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I owe it all to Caligula...

I'd had my eye on Allison for a couple of weeks: She was the new waitress at my favorite Mandarin food joint. She was tall, thin and gorgeous, with beautful skin and long silky black hair. I chatted with her during lunches trying to find her angle. Finally, the angle found me.

The local arthouse was running Caligula so I figured "what the heck--blow jobs, great lesbian seen, sicko violence--sounds like fun! Waiting for the movie to start I looked around, and there was Allison sitting practically right behind me! I get her attention, and we agree to sit together during the film. I tried to watch her out of the corner of my eye--she was fascinated by the sick shit that was passing across the screen.

After the movie, we went across the street to McD's, and talked 'til closing. I walked her home. When we reached her apartment, we began making out--with deep french kissing and saliva swapping. She could feel my hard cock thumping against her thigh! Then she cut me off: "Good night--can we meet tomorrow for a game of chess?" We'd talked earlier about getting together for a game. We agreed to meet at my house after work.

By the time I got home the next day, I was already a little worked up thinking about the night before. I set up the chess board and waited. She arrived fashionably late, and looking killer in a tank top and mini skirt. Great outfit for a strategy game! I was severely distracted.

I didn't even get to make the first move on the board, when she reached across and starting tongue-kissing me: An aggressive girl--just the type I like! Within a minute, her hand was down my pants, and her fingers had encircled my erect cock.

She unbuttoned my jeans, pulled down the zip, and pulled my purple crowned meat from my briefs. "I want to try what I saw in Caligula last night, ok?" "Fine by me!" She engulfed my cock in her mouth, and begun to suck it deep into her throat. She tickled my balls, fingered my ass, and popped her mouth on the rim of my cock. She pumped it real hard and fast for a couple of minutes. The image that struck me was that my cock was a straw, and my cum the milk shake, and she was trying to drain the cup.

In the meantime I whipped her tank top off. To my surprise, she was as flat as a board. Her nipples were erect, and they were very sexy. I began to suck on her nipples, while alternately licking her small brown aureolae. I reach under her skirt, trying to insert my finger into her wet pussy, but she stopped me.

She sucked even faster--if that were possible. And began to squeeze my balls. Like the bastard I am, I didn't warn her! I felt steaming torrents of sperm gushing through my urethra, into her hot mouth. She didn't flinch, slurping up the cum, and continuing to suck so she wouldn't miss any. Frothy sperm was dripping from her chin, and she was smiling at me!

"Do you want to fuck my ass?" "Hell, yes--but give me a minute." She worked my cock with both hands until it got hard again (didn't take long--I was sooo horny!). She turned around, lifted her skirt, and pulled her silky black thong aside. She grabbed my cock, and slid down on it. I entered her with no difficulty. She rode my rod quickly and skillfully, bringing me to orgasm in minutes: I shot another load deep into her ass.

"I want to lick your pussy." "No--you won't like it." "Come on, don't worry about it." "Okay...."

As I started to slide her black thong down, for the first time I noticed that she had a thick belt on under the elastic at the top of the thong. "What the hell is this?" I wondered. I looked at her, and saw a look of fear in her eyes. I removed the belt--and her 7" erect cock sprung free!

"What the fuck!" I was shocked and pissed. I looked at her like she was sick. She looked back at me sadly--knew how I felt--and remained quiet and expectant. I didn't say a word for two minutes. I went through this whole series of emotions, while she waited. The last emotion that impinged on my consciousness was not revulsion, but rather desire! I was horny! Then I noticed her cock was still in my hand--though less erect by then. I looked Allison square in the eye and smiled. A huge wave of relief rolled across her face and shoulders.

And then I went down on her. She had shaved her pubis, and oiled the whole region. She smelled really sexy. Her cock was warm and tasty. I had always considered myself heterosexual. But all I wanted was for Allison to cum in my mouth--and maybe fuck me in the ass!

I ringed her cock with thumb and forefinger, and began to stroke. All the while sucking and humming [I'd had a hum job once, and loved it--I didn't know what the fuck I was doing]. Allison began to pump her hips into my mouth. She pinched her own nipples. And slid her index finger in and out of her well-worked ass. Her cock began to pulse, with rapid staccato beats. Then her sperm jetted into my mouth. It was creamy, thick, and delicious. I licked up every drop. Allison kissed me, and I swapped some cum with her. Then she licked the excess from my chin. We fell asleep in each other's arms.

We met often thereafter...and things got kinkier the longer we stayed together. But that's another story.

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