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It all started innocently enough. I was staying in the third floor attic of a life long friend just after my wife filed for divorce. It was a stately old house built in a row of houses that were all similar. The attic had one room with a small bathroom that was added later. Both the bathroom and the other room had large windows that went from about a foot off the floor up to the high pitched ceiling, as did all the houses on the block. I hadn't seen anyone or even a light on in any of the other attics; so although there were neighbor windows eight or ten feet away and I had no curtains, I still felt like I had my privacy.

I was killing time waiting for a particular job position to open up and I had saved enough money to afford the wait living in my friend's free attic. My friend and his wife seemed to spend all their time at work. I spent my day reading, exercising, and doing a little handiwork on my friend's house, painting, freeing up windows that were painted shut etc. One day I was exercising in the attic and it got really hot, I shed one piece of clothes after another until I was doing jumping jacks naked. I started to get aroused but continued to work out with my erection bouncing all over. My sex life had been put on hold during the divorce and now my hard purple penis was not going to be ignored any longer. I took my time, allowing it to grow slowly then lubricating it with Vaseline and working it for what seemed like an hour before gushing what felt like a full cup of semen. It was spectacular.

Feeling quite relieved and relaxed, I decided to paint the window frame in the second floor study. I had scraped it the day before and got it to open and close quite freely. As I was painting, the neighbors daughter who's room was directly across from where I was painting, entered her bedroom, walked to the window and opened it. Although I was just ten feet away, I concentrated on my painting so as not to embarrass her by staring. She put on some music and stood directly in front of the window and did jumping jack exercises just as I was doing a few minutes ago. It was impossible not to gawk as she bounced her firm body up and down. She kept staring directly at me and I got nervous and wondered if she had caught my masturbation act. I was getting both embarrassed and excited at the thought that she might have been spying on me. Just then she took off her blouse and continued to do jumping jacks in her thin see thru bra. She twisted her blouse into a long shape and held it down by her snatch and stroked it like a penis, throwing her head back and crying ooh, ooh, ooh, aaaaah, as I was now sure she had seen me do a little earlier. I watched her intently as she lowered one side of her bra and showed me one pert titty, winked at me playfully, and closed the blinds.

I was fully erect again and went upstairs shedding my clothes as I went. I grabbed the Vaseline as I did before and greased up my pulsing shaft. I looked across and saw that she had also gone to her attic also. We stood naked facing one another. She was caressing a nipple with one hand and was rubbing her pussy with the other. I decided to go slowly and she followed suit. She was gesturing to me and pointing at what I figured to be the Vaseline jar. We both opened our windows, careful not to be seen from the street, and I tossed the Vaseline over to her. She said "thanks." We both rubbed and stroked until we both erupted in glorious orgasm. She tossed the Vaseline back and said, "I exercise at 7 in the morning and do you know that you sleep with a hard on?" and closed her window.

I was so damned excited at the thought that she had been spying on my penis, and wondered how long she had been looking. I went out and bought an alarm clock and awoke the next morning to it's buzzer and the sound of music coming from her attic. All her lights were on and I could clearly see her and 2 other girls exercising on a variety of machines. I had never got up early enough for the light to be right to see that their attic was had been turned in to a small gym. The girls all had on skimpy tops and shorts and I could see the sweat on their pert bodies. I wondered, "Had they all been exercising every morning to the sight of me sleeping with a hard on?" The question made me stiff again and I decided to turn on my lights and make sure they had a good look. I pretended to be sleeping, as my raging hard throbbed for attention. Soon they were all standing at the window looking, pointing, and giggling. I was so hard I couldn't stand it, but I wasn't sure I could or should jerk off for all of them. I didn't want to ruin it with my new found jerk off partner. I still pretended to be asleep and turned over to get a better peek at them and they were gone and the lights were off. There was enough light in the room that I could see that they had abandoned me just as fast as my ex-wife did.

I felt sad as I scooped up a wad of Vaseline and started stroking for relief when the damn doorbell rang. I wasn't completely getting into the jerk off thing anyway because I felt abandoned by my wife and now the girls. The doorbell kept ringing unrelentingly as I quickly tried to wipe the Vaseline off with a towel. I threw on some shorts and stumbled downstairs to answer the door. I threw the door open and stood awkwardly in the presence of the three girls. My jerk off partner held out her hand to be shaken and said "Hello, my name is Buffy and we are out collecting money for our cheerleader club trip." I reached out and shook her hand and felt the squish of the Vaseline. Buffy said looking at her greasy hand, "Oh, excuse us if we interrupted your masturbation ritual, don't let us keep you from it." I was embarrassed, all three girls looking at the tent in my shorts, Vaseline all over and Buffy actually telling me to jerk off.

I said "No, I was just lubricating some window slides, and Buffys friend grabbed my hand and smeared some of the Vaseline on to her hand and said "Oh, we can help you grease your windows if you show us how." She pulled her shorts to the side and wiped the Vaseline into her pussy and asked, " Is this how you lubricate one of those window slides?" I said " Yes, but you'll need more lubricant. Follow me." As they followed me upstairs to my attic, my hard on grew to it's previous state and was sticking out the leg of my shorts. I removed my shorts and the girls all pulled their shorts down in unison. I opened the Vaseline jar and grabbed a wad as did all three girls. I said "Now, there's no rush, you simple place the lubricant here and I touched each of their pussys and start to work it over the most swollen area slowly. The girls all began to slowly massage their clits as I greased up my hard on. I reached over to rub Buffy's pussy and she said, "NO, we're all virgins and want to stay that way! Your hard on is the first one any of us have seen and we want you to teach us all about it, but no touching and no fucking."

I spent the next two months teaching these girls about my penis and masturbating together and discussing the difference between vaginal orgasms and clitoral orgasms but never did I get to touch any of them. I was more like an instructor with his own hard purple visual aid. It was difficult explaining female orgasms, having never had one and not being allowed to fuck or touch any of the fine pussy that I was otherwise intimate with. I did ache to fuck one of these beauties.

One day Buffy and I were in my attic and she asked me to jerk off for her. She posed me on the bed in a way that made me wonder if someone else was watching. When she didn't strip and jerk off with me, I was sure that someone was across in her attic watching and I asked her why she didn't invite her friend over. She admitted that her older sister was watching but that she was married and Buffy could not get her to come over. Buffy said that her sister was intrigued by what we were doing and wanted to watch. I refused and said that I would only do it if she came to my attic. Buffy called her on the phone and she agreed to come over only if I would talk to her about how to have a vaginal orgasm. I agreed and over she came. Well, in walked her older sister, she was wearing a house dress, horn rimed glasses, and had her hair up in one of those old lady bun things. She looked shy and rather homely, but glanced at my still erect penis then shyly looked back at the floor. She seemed excited and that excited me.

I introduced myself as Bo and she told me her name was Penny as she shook my hand. Buffy told us to get to know each other and that she would be back later. I took my time with Penny as she seemed fragile and shy. She kept glancing at my penis and I told her to take a good long look and that I liked being looked at. Penny confided that she also liked being looked at and that she used to flash the guy who used to stay in my attic. She said that she likes to flash people whenever she can get away with it like squatting in the grocery isle to show off her panties or having a curtain partially open in a dressing room. She said that she would never be able to show myself off the way that I have with her sister and friends, and that she felt so shy about her body that she only gets undressed in front of her husband when the lights were low or off. I told her to have a seat and she sat on the bed cross legged and instinctively pulled down the hem of her skirt to cover her ankles. I told her that she was very beautiful and that she should be proud of her body. She blushed. After a few uneasy moments with her glancing at my penis and me trying to figure out how to pry some good sex from this locked box, she asked me to jerk off for her. I said, "Only if you show me how you flash guys sometimes." With that, she dropped the pillow on the floor and turned away from me and said "Oh my, I've dropped the pillow." With that she bent way over to pick up the pillow pulling her dress up from the back revealing to me her beautiful un-pantied ass and nicely trimmed pussy. She said "O.K., your turn." And sat back on the bed like she was going to watch TV.

I was stroking my hard cock very slowly as she watched intently, and I asked her if she played these games with her husband. She said no, that he was to prim and proper. I asked her if she had ever had a vaginal orgasm. She said that she didn't fully believe that women had them. She told me that she masturbated every day and that she was quite happy with her orgasms. I was still stroking my cock slowly and asked if her orgasms were different with her husband. She said no, her husband would cum and then pull out and either he or she fingered her clit to orgasm. I said "Get one of those rubbers out and put it on me." She opened one and began to slowly put it on my hard on. This was the first time anyone but me had touched it for a very long time and it was responding well to the attention. I told her to get on top and put it in. She did and we both just stayed still. I tore open the front of her dress and began sucking her nipples. She responded with great enthusiasm and started to slide up and down on my penis. I shushed her and said slowly, slowly and she started to slide up and down on me with a very slow glide. We kissed fervently and I massaged sucked her nipples until they looked like bright red cherries. She arched up and reached down to massage her clit and I took hold of her hand and said Patience, Patience. She continued to glide up and down for about 20 minutes but then she started moving faster and faster trying hard to cum without touching her clit as she always had. She yelled out "I can't, I can't, you idiot, it doesn't work that way." I told her that it would take time and not to masturbate at all and to come over early tomorrow ready to work, It would be a long day….. to be continued


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