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Jungle Fever

By: PlayfulTigress

(Author's note: This story was submitted to under the author name Tiggs as well as PlayfulTigress to Pixies Place.)

It is late at night as I lie in bed awake. Visions of last night's television show fill my mind. As I remember the mating ritual, the male tiger showing his dominance over one of the young tigresses of his pride, my right hand slides over my naked stomach. Goose bumps rise in its path. I sigh heavily as my hand slips underneath my Tigger boxer shorts and over my neglectfully long pubic hairs to my pouty pussy lips. Never would I have thought that such a show could have affected me the way it did. Never before had I seen tigers as a sexual being.

The fingers of my right hand slide over my pussy lips, spreading them slightly, seeking the moisture within. With each stroke, the palm of my hand rubs my exposed clit. I close my eyes and envision myself lost in the tall grass of a jungle oasis. Its pillowy softness is inviting as I lay there. The sun beating down on me warms me from within.

Above me stands a tiger. I can see that he is a powerful creature. His tongue extends towards me, the sandpaper surface tasting the salt of beaded sweat just below my belly button. I giggle softly, letting the sensation overcome me. The tiger exhales, his breath rushing over my crotch. It sends a chill down my spine that ends in my loins. I spread my legs, opening myself to this magnificent beast, willing him to ravage me as he did his tigress.

As my palm runs across my sex, from asshole to clit, I envision the tiger's tongue. In my mind, he is greedily lapping at my pussy juices now. His tongue firmly covers all of my sex with each lick. My hand begins to stroke my sex hander and faster now. I press hard against my rock hard nub, pinching it slightly.

My left hand slips under my boxers now. It slides past my matted pubic hair, which is now my tigress fur. I cry out as I plunge two fingers deep into my sex in one quick thrust. I picture the tiger trying to bury his tongue deep within me. I spread my legs wider for him, offering all I can to him. He laps contently at my exposed sex for a few more minutes before a deep growl escapes his mouth. I know what my lover wants now and I am quick to obey.

In a swift movement I flip over to my hands and knees. The king of this pride is ready to claim his new prize. As best I can, I imagine the tiger's weight as it steadies itself over my back. His powerful jaws lock down on the back of my neck as he lowers himself on his haunches. He begins stabbing wildly now at my sex, trying to get his cock into me. I arch my back as best I can under his weight, trying to help him in. The random stabbing of his cock makes me hotter.

I slide a third finger into my sex as I picture the tiger hitting his target. A primal moan rumbles from my throat. I've become one with the animal. What once was two beings is now one primal beast of lust. Wildly, I continue to finger myself, picturing the tiger as he makes me his. My body writhes on my bed. My hips raise and lower as I hump my fingers.

In my mind's eye the tiger bellows boldly as he prepares to impregnate his new tigress. His jaws ease up from my neck as his roar echoes through the jungle. I picture his hot cum as it shoots deeply along the walls of my sex. His cock throbs deep within my sex. My thrusts against my fingers become sharp as an orgasmic wave hits me. One after another, more waves rush over my body. In my fantasy world, my tiger lover and I climax with one another, the pleasures of our bodies setting each other off more.

Slowly I begin to ease up on myself, my thrusts fading off as the tiger's would after orgasm. My fingers empty from my sex, slowly, as I picture the tiger's cock would. He climbs off my back and collapses on his side to rest. I crawl to him on my hands and knees, his cum leaking from my sex. I nuzzle his underbelly before my tongue extends towards his unsheathed cock. His body shivers once I make contact.

I am surprised by the bitterness of the cum on his cock. It is nothing like that of a human man's. In long strokes, my tongue cleans my lover's cock. It sounds almost as if the tiger sighs contently as I clean him. Slowly his cock slides back under the cover of his sheath. I continue to lick as long as I can before the tip of his cock disappears behind the sheath.

Convinced I did a good job cleaning my lover, I crawl closer to him, allowing my body to collapse now also. I curl up against the tiger as if cuddling in spoons with a man. Slowly my eyelids grow heavy as I lay there. I allow them to close as I bask in the warmth of the jungle sun with my lover.

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