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After having an intense fucking session with Alison, I was feeling good about my sex life. Alison was great in bed. She'd let me do whatever I wanted. She was so horny, and always on the go. She was a tall 25 year old, with long strong legs, with a nice tight backside. Her tits were a little small, but the beauty of her legs and backside made up for it. Alison lived with her widowed mother, Maureen, who I often felt for. Having got to know them, I realised that Alison could always get sex, but Maureen never opened up about her sexual life. Alison had always insisted she should meet someone. But Maureen was so quiet about it and was turning 50 next month. I started to realise my interest in Maureen over the past weeks had grown, and I wanted to lend a hand.

Alison and I had arranged a date for Maureen. We wanted to give Maureen a treat, so we set her up with Alisons African friend. "You're gonna go on this date, and that's all there is too it" Alison said, as I gave her a hug while she poured another cup of coffee.

"Ohh, I wish you wouldn't embarrass me like this Alison". Maureen replied. "There's nothing to be embarrassed about" Alison argued. "How old is this Craig anyway?" "He's 32 years old, and he's a really good friend, so you're gonna go out

with him tonight no matter what? Alison ordered.

"Yeah, and I've got nothing to wear. Is he gonna like this old ass of mine?" Maureen said. I couldn't help but notice how nice her bottom looked under the tight black nylons. It was bigger then Alison, but suited the 5 foot 11 tall women fine. She went on. "What can I possible do to make myself the least bit attractive?"

"Oh mother, I said I'll fix you up with my clothes, and besides your can change that negative attitude of yours. You gotta feel sexy, to be sexy. Here, I'll show you what might help." I watched in disbelief as Alison took hold of the top of her white blouse, and ripped the top two buttons off. "There!" she said.

"Alison, how could you?" Maureen was interupted.

"Don't you think she looks more attractive Jacob?" Alison said to me as

Maureen held one hand over her now exposed cleavage. "Absolutely wonderful" I replied as I gazed at the cleavage. I began to

realise that Maureens breasts were rather large. She was a tall women, with a big bust. I could tell her breasts sagged a little, and her wrinkles were present. But I wasn't complaining. We talked more, and it soon became apparent that Maureen wasn't so ashamed of her cleavage. She somewhat forgot what her daughter had done to her top, and her cleavage was left in the open. As she washed dishes and dried them, her breasts would jiggle insider her bra. I notice the gold neckless she wore, dangled between her cleavage from time to time.

I had a few things to do today and was gonna come back to help Maureen get ready for the date. Alison had some errands to run, so off we went and left Maureen at home.

I got back at the house at about 3:00pm, but Alison was due at about 4:00pm. I walked the side gate, and stopped before I entered the backyard. I couldn't help notice Maureen putting back a piece of clothing, that seemed to have fallen off the clothes line. She reached up on her toes and stretched her arms. I looked at her tight backside, pulling against her tights. So cury, like her boobies. She had a nice set of buns on that body. I made a noise and entered the backyard.

"Oh hello" she said.

"Hi Maureen"

"Come over here and keep me company, Alisons' not back yet" she insisted. I walked over and noticed she was digging some weeds, and nursing her

cucumbers. I stood over her as she was kneeling down. She didn't want me to get dirty, since I was neatly dressed. We talked, and I glanced. She was still wearing that same white blouse that Alison ripped off buttons from. What a sight? Her cleavage protruded out. She had forgotten her tits were out. I couldn't keep my eyes off them from my top view.

She reached over and said "Have a look here", as she brushed aside some leaves. "Look at my big cucumber" she pointed.

I looked at the cucumber she had grown, and it was huge. "You oughta get a prize for that" I said.

"I do one this big every year for fun. I love watching them grow so big." She said as she stroked the skin of the vegatable. Her cleavage was killing me.

Alison had arrived "Hey, I'm back". She was wearing the shortest jeans shorts imaginable, and a loose top. Man, was I gonna get some action tonight.

"Hey Alison, I'll be with you soon" I replied. It was a toss up between

Maureen or Alison. Both of them were giving me the chills. "Mom, I want you in soon, you gotta get ready for tonight." Alison demanded.

Hours of the afternoon passed, and Maureen was ready for her date. I waited downstairs eager to see how she was dressed. I couldn't believe it when she walked down the stairs, she was another women. I couldn't believe how well her pants fit her. They were tight around the back side, and pointed out the curves of her ass, but they were loose at the bottom, almost like flares. Meanwhile her matching red Hawaiian top fitted tightly around her shoulders, and left ample view for a cleavage.

"My gosh" I said. "You look gorgeous". She looked it, and acted it too. "Thankyou" she replied before the door bell rang. It was obviously her date

for tonight Craig.

I opened the door and showed him through. Craig was a tall man and stood out well. I introduced him to Maureen, and they seemed quite pleasant with each other. They talked small, and soon were off. I was glad to see them go, because I knew Alison and I were gonna fuck our hearts out tonight. Little did I know after our fucking session Maureen was gonna get herself some action, action that I had wanted to give her.

I was sound asleep with Alison, by the time Maureen and Craig got home.

Maureen was having the time of her life. As they rolled up to the house. They sat in the car for awhile, and chatted, while Craig put his arm around Maureen. "You know, tonight has been special" Maureen said. "I had a really wonderful night too" Craig replied. "I would hate for it to end" he insisted.

"Oh, but it doesn't, why don't you come inside, and we can be with each other some more". She replied.

Craig was up for it, and walked her into the house. They realised Alison and I were asleep, so they went into Maureens room. She sat on the bed, feeling a little tipsy.

"You know it's been a long time since I've been in a room with a man" Maureen said.

"Oh it's alright honey. I want you to know that you're in full control" Craig replied.

Maureen paused, and glanced. "In control of what?" she asked "Of this baby" Craig replied, and stripped off his shirt, and pulled his

jeans down and unleashed his massive cock.

Maureen stared at amazement. She was beginning to shake a little. "You mean..." she stuttered, as Craig gave a firm nod of approval. He walked over to the bed were she sat. His large member bounced level to her head. She just gazed with her mouth opened at his enormous dark instrument. He held her hands and brought them closer to his penis, where she gently stroked his penis like it was her cucumber. The penis grew longer, and pointed at her face as she stroked. He held the back of her head to help bring her mouth over it. He sunk it in well, and she sucked softly. In and out his organ went as she held the bottom of his penis. She became more passionate, the more he moaned.

Maureen sucked, and could feel his hands caressing her soft breasts. This was turning her on, and her pussy was wet. She stopped sucking and let his hanger fly loosely. She wanted to take her top off, and unbuttoned her top to reveal her red bra. She hooked her strap off and let her large tits fly out. They sprung around. Her nipples were huge and firm, and Craig couldn't help but get on his knees and suck on them. He pulled her nipples around, and held them tight to get a good feel. But he wanted more of her, and slide her pants from her, leaving her g-string on. Her legs were long, and almost got in his way as he raced to take her g-string away. He grabbed the g-string, and slide it down her long legs, which his cock dangled everywhere. He couldn't help but dangle his huge cock as she lay naked on the bed, with her legs spread. He held his cock and began to slap it against her pussy, and she began to smile. He entered his cock in her, and left it to roam for a while. In and out, searching endlessly inside her for the spot. She began to moan loudly, and he was getting in position for full assault. He fell closer to her breasts so he could suck on something, and went all the way. Fucking hard, making her shake all over. He was holding on as long as he could. Until it was time to cum.

The next morning, Craig, had left early and promised he would call later in the afternoon to take her out. Maureen was a new women. Filled with confidence that would almost overshadow her daughter. She rose in the morning to find me and Alison in the kitchen. Alison wasn't feeling well.

"How was last night" I asked.

"Something special" Maureen replied

"You didn't get any cucumber did you mom?" Alison asked cynically. "Alison, take it easy will ya" I said in defense for Maureen. "Oh let's just say, I got a mouth full of it". Maureen hit back hard with

such a statement. Alison and I couldn't believe her confidence. We shut up. I even noticed, Maureen's robe was half open, shinning plenty of light on her loose breasts. Alison went back to bed as she was not feeling well.

That afternoon Craig hadn't rang. Maureen seemed a little hurt by it. We couldn't contact him because he didn't leave his mobile. Maureen waited patiently. I went to check on Maureen who was siting at the dinning table alone. Still in her robe all day, she waited to get ready for the night. I stood behind her chair as she read. We talked and I stood behind her massaging her shoulders. She thoroughly enjoyed it as I did. We must have talked for an hour or two. She was much more comforted. I heard Alison wake up, as it was about 8:30 pm. "You go check on Alison, I might be off to bed now, I'm tired" Maureen said. I gave her a firm kiss on her check.

Alison had rested most of the day, and I thought she might feel better. By this point Maureen had made me horny. Hopefully Alison was gonna give me some action tonight. I closed the bedroom door behind me, and stripped. Maureen had left me half erect already, and my cock was pointed in all directions waiting to be triggered off. Still underneath the covers, I hoped on the bed, got underneath to give Alison a hug, and let her know that it was play time. But she rejected me. She obviously wasn't well. She was rather pale, and it seemed like she was coming down with a flu. I didn't want to catch anything, so she insisted I moved. She was right. But my cock was penis was feeling hard. I was a little frustrated actually. Alison soon went back to sleep. Since both ladies were asleep, I decided to creep to the kitchen and have a drink.

The house was dark, and not a sound heard. I walked to the kitchen, and switched the light on. I was still naked. After all, I practically lived here. I was still semi-erect. I sat down on the chair, and stroked my cock a few times thinking. Then all of a sudden, I heard Maureen's footsteps as she entered the kitchen. There I was butt naked drinking a beer, with almost a full hard on. I almost feel off the chair in embarrassment. "Ohh sorry, I didn't mean to....well" Maureen said.

I tried to pretend it was nothing. "Alisons not well, so I thought I'd have a drink. You having trouble sleeping too". My dick had turned soft and shrank as I talked.

"Yeah, I can't sleep, I'm a little unsettled. Don't mind if I join you?" Maureen said. We almost forgot that I was sitting naked at the chair. My legs weren't under a table, so she could see all of me.

"Sure" I replied. Sit right down, as she pulled up a chair from under the table and sat opposite me. My head rested against the wall, as my chair was placed against it. We talked a little bit more. I could tell she had nothing under her robe. Her breasts were almost fully exposed, only her nipples were hidden. Her robe was pulled up high so I could see her legs. My cock was at rest, until she starting staring at it. She had much more confidence then I ever imagined.

As we talked she would often gaze at my cock, and I was starting to get a little hot. "Do you always go around naked at night like this?" Maureen asked.

"No, not really" I replied. As her large tits dangled under her rope, I

started to get hard again. "You don't mind do you?" I asked. "Well no, it's just that, ohh look you're getting hard." She said. "Ohh sorry, I can't help it Maureen." I said. "Sorry, for what, you'll be sorry if you don't let me play with it". I

couldn't believe what I heard. Before I could say anything, she lifted her back side off the chair and kneel in from of me. She took a firm grip of my cock and said "My, My what beautiful organ you have. Just look how hard you are." I leaned forward and pulled her gown aside, so I could rub her soft hanging tits. They were fairly big and they her nipples soft. I massaged her boobs. She sucked on my hard cock. Her whole mouth would reach over it and she licked all of it. She stopped for a minute and watched as my dick pointed to the roof. "You like my boobies don't you?" she asked. I nodded as she stood up and ripped her gown off and stood there naked. I looked at her part-shaven pussy and long legs in amazement. I clapped on my thighs for her to come.

As I sat on the chair, she hopped up on top of me. Placing her vagina over my erect tool. She put her arms around me, and held on tight. Her tits fell perfectly to my face. I tried my best to cover my mouth over them but often her tits would slip out of mouth as they dangled. I rapidly began fucking her. I held her tight legs and ass, as I fucked. Up and down she bounced on me. She moaned like an animal. I couldn't take it anymore and cummed her full. She leaned her head back to face the ceiling, and I rested my head on her chest. She got off me and put her robe back on, grabbed my hand and took me too her bed for the night where we feel straight asleep.

The end.

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