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The new girl


Erick walked in to math class and sat down. “Attention everyone” said the teacher, “we have a new student, her name is Kay and she is from New York, Kay Why don’t you take the empty seat next to Erick” Kay was one of the most beautiful girls I have seen in my life. She had blonde hair, lovely green eyes, the most amazing legs I have seen, and her body slightly tan probably from a vacation to the south. Her breasts They were amazing not to big yet not too small. She was almost perfect. “Hi” she said, “you’re Erick.” “Y-yes” he said still flustered from her beauty. “It’s really warm here” she said, she was wearing a green tank top and a short skirt that showcased her wonderful legs. “Yep that’s California for you,” Erick said. “I used to live in Massachusetts it’s a lot colder than here but you get used to it, I moved here a few months ago.” “Great” she said “why don’t you call me after school and we can talk, and you can tell me about California”. “Ok” said Erick excitedly. “Stop talking,” said the teacher. They quietly exchanged numbers than the bell rang. “I’ll call you,” said Erick. In the hall before he left he told his friends about her and they told him he was full of it “ok have it your way he said.” Then he drove home, speeding most of the way. His parents were gone for the weekend like they always were, so no one was there to yell at him for hitting the trash can. He ran in the door and immediately dialed the phone. Some one answered “hello?” “Is this Kay speaking,” said Erick. “Yes it is, is this Erick?” “Yep” he said. “I’ve been waiting for you to call.” She gave him her address and he walked over. It turns out she lives the next street over. He knocks on the door. She answers wearing a bathing suit. “Hi” he says. “I couldn’t stand the heat anymore” She said. Erick responded “doesn’t your air conditioner work.” “No” she says “and we haven’t had time to fix it.”

“Where are you parents?” Erick inquires. “They are back in New York for a few days packing up the rest off the stuff and saying goodbye to friends”. They spent all afternoon and into the night talking about how different New England and California are. “We’ve spent all day talking what time is it?” said Kay “it’s 11:30” said Erick. “Do you have a curfew?” Kay asks. “Not on weekends my parents leave for the weekends” “good” said Kay “ I hope you never have to leave.” Erick stands flustered thinking about what Kay just said. He decides to act on it and kisses her. There tongues caress each other and she doesn’t pull back. Both Erick and Kay feel a strange chemistry together. They kiss for what seems like an eternity and then stop. Erick instinctively starts kissing down her body and tries to take of her top. “Wait” she said. “But it feels so right “ says Erick. “It’s not that,” Kay says “I’m a virgin, but I still want to do this.” “It’s ok” says Erick “ me to.”

They waste no time getting back to what they were doing. To bodies perfectly involved with each other. Erick kisses her down to her cleavage while pulling off the straps and undoing her bra. He can’t wait to see her breasts. He pulls her top off to uncover 2 beautiful creamy white breasts. He immediately starts sucking on one like he was a newborn to his mother. He teases her nipple with the tip of his Tongue. She lets out a moan of ecstasy. Unsure of what to do Kay with one hand reaches in his shorts and plays with him and with the other hand she plays with herself. Erick pulls her hand away from herself “I don’t want you cumming to early” he said. She moans in desperation. He starts kissing her down her stomach. She tries pushing his head down to her pussy but he resists. He starts kissing up her beautiful tan legs. He gets up to her thighs, which aren’t as tan buts are a beautiful milky white. He can feel the heat radiating off of her pussy as he gets closer. She shivers in anticipation. He can smell and feel the dampness of her juices. He kisses the insides of her thighs. He kisses her clothed pussy. He pulls down her bottom a little and kisses. Than he removes her bottom kissing her legs all the way. He reveals her blond hair he is so thankful she does not shave it because it is a gift. He stick is tongue into her and her pussy tightens. He moves his tongue around searching for her clit. She pulls his head off of her and turns him on his back and gets on top off him. “ Enough of that” she says “get inside me.”

She pulls his shorts and boxers off. And places his dick by the entrance of her pussy.

Her breasts hang in front off his face he sucks on them. She lowers herself down on his dick and lets out a gasp a little blood comes out but not much. He grabs her ass as she’s on top of him and starts pumping into her. To bodies pumping together in rhythm full of love and ecstasy what a wonderful sight. Her screams get louder and louder. Oh Erick, OH Erick. Then finally her pussy convulses and she screams loudly as she orgasms. The throbbing of her pussy and hearing her scream in joy causes Erick to go over the top causing him to cum inside her. Their orgasms last for what seems like hours but is only about 10 minutes and the fall asleep in each others arms full of sweat and cum they lay motionless. What a beautiful, beautiful sight.

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