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Father Donnelly

Chapter One: A new Beginning

As I started to unpack my things and put them away, I looked around my apartment. This was a far cry from my plush mansion in the mountains I had just left from. Still tonight I knew I would rest in peace, without any fear, and on my own terms. David would never again be able to hurt me; I was once again in control of my life. Reaching for the newspaper I began to scour through the classifieds in hopes of finding the perfect job, to start my new life out on the right foot. After reading each ad I decided on two good possibilities one was an opening for a secretary at the local Church and the other was for a bank teller with complete training. Deciding to get an early start in the morning I finished putting away the few dishes I had left in the box, and took a long bubble bath before heading to bed.

In the morning I grabbed a quick breakfast before getting dressed in my new suit, which cost me almost half of what I saved. Looking in the mirror I gave myself a final once over, my long golden blonde hair was curled just right, the suit fit me perfect, and I felt I looked very professional. Feeling confident I headed out in hopes of landing a great job. My first stop was the Church, as I entered the beautiful church I was greeted by a nice older gray haired lady who directed me to the office. Father McCarty was sitting at his desk, he was an older man in his sixties a very distinguished looking man wearing a crisp white button down dress shirt with khaki pants. Warmly he greeted me and explained the position and requirements. After talking for a while Father McCarty offered me the position to start the following day, happily I accepted. Deciding I needed the full tour, he called for his assistant priest Father Donnelly. Waiting for my guide to show me the church and surroundings, I began to look around the office at all the beautiful paintings and stain glass windows. From behind me I heard the office door open, turning around I found the most gorgeous man I thought I had ever seen. Father Donnelly was around six foot one, with light blonde hair and the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen.

"Mrs. Parker are you ready for your tour around the parish?" Father Donnelly spoke, "My name is Father Donnelly it is a pleasure to meet you."

Taken aback for a minute I hesitated and then gathering my senses began to speak. "Um…. It is Miss Parker and you can call me Chloe please, and yes I am ready when you are." I replied quietly.

Walking through the parish and the grounds, I was given the history tour of the church and its background. Soon he took me to the main office and showed me my desk and explained some of the routine things I would be doing for the Sisters and Father McCarty and himself.

After thanking him for the tour, I was on my way to my car. Reaching for the door a grin came across my mouth, leaving David was the best thing I ever could of done. Here I was on my own with a great job that paid very well, a place of my own and all within a week. As I started to leave the parking lot I could not resist but turn and look back at the church, there was something about Father Donnelly that was so appealing. What was I saying I was talking about a Priest, a man of the cloth, a man who took solemn vows? Ashamed I tried to put thoughts of the Father out my head and continued home, full of excitement of returning to a new job tomorrow.

The next few weeks I proved to everyone how capable of performing my duties I was, and within a few days had learned the ropes of my position easily. The parish was filled throughout the day with students of the parish, the Sisters who educated them, occasional parishioners, and of course the Priests. Over the next few weeks, I began to become familiar and friendly with many of the staff members, as they tried hard to make me feel at ease. The position truly was a god sent. On one Friday afternoon I was finishing up preparing the weeks deposit and was about to leave for the day when Father McCarty called me into his office.

"Ms. Parker I wanted to personally tell you how pleased we are with your performance here with us. We were wondering if you would be interested in heading up a relief effort with Father Donnelly? This would require you to work some late nights and maybe some weekends, as we would like to organize a relief effort for our fellow Sisters in South Africa. They are in desperate need of more medical supplies and staples to help feed some of the villages in South Africa." Asked the Father.

Being honored I explained that would be a true honor. Suddenly I felt as if I was giving something back by being able to help others less fortunate then myself. Father McCarty set up a meeting with Father Donnelly and myself for Sunday afternoon after services to meet and discuss our ideas. For the rest of the weekend I feverishly worked on my ideas and plans to discuss with Father Donnelly.

Looking at the clock I realized it was eleven o' clock at night and I needed to get some rest before church services in the morning. Resolving to quit working for the sake of sleeping. Lying there I drifted off into a sweet slumber, but soon my thoughts raced to Father Donnelly. Dreaming of us lying on a blanket by a lake talking and getting to know each other. The dream was so vivid and felt so real. There I was staring into his bright blue eyes being lost in his every word. Realizing I was staring at him, he reached over and lightly brushed a stray hair away from my face. As he stared at my face in silence he leaned in and slowly started to kiss me. Feeling the warmth of his tongue as it danced with mine was so overpowering. As we lie in a passionate lovers embrace his hand slowly went to my buttons on my shirt. With each button he undid I could feel my chest contract and release with every breath I took. My heart was racing as his piercing blue eyes reassured me everything was ok. Finally opening my blouse fully exposing my heaving cleavage, he leaned back and devoured the site before him.

Reaching over to me he pulled me close to him and wrapped his arms
Around me embracing me. My heart was beating so wildly; as I tried to calm down I felt his heart was also racing against my own. The urge to feel his flesh, to learn and know every inch every crevice of his gorgeous body was dancing in my thoughts. Putting his hand behind my head he gently laid me down upon the blanket, soon he was laying soft kisses on my neck. The kisses began to move to my chest and begin to outline my white lace bra. As with great expertise he slips his hand into my bra and begins to caress my engorged breast and pinching my nipples sending me into oblivion. Lying there I developed the overwhelming need for him to devour and loose total abandonment on me. His soft hands began to trace a line from my breast to my belly and slowly his hand lifted the waistband on my skirt. Feeling his hand slide its way slowly down to my panties, set my body on fire. With small circles he began to trace the outline of my panties with his fingers teasing me as he went. Tracing circles on top of my mound of curly blonde pubic hairs almost sent me over the edge.

Then he got up and moved down between my thighs, leaning back I closed my eyes and relished as to what was to come next. Feeling his warm breath on my panties sent a rush of juices flowing. Soon his tongue was lightly licking and sucking my panties dry of all the juice that had escaped. My head falls back and I arch my neck as a small moan starts to escape my throat. Lightly he pulls my panties and skirt off to reveal, my dripping wet pussy for him. Moving towards me he pulls me up and removes my bra and blouse and lays me back down. Looking up I see him smiling looking at my full nakedness for him to see. He reveals in my beauty and makes me feel like a queen.

Repositioning himself he his back between my thighs again. Suddenly his tongue begins to trace along my outer lips, softly he parts my lips with his tongue and dives into my waiting honey pot. Thrusting my hips into his tongue he finds my hole and begins to thrust his tongue into me, soon I begin to cry and moan as I reach a mind shattering orgasm. Leaning up I see him smile as his lips glisten with my love juices on his mouth. Returning to finish his job he reaches my swollen clit, teasing me he licks then stops. Needing to feel a release I thrust my hips against his mouth again. Realizing the signal he begins to lick and suck with all his might, before long I cumin again all over my lovers mouth.

As I start to come down off my high, I feel the head of his cock slowly start to part my lips as he enters me. The feeling of his hard cock inside of me filling me so fully sends over the edge as I explode again all over his cock. Feeling my explosion he begins to thrust harder trying to match my orgasm, I begin to meet each of his thrusts. Soon I feel his cock start to convulse as I realize he about to plant his seed inside of me. Moaning in desire and ecstasy we begin to become one as we explode into a passionate orgasm.

Turning over I open my eyes and realize it was only a dream. Feeling a little disappointed I tried to wake from my slumber. Realizing I was to meet with Father Donnelly this afternoon after church I try to push my dream out of my memory. Rushing to get ready for church, I try to remind myself he is a man of the cloth and it was only a dream. Soon I was pulling into the parking lot of the church and heading inside for Sunday services, when I saw him. Standing at the door his eyes met mine; trying to look away his gaze was frozen on me.

"Ms. Parker it is so nice to see you on such a lovely morning. You are looking beautiful as always." Replied Father Donnelly.
"Thank you Father, it is wonderful to see you too." I replied shyly.
As I watched him his eyes were liked transfixed upon me, feeling guilty I made my way into the church to find a seat before services started. During the service I tried to think of ways out of sending any wrong signals, and how to forget about my dream and continue on with our work. Looking up to listen to Father McCarty, our eyes met. Trying to look away he just smiled and continued to stare at me, with those beautiful eyes. How was I going to be able to carry on a meeting with him this afternoon, having all of these emotions about a man I knew I could never have?

Chapter Two: Our Relief Project Started

One o' clock, it was time to meet Father Donnelly. Heading to the conference room, butterflies began to fill my stomach. Entering the room I realized I was the first to arrive, relieved I sat down and began pouring myself into my proposal. Minutes later I heard him enter the room.

"Hello Chloe are you ready to go over things?" He asked.
"Oh yes Father, I have everything ready." Replying with a smile.

For hours we planned and organized what we needed to do over the next few weeks to get our supplies ready. Trying to be very proffesional I found it so hard to concentrate as I became transfixed into the deep pool of blue from his eyes. Father Donnelly looked at his watched and realized it was getting late; he suggested maybe we could meet again later on in the week. Agreeing we planned to meet again on Tuesday evening. Looking at his calendar he realized that the choir would be rehearsing and it may be hard for us to concentrate. Without realizing what I was saying I soon invited him to my apartment to work with an offer of a home cooked meal. Accepting my offer we agreed to meet at six o' clock on Tuesday at my apartment.

On the ride home it finally sunk in what I had done, and I had the overwhelming need to kick myself. Tuesday arrived and I found myself struggling to find a good recipe for dinner. After cleaning the house and taking a shower I stood before my closet in dismay as what to wear. Deciding I did not want to dress up in my normal office attire, but yet did not want to come across as being sexy, I decided on a pair of light blue sweat pants with a white T-shirt with my hair in a pony tail. After applying a light touch of make up I headed into the living room and waited for him to arrive.

At precisely six o'clock came a knock on my door, as I opened the door Father Donnelly stood before me in a pair of whitewashed jeans and blue T-shirt. Never before had I seen him so casual, so sexy, and so attractive. This was not helping me out tonight at all. As I tried to act casual and not make eye contact with him, I could feel his eyes examining me, feeling me with those baby blues. After the initial hellos we sat in the living room and smiled over small chitchat.

An hour into our work I offered Father Donnelly a drink, trying to excuse myself I tried to compose myself in the kitchen, but he was so beautiful and I felt as though my heart was aching to touch him to feel him near me. At that very moment I heard him behind me. "Do you need any help in here?" he asked with a smile. "No, I think I have everything I was just getting a little appetizer and some drinks Father Donnelly." I replied
"Chloe, please in a casual setting please call me Sean, there is no need for formalities between you and me." He said chuckling. As I turned to head into the living room, I met his stare and for a moment we just sat there in our uncomfortable silence and just stared at each other. Time seem to pass to slowly as we glared into each other's eyes. Soon Sean broke the silence and offered to help me carry out the food.

Relaxing in the living room we began to talk about our past lives, and he explained why he chose the priesthood. "When I was a fifteen I was sitting in church waiting for my turn in confession when I saw the Mother Mary sitting at the alter and she spoke to me. She told me one day I would make a fine priest and would make my parents proud of me. It was from that moment I knew my path in life, I felt at ease knowing my purpose on earth to become a priest to help others in their path of God and the church" Sean explained. "What made you move here Chloe?" he asked.

Laughing I asked him if he wanted the sugar coated version. "When I was twenty-two I married my high school sweetheart David, he was everything I thought I wanted. Passionate, caring and loving and he was so ambitious. But as he career took off and we began to live in the spot light so to say, he changed. David became very violent and abusive. So I had a decision to make do I stay in my very comfortable lifestyle of the rich with an abusive husband or save myself and get out. Of course I chose to run away from my marriage I realized things would never change and I needed more from life then what David could offer me." I replied "So I moved to New York for awhile and started a job with a publishing firm when my divorce was final I moved here, this way David would have no idea where I was living." "And I feel it was the best decision I have ever made. Arriving in town I had nothing but a small savings account and it felt good to provide for myself and to see what I could accomplish"

Sean could see the tears in my eyes as I spoke, and had moved to sit next to me. "You are very courageous Chloe to make it so far, and to have safe yourself. You should be so proud of yourself." He said then I felt him put his arms around me and pull me into an embrace. Lying in his arms I let all the emotions of the last year just pour out onto his shoulder. After calming down I tried to pull away from his embrace but he just sat there at stared at me. Then before I knew it he leaned and started to kiss me, lightly on the lips first. Then before we knew what was happening we began to kiss so feverishly, our tongues intertwined dancing with each other. Realizing what I did I pulled away.

"Sean I am so sorry I don't know what came over me." Embarrassed I moved to the kitchen to prepare dinner.
"Chloe, I am so sorry. It was my fault. I am not sure what it is but every since I first saw you I have been thinking of you. Dreaming of you. I told myself nothing would happen, I am so sorry maybe should leave?" he asked.
"No, it was my fault to Sean. I have been thinking of you to, even though I know it is wrong. God help me I can't stop thinking about you." I said.
"What are we going to do Chloe, we obviously have a problem here?" He asked.
After sitting there with an uncomfortable silence between us I finally spoke. "Sean I am going to resign my position I think it would be better for us both if I wasn't working at the church. If I moved and went on my own way. That way neither of us will be tempted." I replied.
"No, Chloe I don't think I could go on without you in my life, I don't know what it is about you Chloe but I think I am falling in love with you. What do we do?" Sean replied.

Without another word Sean pulled me close to him and kissed my forehead, "God I cant help myself Chloe I want you, I want to be loved by you, I need you!" Sean said. Leaning down he hesitantly began to kiss me, responding we began to kiss with such intensity. Taking in his intoxicating aroma I fell into his spell, letting our tongue dance wildly in our mouths. Pulling me closer to him I felt his chest fall and rise as our hearts beat wildly, like two animals in heat. Finishing our kiss he pulled my head up so he could look at me. "You are so beautiful Chloe, I love you so much. Let me love you, let me make love to you" Sean replied.

Taking his hand I lead into my bedroom after entering I lit some candles. Then standing scared to death I began to shake in anticipation. Laying me on my bed, Sean began to remove my shirt, and then my sweat pants. Laying on my bed in only my white lace panties and bra in the candlelight I could feel the warmth of his loving stare. Sean began to kiss and nibble on my toes; the feeling was like nothing I had ever felt before as my back began to arch in passion. Sucking each toe slowly into his mouth then he would nibble the sensation soon began to send my neck hairs on end as I moan in response. Now his tongue was dancing a line up my leg into my inner thigh, I laid there in anticipation of what was next. Soon I felt his hot breath on my pussy hair as I moaned, he began to lick the inner thighs moving up ever so slowly. Soon he has found is mark begins to spread my lips, he starts to lick my labia from top to bottom sending flood of emotions over my body. Then I feel his thumb start to open my hood as he finds my clit, I feel his thumb start to play and pinch my clit. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh" I moan. Feeling my body shuddering I know I am in the homestretch as my body starts to convulse into an orgasm. Sensing my orgasm Sean eagerly starts to lick and suck up all my juices. After my orgasm subsides I push Sean onto the bed and began to tease and lick his big member.

Sean lays his head back and closes his eyes as he gives into passion. His cock was so enormous and thick I had a hard time getting to fit into my mouth, I sucked eagerly. Massaging his balls and sucking him dry I could feel he was about ready to cum. Reaching between my own legs I found my clit as I wanted to ride the wave of an orgasm with my lover. Soon we were both cumin as though our lives depended on it.

Pulling me on top of him he slowly had me take the full length of him inside me, slowly riding him I soon was able to take his long cock inside of me. Filling me completely I began to ride him such wild abandonment, needing him, wanting him, loving him. We soon exploded into a wild orgasm. After coming back down to earth we moved into a lovers embrace and soon fell asleep into each other's arms.

Warm sunlight was filtering into my room, trying to wake I turned to kiss Sean good morning. He was gone. Getting up I put my robe on to see if he was in the living room. No sign of him in the kitchen moving into the living room still no sign of him. Looking towards the couch I noticed his things were gone, he had left. On the coffee table laid a note saying, "See you at work I will always love you. Sean" Feeling ashamed as though expressing our love to each other was wrong. I retreated to the bathroom to get ready for work filled with tears.

As I arrived at work there was no sign of Sean anywhere. Soon I learned that Sean had gone to work at the warehouse for the day to help make arrangements for a charter company to pick up the supplies. The day was so long and painful not seeing him. Soon it was five o'clock as I was soon making my way home. For the rest of week I did not see or hear from Sean again. The pain of not seeing him after sharing my soul with him was killing me.

Friday arriving at home after work was a dozen roses sitting on my door, as I took them inside I began to smile they had to be from Sean. Opening the card I began to read.
"My love, I am sorry I have not been able to see you. I realized that I love you so completely like no one ever before. But I fear that entering into a relationship with you is wrong. The ridicule you will get from others would be too much for you to bear. I cannot see that happen to you. I have asked for a transfer to South Africa to help in the rescue relief, I will be leaving tomorrow I feel it is the best thing for the both of us. Please know I will always love you but you need to find someone who can be there for you a hundred percent as I cannot be. My first love is and always has to be the church I am so sorry my love." Reading the note again I fell onto the couch sobbing how could he of left me?

Please watch for chapter 3.

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