed to be the perfect gentleman. He met me at the car & opened the door for me. I got out & gave him a hug. We talked for a few minutes & he invited me in. When I walked in, there was music in the back ground & a bottle of wine on the table with two glasses. He poured the wine & handed me a glass.

I kicked my shoes off & took the extended glass & sipped it. "Mmmmm, This is very good" I said. "Glad you like it, I made it myself" he said. He offered me a comfy place on the sofa & we just talked for a couple of hours.

Around 7:45 we decided to go get something to eat. We went to this little French restaurant where we had a table in the back where it was cozy & romantic. We had a glass of wine while waiting for our food to arrive. After eating, talking & drinking, I was feeling the results of being tired from the drive & the effects of the wine wasn't wasted on me. I was really feeling very warm right about now.

We drove back to his house & went in. He offered me more wine , but I refused this one as I knew I had already had way to much. When I sat on the sofa, he kneeled down in front of me & took my heels off. I closed my eyes & enjoyed the feel of his hands on my feet. He rubbed them for a moment & suddenly my toes became very very warm. I opened my eyes & saw him sucking on my toes & I stretched & moaned as the feelings trickling up my spine was very sensual.

His tongue was wreaking havoc on my body & I wondered if he knew this. His hand slid up my leg until it was just barely under the edge of my skirt. I tried to stop him, but he insisted as his hand moved farther up on my thigh. I told him this was just to soon & I wasn't comfortable with this. He said "Baby, what I have in store for you is going to relax you so much, you will enjoy everything I want to do to you".

I was already feeling the effects of the wine & the music and I really didn't want him to stop, but knew that he needed to if I were going to keep my prospective.

He rose & went to get us more wine. I wanted to refuse, but he placed the glass in my hands & pushed it to my mouth. I remember beginning to feel so relaxed that lifting my arm was to much for me. I seemed to have relaxed so much that I wasn't able to do a thing except what he told me to do.

I barely remember him pushing my skirt up to my waist & taking my thongs off. He pushed me in a half sitting half lying position & my legs were open to him. When he pushed his tongue in my mouth, I sucked on it & felt his fingers playing around inside my pussy. My hips moved on their own to meet his fingers. His mouth moved from my lips to my throat where he nibbled until I was even hotter than before....if that is possibile!

I do not remember him taking my blouse or my bra off, but when I looked down at him sucking on my tits, I knew he must have. I was totally naked except for the skirt he had pushed up around my waist. And the things he was doing to me was very exciting.

He whispered " I want to fuck you but I want it on film". I didn't understnad what he was talking about and murmmered okay. His head moved lower & lower then I felt his tongue circling my clit. That was my undoing as my hips took on a life all their own. His lips circling my clit & sucking gently made me want to cum in his mouth right then & there. He pushed his tongue in my already wet pussy & my hands wrapped around his head to pull him closer.

He pushed my hands aways & with his lips so close to my pussy, I heard him talking to someone, but I couldn't really open my eyes to see if it was me or someone else. I heard him say, "I need you to come & bring the equipment Now"! He said "I have her where I want her & I am tongue fucking her as I speak".

I don't think I have ever been as relaxed as I was at this very minute. All I knew is I didn't want him to stop doing these things to me. It felt so very good! I think I must have dozed off for a while, because the next thing I remember is two men were helping me up & carrying me to another room.

I called out for Ben & he came over to me & kissed me and said "its okay honey, I am right here". I told him I wanted him to kiss my pussy again. He said he would in due time....what ever that meant! I remember the lights were bright & I didn't want to open my eyes. I wanted to be just go to sleep. Ben gave me a glass of wine & I didn't think I could hold it, I was so relaxed.

Ben slapped me on my ass & said "Wake Up"!! I opened my eyes and thought I really must be drunk... I was seeing three men, not just one. And funny thing is, two of those men were black. "Ben"? "What did you give me"? He said "What do you mean"? "I feel funny & I am seeing three of you". Then I started laughing.

"Two of you are black, Ben"! I laughed again. Ben was laughing too....all three of him. "You aren't seeing three of me babe, this is my two friends, Buck & Don".

"Hey Buck, hey Don" I giggled. Buck walked over to me & reached out & placed hi hands on my breast. "You are one fine looking white chick"! he said. "I am going to love fucking you, honey".

I felt my legs opening up as someone pressed a finger in my pussy. I moaned and grinded my hips in his hand. Buck said "This is my friend Don. He is going to fuck you too". "I love to fuck" I said. "But I have never done a black man before".

"Believe me, you'll love it" said Don "But more than that, I want you to suck this big black cock I have here"!

I remember the guys talking so low that I couldn't make out what was being said. Next thing I remember is being tied to the head of the bed. My arms outsrtetched , then my legs being pulled apart & tied so they were wide open.

I heard something like "Roll 'em". I felt someone crawl between my legs & press them open farther, if that was possibile. I felt his fingers invade my pussy & slam into me. I tried to move, but it was of no use. I couldn't move. Then the rythm became more gentle & my hips rocked with his motion. I then felt his mouth travel down my belly to stop right at my opening. I felt his tongue glide all the way from the top of the split donw to my ass hole where he invaded there with his tongue.

I humped my hips trying to get more of it. The he invaded my pussy. That was a huge tongue & a few swipes back & forth had me moaning & wanting to cum. "Oh Yes! Make me cum" I moaned. "Fuck me Now!" After making me cum, I felt him move around and get on top of me. I tried to get my hands free so I could hold on to him & ride with him. I couldn't get them from the bonds. All I could do was move my hips.

He pumped his black dick in me several minutes & then I felt him pull out. "Noooooo! Don't Stop!" "Hold on my Baby Bitch, I ain't finished with you yet". He said. He straddled me and put his drippin wet cock in my face as he bent down to eat my pussy once a gain. I bucked my hips meeting his protruding tongue as I gobbled up his wet black cock. I couldn't blow him like I could have if my hands were free, but I guess he was just using my face to fuck.

After making me cum again, he turned & placed a pillow under my ass so my pussy was hiked higher in the air & when he entered me, it was none to gentle. He leaned soen & bit my nipples one by one as he fucked me so hard! I was in pain, but loving this pain. I was screaming for him to stop, that he was hurting me. But he kept fucking me & didn listen. His hands were on my hips & I felt like I was a rag doll being torn apart by a big dog!

My pussy was pulsating & feeling his big black dick penetrating me & pulling out was so delicious & in moments I was cumming. He was cumming too as he pressed the whole weight of his body on me & finally I opened my eyes & the glorious feelings mixed with the fear of fucking a black man made me cum all the harder.

When Buck was finished with me, he got up & said "You are one hot Fuck, babe"!

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