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The morning went quickly for Paul. He had changed jobs again, though working in an office had not been his desired job. But financial priorities had ended dictating the direction of his career. But now he had the afternoon to himself. It was pleasantly warm for an autumnal day so he decided to take a visit to the local churchyard before going home. It was only a ten minute walk, but well worth it for the peace and quiet that it offered amidst the busy working life of Canterbury.

Leaving his workplace he quickly made his way through the alleys and quiet back streets, until he finally reached the churchyard. Few ventured into the churchyard during day time, so he was pretty much guaranteed peace and quiet. Taking up position on the bench that overlooked the fields beyond he sat back and began to breath deeply. Focusing his concentration upon a bright light above him he imagined that it gradually descended down through his aura and into his body, soaking away all mental and physical aches and pains. After five or so minutes of meditation he gradually brought himself back into conscious awareness of his surroundings. Spiritually and mentally he felt partly revitalised, but his back still ached from the time spent in an office chair looking at a computer screen.

"Oh for a better life." He said to himself, wishing that his desire of authorship had taken off. At least then he wouldn't have to work in a boring office. Everything would be better he thought to himself.

"No, it wouldn't." A new thought entered his consciousness, one that seemed higher and more objective about his circumstances. These dreams, will they never leave me? He wondered.

The creaking of the gate at the far corner of the churchyard brought him back to his environment, another reminder that he wasn't quite as developed as he often thought he was.

He watched as an attractive long haired brunette pushed open the gate, passed through the opening and closed it behind her. She was of medium height and had remarkably beautiful eyes. Her clothes seemed practical: a pair of black boots, a long velvet skirt, a blouse, jumper and long coat.

She didn't look over at him, but merely followed the path along the far side of the church so that within a few moments she was out of view. Breathing in deeply he calmed his mind and sat trying to remain aware of himself and his surroundings. His thoughts focused on the attractive lady, wondering where she'd come from and where she was going, she was obviously interesting to be venturing alone into a churchyard.

His mind wandered again this time fantasising about the possibility of a wild romantic encounter. Was she single? Probably not, she was too attractive to be single. But she was alone. Maybe her partner was a little way behind, or waiting for her inside the church? Without another thought he got up off the bench and made his way to the front of the church. He was alert hoping that she might still be around, but if she was he didn't see her. "She's gone." He quietly muttered to himself as he reached the entrance to the church and pushed open the old front door.

It was quiet, cold and dark inside the church. He stood quietly for a few moments, before proceeding inwards, through the nave and up to the high altar. The Christian iconography still intrigued him, the statue of a crucified Christ indicating a mystery that lay deeper than the accepted Christian teaching allowed. There was more to the religion of Christ he was sure, but the modern clergy - of whatever denomination - didn't seem to hold the keys, they were to be found elsewhere, in hidden and secret teachings.

A desire to bring forth some energy came upon him - as it usually did in such places. Pausing for a moment he used his breath to further calm his mind before taking in a final deep breath and commencing a sacred chant that he'd been taught years ago whilst a member of a secret society. It was a short chant, but he merely repeated the phrase raising and lowering the tone in a slow manner. It was a sad chant, invoking a pre-Christian pagan goddess that had been hunted by an ancient British King. She had escaped but since that day had been seen with an arrow through her breast. Singing the chant was akin to calling her.

Quietly she crept into the church, intrigued by the mysterious cantor. The song was unlike those you'd expect to hear in a Christian Church. Their hymns were far less poetic and left little spiritual feeling within the cantors. That was one of the contributing factors explaining why most people didn't attend church any longer. She took a seat at the rear of the church watching and listening in silence to the man who stood facing the high altar singing his heart away. It was a beautiful if slightly unearthly song.

Coming to the last phrase of seven, he closed his eyes and meditated again.

Meditation was something he did often when he was trying to find some inner peace. Nothing else seemed to provide it, it was to him one of the few things that no one could ever take away.

Turning away from the altar he began to walk back along the nave to the entrance. And there she was sitting at the rear on the left hand side. He smiled and she smiled back.

"That was very nice." She said.

"I'm not in very good voice," he said still smiling.

"What was it?"

"Chant to a goddess." He replied not wishing to tell her exactly where he'd been taught it.

"Where are you from?" He asked, walking up to her.

"I'm from the Midlands." She replied.

"Ah, whereabouts? I used to live in Shropshire."


"Yes, Church Stretton."

"I live in Shrewsbury."

"Ah yeah, I went there quite a lot, it's a very nice town." "Church Stretton's really nice as well. The Long Mynd is lovely." She replied, warming to him "Yeah, it is isn't it. Do you go there very much?"

"Only occasionally, it's full of tourists most of the time."

"Yeah, it was when I was living there."

They talked for a while, he asking about her visit to Canterbury, she about the chant and his obvious interest in spiritual maters.

"So you're single then?" She asked him.

"Yeah," he said, he seemed a little embarrassed by his circumstance.

"Me too," she said, "I'm always looking for Mr Right."

"If he exists!" He said, "well, he or she I mean."

"I don't suppose you could do me a favour?" She asked, all of a sudden changing the subject.

"If it's in my power, of course." He replied obligingly. "Well I seem to have got myself in a pickle. I need to get to a friends house, but I've lost my purse, I don't suppose, if it is no bother you might be able to give me a lift or lend me some money. I promise I'll repay you, but I really need to get to there before 2pm otherwise she's going to be going out and I won't have anywhere to stay for the night."

"Well, I could do either actually. What would you prefer? I mean, if you're unsure of travelling with a stranger then I can lend you the money. Where do you need to get to?"

"Do you know a village called Wye?"

"Yes I do actually, it's over by Godmersham, it's a very nice village. Whereabouts does your friend live then?"

"Well she actually lives in a mansion house this side of it, it's got two dragons on the gate posts."

"Yeah I know the place. I've been past it when I take the back road to Wye. Look, it's only one thirty why don't I give you a lift. I can easily get you there by 2pm. There's no way you'd get there by train in time and a taxi is unlikely." "If it's no bother?"

"No, no problem at all, my cars only around the corner in the car park. Would you like to go now?"

Within five minutes they were in Paul's car and on their way to the Wye Mansion. Luckily the main roads were relatively clear and as Paul knew the back roads they were able to make relatively good time. But despite this the distance was still too far for them to get there by the time she wanted. They turned into the Mansion drive at five past two.

"I'm sorry you're late for your friend. What will you do now?" Paul asked once they'd reached the Mansion house.

"Oh it doesn't matter, I have a key." She replied.

"But I thought you said you couldn't get in?"

"Yes sorry about that." She said without any apparent sense of guilt. "Would you like to come in for a drink?"

"Yeah, that'd be nice." He said disturbed at being taken for a fool.

"Big house." Paul said taking a sip from his cup of tea

"Yes, I used to visit here when I was young. My mum used to visit here, Susie's mum and my mum were very close friends.

"I still don't know your name?" Paul said.


"And I'm."

"And you're Paul." Lucy said cutting him off, "I know. You are here for a special reason."

Her words drifted off, slowing down and gradually distorting, the room blackened and he slumped back against the cushions on the settee.


It was dark when he awoke and it took him some time to get accustomed to his surroundings. The floor was comfortable but his movements were restricted in some way. Paralysis he thought, his subconscious mind immediately jumping to a worst-case scenario. Taking a deep breath he attempted to sit up as best he could. He was naked and his arms and legs were splayed outwards so that he was lying in an x position. The room was empty, but he was lying on a thick and comfortable mattress. He looked down at his penis and saw that some sort of leather strapping had been attached to its base and around his scrotum. Although he was limp now he wondered if this would restrict him were he to became erect. What the hell had happened? He remembered giving a lift to the pretty girl. What was her name? Lucy. Her friend had gone somewhere and they'd sat and had a cup of tea. Had the tea been spiked?

For a moment he thought he could hear singing. Low almost inaudible, it was a strange song, slow and almost melancholic. The sound gradually subsided, replaced by footsteps and female laughter. He swallowed, his heart rate increased and he felt the sensation of fear rise. What the hell had happened? Who had done this to him and why? The footsteps got louder someone was definitely approaching. A key was inserted into a lock, turned and then, from somewhere behind him a door was opened.

"He's awake." A female voice said.

"Good," Replied another voice that sounded familiar. Was it Lucy? He wondered.

He strained to turn around but his bindings served to restrict his movement.

"I see you fitted him with a harness, good idea." The first voice said. "Yes, I thought it would give us a little more control over him." It was definitely Lucy.

Painstakingly he heard them move slowly forwards. He was concerned about his predicament but also incredibly turned on by his situation. He felt his cock twitch and gradually come to life. The harness proved a little more restricting than he wished, but it wasn't so restricting as to prevent him becoming fully erect. "Look, he's getting an erection." The first woman said. "A bit premature since he doesn't know what he's in for."

The other one laughed, he felt self-conscious and embarrassed.

Two figures moved into view, one on either side of him. They both wore featureless robes, one black the other white. The face on his left was covered in a featureless white mask save for two sockets that served as eyes and the eyes beyond the sockets were pure black matching the blackness of her robe. The mask on the right in contradistinction was of a shiny black appearance and the eyes beyond were pure white again matching the white robe that she wore.

"Who are you? What is going on? Is that you Lucy? What are you doing?"

"Silence," the unfamiliar voice said. "you have been led here by your higher god. Relax, be at peace and you will find peace." Her words soothed him and he relaxed a little.

"Breath in," Lucy said, "relax and we shall take you to realms that previously you only dreamt of."

The woman to his right leant forward and with her right hand ran her long fingernails across his chest. Likewise, Lucy, on his left did the same. He hadn't noticed overly long fingernails when they first met, so it was likely that they were false. Lucy's claws ran downwards from his chest to his groin where they scrapped along the length of his penis.

The woman to his right produced two chains that she handed to Lucy who in turn attached them to the harness that was secured around the base of his shaft and his balls. His erection had remained since they'd first noticed it.

"We shall be taking you to see the Mistress. She will instruct you on the path that you must take to achieve enlightenment." Lucy said as she attached a new set of chains to his ankles whilst the other woman unbound his bed chains. They repeated the same procedure for his wrists, though ensuring to cuff them behind his back, before helping him to sit up and with their unspoken assistance he was made to stand. He felt a tug on the chains that were attached to his penis harness and shuffled along behind them in a state of overpowered submission.

The procession headed for the doorway and the flooring changed from cold floorboards to a thick warm carpet. He was led along a landing, passing a window that revealed large gardens under the cover of darkness, then up a flight of steps and onto another landing until finally he was made to stop at a doorway. "Wait here." He was told then left alone. Time seemed to stand still. Now and again he thought he could hear movement in the room closest to him, but no one came back and he wondered whether he should try and get the hell out, or wait and see what would happen next. Crazy thoughts passed through his mind, but deep down he sensed that this was right. It felt like some sort of initiation ceremony. Robed, masked and clawed Temple members, or guardians perhaps, a naked and bound neophyte, the sound of chanting. It all seemed to fit together. But he could be mistaken.

He shivered a little, getting cold from the lack of movement and his nakedness. Then, suddenly he heard footsteps approaching from behind. Moving in front of him the right hand lady spoke as they both took a leash. "Now, we will enter." They were both still masked and robed. Looking down at his state of arousal Lucy's free hand reached down, took him in her hand and began to massage him back to life then, when he was suitably aroused she let go of his cock turned around and knocked sharply on the door in front of her.

"Who seeks entrance?" A female voice enquired "I come bearing a gift of masculinity for the temple." "How does he come?"

"In submission before the might of the Servants of the Goddess."

"Why does he come?"

"So that his sleep may be brought to an end."

"Who brings him to me?"

"The Sisters of Watchers."

"Then enter in humility and peace."

The conversation had informed him of a great many things, though he still had many questions. How had they found him? Unless his inner work had sent reverberations to the right people?

The door opened and he was led inwards. A beautiful feminine aroma greeted him as he entered. The room was warm and packed full of Temple members. There didn't seem to be any males present, which increased his fear, embarrassment and state of arousal. He remembered when he had once had to briefly walk through a large gathering of women and they had all given him a look that purveyed sexual challenge, he had felt nervous then, but that was nothing in comparison to this.

He was led into a large circle within a circle. In front of him his two Guardians stood, white robed on the right and black robed on the left. Three black marble steps led up to a throne behind which a large septagon slowly revolved in a clockwise motion. As it rotated it made a strange low humming noise, which he noticed was gradually causing an effect upon his unconscious as he could already feel his astral body coming into awareness. Seated upon the throne sat a very beautiful brunette, she wore little or no make up and had an enormous sense of presence about her. She was dressed in the style of a classical dominatrix; thigh high boots, stockings attached to suspenders themselves attached to the lower part of an open breasted PVC basque that ran up in between her exposed breasts and formed a collar around her neck. She wore bright red lipstick and her dark hair was combed back in a classical Spanish style. On either side of her a naked hand maiden was positioned. Both had been completely shaven from top to bottom making them appear remarkably unusual, an appearance that was accentuated by the fact that both their bodies were painted causing the illusion of contours where none would naturally exist. The art had obviously been drawn in such a fashion as to arouse the sexual desire of any heterosexual male that might set eyes upon them.

"You who have been brought here," it was the dominatrix upon the throne that spoke, "do not know our ways, yet you have been seeking us for a long time. We are the Sisterhood of the Watchers. We exist to awaken the sleeping, to lead men from the darkness of the shadows to the illumination of the awakened state. What is it that you seek?"

"I seek freedom from suffering." He answered as honestly as he could.

"Do you seek to serve womanhood?"

"I seek to serve all beings." A sharp tug on his chains indicated that he'd answered incorrectly.

"Do you seek to serve womanhood?"

"I do," he said.

"How will you serve?"

"In all the ways that I can." Another sharp tug.

"How will you serve?"

"I will serve in mind, body and spirit." No tug.

"Are you prepared to undergo the tests?"

"I am, but I am not aware of what these tests will be." He felt the chains become taught, but it was obvious that the questioner did not feel that he had been out of order.

"The tests will be revealed to you one at a time. You have already passed the first series, but now there are more for you and they will get harder. We seek to develop strength in mind, body and spirit and it is only by passing through a series of tests or ordeals that this is possible." With that the questioner fell silent.

Another tug on his chains indicated that he was to be led away without further comment. As he made his way out through a door on the opposite side of the room the robed celebrants moved in and surrounded him, hands reached out and touched his naked body, sharp nails raked along his back, a hand briefly stroked his thigh, another reached for his manhood and pulled his foreskin back exposing his glans. A tongue flicked into right his ear whilst a strange exotic voice whispered erotic ideas into his left. A pull on the two chains sharply led him away from the crowd of sirens. A door was opened and he was led through into a small confined windowless passageway. "Wait here." He was told and left alone once more as his two guardians passed through the door ahead of him.

"What the hell is happening?" He muttered to himself. Behind him he heard a key turn in the door, locking him out of the Temple.


By the time the two guardians returned to lead him into the next room he was again shaking from the cold.

"Where are we going now?" He asked, his voice shaking, an indication of cold and nervous excitement.

"You are to undergo a ritual bath after that you shall rest until called for." The unknown guardian said. He tried to place the voice and wondered if she was a local girl. Picking up his leads Lucy unlocked the door ahead of him and then led him inwards.

An aroma of incense greeted him. The room was large with a massive circular bath positioned in the centre of the room. The four walls were mirrored and at each corner a woman was dressed in the habits and robes of a nun, save that they were all white as opposed to the traditional black of the Christian orders. Standing within the bath were three naked women - all with different coloured hair: brunette, blonde, redhead. As he looked about him, his attendant guardians uncuffed him and released him from his penis harness. The hands on his genitals combined with the site of the three naked women caused him to become erect once more. He could feel his desire for some form of sexual release growing more intense as time went on.

"Come," the blonde, said her voice soft and sultry. In the mirrors he watched his two guardians leave him, closing and locking the door behind them as they went. He walked forward towards the blonde who massaged her breasts with soapy suds. The nuns in the corner remained motionless, their eyes staring madly, though they appeared to be focusing not on their surroundings but on something within their own minds. It was obvious that they were in some form of meditative trance and that this led to a very heightened state of self-awareness.

He was familiar with esoteric teachings that portrayed this idea of self-awareness, it was known under different names; awakening, self-awareness, self-remembering, mindfulness, watching, self-consciousness. They all meant the same, a heightened state of awareness of the part of the being that watched all internal and external phenomena. And here he was standing naked in a bathroom with four apparently awakened nuns. As he realised the enlightened state of the nuns he felt a warmness suddenly rise within himself. It started at his genitals and then proceeded to simultaneously to descend down his legs, into his feet and rise up through his chest and into his shoulders, then down his arms and into his hands and fingertips whilst simultaneously ascending into his head. His astral body became incredibly strong and present. Looking about him he could also see the astral bodies of the three water nymphs, each one a beautiful and lovely soft pink, indicating he thought the depths of their spiritual love. It was almost as though time itself was coming to a halt. He reached the edge of the bath and then began to descend the steps. The water was warm and his feet and legs tingled as he gradually submerged himself. When his genitals touched the water his loins and body shuddered as though he were undergoing a mini psychic orgasm.

As he took the final steps into the centre of the bath the three water nymphs moved toward him and encircled him. In unison their hands touched his body and he let himself slide back into the water that proved to be incredibly buoyant. "Close your eyes and your journey to the world you have been seeking all your life, shall truly commence." Her voice was soft and he looked into her green eyes and felt nothing but love, empathy and compassion for him. "At last," he said to no one in particular, "I have found peace."


In his dream he was swimming beneath the waves with three beautiful mermaids. The water was clear warm and full of exotic and strange creatures. The further he descended the less chance he knew he'd have for returning to the world from whence he'd come. But the mermaids had seduced him and he was now himself changing. His legs began to merge into one, his genitals withdrew into his body and he felt his internal organs adapt to the obstacle of underwater existence. Suddenly the nearest mermaid swam up to him and kissed him on the lips. As she did so he felt a new sensation pass through his transforming body. His legs had now become one long scaly tail and his need to breath in oxygen was replaced with an ability to breathe underwater. Below him a sudden darkness began to appear, but still he descended, following the three mermaids until he could see neither them nor any other creature. Then, suddenly he was back in the body of a human. Panic struck as he gasped for air, his legs and arms thrusting out in a vain attempt to reach the distant surface. Suddenly the nearest mermaid swam toward him. He signalled to her for help, but she merely returned his gaze with a long and sinister smile. Suddenly with a rapid thrust of her tail she set upon him, razor sharp talons and shark-like teeth tearing into his flesh, drawing blood and causing fatal damage. Within moments he was falling uncontrollably into the deeper and ever growing darkness, blood spewing from gaping wounds, a signal for other bottomless creatures to feast upon another casualty of the watery depths.

He awoke with a start, sweat covered and disturbed by the dream sequence that he'd just undergone. He took a deep breath, held it and then breathed out long and hard. Clearly the dream had been archetypal, but what did it mean exactly? He wondered. Glancing about him he momentarily forgot the nightmare as he took in his surroundings. It was still dark, but thick heavy velvet curtains had been closed so it was likely that the darkness was merely an effect of the closed curtains rather than an indication of the real time of day. He was lying in a four-poster bed, but didn't recollect coming to this room, or getting himself into bed. He remembered getting into the bath with the three water nymphs. There had been others in the room, yes, four nuns all standing in a pose of self-awareness. He'd let himself lie back and the water had proved extremely buoyant, the nymphs had massaged him and then all was vague. Something about the nuns dancing around him, had they discarded their robes? They had made love to one another and he remembered wishing he could join in, but he was strapped to a wall, again helpless before the vision of desire, someone had kissed him, a tongue had lapped at his manhood. A hot cream stung as it was massaged into his body, his mind felt afire. His astral was so strong and he'd been lifted out of his body, ascending upwards towards the light until he had lost his sense of self and become one with it and then there was no more.

He relaxed back in his bed. The aches and pains of his body had for once actually gone. Breathing in he noticed that even the tightness in his chest had seemed to disappear. Lifting the covers a little he looked down at his member. Strange to think that the evening before he had been under the control of a group of very attractive women, who could have done anything they wanted with him. God what a turn on he thought to himself. "They must have known, because I had a hard on for most of it." He said grinning to himself.

His thoughts returned to the dream trying to find an explanation. Three mermaids take him into the depths, he transforms and then suddenly turns back into human form and is devoured by the monsters. Clearly it was archetypal, the great depths being the unconscious, the mermaids being guides on his journey. But then they had devoured him. But only after he had turned back into human form. Of course! It directly relates to my current journey. If I turn back to the ways of the uninitiated I will be devoured by my subconscious and its lies, symbolised by the shark-like mermaid, but if I accept the transformation then I will be able to continue onwards and finally achieve a level of spiritual transformation, which is akin to me being a creature and inhabitant of the world beyond the world.


Pulling back the covers he quickly got out of bed and went over to the window to see if it was indeed daylight, there were no clocks in the room so he had to rely on his intuition and what he could see of the sun. Pulling back the curtains daylight poured into the room. It was overcast and the cloud seemed to remain motionless as though hanging heavily above the house and grounds. His room had a view of the rear gardens and he stood there for a moment looking out over the lawns. Involuntarily he shivered and glanced back into the room his eyes intent on locating some clothes, less he end up with a chill which wouldn't bode too well.

Turning back he made his way over to the wardrobe which was situated by the door. It was empty except for a plain black robe, which he decided was easily better than nothing at all. So he pulled it on over his head and shoulders. At first it seemed to fit perfectly, but then he realised that it was crotchless. Looking behind him he saw that the behind had also been cut out, exposing the wearers loins and backside. The previous evening he'd found it a turn on, but even this was pushing it a bit too far and there was little chance of maintaining any dignity when the only clothing he could find was a crotchless black robe.

Accepting his predicament he wandered back over to the window and continued his survey of the grounds. The gardens themselves looked pretty spectacular with circular and square-shaped flowerbeds positioned in-between either small streams with stepping stones serving as pathways or sections of short cut grass. A large seven sided pond was positioned further away, with a huge phallus shaped conifer tree centred upon an island in its centre. Beyond that various statues carved in stone were positioned within a hedged maze and beyond that a wood where he spotted a few horse riders riding in an out of the trees. A knock at his door brought him back to his immediate environment.

"Come in." He said.

The door was pushed open and a young Spanish maid entered carrying a tray of food. "I have brought you breakfast," she said in an appropriate Spanish accent her attention focused on the breakfast tray.

"Thank you." He said aware immediately of the predicament of his exposure and pulling his robe around so that he was no longer exposed. She was another stunningly attractive woman, just like most of the women here he thought to himself. "Am I not allowed to eat in the dining room then?"

"No." She replied, her answer short and directly to the point. As she lent forward to put the tray down on the dressing table to the left of his bed, he noticed her dress rise up a little and could just see her stocking tops. He felt sleazy but slightly aroused.

Once the tray was safely placed she turned to look at him "You not supposed to be wearing that," she said indicating to his robe.

"But there is nothing else for me to wear," he protested, "I don't know where my clothes are and no one has provided me with anything suitable, I've." he cut himself off, not wishing to divulge his continual naked status to a mere maid. "You supposed to be naked until they ready to give you clothes." She said looking him directly in the eye, "you take it off now, before the Sisters catch you, they not like you wearing clothes until you are ready."

Her manner was far more authoritarian than he would have expected from a maid perhaps this was another test.

"Anyway, you like not having clothes on in front of women." The maid said seemingly more aware of his sexual desires than he would have expected, "you like having your willy exposed before woman. But you take it off now, or you get us both into trouble."

If this was a test what was the correct action to take he quickly thought to himself. If he took it off, he was submitting himself even to a supposedly lowly maid, if he didn't then he was proving his masculinity, the dominance of the male over the female and so far the scenario had been that the male had to submit before the female. The symbolism was clear the passivity of the masculine principle itself representing the ego to the passivity of the feminine representing the hidden spiritual self. "You take it off now," the maid repeated taking a step towards him. "I'm just thinking" He said looking at her and deducing that she would most likely win one way or another.

"You take it off before I get into trouble." She said still moving towards him. "Okay, okay," he said gambling on whether or not he was being tested, but even if he wasn't he knew that her words were true and he really did relish the idea of being naked before a clothed woman. He began to pull the robe over his head just as the maid reached him. She stopped and waited for him to disrobe. When he was naked she put out her hand for him to pass her the robe. As she waited, she took a long and deliberately slow look over his body, ensuring that he was aware of her gaze. Her eyes lingered for a long time on his manhood and he watched her lightly flick her tongue over her lips before she caught his gaze once more and smiled. His face went red and he could feel his heart again beat a little faster, his cock twitched and she looked back down at it as it slowly and involuntarily rose to attention. "You not had release yet." She said taking the final step towards him so that her body was touching him, "you be patient," she said her voice softer now as she reached down and took his manhood in her hand, "but no masturbation, you keep seed inside you." She said squeezing him tightly. She let him go and with his discarded robe in hand, left the room.

He heard a key turn and be withdrawn from the lock and then he was left in silence. He was still hard and without thought took himself in hand. He felt so aroused, but had found nothing but erotic teasing from a lot of extremely sensual and dominant women. His hand moved along his shaft, slowly at first then rapidly increasing in pace as he realised how much he needed release. Another sound at the door startled him, but despite the sound of a key being inserted and turned indicating an imminent intrusion he couldn't stop himself. The door opened and he looked over, still wanking himself as two young women quickly strode into the room. Their clothes startled him as they both wore green combat trousers; black well polished army boots, white sleeveless T-shirts and black berries. For all intents and purposes they could have been straight out of a Para-military organisation. His heart beat faster as they took swift confident strides across the room to him. The one that reached him first yanked his hand away from his cock.

"You're not supposed to be doing that." She said in an American accent. She was young, 18 most likely but possibly a little older.

"No masturbation." The second one said in what sounded like a light Jamaican accent giving his hand a slap.

"Oh god," he said, "please I'm almost bursting."

"No masturbation." The lightly bronzed Jamaican repeated as she gripped his other wrist. He saw a third female enter, clothed in similar attire, save that her berry was red instead of black. He presumed it meant that she was in a higher position of authority than the other two. In her hand was a long chain which as soon as she was within reach she proceeded to use to cuff his hands behind his back. "Oh not again, please." He said struggling. The two black berry's had obviously trained in some form of martial art as he found it impossible to struggle against them and so, was once again handcuffed and defenceless. "If you cannot contain your own desires then we shall contain them for you." The red-berry said in a well-spoken English accent. "There is much to be done yet, before you get carried away by your desires and think what those words mean." She said instructing him in a manner that many would not understand. He looked at her and could see that she, like her two compatriots wore no bra underneath her tea shirt. "We are not for you." She said aware of his gaze. "There will be time enough in the future when you may again enjoy the consort of many that you see before you, but for now you must go without." She nodded to the two women holding him and they pulled him back onto the bed. Either he hadn't noticed or they had been hidden, but two more cuffs were then attached to his wrists, the former cuffs having a locking chain mechanism that upon release enabled his arms to stretch outwards. As his wrists were bound to the bed, the officer in charge bound his ankles in turn. "Now, we will see how strong your self control really is." She said, looking from his now declining penis to his eyes. And with that he was once more left alone.


Silently he awaited the next test, but no one came and he was left bound and naked upon the four poster bed. Now and again he heard voices, laughter, a car or motor vehicle start up and drive off. The birds sang their final chorus of the day as daylight progressed through dusk into darkness and the light in his room was chased away by the onset of night. He remained undisturbed and eventually drifted into a deep and dreamless sleep.

"Paul, Paul," the voice spoke gently, urging him out of his sleep. "Paul." The third call brought him back to consciousness. Sitting beside him on the bed was the beautiful Mistress that had presided over his initiation. In contradistinction to her earlier more dominant and erotic form of clothing, she wore a long black baggy woollen dress that served to hide the contours of her body. "Who are you?" He asked, his mind still subconsciously questioning the validity of this whole experience. His bindings had been undone and he was lying underneath the covers though he was still naked.

"I am here to remind you of your past."

"My past?"

"Have you forgotten already? Surely you cannot have forgotten the path that you have followed?"

"No, I've tried to forget," he said feeling somewhat like an actor in a tragedy. "You mustn't forget, that is your path and it has led you to us. Few succeed in this journey, but within you lies the seed of greater awareness. It is up to you to utilise it." "I was looking for this my whole life, but I thought it was just a fantasy, another day-dream."

"There is much for you to do, though you do not realise this. That is why you are here. But you have a question for me."

A question? His mind went blank as he tried to think what it was that he wanted to know. If she really was a genuine Mistress and had passed through the Abyss then it was important to ask a meaningful question, rather than one that he could determine the answer for himself.

"It has been difficult to adjust to a life without the Left. There is something wrong and I cannot seem to transfer from the Old Path to the New. The Old has left such a deep impression upon me. But I could never fully walk it, still there was something in the way. What is it?"

"You know the answer to your question even when you ask. So why ask a question you already know the answer to? Why not ask what you really need to know?" He thought about her answer, aware of the truth in her words and the fact that despite his insight he'd still asked the wrong question. He did know what had prevented him both in the past and in the present. It was within him as it was within all who lived. That being that the knowing Christians had called Satan. Those of the Left who had known the truth also had a name for him though it varied from group to group. "How do I overcome it?"

"That is what we are here for. We are here to show you the way across the abyss and past the demon that has ruled you all your life. Here, I give you a gift. Hold out your hand."

He did as instructed and she passed him a pendant and chain. "This will mark the path for your future, do not forget your past." She said suddenly getting up from the bed. She made for the door, glancing back at him as he looked at the gift she had given him. In his hand he held a circular piece of gold metal inscribed upon which was a triangle and within that the Greek words 'En To Pan'. "All is One." He said out loud as the door closed behind the Mistress and she smiled at the two sisters waiting in the hallway.

"The first stage is nearing completion." She said.

"Will he be ready for the final stage?" The first one asked.

"He will, he knows enough already to undergo the change."

"He just needs the guidance." The second sister said.

"Guidance and discipline."

"Yes, he needs to know his place."

"That is what we are here for my sister," the Mistress said, "to show men their place in the scheme of the Creator."

"May Sophia guide our school."


He sat and thought for a while. He'd been led here by an attractive and strange brunette who he'd met in an empty church. He'd been tricked, stripped, bound, humiliated, aroused and initiated all without a question of whether he wanted to or not. He was it had seemed an unwillingly victim in a sorority's sex game. But that was merely a surface impression. Clearly they knew what made him tick, especially when it came to sex, but they also knew about the mysteries. The eyes of the nuns, the words of the Mistress, the symbolism of the ritual and now the pendant, symbolising among other things the endlessness of the Great Being, the achievement of crossing the abyss, internal and external wholeness and unity. All of this seemed to indicate that they knew a lot more than a lot of other occult groups and hadn't he looked for long enough to try and find a genuine group? And he'd found one, maybe two. But even one of them had proved to be based in fantasy and he'd travelled a long way down that road, lying to himself as he went, but happy and content to live in his fantasy world. But here, this was a different matter. Here there was certainly a potential for something far greater.

He lay back and closed his eyes again. The soft pillows cushioned his head and the bed felt so comfortable and warm. His right hand once again descended to his groin and he rested it upon his cock which hardened as he drifted off once more into a deep sleep.

The spiders were all over the room. Involuntarily his body shivered. He didn't like spiders, never had really. He could face them, objectively try and face up to his fears, but he'd had some extremely bad nightmares involving huge spiders. He remembered one time when he'd awoken with a start, leaping out of bed certain that a massive spider was resting just above his bed. He'd been convinced that it was the result of his dark workings, but still he'd continued. This was different though. The room was practically empty but many small spiders were rushing around the room, up the walls, along the floor, across the ceiling until eventually they'd started to clamber up his legs. At that point he woke up, the disturbing dream replaced by another disturbing image. Disturbing for the fact that it was real. About him stood a group red robed figures, they were all of consistent height and their cowls were pulled up over their heads. During his sleep he'd been uncovered and bound once more, defenceless again amidst the sorority.


"It is time for your submission." A female voice at the foot of the bed spoke. "You have been waiting for this," a soft female voice said as the figure leant forward and took his cock in hand.

He became aroused as the hand pulled his foreskin slowly down his shaft. "Look, he is becoming hard again." He recognised the voice, it was the Jamaican soldier from earlier.

"But how long will he last?" A voice that he didn't recognise asked. "We shall have to wait and see." The voice at the end of the bed said. That was a voice he did remember it was the English officer from earlier and she was evidently in command.

The hand on his penis had begun moving slowly back and forth, pulling his foreskin upwards and downwards, at one stroke exposing his glands, another covering them over again.

He gasped. The hand wanked him slowly, the eyes of the robed women intently watching the erotic manipulations of their sister.

"He likes that doesn't he." One of them giggled.

"Look he's going to cum." The Jamaican said.

"He didn't last long did he." It was the short female to his right that spoke. From the sound of her voice he estimated that she was another teenager. "Are they all like that?" She asked, directing the question to no one in particular. The woman beside her whispered a quiet answer, "Some last longer than others, but they have all been through a heightened state of sexual eroticism, so it is to be expected that they do not last long once they are touched by a female hand."

"I've never seen a man cum before," the young girl said giggling.

No one answered.

"Don't bring him off yet," instructed the leader, "he must experience the sight first." All about him a slow and beautiful chant was begun as the woman who was masturbating him slowed her hand rhythm down to an almost stop. Holding his retracted foreskin for a few moments before ever so slowly pulling it back up the long veined shaft and then holding it there for a few moments before repeating the whole cycle.

Directly above him a white mist began to form, initially remaining formless until it gradually moulded itself into a strange unearthly feminine being. A long Aryan face, long pointed elfin ears, intense staring eyes. She was naked and her breasts hung down almost touching his chest. A tongue flicked seductively over full lips. The hand on his cock continued its incredibly slow pace of stimulation. As best he could he thrust upwards subconsciously desiring union with this strange succubus.

The chant continued, the female cantors obviously intent upon increasing the level of energy in the room. Beyond the succubus an open doorway appeared, beyond which golden steps led to a marble plateau upon which a golden throne was positioned, it's back towards him so that he was unable to see whether it seated an occupant. Suddenly he was out of his body and ascending the steps, a voice counted the number as he progressed upwards. One, two, three. The succubus ascended a few steps ahead of him, every now and again looking back at him, indicating for him to follow her to the top. Twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two. In the distance, somewhere behind him he heard a slow and beautiful chant being sung by a female choir. He looked back and saw a figure masturbating his naked and bound body, about him a group of red robed figures stood motionless. Thirty-eight, thirty-nine, forty. He'd reached the plateau. The succubus had vanished. He moved towards the chair which slowly turned to greet him. The seated figure startled him. Naked, winged, muscular, masculine, a long face with dark eyes that looked deep into his soul and made him shake involuntarily. "I left you behind." Paul said questioning the validity of the vision before him. "I am always with you and you know that as truth." The figure replied grinning, sharp and dangerous teeth apparent.

"Oh God, where are you?" Paul asked looking up into the sky beyond the figure.

"I am here." The figure replied.

"You are Satan and I no longer serve you."

"If that is so, then why did you find me here?" Satan asked suddenly standing, his long reptilian wings nearly touching the marble floor. "I don't know. I never really sought you. I was looking for something else."

"You were looking for lies."

"This is wrong," Paul said backing away from him. "This is wrong, something is wrong."

"You are wrong," Satan suddenly snarled at him, a cloud of blackness spreading out into the atmosphere directly around him, "fool, you sought me and found what?"


"You found your own nothingness," Satan interrupted, "and still you hide behind bullshit," blatant contempt in his voice.

In his heart Paul felt the truth. "I am nothing." He said. He'd known this before, sensed it within himself. The falsity of it all. How everything and everyone was hiding behind what they were not. "I am nothing." He repeated as he fell to knees. "God, I am nothing. I am nothing."

"You are nothing." Satan repeated staring with intensity at the naked form of the initiate before him. "Even this form is not you. Can you not even see beyond form yet? Fool! You who are nothing! Fool! You who are blind to the true Mysteries! Fool! You who hide behind what you are not. Fool! You are nothing!" Each sentence cut him like a whip thrashed across his back. Finally Paul raised his gaze to look firstly at Satan, "You are a teacher, but you are nothing also." Then casting his gaze skywards he asked the question that he had always sought an answer to. "What am I?" White clouds passed across the canvas of the blue sky, pushed by a high and distant wind, but no answer came.

The vision faded, replaced by the red-robed Servants of the Goddess. He was limp now, semen spilled upon his stomach and over the hand of the masturbator who had carefully wiped it off into a glass jar.

"I am nothing." He said his gaze unfocused. The sisters stood for a moment or two, quiet and unmoving until the lead sister indicated for them to leave. In silence the masturbator undid his bindings as the others left, then she too followed them out of the room closing the door behind her, leaving only the well spoken English sister alone in the room with Paul.

"You have found the question." She said as she moved toward him, "We are here to provide the answer that has eluded you all this time." As she walked toward him she pulled down a zip at the front of her robe, enabling it to fall from her shoulders onto the carpet. Stepping out of it she was naked, her breasts firm, nipples erect. "Now," she said climbing onto the bed, "I have the honour to be your first. Let us find the truth together."

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