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The Office Party

I was staring at my computer screen and counting the seconds until quitting time when a female voice penetrated my thoughts.

"Knock, knock."

"What now?" I mumbled to myself. It had been a busy week, and I was perfectly content to spend the rest of my Friday afternoon staring at the monitor and daydreaming. The last thing I needed was for someone to come to me with some problem that had to be solved right away. I rolled my chair back and turned to see Aimee Sinclair standing at the entrance of my tiny cubicle.

"Hi!" I said, pleasantly surprised. Aimee worked in a group that had very little interaction with my own, so I was relatively sure that this was a social visit. "What brings you here?"

"I had to drop something off with Mike up the aisle, and when I walked by and saw you working so hard I thought I would drop in to visit." We both smiled. It was obvious that she had witnessed me sitting around doing nothing. "How have you been?" she asked with her slight northern accent.

We continued to exchange idle pleasantries and catch up with each other for the next few minutes. Even though we had been working for the same company for over a year, it was the first time we had spoken to each other in a couple of months. The corporate campus consisted of several large buildings, each housing a few thousand employees, and we had jobs that didn't bring us into contact. It was a shame, because I had known Aimee for just over seven years, and we had always enjoyed talking to each other.

We'd first met in high school at the beginning of my senior year. Aimee was a junior and her family had just moved to the area from Pennsylvania. She was a very cute girl who had instantly caught the eye of most of the boys. I met her when she started dating a friend of mine. The relationship didn't last long, but the two of us had continued to talk occasionally. The next fall, I went off to college, and a year after that she started at the same school. It wasn't much of a surprise since there aren't many options for aspiring engineers in the south. Thanks to lack of ambition and a little too much partying it had taken me five years to graduate. My GPA was far from spectacular, so when the company I'd interned with offered me a position I jumped at the chance, even though I knew the job would be stressful and mundane. Aimee, on the other hand, had been an excellent student and was one of the elite few to get out in four years. She had ended up in the executive training program with the same multimillion dollar international conglomerate that employed me and about 20,000 other Atlanta residents.

Our conversation continued pleasantly, and I actually was able to forget about my clockwatching for a few minutes. Aimee was about five and half feet tall with a great smile and trim figure, so she was pleasant on the eyes. Plus, she was very witty and just fun to talk to. She was even uncharacteristically polite for a northerner. She was talking about the unseasonably warm weather when I noticed the rock she was wearing. "Wait a second," I said. "What the hell is that?"

It took her a second to realize where I was pointing. She looked a little embarrassed. "Oh, it's nothing," she said. "I got engaged last month."

"It's nothing?" I said. "That sounds like something to me. Who's the unlucky guy?" I joked.

"No one you know," she responded. She looked a little nervous as she talked. "A guy named Gregory that I met a while back. A friend of a friend."

"And what kind of work does young Gregory do?" I asked in my best nosy neighbor voice.

"He's a lawyer," she answered, "And he's actually not very young. He's in his late twenties."

"Well, an older man and a lawyer. Congratulations," I said. "And you're on the fast path to being the company's next vice-president, and all of this at the ripe old age of 22. Mama Sinclair must be proud of you!"

"Thanks," she said. Once again I got the impression that she wasn't comfortable with the subject. "I guess she is."

There was an awkward silence. Despite my sincere wish of congratulations, I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed. I'd always been interested in Aimee in a romantic way. I had known several girls that were prettier than her, but I hadn't met many women with her combination of good looks, intelligence, and great personality. Still, I'd never acted on my impulses, and now it looked like the time had passed.

The gap in the conversation seemed to go on forever before Aimee ended it. "Well, I have to get back to work," she said. "I'll talk to you later."

"Don't forget to invite me to the wedding," I said teasingly.

She gave a half-hearted laugh. "Yeah, I won't." She turned to leave then paused. "Are you going to the company Christmas party tomorrow night?" she asked.

There was no way in hell that I planned on spending my free time at a work event, but I chose a more appropriate answer. "I haven't decided yet, how about you?"

"Yes," she said. "We're going." I assumed she was referring to her fiancé and herself. "Well, if you're there maybe I'll see you then." She turned and walked off. I took another moment to lament the fact that she was now 'off the market', and then I went back to staring at my monitor. Less than a minute had passed when I was interrupted once again.

"Knock, knock," called a female voice.

My first thought was that Aimee had returned for some reason, but my brain quickly processed that the soft spoken northern accent had been replaced by a gruffer, Bostonian intonation. This time it was Melody Brown blocking the entrance to my little prison cell. Melody was the human resources representative for our area, in charge of such important tasks as promoting company events and boosting worker morale. She had also interviewed me for my job. Of course, at that time she had been wearing an elaborate engagement ring and gold wedding band on her hand, and now she was two months removed from an extremely messy divorce. Still, whenever I saw her she flashed me that big fake smile that every HR person seems to possess.

"Hi Melody, what can I do for you?" I asked.

She flashed me that shit eating grin before she began. "Well, I was just up the aisle and I thought I overheard you say you might not make it to the Christmas party."

"You've got good ears," I responded with my best fake smile. "That's what I said."

"Why not?" she asked with a mock frown. "It's going to be a lot of fun. There will be food, dancing, and an open bar."

The open bar sounded inviting, but it still wasn't enough to get me excited. I searched my mind desperately for an excuse. "Well," I said, "I kind of forgot about it, and now I don't really have time to find a date."

"Well, that's kind of good news," Melody said. This time her smile seemed more authentic.

"How so?"

"Well," she said. "I wanted to know if you wanted to be my date?" I had first met Melody about four years earlier, after my sophomore year in college, and this is the first time she had ever seemed less than 100% positive of herself. That surprised me almost as much as her offer. Melody was about five foot ten and very attractive. She had short curly blonde hair, bright green eyes, long legs, and a very tight, athletic figure that she obviously put a lot of time into. What made the offer so shocking is that she had just turned 30 years old in November, making her 7 years my elder.

I was so taken aback that I didn't know what to say. It came as a shock to my brain when I heard myself own mouth say "That would be cool." My response was greeted with her 'authentic smile', and we talked for the next few minutes making arrangements. Mostly she talked, while I continued to marvel at her surprising offer and my more surprising acceptance.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow evening," Melody finally said. She gave me a wink then turned sharply on her heels and left me alone with my astonishment. No one came to my cube for the rest of the day, so I had plenty of time to replay the sequence of events that had led me to making a date to a company party with a recently divorced, thirty year old woman who happened to hold a job that I had absolutely no respect for.

Friday evening was spent with a group of friends, a deck of cards, a carton of smokes, and several large bottles of liquor. When I woke up the next morning on my friends couch with a throbbing headache and a sore throat and a stiff neck I thought things couldn't possibly get and worse, but then I remembered the company party. I sorted through the discarded cigarette boxes until I found one that had somehow survived the rowdy evening. For the most part, I had quit smoking after college, but for some reason I was having a major craving. I woke up the other guys who had crashed in various locations, and after a greasy Waffle House breakfast I went home to my rented townhouse. After a short nap and a shower, I started to feel a little better.

I still wasn't keen on the idea of attending an offsite company function, but I was intrigued by my date. I had finally gotten over the shock of Melody's proposal, and I was able to look at it in an analytical fashion. The age difference was definitely part of the surprise, but what had really gotten me was that the offer had come from out of the blue. I couldn't recall any instance in which Melody had shown an interest in me. We rarely spoke to each other outside of saying "Hello", and the conversations we had shared were mostly comprised of the kind of idle chit chat that goes on between coworkers more out of courtesy than interest. The only reason I knew about her divorce was from hearsay and gossip.

Curiosity was causing me to look forward to the party. Plus, even though I could only to be around Melody in small doses, there was no denying that she was very attractive. Her body was fit and lean, and she had a sophisticated yet sexy way of presenting herself. On more than one occasion I had favored her with a second look, and I had actually caught myself ogling her a few times in long meetings or presentations. The thought of walking into the room with her on my arm made me smile. I also new that it would cause the company rumor mill to work overtime. Not only would there be the normal gossip about an interoffice relationship-all the nosey people would also be spreading theories about a May-December romance. As I continued to think about it, I realized that the evening would not be that bad.

A few hours later I followed the directions Melody had given me to her house in the suburbs. It was a modest sized place that she had no doubt inherited in her divorce settlement. I felt like Regis Philbin in my dark suit and shiny tie, and I had actually bothered to run a comb through my longish brown hair for the first time in weeks. I didn't bother to take a razor to the two days worth of stubble on my face though. The dress code for the party had been purposely vague. Apparently some genius in HR had realized that not all people liked to dressy fancy, so they had told people to just dress as they see fit. Melody has chosen to go with a conservative business look instead of a ball dress. It's would I had anticipated from the consummate professional. She was wearing a pale pink suit that was comprised of a short skirt and matching three button top. She had a pair of stockings on her long, muscular legs, and white heels capped off the ensemble. She greeted me with a polite kiss on the cheek and I took her arm to escort her to my car. I felt a little awkward and worried that we would have nothing to talk about because of the age difference, but Melody proved capable of diffusing the situation by starting a polite conversation that continued through the entire drive back to the center of the city.

When we got to the hotel I handed my keys to the valet and escorted my date into the large ballroom. I was absolutely shocked by the number of people that were there. I had expected it to be a room full of HR people and brown nosers looking to score some points with the executives, but the turnout was actually rather large. The room was packed with people, most of whom I didn't know. The majority of the guys were wearing shirts and ties, but a few had went all out with their tuxedos, and a handful of slackers were sporting the business casual look, which I had contemplated myself. The women, on the other hand, were dressed in an array of outfits. Like Melody, some had chosen a professional look, but there were plenty of women in formal dresses, and large amount dressed in trendy outfits. Lot of them were showing there Christmas spirit with colorful red or green ensembles. I stood taking in the spectacle until I noticed the bar on the other side of the room. As Melody rushed off to talk to a friend I introduced myself with the bartender, tipped him ten dollars, and told him he would be seeing a lot of me. I took a couple of quick shots, then went wandering back through the crowd with a mixed drink and a glass of champagne for my date.

As I rejoined Melody, the DJ who had apparently been on break returned to the microphone and proclaimed that "Eighties Eddie was ready to take this party up a notch."

"Beautiful," I mumbled to myself. Nothing makes a bunch of half drunk middle aged people happier than singing along with Paula Abdul and MC Hammer. As if he were reading my mind, Eighties Eddie got things going with a little "Can't Touch This."

"I love this song," Melody said as she grabbed my arm. Somehow I knew she would. She took the glass of champagne and I chugged the rest of my drink as she whisked me off towards the dance floor. She led the way with me in tow. "Do you want to dance?" she asked with a big smile. Fortunately, it was an authentic smile and not the HR face. Apparently she had left that at home for the evening.

"Thank God for small favors," I muttered inaudibly. Then I gave her my best fake smile and said "Why not?" as we joined a hundred other couples on the parquet floor.

Two hours and several drinks later I finally sat down at a table to rest my legs. I was drunk and Melody was getting there. We had been dancing and mingling constantly and my legs were killing me. Out of the handful of guys that I spent time with at work, only one had been lame enough to come to the party, so most of the people we'd talked to had been Melody's friends. The conversations were about as exciting as watching paint dry, but the cautious whispers and veiled stares were enough to keep me intrigued. Almost everyone we talked to had to resist the urge to do a double take when I was introduced as her date. Thanks mostly to the alcohol, I was actually having a good time, and Melody has apparently left her more annoying personality traits back at the office with her fake smile.

I sat at the table watching the crowd of people while Melody went to get us a couple of drinks. I was starting to wonder what this date was going to lead to when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"I didn't expect to see you here." I looked up to see Aimee standing with a tall good looking fellow.

"Hi, how are you?" I asked. "This must be the infamous Gregory."

"That it is," her date said as he extended his hand.

I stood up to shake it and introduced myself.

"I've heard a lot about you," I lied.

"Don't listen to any of it," Gregory joked.

"Are you here alone?" Aimee asked.

"No, here comes my date now," I responded as Melody came up beside me. Aimee tried to hide the surprise on her face and failed. Everyone made their introductions after Gregory started talking about his sore legs the couple decided to join us at the table for a few drinks. Everyone chatted, mostly about work, so naturally I had no interest in the conversation. As Gregory explained the rewarding feeling that comes from working on a big case, I couldn't help checking out his fiancé. Aimee had went with a party girl look. She was wearing a bright red halter top that tied behind her neck, and short gray skirt with vents on each side. Her brown hair, which she normally wore in a pony tail, was now pushed back on each side with ornate combs. She sat pushed back from the table with her legs crossed, and her short skirt and stocking really showed them off. It was also very obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra. The outfit was somewhat revealing for winter, but it had been unseasonably warm, and it was extremely hot out on the dance floor.

For the most part, Gregory and Melody were dominating the conversation, with Aimee chiming in occasionally. I was in my own little world, concentrating hard on not paying attention to anything that was said. I was actually surprised when something Aimee said caught my attention.

"Ooh!" she exclaimed. "I love that song." Eighties Eddie has just announced that it was time for the doves to cry. Apparently his taste had improved slightly over the last few hours. "Honey, let's dance," she said as she stood up.

"Dear, my legs our killing me," Gregory responded. "I really need this breather."

Aimee flashed Gregory a pouty face that I thought was very cute, but it seemed to annoy him. "Why don't you guys go dance?" he said looking in my direction. Gregory wasn't the only one with sore legs, but the idea of taking the dance floor with Aimee was somewhat appealing.

"Yeah honey, go ahead," Melody said. I wasn't entirely pleased with being called honey.

"Would you like to dance, my lady?" I asked Aimee in a eloquent manner.

"Certainly, kind sir," Aimee said as she mocked a curtsy. I stood and took her hand and headed to the floor.

"You kids have fun," Melody called out. I winced at being called a "kid" by my date. It didn't escape Aimee's attention.

"I don't mean to be rude," she began, "but what the hell are you…."

"Don't ask," I said. "I don't know the answer."

Aimee looked a little confused, but she shrugged it off as we made our way to the center of the dance floor. That first recognizable guitar riff was starting to squelch out of the large speakers and Aimee took my hand and started to move. I started up with the normal bad moves that defined my horrific dancing ability. It was somewhere between John Travolta in "Pulp Fiction" and Michael Jackson circa 1983 and had been cultivated in the midst of one of many drunken college parties.

As the music filled the air, the differences between Aimee and my date were immediately noticeable. Melody was a decent dancer, but everything was very controlled and appeared to be premeditated. Aimee, on the other hand, just seemed to move with the music. Every move seemed natural and graceful, and she exuded youthfulness and femininity. I was suddenly very aware of her as a woman. She was sensual, yet it was completely unintentional. She smiled and giggled at my own pathetic moves, but in a polite way that made me feel less self conscious. I let go of my restraint and just started to have fun. Aimee placed my hands on her hips and reached up to my shoulders. Her sensual dance moves combined with my awkward ones and they seemed to blend together, and suddenly I found myself chiming in with the Purple One as he asked "Why do we scream at each other?" My singing ability had always been the polar opposite of my dancing, and Aimee beamed brightly as I continued to sing along.

I had sung that song at least a thousand times in my young life, but for the first time I was keenly aware of the sensual lyrics. Aimee had moved closer to me, and I was singing almost directly into her ear. I suddenly felt as if we were alone on the dance floor. The hard dance beat seemed to fill the room, and every few seconds our bodies brushed against one another.

The room seemed to be spinning, but it wasn't caused

by the alcohol.

The song stopped, and the room was once again filled with people. We were so deep in the crowd that I could barely see our table across the room. As the people shuffled around I caught a glimpse of Gregory and Melody. They appeared to be totally engrossed in their conversation. I started to walk in their direction as the next song started. I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Where are you going?" Aimee asked as she pulled me back in her direction. Eighties Eddie continued on a good streak by playing The Cars "Just What I Needed". Aimee left some air between us as she started to dance again, and this time it was her turn to sing. "I don't mind you coming here, and wasting all my time," she crooned along with the music. Her big brown eyes were locked on me, and she sung as if the lyrics were directed at me. She wagged her left index finger in my direction and smiled, and again I was taken with her unconscious sensuality and femininity. Her doe eyes were filled with something that I would have mistaken for lust, if it weren't for the big diamond on that left hand.

Again, I felt like we were the only ones on the dance floor. I took one of Aimee's hands and pulled her closer. She pretended to resist before closing the distance between us. She continued to dance and sing, and I was intently focused on her. Her hips swayed gently with the beat of the music. The tips of her light brown hair drifted across her bare shoulder. Her smallish, nicely shaped breasts shifted gently inside her halter top. I eyed every inch of her body, but her big brown eyes stayed locked on my face. She was still singing, but it appeared to be unconsciously. The chorus of the song kept repeating in my mind. "I think you're just what I needed."

Aimee was moving closer now. Her eyes were still locked on my own. I couldn't help but notice how casually graceful she was in every movement. We continued to dance with the beat, but the world seemed to be in slow motion. She was close enough now that we were brushing together. I placed my hands back on her hips without thinking about it. I felt a tingling in the pit of my stomach.

The song ended, and Eighties Eddie quickly transitioned to the next one. It was "Eyes Without a Face", a slower ballad. It seemed appropriate, because Aimee's eyes were the only thing on my mind. She seemed to be staring straight into my soul with unblinking intensity. Her eyes were like deep brown pools, and I found myself lost in her gaze. She pressed up against me now, as our bodies moved to the slow rhythm. My senses seemed to be heightened. Everything about her caught my attention and overwhelmed me. I could feel the soft curvature of her breast that were pushed against my chest. Her body was soft and warm. I traced a finger down her bare shoulder and noticed how silky smooth her skin was. I rested a cheek on her head, and marveled at the softness of her hair, and it's fragrant, pleasing smell.

Without thinking, I slipped my hands around to her ass. My cock was now awake and stirring in my pants, and I knew that she would notice. I tried to stop the natural reaction by reminding myself that she was engaged, and I was obviously misreading her signs. It was a fight I couldn't win. My penis was now semi-stiff and pressed firmly against Aimee's stomach. Still, here gaze was not wavering. I suddenly felt the need to kiss her. It welled up in my stomach and flowed through my whole body. I started to tremble as I fought the urge.

"What are you waiting for?" someone asked. I turned to my shoulder, expecting to see the a little guy with a pitch fork and pointed tale on my shoulder. When I didn't see him, I realized it was Aimee who had spoke.

"What did you say?" I asked in a hushed voice.

"I said 'What are you waiting for?'" she repeated. She was still gazing up into my eyes, and now there was no mistaking the lust buried in those big brown pools. "Nobody's looking," she said.

I looked around and saw that she was right. Somehow we had drifted to a dark corner of the dance floor. No other couples were close, and we were completely shielded from our dates. Still, I couldn't believe what she was asking. I continued to dance, saying nothing.

"We don't have all night," she said. "Are you going to kiss me?" Her clipped accent concealed the emotion she was feeling, but I could see it in her bedroom eyes. I stood shocked for a second, but then I realized she was right. I discarded all rational thought, and leaned forward to taste her inviting lips. I pulled Aimee's body tightly against mine and our lips met. She moaned softly, and then her mouth opened slightly, allowing our tongues to touch. I slid my hands up and down her back as we kissed slowly and passionately for several seconds. We were lost in the moment until the song ended. Finally, we parted and each took a step back. We were both trying to catch our breath as we stood gazing at one another. Aimee looked a little bewildered. "I can't believe what we just did," she said.

I started to speak but stopped when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to see Gregory. For a brief moment I thought he had witnessed our transaction and was coming to kill me. "Mind if I cut in?" he asked cheerfully. "I want to dance with my lovely wife-to-be." He was grinning from ear to ear, and I knew that we had gotten away with our indiscretion. Still, I was perplexed by what had happened. Had the two of us just gotten carried away in the moment? Had out kiss been the result of alcohol and pheromones? Or was there something more?

Much to my displeasure, we didn't have the opportunity to figure it out. Gregory swept Aimee off to the middle of the dance floor, and Melody came over to pull me in another direction. The two of us started to dance with the next song, but I was constantly looking over her shoulder trying to locate Aimee. Unfortunately, she kept moving farther and farther away, and eventually I lost them in the crowd.

Meanwhile, Melody's dancing was more suggestive than earlier. The alcohol had apparently gone to her head, and she was dancing closer, brushing her body against mine. She brushed against the erection Aimee had given me almost immediately, and she obviously thought it was intended for her. I assumed that she would be appalled, but her reaction was the opposite of my expectations. I took a drink from a nearby waiter and quickly downed it.

Apparently Eighties Eddie could only handle good music in small doses, because the next song was Ton Loc's "The Wild Thing".

"I love this song," Melody said, somewhat seductively. She wrapped her arms tightly around my waist and pulled me closer to her. The alcohol must have finally dulled my senses, because I didn't find her ridiculous attempt at rapping along to be that offensive. Melody started grinding her pelvis into mine, causing a lot of friction against my enlarged penis. For the first time all night, her actions were not typical and predicable. I made one last attempt at locating Aimee, and when it failed I abandoned hope and gave in to temptation. I wrapped my hand around Melody's waist and began to grind back, letting her feel how horny I was getting. I had always admired her body, but as she pressed it firmly against mine, I realized for the first time just how tight and fit she was. Her small bosom was crushed against my chest, and I could feel her rock hard nipples through all the layers of clothing. I slipped my hands down and began to fondle her taut little ass.

"It's getting kind of late," Melody said. I glanced at my watch and saw that it was 10:30, actually pretty early. We had only been at the party for about two and a half hours, although the fifteen minutes I had spent dancing with Aimee had seemed like a lifetime. "I'm getting tired," she continued, "and I don't think we're in any condition to drive home. How about we get a room?"

It didn't take a genius to read between the lines. I didn't answer right away. Part of me wanted to go and find Aimee, although I didn't know what I would say, or how she would react. My eyes darted around the room trying to find her, but to no avail.

"C'mon," Melody whispered in my ear. "Don't you want to do 'the wild thing'?" Her voice was thick with desire. She slipped a hand between our bodies and touched my erection. "I'm aching to be fucked by a young stud!" she said in her thick New England accent.

I couldn't resist anymore. "Let's go," I said.

Melody wormed her way through the crowd in the direction of the exit. I followed closely with one hand planted on her tight little ass. We proceeded to the front desk, where Melody produced her platinum card. The clerk eyes us suspiciously at first-a guy barely out of college and an older woman, neither of us carrying luggage-but he quickly went back to his and a few minutes later we were standing in the lobby waiting for the elevator that would deliver us to our posh junior suite on the fortieth floor.

There was no restraining my lust. As we waited, I pinned Melody against the wall and kissed her for the first time. Our lips met with hunger and passion. The kiss bared no resemblance the one I had shared with Aimee. I ran one hand through her curly blonde hair, while the other slid up her thigh, pushing her skirt upward until I touched the bare skin above her stockings. I pushed all my weight against her, letting her feel the large bulge in my pants. Co-workers leaving the party were now straggling past us, but we didn't pay attention.

Finally, the elevator chimed and the doors slid open. We stepped inside and began kissing again. Melody's hands slipped in between us and opened my zipper. She fished her hand around in my pants and pulled out my throbbing cock. The elevator walls were mirrors, and as I continued to kiss Melody I watcher her pump my cock in the reflection. It was getting extremely hard and turning purple at the tip. I was considering stopping the elevator so we could fuck when it slowed down on it's own. When we saw that we weren't to our floor yet Melody quickly turned around to face the door and pressed her ass against me, concealing my exposed cock.

The doors slid open and a bell hop stepped in. As the elevator started up, he turned so his back was too us. Melody slipped a hand behind her back and tried to discretely stroke my cock. She didn't notice that the bell boy was watching us in the reflection. I just smiled and winked at him, and didn't say a word. Fortunately, he got off on the floor below us, so we didn't have to walk off the elevator with my cock hanging out.

When the elevator reached our floor Melody stepped off first as I tucked my hard on back into my pants. The thin material did little too conceal the tent I was pitching. As she stood across the hall waiting, I noticed that her nipples were hard enough to show through her pale pink jacket. I strode out of the elevator and pinned her to the wall again. I didn't think I could make it down the hall to our room. I pushed up her short pink skirt and half slip, exposing her naked upper thighs and lacy leopard print panties. I placed my hand directly above her pussy and began to rub it. The satin panties were drenched with her warm juices. I slid her along the wall in the direction of our room and continued to rub her pussy.

Our room was the tenth door on the opposite side of the hall from the elevator. As we made our way towards it, I think we slammed into every door we passed. We were kissing passionately. Melody slipped her hands back into my pants and started stroking my dick again. I opened the three buttons on her jacket, exposing her bra. It was a sheer leopard print that clung tightly to her perky little breasts. Her hard nipples stuck out like pencil erasers. As I worked the key card into the reader, one of the doors we had brushed against swung open. The head of a confused white haired man popped out. His hair was in disarray and he was wearing only a t-shirt. I didn't even acknowledge him as I continued to rub Melody's panties and tits. She kept her hands in my pants. The old man got an eyeful of her elevated skirt and open top, but then we were in the room and the door swung shut behind us.

The junior suite consisted of a small sitting room, a bathroom, and large bedroom. We separated long enough for me to strip down to my boxers. Melody kicked off her heels and through her pink jacket and skirt on the couch. We went into the bedroom wearing nothing but our underwear. The curtains were open displaying a decent view of the midtown area, but neither of us noticed. Melody opened her purse, pulled out an unopened box of Trojans, and tossed them on the nightstand. Apparently she had come prepared.

"I've been wishing this would happen for weeks," she said seductively. She placed her hand on my bare chest and directed me towards the kind sized bed.

"Well, be careful what you wish for," I responded.

"I'm going to wear you out."

"I hope that's a promise," she said. I directed me to take a seat on the edge of the bed. I couldn't believe how sexy she looked in her sheer bra, stockings, and lacy white half slip. She dropped to her knees in front of me and slowly tugged at my boxers. "You know," she said with a smile, "I haven't had sex since my divorce." My underwear slid off, exposing my throbbing eight inches of cock.. She kissed the tip of it. "And before that," she continued, "It had been almost six miserable months since I fucked my asshole ex." She wrapped her hands around the base of my dick and stroked it slowly, using my pre-cum as lubrication. "That's eight months total," she said, "since I've been fucked." She slip her tongue along my shaft. "Eight months, since I've even seen a dick." She kissed the tip again. "Eight months of having to satisfy my urges by myself, and I have a LOT of urges." She started to squeeze my cock firmly. It felt amazing. "I'm tired of replacing the batteries in my vibrator. I want you to fuck me like an animal," she said. "I've seen you eyeing me in meetings, checking me out. It kind of repulsed me at first, but it hasn't lately. I've been dreaming about being fucked by a young stud. I've been dreaming about you using me like your slut."

She was jerking my cock fiercely now, pushing me to the edge of release, then slowing down again. "Use me like your slut," she said. "I need some no strings sex. I need to put all the bad years behind me. Six years of marriage, and 3 years of dating. Nine years of sex with the same person. Nine years of his flabby body, and his stubby cock. It was nothing like yours. I want to feel that beautiful cock inside me."

I couldn't believe the things she was saying. I had never expected her to have such a wild side. Melody's words were inflating my ego, and finally I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her into the bed. I unhooked the clasp on her bra, exposing her perky little tits. I sucked on each of them as Melody sheathed my cock. I reached beneath her slip and pulled off her little leopard print bikinis, and then I rolled her onto her back and mounted her. I spread her legs and placed them over my shoulders, forcing the little half slip up and exposing her pubic hair. "Are you ready?" I asked.

"Make me your slut," she said. With her legs draped over my back, I forced the swollen head of my cock inside her pussy. We both gasped as I buried my shaft deep inside her. Then I leaned forward and started fucking her. "Oh shit," Melody squealed. "Fuck me harder. I like it hard."

She started clawing at my bare back with her fingernails as I drove harder. Melody started to scream and grunt. The sloshing sound of me rhythmically pumping myself into her cunt filled the room. I started to push harder, and the headboard joined the rhythm, thumping off the wall with each thrust. She continued to squeal out expletives as I increased the pace, slamming my dick deep inside her with each stroke. Her screams reached a fevered pitch. "Oh, I'm cumming," she suddenly squealed. She buried her nails into my back and closed her eyes as her body contorted out of control.

She laid there trying to catch her breath as I pulled my cock out. "That was incredible," she panted. "I haven't been fucked like that since the third year of my marriage." She was still gasping for air. "I used to LOVE it rough," she said emphatically.

"We're not through yet," I said. Melody looked up and noticed my still erect cock.

"Shit!" she exclaimed. "I thought you came. My husband-I mean ex-husband-would be finished for the night after that. Hell, probably for the week."

I paid little attention to what she was saying as I rolled her over onto her stomach. She was still wearing her stocking and slip skirt. It made her lean, sweat covered body look even sexier. I'd slept with older women before, but none of them had been as fit and muscular as Melody. She didn't have large breast or seductive curves, but everything she did have was incredibly tight and well sculpted. I lifted her hips slightly, coaxing her onto her hands and knees. I got behind her and ran the head of my swollen cock over her slip covered ass. It was unbelievably smooth and sexy. I slipped a hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. The whole area was soaked. Her inner thighs were coated with her juices, and some had run down the crack of her butt. I had just wanted to fuck her doggie style, but now I had a change of plan.

"So you like it rough?" I asked. I was lifting her little skirt with one hand and fondling her clit with the other.

She looked over her shoulder and smiled. "Yes," she said. "Give it to me rough again. Fill me up."

"Turn around and grab the headboard," I said.

"Yes, sir," she said mockingly. She faced forward and placed to hands on the headboard. Her back was perfectly arched with her ass sticking up into the air. As quietly as possibly I took off the condom and through it on the floor. I dipped my fingers into her pussy and then coated by dick with the juices. I took the engorged head of my penis and pressed it against her tight little asshole.

She jerked her head around. "What are you doing?" she asked frantically.

"Turn around," I almost shouted. Melody was so surprised by the sudden outburst that she obeyed without thinking.

"But…but…I've never done this," she said. For the first time in the evening she felt like she had lost control.

"Trust me," I said gruffly, "a slut like you will like it." I think I was surprising myself more than my date. I was normally a very mild-mannered, considerate person-both in and out of the bedroom. But I had always harbored contradicting feelings of contempt and lust for Melody. It was a very strange combination, and now both emotions were surfacing at the same time. I was aching to fuck her, but I had very little respect for her, and I wasn't happy with myself for giving in to lust so easily. It's like I needed to create a new, meaner version of myself, because the normal version would have nothing to do with these activities.

I started sliding the swollen head of me penis into her tiny asshole. It was incredibly tight, and as I slowly forced my way in Melody let loose a strange whining sound. I had to concentrate to keep from blowing my load right away. I slowly worked my big cock all the way into her tight little opening. She continued to whimper and gasp for air, but she was pushing back at the same time, helping me get all the way in.

"How does it feel?" I asked softly. My voice was more mellow now, more like my normal self.

"I feel so full," she said in an almost inaudible whisper. "I feel so full," she repeated.

I gently slid my cock back out. When I started my in-thrust, Melody forced her hips back again, taking me inside her. "Mmm," she moaned. I leaned forward, draping my body over hers. With one hand, I started to rub her clit and finger her pussy. I reached up with the other and grabbed one of her small tits. I twisted and teased the nipple as I started to fuck her ass earnestly.

Melody's groans hinted at a mix of pain and desire. She bucked her hips back hard, increasing the momentum as I slid my cock in and out. "Oh yeah," she started to groan. "Fill me up!" I pulled hard on her nipple and she squealed in delight. Her body started moving smoothly. She gyrated her hips in time with my thrusting, causing my balls to slap against her ass. At the same time I continued to sink two fingers into her pussy. I could feel them against my dick as I filled up her two holes. Melody's breath was reaching a fevered pitch, and her squeals went up an octave. This time, when her body started contorting I was ready to cum with her. As she trembled from her orgasm I unloaded gob after gob of hot semen into her tight little asshole. The two of us climaxed together, and continued to fuck all the way through our orgasms. When everything had finally stopped, I pulled out and the two of us collapsed into the sheets. Melody wrapped her arms around my naked body, but we didn't really kiss or cuddle. We exchanged pleasantries and meaningless comments for the next few minute before turning off the lights to get some rest.

Sleep didn't come easy for me. Melody drifted off almost immediately. She wore an expression of tranquility, and it seemed as if some great burden had been lifted off her shoulder. She looked serene and beautiful. As I watched her sleep peacefully I felt a little guilty, although I wasn't sure why. I was pretty convinced that she had just been using me for sex.

I laid tossing and turning between the sheets, trying desperately to get some rest. My mind kept drifting back to the events of the weekend. Melody's asking me to take her to the party had been unexpected. Her invitation to join her in a sex romp had been even more unexpected. But I was starting to understand her reasons. The person I couldn't understand was Aimee. What had transpired between us, and why? Finally, I gave up my futile attempt at rest and got out of bed. I was inexplicably craving a cigarette for the second time that day. After a moment's debate I decided to go down to the lobby and look for a machine.

I slipped on my boxers and found a terry cloth robe in the bathroom. I walked over to Melody, meaning to tell her where I was going in case she woke up. The sheets had slid down, and her nude body was exposed. One look at those perky tits was enough to make my cock start stirring. I decided if I woke her we would just end up fucking again, so I just wrote a note on the hotel stationary and sat it on the nightstand. I glanced at the clock and realized it was only 1:30, and that there would probably still be a lot of people in the lobby, maybe even some leftover partiers from work. I hung the robe back in the bathroom and put on my clothes, then I took the room key and left.

Even before I got to the lobby I knew my search would be fruitless. Upscale hotels generally don't litter their ornate lobbies with tobacco vending machines. Still, it would hurt to look around. I figured I may be able to bum a smoke off the night clerk or one of the bell hops.

I roamed around the first floor of the hotel for several minutes looking for the machine that I knew wouldn't exist. I eventually gave up and started back towards the main lobby. That's when I saw Aimee. She was sitting in a plush chair just past the hallway that led to the grandiose ballroom where we had spent the evening. During my cigarette foraging I had seen a few people I recognized from work still loitering about the hotel. I had given a token nod to the people who recognized me and ignored the rest, but my reaction to Aimee was different. The instant I recognized her my heart started pounding in my chest. Part of my brain urged me to run, although I didn't know why. Fortunately, the logical half of my brain prevailed and I walked over to her.

"Hey," I said. "I didn't know you guys were still here."

She looked up at me and offered a nervous smile. "Well," she began quietly, "It's not really 'still here'. More like 'back here'. And it's not really 'you guys'. It's just me. I came back by myself."

For the first time I noticed that she was dressed differently. Her light brown hair was now pulled back in it's customary pony tail. She was wearing the same short gray skirt, but the suggestive red halter had been replaced by a white button down shirt that wasn't tucked in, and a pink cardigan. She looked more like the cute, somewhat conservative Aimee that I had know for years instead of the seductress from the dance floor. Her eyes looked a little red, as if she had been crying, or at least rubbing them a lot.

"I don't understand," I said. "What's going on, Aimee?"

"We need to talk," she said nervously. "I think we need to talk about what happened. I saw you and Melody earlier. We walked right by you waiting for the elevator. I don't think you noticed. You were…busy." I recalled how Melody and I had been kissing and fondling each other as we waited on the elevator. The president could have walked by and I wouldn't have noticed. "Anyway, I knew you'd still be here, so I got your pager number from the company directory, and I've been sitting down here for 45 minutes debating with myself whether I should use it or not."

I nodded slowly as I took in what she was saying. I kept flashing back to our 15 minutes on the dance floor. I recalled the way her warm body felt pressed against mine, and how soft her lips had been as they touched my own. I fought back an urge to sweep her up in my arms and kiss her again, consequences be damned. "Why don't we go for a walk?" I said finally.

"What about your date?" she asked. She said the word "date" in a very condescending tone.

"You don't worry about her," I said. "I'll take care of that when I get back. Besides, I think she was just using me anyway." Aimee cocked her eye curiously. "I didn't realize it right away, but I think she just asked me out for sex. I know it sounds weird, but she had an unopened box of rubbers in her purse, and it's not as if she made an effort to get to know me before we fucked."

"I don't need any more details," she said suddenly. She looked a little upset and confused as she stood up. I took her arm and we walked out the front door into the chilly December air.

"So what happened to your date-I mean fiancé?" I asked.

"It's a long story," she responded.

"We've got plenty of time."

"I guess I should start at the beginning," she said. I agreed with her. "After we, er, after you and I kissed, I was so confused. I was angry at you for doing it, but I was angrier at myself for asking for it. I kept thinking what a horrible person I was, but at the same time I wanted to do it again. I wanted to forget about everything else in the world, including Gregory, and just be back in your arms again. Part of me wanted to slap you, and part of me wanted to run away, but I think mostly I just wanted to keep dancing with you. And then Gregory was there, and I was swept away, and we were dancing, and I was just pretending nothing had happened. I just kept telling myself that it was no big deal and that I had just gotten caught up in the moment.

"So we danced, and I hid my feelings for the most part. But then I kept wondering if maybe it had meant something. Then we decided to leave and that's when I saw you and that tramp by the elevator. My blood started to boil. I wanted to yank you apart. I wanted to kick her ass. I felt so used. I felt like you had seen me as just someone to try and score with."

"That's not true," I butted in. We were now wandering aimlessly down a well lit street. It was still too early to worry about getting mugged, and we were in a fairly nice part of the city.

"Just let me finish," Aimee said. "Then we can

discuss it. Anyway, so I was angry and confused, and

I was still trying to hide all of the this from

Gregory. Most of all, I just kept wondering how I

could have been so mistaken, and how I could have felt

anything for you. I was pissed off at myself because

I knew I had felt something on the dance floor, and I

you were just using me." I noticed that as she got

excited, her Pennsylvania accent became more

pronounced and her gestures became more animated

"So when Gregory and I got to the car, all I could think of was getting back at you. I know it's silly, but I though somehow I could hurt you by fooling around with him-as if you would even know, or care. So the minute we left the parking garage I was all over him. I was leaning over the console, practically in his lap. I was rubbing his cock, making him hard, talking dirty. I kept telling him how wild it was going to be. I was talking filthy to him, and it's never been like that between us." Now it was me who didn't want to hear the details, but I remained silent while she talked.

"We were driving over by Piedmont Park, and you know there aren't many lights there, so I even untied that halter top I was wearing and let it drop down. I didn't have a bra on." Although I didn't want to, I couldn't help picturing the scene. I tried to picture those soft breasts that she had crushed against earlier in the evening. I knew they would be nicely shaped, and I imagined small pink nipples. I imagined Gregory driving home with is his dick out, looking at Aimee topless. I pictured him naked, fondling her breasts and rubbing her crotch. I pictured them fucking, and her loving every minute of it. I couldn't stop myself, and suddenly I was filled with jealousy.

"Aimee, I really don't need the details," I said.

"Oh…I'm sorry," she responded. "I just got carried away reliving it all. Anyway, my point is that I got him all hot and turned on, and when we got back to my apartment he was all over me, and I was overwhelmed with nausea. That's a harsh word, but that's what it felt like. I didn't want him touching me. I couldn't stop thinking about you. I had to ask him to leave. Of course, that was followed by a big fight, and finally he left. Then I just sat here in the dark, wondering what was wrong with me. I was engaged to him, yet I had kissed you, and I couldn't get you out of my mind. I kept thinking that maybe it was just some fear of commitment thing, but then I would change my mind and think I really felt something for you. I was so confused that I just sat there and cried for a while. That's when I decided to come back here and page you, because I just felt like we needed to talk. I needed to understand what happened. I needed to know how you felt about it. But then I got here, and I couldn't bring myself to page you, so I just sat down here, and that's where you found me.

"So," she said. "That's my story." I looked over and there were a couple of tears running down her cheek. I impulsively reached out and put my arm around Aimee, pulling her close to my body. With one finger I touched the tears on her pretty face and wiped them away.

"Am I crazy?" she asked. "I'm engaged to be married.

This sort of thing should not be happening."

"You're not crazy," I said.

"I know you went upstairs with that woman," she began, "but I'm not wrong am I? You felt something when we were dancing. And when we kissed. You weren't just lusting after me, or taking advantage of me, were you?"

"No," I said. "You aren't wrong. I felt something, too. Lust is what happened between Melody and I. That's what you saw by the elevator. I don't know why I went upstairs with her. I certainly don't have any feelings for her. I was just frustrated because you disappeared so quickly, and she was there. She was more than willing to pay attention to me and no one else."

"That's not fair," Aimee said.

"I'm not accusing you of doing anything wrong," I responded. "That's just what happened. I was aroused by you, and I wanted to be with you, but I didn't have that chance, so I went with her. You have to know that I was thinking the same way you were. I thought maybe the kiss was just something that had happened and meant nothing to you. Especially since we didn't get a chance to talk afterwards."

"This isn't fair," she pouted. "Why did this have to happen. I'm so confused. I don't know why I asked you to dance. I've always been weak around you."

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"You know what I mean," she responded. "You know I've always had a silly little crush on you."

I stopped walking. My arm was still around Aimee, so she stopped with me. "No, I didn't know that," I said.

"Don't bullshit me," she said. "How could you not have?" She looked up and saw the genuine astonishment on my face. "Oh shit!" she said. "You really didn't know! How could you not have? I thought it was so obvious from the first time I met you. Hell, you were the deciding factor in the college I went to."

"And is that why you took your job?"

"Don't flatter yourself that much," she giggled. "I took the job because it was a great offer, but there was a little part of me that felt maybe it was fate or destiny. But when I met Gregory, I realized I was just being childish and put it all behind me. Until tonight anyway. I knew you weren't interested in me that way. Nothing even happened between us that night I passed out in your room during my freshman year."

That night came rushing back to me as soon as she mentioned it. Saying "nothing even happened" wasn't the exact truth. That's what I had told Aimee the next morning to save her dignity. Now, as we approached Centennial Park I felt compelled to tell her the truth, to let her know how wrong she was about me not being attracted to her. We took a seat on a park bench as I recollected the story.

It was half way through the fall semester and our fraternity had just thrown a raucous party in celebration of out football team upsetting a conference rival. I hadn't brought a date to the party and had spent most of my evening worrying more about consuming alcohol then meeting girls. I was just climbing into bed when I heard the knock on the door.

I opened it so find Aimee leaning against the frame, too drunk to stand on her own power. "Can I stay here?" she pleaded. "If I stay with Zack I'm afraid something will happen, and I can't go back to the dorm this drunk."

I opened the door and let Aimee in. Zack was a fraternity brother that she had been on a few dates with, including that nights football game. Apparently he had been trying to advance their relationship to a sexual level and she wasn't ready yet. Even in her drunken state I noticed that Aimee looked cute. Her brown hair was pulled back in a messy pony tail. She was wearing a dark blue silk button down and a short black skirt. It was a little flashier than she had been in high school, but I guessed she was trying to change her look a bit. She threw an arm around my shoulder and I helped her to the couch.

"I don't want to stay with Zack because he wants to fuck," she slurred. I was shocked by the audaciousness of her statement, but it also struck me as funny. I couldn't help giggling.

"That's nice," I said. I had already learned that it was best to just smile and nod when a drunk person is talking.

"I don't want to fuck him," she stuttered.

"That's great, Aimee. Maybe you should keep this to yourself." I stated.

"You know why?" she asked.

"It's none of my business," I said.

"Because I'm a virgin," she slurred. She put a finger to her lips. "Shhhh! It's a secret."

I was a bit surprised by her statement and didn't know what to say.

She gazed over at me with her big brown eyes. "Did I shock you?" I just nodded. "Well, I just haven't found the right guy," she said solemnly. "Maybe you're him."

She leaned over and started nibbling at my ear. Her hand found it's way to my crotch. She rubbed up and down my cock. It was obvious she wasn't familiar with what she was doing, but I was getting aroused none the less.

"We should stop this…." I began.

Aimee seemed not to hear as she clumsily slung one leg over mine and moved to straddle me. Her skirt rode all the way up, revealing a pair of simple black panties. "Don't you want to fuck me?" she blurted out. "Don't you want to pop my cherry?"

My mind was screaming "no" but my hands didn't listen. I quickly managed to open her blouse. Her bra was also black and simple and her hard little nipples protruded through the fabric. I unzipped my fly and ripped out my swollen penis. I placed it in her hand.

"You want me to suck on that?" she said with a silly smile.

I nodded, and Aimee slowly started sliding down my body. The alcohol had robbed her of her gracefulness and she ended up falling off my lap onto the floor. The clumsy moment was enough to break the spell she had over me and I realized what was going on. I quickly stood up and zipped my fly.

"We can't do this," I reiterated. "You're drunk. You don't know what you're doing."

Aimee started protesting and became a bit irate. I turned off the lights and laid down in my bed. For the next ten minutes Aimee continued to complain and rub her body against me, begging me to fuck her. Somehow, I managed to resist. Eventually she passed out, then I moved to the couch, masturbated, and went to sleep.

The next morning I was planning to ask Aimee out on a date, but she had no memory of the previous night and I didn't have the heart to tell her what had happened. So she assumed the night had been uneventful and ended up going back to Zack. I held out for several months hoping that they would break up, but by the time they finally had I was in another relationship. It was that way for the rest of college. Every time one of us was single, the other was in a relationship.

Aimee sat mesmerized on the park bench as I finished telling the story. "I can't believe that happened and that I don't remember any of it," she said. "You were such a gentlemen. So for all those years in school were you really wanting to date me?"

"Not when I was with someone else," I said. "But every time my relationships ended, you're the first person I thought of."

"I never knew," she said. "If I had, we may have ended up together at some point."

"Maybe," I said.

"You know," she began, "I never did sleep with Zack. We went out for four months and he never got past fondling."

"Yeah," I said, "But something tells me you're not a virgin now."

"No," she said with a giggle. "Now I'm a regular sex goddess. You'd be amazed."

"I'm sure I would," I responded. "I'm constantly amazed by you now."

Aimee didn't know how to respond. She just stared up at me. Suddenly the tension was too much for either of us to bare. Our lips drew together like magnets, and I kissed her softly. It was open-lipped and moist and our tongues met. I wrapped my arms around Aimee and pulled her tight against me. We stayed in that position for several moments before we were unexpectedly pelted with cold drops of rain.

She pulled away suddenly and looked up as the sky seemed to open and a downpour ensued. We both sat stunned in the cold rain before Aimee finally reacted. She grabbed my hand and pulled me up from the bench.

"Come on," she called out. "I live right over there.

We have to get out of this mess."

She pulled me towards a tall building that I thought housed offices. Apparently it had been renovated and made into luxury downtown condominiums. She led me to her place on the third floor. The living room was dominated by a big bay window which allowed a partial view of the park. I stood admiring the view as Aimee turned on the lights.

"What just happened?" she asked finally.

I turned just in time to see her removing her soaked sweater. Her hair was also drenched and falling out of it's pony tail. Her white blouse had become transparent and was clinging to her curves. I could easily make out her lacy lavender bra. She looked extremely sexy.

"I don't know," I said. "It was a sudden downpour."

"Not that," she responded. "Before hand. Between us."

I was tired of being timid and I felt the need to take control of the situation. I stepped towards Aimee and cupped her face in my hands. "This is what happened," I said. Then I leaned forward and kissed her firmly and passionately. For a second she resisted, but I felt her body eventually cave in and melt with my own. We were both shivering from the cold rain as we embraced and began to smother each other with kisses. Our bodies seemed to be heating up.

I took a step back and gazed at her intently. "Aimee," I started, "I know this is a difficult situation to put you in, so if you say the word I'll leave right now. I won't argue or try to change your mind. Just let me know what you want."

Aimee gazed into my brown eyes with her own. With her right hand, she slid the diamond off of her left ring finger and placed it on the table in her small dining room. "I want you to get out of these wet clothes," she said seductively.

In a matter of seconds I had peeled off all my clothing and left it on the floor. My penis was rock hard and standing in front of like a divining rod. "Now what do you want?" I asked.

"I want to finish what I started a few years ago." Aimee kicked of her shoes and started walking towards me. It was as if the rain had transformed the innocent girl I had known for years into a wanton harlot. She swung her hips seductively as she approached. Her wet hair dangled provocatively around her pretty face. Her damp clothes clung to her body, outlining each of her subtle curves. She place a hand on my chest and started pushing me backwards towards the large blue sofa.

I took a seat and Aimee straddled me. For a moment we just stared at one another, each lost in the other's eyes. Then she leaned forward, cocked her head, and pressed her lips to mine. The kiss was soft, wet, and passionate. It was very intense without seeming needy or lust-driven. Instinctively I put my arms around her and began grinding my crotch into her own.

Aimee sat up and gently kissed the tip of my nose and then the center of my forehead. She slowly started sliding down my body. She moved slowly and gracefully. "Where are you going?" I asked.

She wrapped a small hand around my swollen organ. "Right here," she whispered. She kissed the tip of it with her soft ruby lips.

"Not now," I pleaded. "I want your body close to mine. I want to be face to face with you."

Aimee seemed genuinely moved by my sincere statement. "That's so sweet," she whispered. She stood back up and straddled me once again. I guided her head to my shoulder, then turned and softly tasted her lips. We were both still shivering, but now it was from anticipation instead of the cold. Aimee slipped a hand between our bodies and began rubbing my erect dick. I reached under her skirt and tugged at the waistband of her panties. She sat up enough for me to slide them down, then she stood up so I could remove the lace-covered lavender garment.

Aimee pushed her tight skirt up around her waist as she sat back down. Her pussy was covered with thin wisps of brownish hair. I lined my cock up at her entrance and pushed my way into her velvety folds. We both gasped as she put her full wait forward, taking my eight inches deep inside.

"I've dreamt about this for years," I whispered.

"Me too," she said.

She started rocking back and forth, letting my penis slide in and out of her hot cunt. We moved slow and rhythmically at first, getting a feel for one another. We seemed magically linked to one another. With each stroke, the tempo increased. We whispered complements in each others ears in between passionate kisses. I started opening the buttons on her blouse, but it was too difficult, and finally I just tore it open, sending buttons flying across the room. I opened the front clasp on her lavender bra. Her B-cup breasts spilled out. Her small nipples were hard and a darker shade of pink then I had imagined. I took one in my mouth as I continued to force my shaft up and inside my lover.

Aimee was starting to lose control now. She bounced on my cock fiercely, slamming me into the depths of her vagina. Her titties bounces around frantically with her up and down motion. I was hypnotized by their motion.

"I'm about to cum," she moaned, and suddenly I felt the exact same way. I grabbed Aimee's hips and used the leverage to force myself deeper inside her. She screamed with delight as we started fucking at an unbelievable pace. "Don't stop," she panted. I had no intention of letting her down.

I slipped my hand beneath her smooth thighs and in one quick motion I stood up and lifter her with me. Aimee wrapped her legs tight around my back. My shaft was still deep inside her pussy. I carried her to the dining room table. I sat Aimee on its edge. The reached behind her and swept off the contents of the table-a small vase with a few flowers, and the engagement ring she had been wearing earlier in the evening. The vase hit the floor and broke, but neither of us noticed.

Aimee laid on her back with her legs spread wide and I mounted her. I felt her nails buried in my back as I started driving intensely. We both started grunting like animals and we approached our peaks. Aimee went first. She called out my name as wave after wave of delight washed through her body. "Oh, YES!" she gasped.

Before she was finished I felt myself erupting. My balls seized up and I started shooting my hot semen deep inside her slit. My orgasm seemed to last forever. Finally, I rolled off and tried to catch my breath. Aimee laid next to me for only a moment before sitting up and climbing down from the table. I watched as she slid off her blouse, bra, and skirt.

Her body was marvelous. I always knew she was trim, but I couldn't believe what an excellent figure she had been hiding beneath her conservative outfits for years. Her hips were curvy and sensuous. Her tits were smallish, but ample. Her thighs were lean and muscular. She leaned forward and put a hand on either side of my waist. Using the table to support her, she bent her head and started kissing my dick. It responded almost immediately, returning to its formerly hard state in record time.

As it began to reach its former glory, Aimee took the head into her mouth and started swirling her tongue around it. She sucked it firmly and my whole body was covered in chill bumps. Aimee released my cock and smiled. "I think I'm going to the bed room," she said. "Care to join me?"

I sat up and watched the nude girl stroll down a short hallway and into the bedroom. I quickly followed, with my arrow like erection leading the way. I entered the room and found Aimee laying on her back in bed. She was tweaking each of her nipples with her hands. She was right at the edge with her legs spread wide and dangling over the side of the bed. I knew exactly what she wanted.

I moved closer and dropped to my knees. Already I could smell her musky scent luring me in. It was dark, but I could still see the outline of her swollen clitoris. I leaned forward and took it in my mouth. Aimee moaned like a hooker as I started sucking her most sensitive spot. I took a thumb and started tracing the outline of her vagina. The forefinger of the same hand started probing her asshole.

"Oh shit," she moaned as I slowly finger-fucked both holes. I was flicking her clit rapidly with my tongue, then sucking on it firmly with my lips. Aimee started moving her body in rhythm, rubbing her pussy in my face as she let my fingers slide in and out of her pussy and ass. In a matter of seconds she went from tranquil to wild. She bucked about frantically and I slipped a second finger into her asshole and corkscrewed both of them around. Aimee sat up and squealed. She wrapped her hand tight around my head, pushing my face into her cunt, letting me lap her juices as she orgasmed.

Her orgasm finally subsided, but it was obvious she wasn't satisfied. "Fuck me now," Aimee pleaded. I was barely between the cool white sheets before she had grabbed me and forced me onto my back. Once again, Aimee straddled me. Her pussy made a wet, sloppy sound as she impaled herself on my dick. She placed both hands on my chest and leaned forward, using her weight to pin me down. Then she started bouncing on my dick, riding me like an animal. I wanted desperately to roll her on her back but she was able to squelch my resistance. Finally, I gave up and just relaxed and enjoyed the sensation. Her brown hair and perky tits were swinging out of control as she continued to ride me ragged.

"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum," she started panting, but this time I was ahead of her. I was overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and sensations of fucking this girl I had pined over for years. My cock erupted like a volcano, spewing my load up in her again. She started milking my dick with her pussy, and then she started to join me in orgasm.

"Oh shit," she cried out as she enjoyed her moment of pleasure. She continued humping me for several moments until every bit of pleasure had passed through her. Then she collapsed on top of me to catch her breath.

We laid there kissing for several minutes before moving to a spooning position. I softly nibbled on Aimee's ear as she drifted off to sleep. It took my longer to find rest. I kept gazing at her left hand; the one which no long bore a diamond ring. I knew that we would both have a lot to deal with come sunup, but finally I realized that as long as were together, we would be able to deal with any hassle. That thought put my mind at rest, and I gripped Aimee a little tighter and finally found my way to sleep.


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