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by Rick Caldwell

Mike worked nights as a loader at a large distribution center. The busiest night was Wednesday, when Mike had to load one truck after another, almost none stop. So it was that, when he got home to his apartment about 4:30 Thursday morning, he simply locked the front door, stripped naked, and fell into bed. He was sound asleep within minutes.

His alarm went off at 1:00 in the afternoon. Dragging himself out of bed, he made his way to the bathroom for a shower. Since he didn’t need to be at work for about another 5 hours, he didn’t even bother getting dressed yet. He walked into the kitchen and dug around in the refrigerator. Not finding much appealing in there, he grabbed just a soda, went into the living area and switched on the TV.

He had been flipping through the channels for a few minutes, before hearing a knock on the front door. Wondering who could be coming by this early in the afternoon, he set his drink down and went to the door. After unlocking it and cracking it open, he saw a beautiful, well-dressed black woman standing there with a briefcase in her hand.

“Mr. Sutton?” she said. “Mike Sutton?”

“Yeah,” said Mike, squinting his eyes at the brightness of the early afternoon light.

“My name’s Sandra Wood. I’m with Investment Life. We spoke the other day on the phone about a policy you were interested in. I know I’m a little early for our appointment, but I hope you won’t mind.”

“Sure, uh,” said Mike, suddenly remembering the appointment, and now trying to figure out how to present himself otherwise than he was. “Yeah, just let me put something on. I’ll be just a second.”

Mike closed the door and went to the bedroom to retrieve his bathrobe. He was putting it on and fastening it shut as he walked back to the front door. Opening the door wider now, he found her still standing in the same spot, wearing a bright smile on her face. In addition to her perfect smile, two other things about her got his attention: her hair, which was curly and hung down to her shoulders; and her legs, which appeared at the mid-thigh level below the hem of her rose-colored skirt and proceeded downward through a series of soft curves. He also noticed that she had thick eyelashes, looped earrings, and a set of large luscious lips painted the color of blueberries. She was wearing a silk blouse covered by a jacket that matched her skirt.

“I hope I didn’t wake you,” Sandra said.

“Oh, no,” said Mike, “I had just gotten up, before you knocked.”

“Oh, yes,” she said, “you mentioned in our phone conversation that you worked nights.”

Mike showed her to the couch, grabbed the remote to turn off the TV, and seated himself in his easy chair. Sandra sat on the end of the couch nearest to where Mike was, laid her briefcase down beside her, and pulled from it a thick folder with her company’s logo on its cover.

“Now, Mike,” said Sandra, “here’s the information on the policy that we discussed over the phone. I want to go over the benefits of it again, so that you fully understand them.”

“That’ll be fine with me,” said Mike, sitting back in the easy chair with his legs partly open. Sandra began going over the finer points of the policy, while Mike listened with singular attention. Actually, his attention was drawn more to her beauty, and he was especially taken by the sweetness of her perfume. Sandra read from the folder, and occasionally turned to Mike to explain to him what she had just read; each time she looked his way, it was always with a big bright smile on her face. It was her smile that warmed Mike to her presentation. Feeling more and more relaxed with her, smiling and nodding in return each time she glanced his way, seeing her thick eyelashes batting, the curls of her hair gently shaking with the turning of her head, becoming enthralled by the mellow sound of her voice; all of these in combination were having an effect on Mike, the fact of which he did not become aware of, until it was brought to his attention by the look on Sandra’s face with her next words.

“Also,” she began to say, “you might remember from our conversation . . . on . . . the . . . pho . . .” Her mouth became frozen in an ‘O’ shape, her eyes fixed in a downward stare, as though she herself were in a trance.

“Is something the matter?” asked Mike.

“Uh,” muttered Sandra, “No, uh, . . .” The cheery smile returned to her face, but she could not keep her eyes off Mike’s lap. Mike looked down to see what it was that had drawn her attention. He saw his 7-inch cock poking through the opening of his robe and at perfect attention. Mike quickly fumbled with the lower flaps of the robe, trying to stuff his stiff member back under their folds, then he pulled the waist cord tight.

“Oh, man,” said Mike, “I’m really sorry. That shouldn’t have happened. . .”

Mike continued to pour forth apologies, while he was putting away his early riser. Sandra folded her hands over her lap and tried to look away. Nevertheless, her eyes kept straying back to Mike’s lap, and she found herself feeling a mixture of embarrassment and wonderment. She wondered whether she had done or implied something which might have been construed as flirtation, and at the same time, she wondered whether she could still use it to her advantage.

Sandra had been visiting a number of prospective clients all day, but with little success. Some were doubtful of the policy’s benefits, and others had decided at the last minute to go with a competitor, while the rest had simply lost interest in the proposed offer. Either way, she was getting no closer to earning this week’s commission, much less toward gaining that last point she needed to claim the $1000 bonus offered to the first agent to sign up 20 clients before the end of the month. Mike’s special attentiveness to her presentation had instilled in her new confidence toward achieving her goal. And even though the impression she was making on him was definitely not the one she had intended, she could see nothing wrong with playing it to the hilt, as long as it got for her what she wanted. Besides, Mike was obviously a good looking man with a well built body and soft blue eyes, and it was this fact that made it easier for her to risk the endeavor.

“Well, surprises do happen,” said Sandra, laughed. Mike responded by trying to laugh with her.

“Now, where was I?” she said.

“You were saying something about us talking on the phone,” said Mike.

“Oh, yes,” said Sandra. “Well, anyway, I think I’ve spelled it all out for you. Do you have any questions thus far?”

“I’d like to look over the material,” said Mike, “if that’s alright with you.”

“Of course,” she said, handing him the folder, then lightly patting him on the knee. “You take your time with it. No rush. By the way, do you mind if I use your bathroom? I’ve been on the road all day, and I really need a break, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh,” said Mike, “sure, I understand. It’s down the hall, first door to the left.”

“Thanks,” said Sandra.

After using the toilet, Sandra looked at herself in the mirror to check her make-up. She tried to imagine what a white man like Mike had found so attractive about her. Was it her hair, her clothes, her perfume? Was it that she possessed certain physical qualities similar to those of a white woman? Or did Mike find her attractive for what she really was, a young, intelligent and highly motivated black woman? Or perhaps she had just come off as some flirt, resorting to using her feminine charms to get her way with a man? Whatever it was, it had certainly made her job easier, and she wanted to milk it for all it was worth, even if it meant taking the presentation beyond the sale, anything to get this man and keep him as her client.

Toward that end, she decided to use the oldest trick in the book: she undid the top button of her blouse, spread the collar a little and shook her breasts to loosen them up. Coming back into the living area, she seated herself on the couch, smiling her brightest smile. Extending her chest forward slightly, she went in for the kill.

“So, Mike,” she said, “have you decided to go with this one?”

“Yeah, looks great,” he said. “Where do I sign?”

When Mike looked up from the folder, his eyes were immediately hooked on Sandra’s bait.

“Well, for now,” said Sandra, “you just need to sign the terms of the agreement. I’ll draw up the other paperwork at the office and make another appointment with you for the closing deal.”

Mike quickly signed the terms of agreement form and handed the folder back to Sandra. She signed as company agent, then placed the folder in her brief case, all the while reeling Mike in with her deep cleavage. Then, Mike’s catching another whiff of her perfume finally netted her the deal. When Sandra had finished closing her briefcase, she stood up and extended her hand to Mike. He stood up to shake her hand, but something else was already extending itself ahead of his, poking its head out of his robe.

“Oh,” said Sandra, pretending to be startled. “There it is again.” They both laughed. Mike was now staring directly down into Sandra’s blouse, into the depths of her dark and lovely bosom, while the angle of his cock was taking a steeper turn.

Sandra gasped at the sight, then giggled. Next, she did something that really blew Mike’s mind. She reached down and wrapped her fingers around his swollen cock. The sensation of her hand gently taking hold of his member, accentuated by the darkness of her hand against the whiteness of his penis, sent a shiver through Mike’s entire body. His reaction was quite visible to Sandra, giving her the sense of control she needed to perform her next task.

“Well,” she said, “you certainly are an active one today. You know, being that you’ve just become a new client and all, perhaps now’s the time to show you one of the extra benefits of doing business with Investment Life. It’s called personal service.”

Sandra released Mike’s cock and reached up to undo his robe. She opened it fully to expose his broad muscular chest. The sight of his gorgeous body made her eyes widen.

“This may be more fun than I thought,” she said. “Why don’t you take a seat, while I start the presentation?” She laid both her hands on Mike’s chest and gently pushed against it, causing him to fall back into the chair. She then knelt down beside the chair and started slowly stroking his very stiff cock. Mike closed his eyes and laid his head back.

“Oh, man,” he said, “this is more than I bargained for.”

“That’s our motto,” said Sandra. “We give our clients exactly what they need and deserve.” Sandra squeezed the shiny head of Mike’s cock with her fingers and continued to slowly stroke its shaft. She reached up with her second hand and caressed one of his nipples.

“Oh, yeah,” moaned Mike.

Sandra ran the second hand over his chest and belly. Then she transferred his cock to its grasp, while with the first hand she massaged and squeezed his stiff balls. Next, she switched his cock back to her first hand, and with the second hand played with his chest and nipples. For all Mike knew, Sandra must had sprouted a third and a fourth hand to have performed such magic on his body.

“Ah, ah,” he muttered, indicating his closeness to orgasm. Sandra began stroking him faster. She wanted to make sure that he got the fullest satisfaction in the quickest time. Mike’s legs were shaking, and he was gripping the arms of the chair harder.

“Aw, man!” he grunted, as he brow furrowed. Sandra knew that the ‘climax’ of her presentation was at hand. Mike’s load shot onto his belly in spurts. Sandra gradually slowed her stroking to a stop, then lightly patted his dick.

“That little soldier can stand at ease now,” she said with a laugh. She got up and straightened her dress.

“Why don’t we take a break, shall we?” she said. “I’ll just go freshen up, and be back to see how you’re doing.”

Sandra looked at herself in the bathroom mirror again with an uncontrollable grin on her face.

“Yes!” she whispered with excitement, shaking her tits.

Coming out of the bathroom, she found Mike standing in the hall with his robe still open and a big smile on his face.

“I just wanted to say that that was an awesome presentation,” he said. “You’ve really convinced me that Investment Life is the company to stay with. You’re ‘hands-on’ treatment is the best in the business. I can’t say enough about the special ‘touch’ you give to every little detail.”

Sandra’s eyes were drawn again to Mike’s crotch. There was his cock, stiff and at attention again.

“Man,” she said, “that thing must really like me. Honey, let me give you the royal treatment, the one reserved just for our most enduring clients.”

She took Mike’s hand and led him across the hall and into the bedroom. She positioned him between herself and the bed, so that he was facing her.

“Stand right there,” she said. “Now prepare yourself for the next stage of our presentation. You won’t want to miss a moment of it.” She slipped his robe off him, then gave him a push. Mike fell onto the bed.

“At Investment Life,” she said, “we go all the way for our clients.”

Sandra took off her jacket and let it slip to the floor. Then she unzipped her skirt and let it slip to the floor, as well. She unbuttoned her blouse, continuing to smile at Mike, and, after slowly pulling it off, she tossed it on top of him. She undid her bra and tossed it to him, as well. Mike caught it and sniffed it, taking in the full scent of her perfume. Finally, Sandra slipped her panties off, allowing them to slowly slide down her shapely legs.

She sat on the edge of the bed and took his swollen cock in her hand and gently stroked it as before. Then, she bent over and placed her thick lips around its head, letting it slide partly into her mouth. As she bobbed her head up and down, she envisioned Mike’s cock as an ice cream bar, which she sucked and licked with enjoyment, savoring its delicious smoothness. She then straddled Mike’s legs. Mike raised himself slightly and, reaching over Sandra’s back with his hand, began massaging her fudge-colored ass, stretching and spreading his fingers to take hold of its roundness and plumpness. Sandra continued to devour his dick with greater vigor.

Then, Sandra raised herself up and, while increasing the speed of her stroking, reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit. Mike cupped his hands under her rump, trying to lift her up and onto himself, but Sandra placed her free hand on his chest and gently pushed him back down.

“Just relax, big boy,” she said in a soft voice, “while mama goes to town.”

Sandra climbed further up onto Mike, and positioned his aching cock between her legs. She lowered herself on it and let out a groan, as it gradually pushed its way through the portal of her dark and luscious pussy lips. As it sunk further in, Mike felt the moist insides of Sandra’s body expanding and contracting, squeezing his shaft. Sandra’s rising and falling movements caused the front inside of her vagina to rub the head of his cock, sending electrical pulses into his groin.

“Oh, yes,” moaned Sandra, “oh, yes!” She fell forward onto her hands, continuing to gyrate her hips and to twirl Mike’s dick like a stirring stick. Mike ran his hands over her hips and buttocks, stroking, squeezing and patting them. Sandra threw back her head, slinging the curls of her hair, grunts and groans emanating from her wide open mouth. Mike saw her curly hair draped over her shoulders, then reached up and pull her closer to himself. She shook her head, whipping his cheeks with her black dangling tresses. He grabbed them and rubbed them all over his face, inhaling their scented fragrance.

Sandra grabbed Mike’s head with her hands, and planted her blueberry lips firmly onto his, all the while continuing to gyrate her hips. Mike was running his hands all over her back and buttocks. He wrapped his arms around her, held her closer to him, and started bucking her. Sandra groaned louder in response to his aggressiveness. This is what she had been waiting for, for him to take her in his arms and ram that beautiful white cock of his deep into her black pussy. Mike rolled Sandra over onto her back and pounded her harder and faster.

“Oh, yes!” shouted Sandra, “Oh, Mike! Oh! You fucking white bastard! Bang me! Bang me good!” After a few seconds, Sandra let out a scream. Fortunately for Mike, all the people in the nearby apartments worked during the day. Otherwise, they would have heard Sandra’s continuing screams of ecstasy. Mike continued pounding, until he, too, had achieved orgasm.

“Oh, man!” he shouted. “Oh, you beautiful bitch! Oh, you beautiful black bitch!”

Mike’s movements slowed, causing their mutual moaning to soften to breathy panting. Mike pulled out of Sandra and rolled over onto his back. Sandra struggled to prop herself up with her elbows. She looked at Mike laying beside her, then started to laugh. She rolled over onto his chest, laughing at the wide-eyed expression on his face.

“Thank you for doing business with Investment Life,” she said, to which they both laugh exceedingly.

Needless to say, Sandra was awarded the bonus that she had sought. Unfortunately for her boss, he would never know just how hard she had worked for it.

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