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Massage Part 1

Working on the road, I stay in alot of hotels, and usually get to know the night desk pretty well. Tammy was no exception. She's close to my age, and even tho she usually dresses down, there is something about the way she carries herself that makes me want to get to know her even better. Pleasant to talk to, we had some of the usual conversations; family, the job, money problems, you know.

Until last night. When she came on shift, she was really tired and down, so I bought her a cup of coffee. We started talking about what was bothering her, but the subject drifted. I have to admit I started it, trying to cheer her up. I told her about an "honest" full body massage I had given a mutual friend, and told her she could have one too. As luck would have it, my phone rang, and by the time I was finished, she was on her phone. I wished her good night and went to my room.

Alone in my room, I couldn't stop thinking about Tammy. For some reason, I kept seeing her t-shirt being streched by her firm breasts and wondering how they would feel and taste. I tried to tell myself that she probably wasn't interested, but it didn't help. You see, I was a bottle baby, so nice round breasts turn me on. Tammy does have a nice firm set, and her butt ain't bad neither. What the hell, I thought, one can always dream...if I could ever get to sleep. Only one thing to do about it, I took matters firmly in hand and let my imagination run wild.

I thought about what I would do if she accepted that "honest" massage. I would invite her to dress, or undress, in whatever she felt comfortable with, advising her that less is better. Using body lotion, and starting with the shoulders, I would ease the knots out of her neck and the back of her head. (My slowly undulating fingers have been known to stop a migrane in its tracks.)

Next I move down to her back. If she still has her bra on, I'll ask to unhook it. Using slow circular motions, every inch of her smoothness will be firmly caressed. listening to her body language for any objections, I work around to the sides of her breasts, alternately circling and stroking. Making sure that she is completely relaxed, I move to her feet, massaging each one, slowly moving up to ankles, calves, knees and thighs. Each tight muscle is pampered and cajoled into relaxation. To keep the massage "honest", I skip her pussy for now and work on her buttocks, rolling down and removing her panties as I knead her butt and work back down to her feet.

Once I am finished with her backside, I ask her to roll over for the front. First the facial muscles, using only the tips of my fingers to trace each line of tension and erase it. Next, the neck and under the chin. Finally I remove her bra and move to her brests. Squeezing them firmly, yet gently, I measure her enjoyment by how hard her nipples get. Asking permission with my eyes and body language, I will take the chance and see if she will let me nurse on them. Once given permission, I will do my best to drive her into extacy with kisses, licks, sucking and nibbles...

Meanwhile, I will be massaging her tummy & thighs, trying (and this will take alot of will power) to keep the massage "honest". If she opens herself to me, I will gently massage her womanhood inside and out, and then move down to get a taste of that too.

Replacing fingers with toungue, I will do my best to both pleasure and relax her. After making sure she has at least 2 orgasms, I ask if she has any ideas about making me feel as good as I had made her feel.

The rest, as they say, is up to her....

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