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Cousin Jill

By Fisher

My cousin, (by marriage) Jill, wanted to visit me before starting her new job. I was more than willing to put her up in my dorm room for a few days as I was single and in the military. She had just gotten out of the military herself and wanted to take a vacation. I hadn't seen her since she went on active duty but I remember she was very sexy (36DD-24-36). When I picked her up at the airport I was amazed. She was even more gorgeous than I remember. I had always loved staring at her large breasts when the family's got together for holidays and events. She came running up to me wearing a tight white tank top and painted on jeans with tits-a-bouncin. She jumped into my arms and gave me a peck on the lips.

"How was the flight?" I asked.

"Just fine." She said. "Can we get some food on the way home, I am starved."

"No problem. As long as you will be my desert." I replied.

We have always made sexual comments towards each other but were never really serious. Right now I was very serious. I wanted her really bad. We stopped at BK on the way back to base and ate while we drove. Once we walked into me room she plopped herself down right in the middle of my bed.

"Man I need a shower. "Where is it?" she asked.

I showed her and she walked in and wasted no time in stripping with the door open to the bathroom. She stood there in a white thong and see-thru bra. Then she noticed I was looking, better yet staring and shut the door all the while smiling.

"That's not fair." I yelled threw the door.

She cracked the door to peek out just as I was rubbing my growing hard on.

"You just wait and control yourself." she said.

Ten minutes later I heard the water go off and Jill yelled, "hey smartass I need a towel!"

" Sorry about that but I was hoping to get a look at those big beautiful tits drippng wet." She told me to throw her a towel and I did. On that note she came out of the bathroom wearing nothing but the towel around her waist.

"You happy now?"

"Hell yes I am, those are cannons, please le tme suck on them."

"No. you need to give me a massage."

She walked over to the bed and layed down. She told me to grab the lotion from her bag and use that. I did as I was told. I worked her back and down near her ass. I said fuck it and went right at her ass to massage that. She seemed to be enjoying it and after only a few minutes she flipped over and said, " now do here." She grabbed my hands and placed them on her tits. As she let go my eyes followed her hands as they went down to her pussy. She started moaning as both sets of hands were pleasing her body. She stopped me all of a sudden and told me this isn't fair as she is the only one naked. I quickly removed my clothes. As I was she grabbed my now rock hard cock and swallowed me whole. I pulled away from her a fews minutes later and got on top of her.

"Fuck me baby. Please do it now!" she said. "I've been wanting your cock for so long!"

I slid into her nice and slow and then just started pounding her tight pussy. She pushed me onto my back and leaped onto my cock. With those perfect 36DD's in my face I didn't last long. I came very hard in her pussy but never went soft. She just kept on riding and I came a second time 5 minutes later. We ended up fucking 11 times in three days and it was one of the best weekends of sex I have ever had.

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