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Neighbours First Time

My Wife and I have orchestrated many a scene where her skirt has ridden up exposing her pussy to a shoe salesman, her breasts accidentally falling out of her loose fitting blouse for a store clerk to admire. When we got more daring, she got naked in a beach dressing room where I had hung a towel over the women’s dressing room sign and 2 guys followed me in to admire my wife acting surprised in her nakedness, then she asked us all to join her in the shower. We soaped her down, not letting them know that I knew her. With her direction, we all jerked off while she masturbated to a screaming orgasm. We have been very happy with our new found show and tell overtures and have been satisfied to keep it at that with a little public masturbation added for spice.

We live in a college town where girls come and go like water. A new girl rented one of the apartments next door and has befriended my wife. Sue Ann is younger than us and I think she likes the family atmosphere in our home. It must be hard to be away from her parent’s home for the first time. Sue Ann always dressed in baggy clothes and she doesn’t exactly ooze sexuality, but I think that she is well proportioned under her garb. She has shared with my wife the fact that she has never been with a man and has never even seen a penis. My wife, of course, told her that she could ask me to show her my penis any time she wanted and that I probably would pull it right out. Sue Ann dismissed this offer as if my wife must be just kidding.

Sue Ann knows that my wife always goes to the gym Saturday morning, so when she acted surprised that my wife wasn’t there when she walked in on Saturday, I knew she was really there to see me. I was still wearing my loose fitting night shorts and t-shirt and was doing my morning stretches on the floor. I told her she was just in time to hold my ankles so I could do some sit-ups. As she held my ankles she stared at my crotch and I was sure that she wanted to see more. The idea of showing this virgin her first penis was beginning to get me excited. I became semi hard as I did my sit-ups and I pretended not to see Sue Ann staring up the open leg of my shorts trying to get a better view.

I asked her to loosen her hold of my feet as I slid them along the floor tight against my butt forcing my knees up in to the air and my penis farther out the leg of my shorts. I continued to do sit-ups and I could feel my erection grow in response to Su Ann’s continuous stare. I’m sure that she could see my complete hard on now and her breathing changed and I knew that she was very turned on. I reached down and pulled the material to one side allowing my balls and hard on to display freely in Sue Ann’s face. Her breathing got more erratic and seemed to go from long deep sighs to not breathing at all. I could feel the tip of my penis rub the top of her hand each time I did another sit-up and Her face was red as a beet. Just then I heard the front door open and my wife yelled out “hello!” Sue Ann jumped up and sat in a chair as if nothing was going on. She looked like the cat that ate the canary.

I remained on the floor as my wife walked in, still sweaty from her workout and looking very sexy in her skimpy shorts and cut off t-shirt. She said hello to Sue Ann and looked down at my penis, proudly displayed for all to see. “Have you taken a good look at this guy’s predicament?” my wife asked Sue Ann. She turned all red faced again and embarrassed and just said “ hard to miss.” “Oh, don’t get all embarrassed, let me show you up close.” My wife said as she sat on my chest facing away from me. Sue Ann got down between my legs and my wife explained the different parts of the male organs as she pulled and prodded. She told Sue Ann to stroke my erection with one hand and massage my balls with the other. “Not too much, now, don’t make him cum yet.” My wife said as she stripped naked and lowered herself on to me, still facing away from me. “See here, look at the way the lower part of his shaft is turning purple as I move my pussy up and down on him. I don’t want him to cum yet, so rub my clit Sue Ann” and with that my wife stopped moving and I could feel the vibration from Sue Ann rubbing my wife’s clit while I was still deep inside her. Sue Ann started kissing my wife and rubbing her breasts as well and my wife exploded in orgasm. As she was coming, she started fucking me again and told Sue Ann to squeeze my balls. As I was welling up for a giant orgasm, my wife slipped off and told Sue Ann to stroke me to orgasm. Sue Ann stroked and stroked until I came in what seemed like buckets, shooting it all over Sue Ann . Sue Ann said “Oh my!”

My wife started kissing Sue Ann and reached under shirt to massage her breasts. I regained my composure and wanted in on this as well. I unsnapped her pants and whisked them away, panties and all. “Your pussy is all wet Sue Ann, “ I said “ Did you enjoy the show?” “ Yes, yes I did” Sue Ann whimpered as she was being distracted by my wife sucking her nipples.” “Do you want us to fuck you?” I asked. “Maybe you want to wait for some young first crush to make it really special for your first time.” I added. She was trying to answer but was overcome by my wife fervently licking her pussy. She could hardly breath. “I can’t hear you!” I said loudly. With that Sue Ann screamed “FUCK ME! FUCK ME! I eased my wife away from Sue Ann’s pussy, my wife all sticky faced. And told Sue Ann to mount me just as my wife had done, facing away from me. She was hard to penetrate, and I could feel her hymen give way to my penis. She took to fucking me like a pro in no time and my wife got her head between our legs and licked Sue Ann’s pussy as she pounded up and down. Sue Ann started whimpering “ Oh, Oh, Oh! And started bucking like a horse and screamed during her long, long orgasm. “Oh, that was glorious” she stuttered as she slipped off my shaft. Sue Ann rarely goes to her apartment any more.

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