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Exposed Wife

I don't know what started my thinking this way, but I started having thoughts about getting my wife to expose herself to others as a turn on. My thoughts would drift to a fantasy whereby she was nude in the car for truckers to see, or a tit being exposed accidentally to a cashier or the hem of her skirt being blown up exposing her dainty little unclad pussy for others to admire. When I had these thoughts, I would always imagine me being the director in this show and she getting so aroused that she fucked my brains out in some location others might get a glimpse.

At first I was content to think of this a fantasy, but over time I could think of nothing else. I did not want to do anything to jeopardize our wonderful marriage, but I finally had to test the waters, and was looking for a way. One day as I was leaving my house, I noticed that my neighbor had hired a guy to work on his roof. I immediately got the idea that since this guy could see right in to our bedroom that I might be able to set up some accidental exposure and maybe she would like it. Instead of getting in to my car to go to work, I went right back in to the house, opened the bedroom shade all the way and turned the bedroom lights on full. I poked my head in to the bathroom where my wife was showering and said good by.

I drove up the street and when circled around the block and parked and sat waiting. I could see the guy working away on the roof and then stop, hunker down just below the peak and stare in the direct of our bedroom window. He sat there staring for a long time and I knew that he was watching my wife dry off and dress after her shower. What I didn't know is if she knew he was watching. I drove back to my house and let myself in quietly. I snuck toward the bedroom door and could hear the unmistakable sound of my wife masturbating. I stepped back , closed the door more loudly and called out, "It's just me, I forgot my glasses." I had a number of reading glasses, so I went directly in to the bedroom to get a pair where I embarrassed my wife by storming in. I said " hey, let me help you with that hot pussy." I tore off my clothes and as approached her she took a quick glance at the window. I then knew that she was aware that she was putting on a show for the roofer. I put my hard pecker into her well-lubricated cunt and as I did, she wiggled out from under and got on top. She rarely wanted to be on top and I knew that this was so the roofer could get a better look and so I couldn't see him. She pounded up and down for a long time while squeezing her tits and rubbing her nipples for the roofer to see. She came in a screaming orgasm and I followed quickly with the same.

As I rolled off, I told her that the roofer was watching and that I wanted to do that for a long time. She asked, "Why didn't you tell me that a long time ago?" We have had a number of similar episodes since, that include fucking in front of our window at a beachfront motel while a young couple watched from the dunes, and a game of tag in the pool at the same motel where I ripped her bikini off in front of 2 elderly guys as they cheered us on. She joined us all in the hot tub and masturbated for us as we all watched. On our last trip out of town, she got up the nerve to ask a girl in a bar if she would fuck me while she watched. The girl said she would love to, but her boyfriend was coming soon. So many games to play and so little time.

Signed, Bo.

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