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Internet Meeting Part 2

Buck walked naked over to Don. Don immediately got on his knees in front of Buck & started sucking him off. Buck's dick was dripping with his & my cum & Don was sucking it off like it was candy. Watching that really turned me on!

Buck looked over his shoulder & laughed when he saw that I was watching. He said "I bring along my own bathing source. Not to worry honey, you're next". Buck didn't cum while Don sucked him off, I guess it was just a cleaning factor. When Don finished with Buck, he walked over to the bed & got between my legs.

Don began licking my pussy & lapping up the cum that Buck & I had produced. I can not say that I didn't get turned on by this! After watching Don suck Buck clean and now he was licking & sucking on me!! OMG! What a turn on!

My hips started humping his face as he was probing his tongue deep with in me. My pussy is clean shaven so he was licking me from my belly button to my ass hole.

My eyes were closed & my sences raging so when I felt this dick dangling in my face, it didn't matter if it was black or white.....I began nibbling on it & sucking it like it belong to me.

He probed me deep in my throat & I acommodated by deep throating him. I could hear him moaming & knew that it was Ben , not Buck this time. So, here I am.....deep throating a white man while having a black man sucking the cum of another black man out of me. Keeping my eyes shut against the intruding bright lights & still having no idea why the lights were so bright.

All I knew is that I was having the time of my life.....sucking this dick & having someone eat my pussy. I kept thinking how good it would be if I had someone fuck me up the ass while all this was going on. Not that I like that so much, but with the pleasures I was feeling, the pain of being fucked in the ass could only add to the multiple pleasures I was having right now.

Ben was getting close to cumming & I felt it more than saw it. His dick was pulsating in my throat & just when I thought I might choke, he with drew & sprinkled his cum all over my face. I was trying to lap it up with my tongue & I heard the men laughing.

Don immediately lay on top of me licking the new cum off me. He had his tongue covered with cum & pushed that tongue in my mouth. I sucked on his tongue as I would have if it were a cock. I needed to be fucked again.....Now!!

I whispered "Fuck me now....please Fuck me"!!!

I heard someone in the back ground say "Go ahead, fuck her.....she's yours".

Don told them to release me so he could feel my arms wrap around him. He didn't want me bonded when he fucks me. My arms hurt & so did my legs but not enough to stop me from wrapping them around his back & shoulders. I love the feeling of holding on to the man I fuck.

Don had a whopper of a dick & I screamed when he rammed into me! Pain! Oh, the pain! When I was used to him being in me, I didn't hold back. My hips were rocking so hard trying to meet his every hump. I was moaning, sobbing & sweating & fucking this black boy was incredible with him still in my mind's eye watching him suck off Buck's black dick!

Immediately, I started to climax & when Don realized this, he cums too. I lay in a heap on the bed, exhausted. My mind reeling & not really knowing whats going on here. I'm feeling very relaxed, but somewhere deep within, I feel fear. But I am to groggy to understand whats really going on.

Then I feel hands on me again. This time they are lifting me out of bed. They move across the room & bend me over a bar or something. My hands are bound again but this time straight out in front of me. My legs are spread & ties also. One man stands naked in front of me holding his dick to my face. "Suck me babe". As soon as I start to open my mouth, I feel someone moving between my legs from behind.

Ben puts his dick in my mouth & suddenly, I feel a dick entering my ass. I guess by this time I am so slick & wet & relaxed that feeling a dick plug my ass doesn't bring much pain. Buck is the one behind me fucking me in the ass. He is holding onto my hips bringing my ass to his hips as he plunges my ass over & over.

As soon as I feel myself starting to cum, Buck is moaning & so is Ben. Ben cums in my mouth & I cum as I swallow Ben's cum. Buck is humping me so hard that I have to stop with Ben. My hands are released & I find my clit & masturbate as Buck fills my ass with his cum.

I am so exhausted that by the time Buck releases me, I crumple to the floor. Moments later I am on the bed again. The lights go out.....finally it is dark & I fall asleep. Seems I hear voices somewhere in the darkness & then nothing. All is silent.

The next morning I wake to the sun shining in the window. Ben is beside me but still sleeping. I ease out of bed & go to the shower. It was obvious that Ben & I had sex last night, but for the life of me I can not remember it! Damn, I really must have gotten drunk last night. I didn't intend for this to happen on the first night we met.

When I walked into the kitchen, Ben was making coffee & turned as I walked in. "Good morning sweetheart" he said. I said a good morning back to him as he handed me a cup. I told him I needed to get dressed & go soon. He said I should stay the week end, that last night was the est night of his life! Then he took my hand & we walked to the den where he picked up a remote & clicked a button &

to my horror, I was on the tv having sex with Ben & two black men!!!

"Oh my God"!!!! I whispered. Ben laughed & said "Babe, you are the best"!!!

"Give me that fucking tape"! I raged. He shrugged & walked over & handed me the tape. He said "Now all four of us have a copy". "FOUR"!!! "You mean you made copies"????

"Of course, did you really think the boys wouldn't want a copy"? "I'm going to the cops" I told him. "Go ahead, there was three of us to agree that you were in this for the fun.....our word against yours". My heart sank & I felt so used.

"You see sweetheart, you're a slut & this proves it. You wanted a gang bang & you got it. No one can look at this tape & believe that you didn't enjoy it. You moaned & had to many orgasms to count so call your cops & see if they don't laugh at you! I think once you see this babe, you might be calling me again & soon"!!

He tossed a copy in my bag on the way out. I walked out & vowed to never speak to him again. On my trip home, I tried to remember what had happened to me & could not. When I got home I watched the tape & saw just what I did do. To my surprise, I wasn't horrified, I was fucking horny & masturbated several times watching this tape. I hate Ben, but he might be right.....I just might have to call him again & plan another night with him & his friends!!


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