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The Disappearing Act

I had been picked to go to a conference in Orlando by my employer. This was a fitness equipment conference so I didn't mind. It meant a lot of hard-bodied women running around. It was going to have a reception dinner and party, so I was planning on getting hooked up and having some fun with some nympho aerobics instructor. I went to the dinner and party and came up empty. Yeah, I talked to some girls and I even went out to downtown Orlando the next night with a couple of them. I was kissing one of them and invited her back to my room. When we got back to the hotel, no action. She was hot, but I guess not that horny. The third and final day of the conference came around and I was just going to take a look at some equipment and get on the road home.

They had an expo that day and all the vendors had their equipment out on the floor so people could check them out. While checking out some bikes, I get a tap on the shoulder and a soft voice politely asked, "Can I help you with something?" I turned around and was pleasantly surprised. She introduced herself as Tina, and she was drop dead gorgeous. Tina was about 5'7", in her late 20's, and she was definitely in good shape. She had deep brown eyes, long brown hair, full red lips, and legs so perfectly tan, I thought she had pantyhose on. She didn't. Her blouse did hide her tits a bit, but her hourglass figure couldn't be missed.

She began to tell me how she used to be a personal trainer, but hated the schedule, so she started working for this company. I told her that I was at the conference looking to buy some equipment for my company. She put her hand on my shoulder and looked out onto the floor and said, "Well, did you see anything you like?" "Ummm…well, you know, the funny thing is I haven't tried out any of your stuff yet." I replied, "What would you recommend?" That statement would be the turning point of my day.

With that, she smiled and told me she had just the thing for me. "I got something you might be interested in" she said, "Come with me." Who was I to say no? The strange thing was I didn't think our conversation had a sexual tone in it. I started to think that maybe she was going to show me some new equipment and was using her good looks to make a sale. Now, the Orlando convention center is huge, I mean, the place has 2 auditoriums in it. We walked down some stairs and got to a hallway that leads to some ballrooms. I didn't see anyone in the hallway, and when she opened the door to one of the ballrooms, there was no one around and no equipment inside.

She pulled me in and closed the door. The lights were off, but the windows gave us plenty of light. I was taken a bit by surprise. I guess she needed to be as cool as she could be in front of her co-workers, but she was definitely one of the nymphos I was looking for. "Are you being bad, Tina?" I whispered. She didn't say a thing. She pulled me close to her and we started to kiss. My hands worked from her lower back, down to her ass. I slowly started to lift up her skirt up. She had a perfectly round, tanned ass. While she was kissing my neck, I got a nice look at her legs and ass in the mirrors that lined the walls of the room. She was hot and she was all over me. I started to unbutton her blouse and when she unclasped the front of her bra, my mouth opened in awe. Her tits were great and they had that sexy bikini tan outline. I couldn't take my eyes off of them. My hands instantly cupped them and I moved my mouth down to suck them. I took my tongue and swirled around one of her pencil eraser nipple. She started to reach down and grab my now, rock solid erection. By her reaction, Tina also got a surprise. "Oh my, that's a big friend you have there" she whispered, "I didn't mean to wake him." The sheepish grin on her face said it all. I pulled away from her nipple and said, "I think he wants to come out and play."

She instantly dropped to her knees and began to unzip my pants. She reached in and grabbed the front of my underwear and pulled them down. My dick was so hard; she had to work to get it out of there. Once she got it out, she just looked at it for a second. "Mmmmm…not only are you long, but thick too", she said, "I love to suck on big dicks. I get off just by doing that." I couldn't say anything back. There I was, leaning on the wall in the corner of a huge ballroom, with a beautiful, topless Italian women on her knees with my hard dick in her face. "I would love to taste your cum in my mouth" she muttered, "Will you let me have a taste." I was actually about to say something when her tongue started to slide under the head of my cock. She started to lick the precum off and flick her tongue in the slit. Her wet tongue continued to travel all the way down the underside of my shaft and back up to the head.

Her lips started to take about half of the head in and she pulled off. She finally had the whole head of my cock in her mouth, and pulled off again making a soft popping sound. I knew once Tina really started to suck it, I wasn't going to hold out very long. I think she knew it too. Her mouth went back on my erection and started to go down further and further until she made it completely disappear. I moaned as her mouth engrossed my rock hard member. I felt my head of my cock touch the back of her throat. I had never had a woman deep throat me before, and I almost shot a load in her mouth, right there. Tina's lips tugged on my cock as she came back up the shaft. She did it about 4 or 5 more times and then looked up and said, "I want you to cum for me. Can you do that for me?" Before I could get a word out, her lips engulfed my hard dick again and she started to bob up and down the length of my shaft. She was sucking even harder now, and was determined to make me cum.

I pulled her hair up to get a better view in the mirror next to me. Every time she sucked down, she opened her mouth wide to swallow my cock whole. I could feel my orgasm start to build up. I could feel myself getting closer and I groaned out, "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum." This made her head start to bob even faster and she was starting to moan. I was about to explode. I took my hand and placed it on the back of her head and drove my cock all the way until her face was pressed against the front of my pants. She moaned louder as my first shot sent a load of cum deep into her throat. She gagged a bit and pulled my cock out. My next shot hit her in the lips and on her chin. She kept on jerking my dick and put her mouth back on it and moaned as she took the rest of it.

I'm glad the wall was there or I would have collapsed. She sucked my semi erect cock a bit more to clean me off and took her hand and wiped the cum from her face and sucked it off her finger. My legs were shaky. I had never come that hard before. I had experienced good blowjobs before, but nothing like that. She told me she had to freshen up before heading back. So did I. We both went to some restrooms down the hall to straighten up. While I was splashing some water on my face, I noticed her red lipstick all over my crotch. I darted out of the restroom and I raced out of the convention center holding some catalogs in front of me. I never saw her as I walked out. I changed before I went home and thought about the experience all the way home. The funniest part was when I took my suit to get dry cleaned. The grin on the guy's face said it all.

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