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The Red Dress

This is a story about an imaginary letter you wrote. I made it up a long time ago but I don't think you ever read it. Something like this happened once when I was in Minneapolis. Not exactly like it, but it gave me the idea for the story.

Not long after that week at the hotel I got a letter from Alice. She knew I would get a kick out of hearing about her conversation with Kathy, the woman we met at the hotel. It was a great story about an experience of a totally spontaneous encounter-of the voyeuristic kind.

I've tried to put it in the form of a story.

Kathy was in her office downtown, up on the 4th floor, almost at eye level with the People Mover. You remember the People Mover-it's that elevated mechanical sidewalk between the buildings in center city. Well, she had seen some interesting sights from that vantage point but this time it was something definitely different. Imagine, high up above everyone's head, Kathy, the observant office worker and full time horny person, as one night she was treated to something especially unusual.

Kathy stayed late that night. She had promised to finish the report due for the Monday morning meeting by Friday but hadn't been able to. She was still working on it in the last hour of Sunday night. With hardly enough time to get home and get some sleep before another hectic Monday at her day job, she began a last review of the fifty plus pages of the now finished report.

The view out her window, as always, was of the elevated sidewalk. The crowds of people that normally passed in an orderly chaos during the day had disappeared. The rather amorphous mass that a crowd becomes, as it goes nowhere-but everywhere at the same time, was gone. Tonight the flow of humanity had trickled down to the occasional couple or individual. They made tall shadows that moved slowly across the floor of the office as they passed on their way in the near dark of the dim street lighting.

Somewhere around page twenty of her prolonged review of the report, a woman in a slinky red dress came along and caught her eye. She lingered on the sidewalk, centered in Kathy's view out the window. She was about to go back to reading the report when, heedless of anyone's ability to see her clearly, the woman lifted her dress to adjust her panties. She obviously had a problem that needed fixing. After what seemed like a reasonable effort to deal with the dilemma calmly, she suddenly began pulling and tugging on them. She finally succeeded in ripping the troublesome underwear off and flung them on the pavement. Apparently having solved her problem she stood there, calm now, and lit a cigarette...letting her purse slide off her shoulder to her feet. She didn't seem as if she was waiting for anyone only killing time after her little bout of frustration with her clothing. This woman had some kind of temper!

A man and a woman walked past her, arm in arm. She nodded to them in what appeared to be a polite reply to a casual 'good evening' or some other acknowledgment of her presence. She turned away from them as they passed and took a deep drag on her cigarette. Kathy was just about to turn another page and continue proofing the report when the couple that had just passed reappeared. The man was holding the discarded panties and saying something to her. As he held the ripped panties out to her the woman in the red dress turned to face them. She reached for the panties as if to take them. Instead of just taking them out of his hand though, she sort of wrapped them around it. She moved closer to him as she pulled his hand down and behind her-pressing it against her ass!

The woman with him tried to pull him away from this entanglement. He resisted her attempt keeping his arm tightly around the waist of the woman in the red dress. The woman in the red dress held on to him, clutching his hand even tighter against her. The other woman jerked herself away from them, threw both hands up in the air and appeared to be shouting at them. She turned her back to the scene her friend was involved in and stood there like a statue, arms folded in front of her looking pissed off as hell.

A lone man walked past the little spectacle unaware of the tension in the air and disappeared off to the left. Kathy briefly tried to continue with her reading chore. A few seconds later when her gaze returned to the trio she almost fell off her chair. The red dressed woman had the man's cock out of his trousers and was pumping it. His hand was somewhere under the red dress. This was getting interesting! His friend was still standing there with her back to them, seemingly unaware of the new developments.

The man lifted the red dress and they pressed themselves together, letting the dress fall and cover them. Kathy could tell from the way he was flexing his knees now that he indeed had managed to get his cock in her. He was actually fucking her, as best he could, from that awkward position! They paused as an elderly couple walked slowly past them and disappeared to the right of Kathy's view. The knee flexing had just begun again when the man's friend suddenly turned around. She seemed to be talking loudly again as she spoke, first to one then the other-but they didn't stop. The woman in the red dress put her arm around the shoulders of the man's irate friend and pulled her face close to her own. She may have said something to her but Kathy couldn't really tell. Then, of all things, she carefully planted a long, lingering kiss on the woman's lips.

The three of them stood there in a kind of tense though comfortable looking knot. The woman in the red dress was still getting fucked. The man's knees started flexing faster and faster. The lingering kiss became a lot more passionate. Then the man's girlfriend slipped her hand under the red dress and into the action. A minute later, as quietly as it started-it ended. The man's knees came to a halt. The woman in the red dress stepped away from him as he stuffed his cock back in his pants. The girlfriend's hand came out from under the red dress. The red dress dropped to a normal looking position. The two women exchanged a final kiss and it was over.

The couple joined arms and walked off to the left as if they had never stopped. The entire incident had taken less than ten minutes from start to finish. The woman in the red dress bent over to retrieve her panties and the cigarette, still burning on the pavement. She took one more puff, stuffed the panties in her purse, crushed out the butt on the pavement and walked off in the direction from which she had come.

Kathy laid the report down on the desk in front of her and turned another page without bothering to read it. She slid her own skirt up to her waist and thought about what she had just seen. Her fingers slipped under the edge of her panties into her wet crotch. She stared out the window as the last curls of smoke rose from the crushed cigarette on the pavement.


Sort of neat, huh? Let me know what you think of the story. I thought it was great the way something like this happened to someone else-and she let me know about it. I wish we could have been there with her.

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