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The Co-Worker

It was definitely not planned. But it wasn’t like I hadn’t thought about it. Oh yes, I had thought about it. I thought about it at work. I thought about it at home. I even thought about it while driving. I have this co-worker, see, who has done everything except just come right out and ask me to fuck her. She has flirted, hinted, and teased me for the past several weeks now. I am a happily married man. I have a wonderful wife. But for God’s sake, I am not made of steel. I am a red-blooded, even hot-blooded man. This girl isn’t exactly what you would call pretty. She’s attractive enough, I suppose, but she has this magnetism, this thing, that draws men to her like flies to...honey. Maybe it’s the way she grins wickedly when she talks dirty, maybe it’s the way she licks her lips when she catches me looking at her. Or maybe it’s the way she stares at my crotch, eyeing it hungrily, like a she-wolf eyeing a raw slab of meat. It’s probably a combination of all of it. But whatever it is, it’s damn powerful. I have had my share of advances in the past, hell, just because your married doesn’t mean your dead. And believe it or not, alot of women would rather have a married man. No strings attached. Fuck him and walk away. I have turned down alot of women, for various reasons of course. Most just weren’t worth the risk of being caught. Now, I am not the type of man to be attracted to the model types. Looks don’t mean squat to me. I am turned on by a woman’s confidence in herself, and by how much she wants me. I really get off on a woman who acts like she will just die if she doesn’t get in my pants. And that’s how Sherry is. She is married herself. Happily, so she says. So why is she coming on to me like she hasn’t had a man in years? I have thought about it until my head hurts. I have tried NOT to think about. I will be at home on a Saturday, raking the leaves in the backyard, and she will suddenly pop into my mind, licking those lips, tilting that head just so as she tells me what she loves to do when she is alone with a man. And she isn’t shy about it either. She has made it clear that she is an oral-sex fiend. She loves sucking dick. She loves swallowing cum.

Which just happens to be one of my favorite activities also. My wife is obliging most of the time. And she is pretty good at it. Every once in awhile she swallows, especially if she’s been drinking. But this girl, she acts like she could live on sperm milkshakes. My dick swells a little just thinking about a woman going down on me who is damn near begging me to let her suck my cock. How the hell can you say no to that? I have flirted back, all in fun, but here lately she is getting serious. Like she wants to set it up. As usual, I weigh the risks, but the thing is, there is basically a zero chance of getting found out. She doesn’t want a relationship, just a chance to suck a hard thick cock. Her husband would rather do a 3-minute fuck than take the time to enjoy oral pleasures. I really don’t think my wife, Carla, will find out. By Sunday night, I have decided to go ahead and give it a try. If I don’t, I will always wonder what it would have been like. I have already been wondering that, like when I am in the shower, and the hot water is running down my back, and my dick is wet from the water and soap. I have stood leaning against the wall, my right hand slowly stroking my cock, imagining her hot mouth performing fellatio on me while I watched. I have shot load after load of cum into the drain imagining it was her gaping mouth. So Monday comes, and about halfway through the day I see her. She stops by my desk to say hello. Like always, she grins and flirts with me, her eyes saying how bad she wants to taste me. But today, I give her a surprise. I lay it out on the line. Are you serious, do you really want to do it? She starts to get excited, I can see the outline of her nipples as they harden, her voice quivering a little as she reassures me that yes, when and where. I motion for her to follow me to an empty office, where I close the door soundly. I approach her, and we kiss. Hard. My cock immediately starts to rise, aching to be released. She reaches down and massages it through my pants. I moan under my breath. She is definitely not inhibited. She whispers over and over how bad she wants me. How she wants to eat my cock. I lean back against the desk, and she drops down to her knees, never taking her hands off my cock. She starts to unzip my trousers, grasping the hard throbbing cock inside, and bringing it out. She looks up at me and smiles slightly, surprised at the size. I have a good 8 inches, and it’s very thick. She starts by kissing the head, which by now is leaking pre-cum, and as she pulls her mouth away, a clear string of sticky pre-cum sticks to her lips. She licks it away, then flicks her tongue back out over the head, lapping up the rest. I close my eyes, enjoying this immensely, only wishing I hadn’t put it off so long. I feel her wrap her soft warm lips around the head of my cock, and start to slide her mouth down the pulsing shaft very slowly. My balls are aching from the sensations coming from my cock. She continues down, taking it all in her mouth, one inch at a time. Until her mouth is so full of cock she almost chokes. Her mouth is now wrapped tightly around the base of my prick, sucking and releasing, sucking and releasing. She reaches up with one hand and begins to massage my cum-filled balls, gently manipulating them while her mouth milks my cock. I start to groan, low in my throat, and she starts to pull up slowly, sucking me from the base all the way up to the tip. The suction is tight, and I can feel her hand cupping my nuts while she sucks me. I hold her head pushing and pulling gently, making her suck me in and out, in and out, increasing the pace, making sure she takes it all the way down to the base every time. She blows me like a pro, and somehow I feel like I should pay her. Suddenly, she increases the suction, going down deeper and deeper with each suck. I can feel my cockhead slipping into the back of her throat. She sucks hard, her throat tightening around the head each time. I whisper to her that I am about to blow, and she pumps her mouth up and down harder, faster, and God her mouth is so hot and wet. She rubs my balls, like she is milking them, and sucks me like a straw. Right when I feel the cum rushing up the length of my cock, I thrust my hips forward, pushing her head down on my cock deep and hard, and shoot a hot thick load of creamy cum into her mouth. She sucks hard, sucking the cum out like a baby sucking a bottle. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah yeaaaahhhhhh I moan, as she keeps sucking until every last drop is drained from my cock.

She slowly pulls her mouth off of me, licking her lips and smiling.

She stands up, and hugs me, thanking me for letting her do this. I am totally at lost for words. It was one of the best damned blow jobs I have ever had, and she is thanking me! I hug her back, and we giggle as we sneak out of the empty office and back to our desks. The rest of the day breezes by, as I replay scene after scene of what happened. By the end of the day, I am walking around with a permanent hard-on. Everytime we pass each other, she looks down at my bulging crotch and grins. A few days go by, before we have a chance to speak again, and as usual, she flirts with me, teases me, but this time, this time she mentions something a little different. She starts hinting about wanting to get her pussy eaten. Over the next two weeks, she flirts and hints, talking about how wet she gets, how much she gushes when she cums. Once again, I picture the whole scenario in the shower, stroking and pumping my cock while imagining I am down between her creamy thighs, licking her hot pussy until she cums on my face. I squeeze and stroke my cock, massaging my balls with my free hand, trying to imitate how she did it that day when she sucked me off. I blow what seems like gallons of hot jizz down the drain, only to have an erection a few hours later. I love to eat pussy, and could do it 24 hours a day. The thought of ramming my tongue up her wet twat is getting to be a frustrating fantasy. Everytime I see her, I imagine myself licking and sucking her pussy until she orgasms into my mouth. And then, one day, we are talking, our usual sex talk, when I notice we are the only ones around. Without even saying a word, I motion once more for her to follow me, and we go into that empty office again. This time, I sit her up on the desk, laying her back on her elbows, and push her skirt up around her hips. She is wearing black lace panties, which I slide off, stuffing them into my pocket for the time being. Her pussy is quite beautiful, dark silky hair covering a thick mound, with full lips that are parted to reveal a slick pink twat. I kneel down, burying my face inside her cunt, the musky scent filling my nostrils, my mouth kissing the moist flesh. I slide my tongue up the center, landing on the nub of flesh at the top. I begin flicking my tongue over her clit, feeling it become engorged from the stimulation. I begin to suck it, tugging at it a little.

She starts to moan, yessssssssss.....edging me on, and I nibble the tiny bud while she bucks her hips, her eyes closed, her breathing hard and ragged. I can tell she is close, and I slide one finger up into her juicy hole. She moans, ahhhhhhhh, and I slide one more finger in, my tongue circling her clit. I start to finger-fuck her, sucking and nibbling her clit, while she moans and whimpers.

Suddenly, she cries out, cumming hard, and I ram my tongue up into pussy-hole, lapping up her sweet warm jizz, sucking it out of her.

Her legs shake, as she empties her pussyjuice into my mouth. She collapses onto the desk, sweating, panting. I stand up, and lean over and kiss her, surprised when she starts licking her cum from my mouth and lips. I can tell she has tasted her own juices before and gets off on it. My cock, which grew hard as I ate her out, is now rock-hard, as she swipes her tongue over my lips, delving inside for any leftover cum. She reaches down and starts to rub my dick, moaning into my mouth. She unzips my pants, gripping my cock and quickly guides it to her now-soaked cunt. I find myself unable to stop, God I want to feel her pussy wrapped around my dick so bad, and I pin her thighs back and drive my cock up into her hard. She squeals, throwing her head back and moaning, ooooh yeeeeaaaahhh, and I ram it into her even harder, mentally punishing her for being such a tease, giving her what she has been asking for, power-fucking the little slut hard and deep on top of the desk. She lays there, legs spread wide open, wanting me to fuck her brains out. I oblige her, slamming my dick up into her over and over, sinking all 8 inches deep into her womb. I can tell it is a little uncomfortable, but I don’t even slow down. I thrust harder, nailing her cunt to the desk. She squirms, her fingers sliding up to rub her clit as I fuck her. She pinches and presses her clit, rubbing it fast and furiously, while I mangle her pussy. She starts moaning in spasms, oooh oooh oooh oooh, and I fuck her faster, knowing she is about to cum. My balls tighten, and I get ready to join her. Her face screws up, and she looks like she is giving birth as wave after wave of earth-shattering orgasms rock her, my own orgasm right in behind hers, spewing hot sticky semen up inside her cunt. I pump her full, emptying my nuts deep into her pussy. We slow down, still connected, sweat pouring off our bodies, panting, trying to catch our breath. I slide my cock out slowly, leaving globs of cum juice in her hole. I can see it oozing out, and I lean down and slide my tongue across the velvet cum-filled slit. Our cum-mixture coats my tongue, and I slide my tongue in and out very slowly, lapping the creamy concoction from her cunt. I scoop out a load, and then kiss her gently, sharing our cum with her, and she sucks it from my tongue.

We could have started up again, but we realized that we had better get back to work. It has only been a week since we blew each other’s minds, and I have a feeling that another session is just around the corner.

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