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Being Watched

I still get really turned on by people seeing my wife flashing. We had worked out the jealousy and inhibition thing to the point where we both accepted this as part of our sex lives and would plot to expose her body as often as we thought we could get away with it. We would play in the pool when we stayed at motels and I would inadvertently pull her suit top or her bottom off while roughhousing, showing her off to the other guys and girls quite often. We would get in to the hot tub and I would start kissing her and pulling her thin suit up deep in to her crack for the others to see. This would always turn us on and end up in a wild fuck session back in our room.

One weekend we drove east along the river on our way to the town 3 hours away so we could do our exhibition thing. She was dressed in a thin white loose fitting top that was cut to just below her breasts. The top was chosen because if she bent over, her breasts could be seen from the rear hanging free for all to see. She wore loose fitting short shorts that if pulled up exposed her bare pussy and firm ass for any would be admirers. I was getting excited thinking about our planned evening of accidental exposure that I decided to pull over and jump into the river to cool off. She came in also and now with her top wet, I could see her breasts clearly and much to our surprise, the bottom became see thru as well and I could see her nicely trimmed pussy through the transparent material.

As we were getting out of the water, her soaked see-through bottoms clinging to the lips of her pussy, two young girls paddled up in their canoe and said hello to her. One of the girls could not keep her eyes off my wife’s pussy. My wife looked up at the sky and talked about what an erotic day it was, allowing the girls to freely look over her pert erect nipples and swollen pussy lips. My wife said “oh my, look at these wet clothes,” and they did look as she pulled her shorts up into her crack exposing her swollen pussy lips and she fanned her top exposing her tits even more. “ I hope they dry off before my husband over there wants to leave.” One of the girls offered her a rope suggesting that she make a cloth line. My wife said,” thanks” and asked them to join her for another swim. They got out of the canoe and from where I was sitting I could see that they were both into a little skimpy dressing themselves.

The girl who kept staring at my wife’s pussy helped my wife out of her clothes and hung them on the line then stripped her own clothes off and both held hands and jumped in . The other girl fidgeted nervously at the waters edge as she watched her friend and my wife horse playing in the water and using every excuse to touch each other’s tits, ass and pussy. They were giggling like a couple very turned on schoolgirls. I wandered over to the other girl and introduced myself. “Aren’t you going swimming?” I asked. She looked at me nervously and said,” They seem to be having so much fun, I don’t want to disturb the mood.” I said, “ As long as my wife’s hot pussy and tits remain the center of attention, I’m sure you would not be disturbing them, she really likes to show off.” “I’m not talking about disturbing your wife, I saw how my girl friend was turned on by her and I’m not that way at all. I like men.” She said, as she was looking straight at the outline of my semi hard penis which was straining for relief from my shorts.

“Doesn’t it bother you that your wife is such a show off?” she asked, still looking straight at my crotch. “It bothers me in a good way,” I said, as I gave my hard on a squeeze. “I have always wondered though, how it would feel to have someone look at me as I have seen so many look at her. They all want to fuck her, but so far, only I have gotten to do that.” As I was saying that, I saw my wife and the other girl kissing and rubbing each other. “It looks like this is about to change however, I don’t think either of us could stop them from fucking each other silly now.” My wife looked at me and gestured for me to go for the other girl. I guess that this was her way of asking permission to continue. I yelled out “fuck her darling, fuck her” and they really started going at it. “Are we just going to watch?” said the girl close to me as she reached over and touched the front of my swim suit. I looked back and saw my wife and her friend in a fervent 69 position.

the girl guided me down on to her beach towel and sat facing me. She never took her eyes off my crotch. She said, “I like looking at you, why don’t you show me a little more?” I opened my legs and the tip of my penis was exposed. She glared and I scratched my leg, pulling the material up revealing even more of my throbbing member. She opened the top buttons of her blouse and I could see most of her tit and got a glimpse of her nipples. The areolas were swollen and I had to see more. This peek-a-boo session was driving me crazy. It never occurred to me that a girl would be turned on looking at me. I felt like I would explode as she continued to stare at my penis. She slid the edge of her shorts over far enough so I could see her pussy and she started to slowly rub her clit. The feeling of her staring at my penis as she masturbated was overwhelming and I pushed my shorts aside and allowed my balls and pecker to be in full view now. I finally knew what my wife must have felt all those time she exposed herself. To be the commanding center of attention is so sexy that I’m finding it hard find to explain. I felt my penis pulse and pulse then without it even being touched, I squirted cum all over the girl’s leg. She said oh, my… oh, oh, oh I’m cumming….. as she fervently fingered herself to a grand orgasm. She fell forward and her head landed next to my penis. She stared at it for the longest time as she fell asleep.

I didn’t realize that my wife and her new friend had long since finished their fun and were watching. My wife said, “wow, that was spectacular.” I said “Yes, it was”


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