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The Pleasure-Giver

As Jules sat in the bar that night, in his usual seat against the wall, he couldn’t help feeling that nothing had changed in his life. That the world was caught in some eternal loop where no matter what he did during the course of his days, his life would always be this way. He had no reason to feel this way in particular today, no event had taken place that had given him cause to feel this glum, but that was exactly the point. He was starting to understand the real meaning of boredom. He felt neither happy nor sad, but rather numb, and this numbness was in turn making him miserable, as though his body and mind were so in need of a sensation, that the sensation of misery was preferable to that of nothingness.

He hardly noticed the new waitress walk over to his table, and it was only when he caught the sound of her low voice with the Spanish accent that he looked up at her, into her eyes. She didn’t bother to smile at him, for she could see that it wouldn’t be returned but she continued to speak to him. At first he didn’t even listen to what she was saying, just the mellow sound of her voice, but he suddenly became aware that she was asking him a question from the intonation of those heavily accented words and the pause which followed. “Uh, yes sure!” he replied assuming she had asked him if he wanted the same again. “Ok, my shift finishes in half an hour, meet me on the corner where my boss won’t see us” - her response stopped him dead. He’d just made a date with this girl without even knowing what he was doing. He looked at her again and for the first time noticed what she looked like as she walked to the bar with his empty glass on her tray. She had a mass of dark curls and was slender and cat-like as she slipped behind the bar – her eyes flashed as she stared right at him for a second too long before disappearing into the kitchens. Jules would not normally have kept a date with some stranger but at least this was a sensation other than boredom – this was fear. . .

They met at the corner and her ease impressed him. She was not forceful, but sure of herself, aware that she was the sexiest woman he had been near in a very long time. Her lack of nerves made him comfortable and she talked about how miserable he had been looking in the bar and that she had a talent for making men feel better. They walked with purpose even though he had no idea where they were going until she stopped abruptly outside an apartment block. “This is where I live. Come up.” She didn’t invite him, she told him and he liked her for not using euphemisms or playing games with him. She didn’t invite him for coffee she just told him to come upstairs with her. He had a sneaking idea what she had in mind and she wasn’t bothered that he knew. Upstairs, she sat him down in the armchair in her living room and took off her coat. She reached over and unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it open as he sat there wordless and tense. She told him that tension was a bad thing and that when she had seen him in the bar, all she’d wanted to do was relax him - that was her gift. She reached over and kissed along his jaw line and then planted her full mouth over his. Gently sucking his tongue into her mouth and caressing it with just enough pressure to be insistent, but not enough for him to feel as though she was dominating him. Somehow she knew how to be passive but without making him feel as though he was in control. She drove him to kiss her with the force and passion of a man, but he did not feel that familiar anxiety which so often comes with being the dominant force in a sexual encounter. The kiss finally ended – just one, long firm definitive kiss and then she moved to his neck, making him rest his head back in the chair. Her mouth traced the outline of his collarbone as she knelt in front of his chair and her hands rested, one on each of his thighs. Normally he would have felt nervous and his thighs would have trembled beneath her hands, but she was right when she said she had a way of relaxing people. He was at ease because he knew that this was about nothing more than sex and that she wasn’t doing it for any reason other than because she wanted to. Her lips traveled down to his nipples and she looked up to see him gazing at her. He wanted her clothes off and she sensed this, peeling her blouse off to reveal beautiful coffee breasts and expensive underwear. He felt the lace and the warm globes of her flesh against his abdomen as she returned to flick her tongue over his nipples and he took a deep breath and closed his eyes as though he were receiving a massage - passive enjoyment of this woman’s talent. She reached his belt, unbuckled, unzipped and slid down his trousers, taking his underwear at the same time. Her attention thus far had almost been too soothing to be erotic and he wasn’t totally hard yet. The tension was drained from his body and even his cock was too relaxed to be straining against her as she licked the join of his thighs to his groin, each side in turn. She cupped his balls in her cool hands and the first real flicker of lust ran through him, teasing him slightly, but not unbearably. Her delicate tongue licked the base of his cock making him fully hard as she continued to touch his balls lightly, but without tickling him and he issued a guttural moan from his throat. Her tongue moved over his balls, as she traced her fingers down to his buttocks stroked a finger between them making his cock jerk slightly from the pleasure of being touched there so expertly. She stopped briefly to unhook her bra and allow her breasts to weigh down on his naked thighs as she licked lower down, tracing one long lick from his backside, up over his balls to the base of his cock. She repeated the movement a couple more times, not touching the shaft of his cock, until he started to pump his hips, wanting her to take all of him into her mouth and suck and suck. She licked up the shaft of his cock with her tiny pointed tongue, once, twice, three times, until she had taken one long delicious stroke up each side of his penis, each time, stopping just short of the very sensitive tip. His body was shuddering by now and his cock glistened with the pre-cum, which was flowing from his excitement. She glanced up at him as he gazed down at her and smiled slightly before oh-so-gently licking the pre-cum from the very sensitive tip. She paused a split second, to tease him and then continued with slow tantalizing licks, all over the tip of his penis until his balls where so tight he wanted to explode, but knowing that he wouldn’t until he was engulfed in her hot mouth. She reached down and caressed his balls as she continued to lick the very tip of him, as though to soothe and massage them as they ached from pleasure and need. She placed one cool finger at the opening of his backside and pressed gently in little circles as her licking became firmer and wetter. He continued to moan in the exquisite agony of being teased by this fantastic woman. Never had he known a woman to be so good at giving pleasure in this way and he was all of a sudden amazed by her and turned on, not only by what she was doing but by the whole of her – by the idea that a woman like this was walking around on the same planet as him. He began to pump his hips harder and in doing so her finger traveled further into him, increasing his desire to explode into her mouth, but still she licked his cock with just the very tip of her tongue. He felt as though he may come from the feeling of her finger inside him and the tip of her tongue on the head of his cock and he willed her to let him have the satisfaction of her hot mouth around him as he flooded her throat. Again, she seemed to sense when he couldn’t take the pleasure any longer and slowly she pressed her lips against the tip of his cock and engulfed it in her mouth, so that he felt like he was entering the tightest pussy he had ever experienced. She took the length of his cock in her beautiful hot mouth and he played with the tumble of curls on her head as he watched her head raise up, sucking ever so slightly on his silken shaft. He felt the air cool his wet cock as she drew away from him, before sinking slowly back down on it. She moved her wet warm, velvet mouth slowly up and down the shaft as her hands continued to massage his balls and that fantastic finger pressed against him, bringing him ever closer to his climax. His moans grew louder as he became unable to control the pleasure and as he managed to open his eyes for a split second, he noticed that her hips were swaying with her own arousal as she listened to the sound of his pleasure. He reached a hand to her beautiful breast, almost afraid to touch them for fear that he would come from the pleasure of feeling the firm globes and the hard pink nipples. She was so obviously aroused by the pleasure she was giving and he slid his hand up her skirt and under her panties to feel how wet she was. She groaned, with her mouth still full of his bulging cock as he touched her soaking wet pussy which had drenched her soft pubic hair and suddenly he realised how much he wanted to return the pleasure he was feeling. The sensation of her hot mouth around him seemed to get better and better, so that even when he thought he could not feel anymore pleasure without squirting his cum into her throat, it seemed to feel ever more delicious. Until now her mouth had been moving up and down him, with only the smallest pressure, but now she began to suck him harder and harder at the same time as moving up and down the length of his shaft. He no longer needed to pump his hips, for she was giving him that wonderful feeling of a totally satisfying sensation, moving up and down him, increasing the speed with each downward motion and increasing the pressure with which she sucked with each upward motion. She continued this for what seemed like a century until she was sucking hard and fast and his eyes were screwed up tightly with the ecstatic feeling in his groin. She lifter her mouth from him for the briefest moment to speak for the first time since she had begun to work her magic and in her husky Spanish accent said simply, “You’re going to come for me now”. She sucked him back into her mouth pushing her finger a little further inside him until he could bare it no longer. He cried out “Oh God! You’re making me come. I’m coming, I’m ohhhh” as he felt the red hot cum from his balls travel the length of the shaft of his cock and felt he release of the pressure as his fluid jerked in several spasms from the tip of his cock. Her wet velvet tongue swirled around it in her mouth and his cock was vibrated by her mouth as she moaned in the delight of his orgasm. She had swallowed the first few mouthfuls of his cum before he had finished spurting the last few into her mouth and as his cock softened in her mouth she continued to suck and throb around him, prolonging his orgasm, “oh God, oh fuck!” he gasped in amazement “I’m gonna come – I’m still coming, I’m . . .” and his cock spurted more cum into her eager mouth, even after he thought he had finished his orgasm. This is what it must feel like for a woman to have multiple orgasms, he though as he finally emptied himself fully into her mouth watching as one single stream of cum ran down the side of her mouth. She made no attempt to stop it and it ran down her chin on to her breast. Even after this woman had made him come, she still seemed able to turn him on by her powerful yet unthreatening sexuality, and his mind was already full of thoughts about what they could do later that night, or in the morning. As his breathing returned to normal, she finally took her mouth away from him, kissed his soft cock and moved up to sit on the arm of the chair, pressing his head to her breast and stroking his hair. He opened his eyes and glanced at the clock on her wall. It was late and he was tired - she had spent over an hour and half just seeing to his pleasure and he felt a pang of guilt as he thought about how he should be pleasuring her. He tried to apologise for his sleepiness, but she just pushed his head closer to her breast, so that he was nursing on her nipple and soothed him once more with her voice, “The morning, my love. I shall take my pleasure in the morning . . . .”

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