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I was so nervous, this was my first model session for Vera. "Relax" she said. "Ease the mind, I've seen plenty of naked men before, all shapes and sizes".

"I'm a bit shy" I replied.

"Come on, you made the audition, and I hope you told me your size was what it really is, so you have nothing to hide. I've seen plenty of them before, and I know for one thing, your hanger will be fine. Besides, I like looking, please take it off." She said.

I slowly paused, and noticed her. She was turning me on. I noticed her tight black pants, and green cardigan with nothing underneath it. Her breasts were swollen. A women of 47. Her ass was soft and round, most would argue she was a BBW. I knew I had to show it all, after all, she was paying me and I enjoyed art. Vera was a professional sketch artist, so I shouldn't have been so shy. I turned my back to her, and began undressing. She waited patiently, flicking her thick brown hair. She said "Come on, let's see it, I can't wait any longer" as I turned to face her. "'s my precious creature.....come to mama" she said with arms wide open walking towards me to give me a hug.

I hugged her and she wanted to comfort me. My bare dick rubbed against her legs. I was semi-erect already. She bent down and held my cock, and spoke to it, "See, nothing to be ashamed of. You're just the way I like it. Now, be a good boy for naughty Vera." She caressed it, and let me view her cleavage while she bent down. A huge lining was visible between her tits, like mountains. I stood there, put my arms around her head and brought her closer to me and hugged her so her head would rest against my stomach, and my dick flopped against her cleavage.

She said, "Let's get started, or we won't get any "real work" done". I began to pose in her desired position, leaning against a statue, mainly standing. I watched her cleavage as she started painting. Dark tanned titties she had. Soft and lush. Her nipples were large, you could see them poke through her green woolen cardigan. "One thing I love is, working with young peckers like you" she said to me.

I replied, "Don't make me jealous by telling me about the guys you've worked with".

"Oh don't be silly, it's only a job.... yeah right" she joked. "Every pecker is different, long, short, dark, soft, hard, you name it, I've seen a lot. Yours is, well huge shall we say" she said so passionately.

"You're just saying that because I'm nervous. I bet you say that to all the young guys that walk in here." I said.

"No way, I mean it. You measure up 9 inches, and that my friend, is a real treat for a women my age" she replied. "Women my age find it hard to be fully satisfied, most guys your at you age of 22, don't go for older curvy women". By this point, the top buttons of her cardigan were open, allowing her cleavage to grow.

"I must admit" I said. "Your tits look great from here, I mean your whole body too."

"I guess that's why you're so hard". She replied. "How did you guess? I mean, otherwise it might be that round ass of yours" I replied. She laughed and turned around gave me a wiggle with it. I was feeling comfortable with her, my member was shining as she sketched. She had to sketch all of me, so I don't know how long it was gonna take.

She talked more on cocks and her experience, as 3 quarters of an hour passed.

By then I was still hard, and she was nearly finished. Her tits were nearly falling out of her cardigan. She paused and looked at me. I asked her to show it to me. She said "Come over here", as she sat on the stool, with one hand caressing her breasts. I walked over and without looking at the painting, gave her a sweet kiss. I put my right arm around her as I looked at the painting. The sketch was of my cock, not me. She grinned and began kissing my neck. I looked at her and said "Naughty Vera alright!". I kissed her back and while she was kissing my neck, and reached down and began feeling her tits. They were soft as they looked, and her nipples were huge.

She was quick to here knees to stroke my pecker. Her warm thick hands gently brought my cock to her mouth. As she moaned, she let go of my pecker, and let it dangle in her face. She took her cardigan off, and released her huge tits. While my cock was bouncing against her face, she managed to get her mouth over it and began sucking, first softly and then quickly. She pulled it out from time to time and rubbed it. I adored the way her thick hair also flickered in her way so much she had to brush it back, and it would soon dangle against my legs. I was reaching the point where I would have to release myself. She could feel that I was ready to explode. She stroked my cock and masturbated as I cummed all over her face and tits. It was like a loose hose, until it slowly was turned off.

She gave me the biggest smile, and looked me deep in the eyes, and grinned. I rubbed her hair around in circles, and took her into her bedroom. I wanted her tits badly. She had her fun with my cock, so I was gonna have my share with her tits. I sat her on the bed, where I kneeled in front of her and began sucking her nipples. Her breasts were like loose cannons, soft, and thick, dark and heavy. Nipples, the size of eggs cooking in a frying pan. Yet she was so proportioned. I pushed her to lay on the bed, where I spread her legs. Her legs were thick, and her pussy wet. She showed signs of aging, but like good wine, she was delicious. There, I jumped on her, inserting my cock into her, and began pumping. As the bed bounced, her tits bounced like beach balls. I casually licked them as we fucked, she would press her hand behind my head, and make sure I had a good feed. She looked up at the ceiling, fully experienced in love making, that she knew she'd got what she was after. I fucked and fucked.

As I slowly rolled off her, I held one tit in my mouth. She moaned and said, "You're good, probably the best client I've had".

I joked back, "Yeah sure, that's what you say to all the young guys". She replied, "Yeah, you're right. How did you guess?"


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