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I had always thought my little sister was hot, but never really thought about it. I didnt realize how hot i thought she was until i got home after my first year in college. My sister had just turned 18 and wow was she a sight. great tan body, perky C cup breasts shoulder length curled up brown hair and hazel eyes. My eyes scanned her body, stunned from the beautiful girl i was looking at. She was only wearing a small shirt and a pair of small shorts that made her ass look tight and round. As soon as i got out of my car, she ran over to me and wrapped her golden legs around my waists and smothered me with a hug. My hard-on was poking her tight little ass as she hugged me, im glad she didnt notice.

Later that night, we decided to stay up and watch movies like we did when we were kids. I got the movie and sat down on the couch in my boxers and T-shirt. She yelled from her room for me to go ahead and start the movie, so i did. I was getting into the movie when i heard her footsteps down the hall. I turned around and she was wearing a tiny shirt with no bra on, with her little hard nipples poking out, she was wearing a pair of tight lacy panties. My mouth hit the floor and my cock jumped with excitement. She noticed i was entertained and she did a cute little dance and came over to me. I still couldnt get a word out. She was gorgeous, my little sister had become incredibly hot. At that same moment a rush of thoughts entered my head. I dismissed all the incestuous thoughts from my mind, telling myself that it was stupid and nasty to think that.

Later on into the movie i noticed she had been resting her head on my shoulder, and she had her tits laying on my chest. I wanted to see them and touch them so bad. So i started to reach down to touch her nipple gently. My breathing picked up and i started panting, i went very slow, so i wouldnt wake her up. I lightly touched her nipple and started to rub it very softly, just then, her arm raised up, a chill went down my spine, and i was filled with fear. But she put her hand on mine and continued to let me massage her breast. i glanced at her face on my shoulder and she was smiling. I didnt know what to do, but she did. She met my face with hers and probed my mouth with her tongue violently, by this time, my cock was standing straight up in my boxers, she reached down and rubbed my cock head with her thumb and forefingers it felt so good. I lifted my ass and she pulled my boxers off, she then started stroking my hard spike up and down slowly, i was so hot. I had my head looking at the ceiling in ecstasy when i felt a warm wet feeling over my cock, i looked down and my little sister was deep throating my hard cock, i stroked her hair and she looked up at me with her hazel eyes and thats all i could take, my little sister’s head going up and down on my cock was all i could handle, i was just about to blow my load into her hot little mouth, when she let go, i was so frustrated, but even hotter. She backed off a little and slid her shirt slowly off, exposing the breasts i had so longed to see, she gave her nipples a quick pinch, which made them stand up hard and erect. she then bent over with her ass in front of me, and slid her panties down her golden legs, her tight cunt stood in front of my face and could smell her wettness in my face, i wanted it so bad, i just buried my face in it she moaned with ecstasy as my tongue fucked her tight cunt, and forced her to a wet slimy orgasm all over my face, i licked her clean. she pushed me sideways on the couch and lay me on my back, she then positioned herself over my cock and slowly slid down, i put my hands on her thighs and hips and pushed my cock into her pussy. She slowly started going up and down, i felt so hot. I moaned to her “i’ve wanted this for so long, u are such a hot fuck!” Becky squealed back at me “i’ve always wanted u to, i’ve masterbated so many times watching you secretly stroke ur cock in your room”. Her tight ass was slapping my balls and her tits were jiggling all over the place, and she was moaning and screaming her head off, my body tensed up and i shot my warm cum all in her virgin pussy, my cock trembled and throbbed, satisfied with a hot cunt, as soon as becky rolled off my lap, she licked her own cunt juice off of my cock and brought my dick back to hardness, at this i was even hotter. I violently pushed her over the edge of the bed, and scooped pussy juice and my own cum out of her cunt and rubbed it all over my cock, i squeezed her tits from behind and rubbed her clit, i told her “im gonna fuck your tight little ass” she just moaned and pushed back against me, i kept stroking the cum and cunt juice all over my cock, she moaned and begged me to fuck her, so i lined up behind her and jammed her ass for all it was worth, she screamed and clawed the bed, my head was rolling around on my shoulders as i fucked her ass with reckless abandon, she used her finger to get her pussy off, i warned her i was going to cum and she pushed back on my cock even further and i blew my load into her ass and at the same time her ass tightened around my cock and she came all over her fingers, i pulled out and licked her cum and juices off her fingers, and then kissed her and we shared them from mouth to mouth. We both lay next to each other smiling with happiness and fell asleep embraced.

The next morning we both came to breakfast, and our mom was in there “gee, that sure was a ruckus u too caused, what did you do all night?” we both glanced at each other with a smile, and answered in unison “aww nothing mom.”

The End

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