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"The Messenger" - Part 1:

Chris is a married husband and father of two loving children, now in their sort-of early teens. The couple stay at Walsham, in Yorkshire. They have a huge mansion called Kingston Manor, with 15 bedrooms, 5 living rooms, 3 gazebos, 1 large Olympic-sized swimming pool, 5 spas, 4 steam rooms, 1 floor-gym, garage for 10 cars, 1 basement Games room, 2 separate houses for the maids, 3 rottweilers and 6 cars – each being a Mercedes or a BMW, with one Ferrari.

As you can see from above, they are a rich family. Their relatives, Joyce and Susan both stay in Heltham Heath, Lancashire. Their house is around the same as well.

The story starts off when Chris and Diane are both in Oslo with the children and relatives back in Yorkshire. The relatives came to stay for 2 weeks. Apparently, it seems that Nitzila plc wants to invest in Norway and their accountants are KPMG! So the companies have paired Chris and Diane to spearhead the investment options.

At home in Walsham…


The brightly sunny day was slowly coming to an end and the silence in the East House was unbearable. Kingston Manor was divided into “houses”, East being children’s, West being Parents and Holly House (the other separate house) for the relatives.

There was some noise coming from Lisa’s room. Jade had come over for the day to be with Lisa. They both were on the same assignment at school and were best friends away from the class, so it seemed like a perfect pairing.

The noise, though, was louder than normal. Realising that her parents aren’t home and the relatives have gone out shopping, Lisa was the main assailant – shouting really loud as if both children were really in the mood for some rock ‘n’ roll!

“Where’s the package you showed me yesterday Lee?” – Lee was Lisa’s nickname by most of her friends, and at home as well!

“I kept it in the Beamer. The 525i. Yeah, that one!” – The BMW 525I was Lisa’s car now that she knew how to drive and Chris wasn’t worried about the insurance (just look at he and his wife’s salaries!!)

“Go get it then!”

“Can’t be fucked!” – Lisa knew how sexy 18 was – girls can now do whatever they want. She has the added advantage of her parents not being home.

“Anyways, I’ve got loads of stuff in here. See?”

Lee was a fit, sporty girl at 18. Her boobs were in the ‘C’ range and she liked wearing sporty lingerie, even at home. This consisted of cycling pants, which were tight, and a sports bra with no insider support. Her parents never complained. She had a long hair that reached her shoulders. Her tits had bright red nipples on them that were growing and her curves were perfect for a 18 year old Jennifer Lopez.

Jade was 18 but she had the same as well, expect she was a bit fatter, but to the liking of Lee. Jade was a fashion geek as well but wore jogging pants and lose t-shirts everywhere.

Both girls at this age had seen those playboy magazines but not seriously, and before you know it, they know masturbation. Everytime after their sports session, they would strip and go under the hot showers. This would be relaxing to them, and then they would get into a group masturbation session that would last for half an hour. Even the coach would join in!

Suddenly, the doorbell rang – it rang in sequences of three.

“Hold on to this – I’ll get the door”. Lisa ran out of the room and headed for the stairs that led to the “West Wing”, which was their entrance lobby.

Crack…she opened the door and greeted her brother Kevin.

Kevin just got back from his university to be at his parent’s place for the weekend. He was fairly built, with a six pack and a white muscular body and short hair. His car was the M5 tuned by German makers Hamaan motorsport.

“Hey Kev! ‘Sup?”- Lee jumps into the air whenever she meets her brother at the door. Kevin drew his hands open and in jumped Lee. She circled her hands against his head and her legs against his body. Kevin could feel the light tinge of his sister’s breasts against his chest.

“Hey darlin’! How’s you? I’ve had a busy day…a very busy one, indeed.” Evidently, Kevin was looking for some fun, either in the spa, at the tv lounge or at the pool.

“Kev I missed you so much!”

“I know. I miss you too!”

After they entered, Lee offered to take his bags into his room and wanted to relax him because he was tired. She hadn’t seen him for one week and at this time she remembered how close they both were when they were small.

“Did mom call?” – Kevin wanted to make sure his sister was safe alone, even though they had three dogs and their relatives.

“Dad called this morning. He said they were having a cocktail tonight and so hopefully tomorrow his boss will sign the deal. Mom was at the admin meeting. I asked him when he planned on returning.”

Indeed it was two weeks since Chris and Diane left and it was high time that they both came back. But they were enjoying their time away from the kids. You know what parents do when they’re on holiday. Yep, that’s what they were doing!

“What did he say?”

“He said hopefully day after tomorrow. He asked me to confirm the klm uk flight, because it seems they had some disruptions and one flight that came today left yesterday afternoon and went via Amsterdam and Rome.”

“You’ll do that then, won’t you?”

“No! First I want you settled in!”

From today onwards, Lee’s life changed completely. She did not have a dirty mind and even after seeing those playboy magazines lightly, she did not even think of how sex can really be amazing.

Jade meanwhile was reading a novel, “The Pillars”, which was about a family fighting against the politics of a government that didn’t recognise their religion as important. The door to Lee’s room was opened and so Lee had Kevin’s bags and scooted past the room in top speed not bothering to even look as what her friend was doing.

It was dark now and the house had no lights on, only the moonlight in the West Wing and Lee’s room. Kevin clicked on the switch, which shot on most of the lights and also started off a mobile audio system. At this time Jade was wondering whether Lee was still with the person at the door or not, so she got up and headed for the door. As soon as she stepped out, she banged into Kevin.

“Hello there my lady!” – Kevin like to think women as important and always started a conversation flirtatiously.

“Er..hi! And you are?”

“Hi my name is Kevin, I’m Lisa’s brother! Nice to meet you.”

“Oh, hi. I’m Jade, Lisa’s best friend at school and elsewhere. Nice to meet you. So, what’s new?

Lee popped out of Kevin’s room only to see her brother “chatting” with Jade. Even though she was 17 and he was 23, she still felt jealous of him when she saw him with other girls instead of her.

“Nothing much really, except I just got back from York.”

Seeing his clothes, she thought he must have had a rough day, so she decided to let him off the hook.

“I see that you’ve had a hard day, I guess I’ll let you free.”

“Gee, thanks. I might go into the pool and or spa. Wanna join? Bring Lee as well!

“I haven’t got my bikini with me!”

“Doesn’t matter, we’re family. We can manage without ‘em.”

At this point, Jade’s heartbeat started to rise. She never knew her friend’s brother to be this allowing. A thought came into her mind. Was Lee swimming naked with Kevin when they were small? Was Lee fucking Kevin while their parents were out? She couldn’t make any sense of it at all!

“I’ll ask Lee and see what she has to say.”

As she turned round, Lee was already standing at the entryway. She smiled at Jade and gave her a wink. Slowly she grabbed Jade’s hand and asked whether she could stay over the night.

“I don’t know. I’ll have to ask mom and see.”

At that moment Lee scooted off to fetch the phone. She had to cross the West Wing, and enter the “Plot Room”.

Meanwhile Kevin walked off outside into the parks and started breathing in the fresh country air with the light breeze. He walked in the direction of the spa, inside Nelson House, which was on the other side from Holly House.

Both houses were secure, and so upon entering Nelson House, Kevin made off for the doors to inspect the curtains and door security systems. He thought that if he was going to fuck his sister and Jade, he might as well do it when the doors are locked and curtains are drawn so that Joyce and Sarah, who are in the opposite house can’t see them.

Lisa brought the phone to Jade and handed it to her. Jade started dialling the number of her house, when the phone started to ring loudly.

“Oops! Lee I think it’s for you!” – Indeed it was her granny who called to say they’d be late and to wait because they’ll bring the dinner.

“What time will you be back auntie?” – Lee wanted to make sure she knew what time Joyce and Sarah arrived home so that they could prepare in advance.

“Oh probably around 2am or so. We are going off to Malcolm’s place to have dinner and then we all including Malcolm and Bianca, we all will go to Harley to watch a film, then we’ll drop by a twenty-four-seven and buy you your dinner, or do you wish to get a takeaway?” – Malcolm and Bianca, family friends, were in Lancashire for one week as the next they had to go back to London.

“Oh the twenty-four-seven would be burgers, right? Then I’ll get Kevin to do a pizza takeaway.” – Lee didn’t feel right to eat dinner at 2am, which is when they were supposed to be in bed – but not tonight!

“Ok Lee that’s fine with us. You be careful and lock the doors and remain indoors. There are videos if you want to watch. You can close the lights before you sleep – don’t sleep late!” – Joyce always loved her grandchildren and it was her responsibility that she ensured their safety whilst Chris and Diane were away.

After that they said their goodbyes, and both parties hung up. Then Lee handed the phone to Jade and soon made off for Nelson House. Jade dialled her house.

“Hi Mom. It’s me, Jade. Mom I was wondering, you know Lee, well she was asking whether I’d like to stay over for the night. I don’t know -?”
Jade was really hoping her mom would say yes, because after all they’re best friends, and they are doing the same assignment.

“Sweetheart come home and pick up your nightie and brush then. And pick up tomorrow’s clothes as well. What time will you be coming tomorrow, because I want to go out with dad.” – Nikki Ringo was always a caring person and longed for her daughter to have friends so that she could spend the night with daddy!

“Thanks mom loads! Well since you said you wanna go out then I guess I’ll spend the day with Lee then! I’ll be there in 15 minutes or so.” – Jade was soon jumping with joy. As she quit the phone she gave Lee the instructions and sooner or later they both made off into the garage. They were going to Jade’s house to pick up her bags for the night. And Jade would get a first-hand view of Lee’s Beamer!

At that time as well, thoughts started rushing into Jade’s mind. The thought of jerking off in front of her best friend and her brother and the thought of fucking Kevin was too much. Her heart started to beat faster and her nipples became fully erect and were now visible in the lose top she was wearing. Yes, they were visible clearly!

As both made off, Lee shouted to Kevin that they are off and to prepare the spa.

Kevin then stopped for a minute. He looked down and so that he had a raging hard-on and that his dick was aching to come out of his trousers. “Johnny” therefore, had plans for the night. He started off the spa filling with some warm temperature, he checked the lights were on very lightly so that the atmosphere would be romantic. Quickly he rushed into the house and into his room where he took off his t-shirt and trousers as well as his underwear to release the aching pain of his cock. Immediately, the 6” rod stood straight and pointed to the ceiling.

Quickly he took out his swimming trunks and headed off to the spa.

When he got there he entered the spa – and God it was so warm that he felt he would cum right there and then. But he had to wait. So quickly he wetted his trunks but kept them in the spa, so as soon as he hears the Beamer at the gate he’ll wear the trunks and act as if nothing happened.

After about 20 minutes or so lounging naked in the spa, he heard the car appear at the gate. He took his trunks and by that time his hard-on was nearly gone because he heard their car and so he had to wear his stuff. As soon as he wore them, he sat back in the pool, rested his neck and closed his eyes.

Jade and Lee both entered the home and headed off to Lee’s room to drop her bag. Jade was wondering why she hadn’t kept it in Kevin’s room, because after all she was going to sleep their. But she thought she best keep quiet.

When they were done, Jade asked about the bikini. Lee quickly replied that normally she doesn’t mind if she borrowed one, but questioned whether she was okay swimming in the nude. Jade immediately jumped at the opportunity – in order to conceal their teenage tits, both wore the skimpy bikini, the two-piece one, and headed off to the kitchen.

There they picked up a wine bottle from the fridge and 3 glasses. Then they checked the doors were locked and the lights were off. After, they headed for Nelson House, where Kevin was in the spa already.

“Hey bro! We’re back!”

Upon hearing that, Kevin restrained himself and awoke to see to very beautiful and fit young girls in their two-piece suits waiting to get in the water. They kept the bottles and glasses on the side and slowly made their way into the spa. Kevin quickly got a hard-on that within seconds it was aching to get out.

Both Jade and Lee wore the top bikini that strapped around their arms, not their shoulders. That way their boobs would be concealed under the water and when they both would remove it, Kevin wouldn’t know at first-hand.

It was now 8pm and the house was quiet except for a light conversation about Jade and Lee and Kevin. They were both drinking as well at the time and Kevin’s dick was still aching.

Then the topic of discussion turned to sex. Lee told Jade how she and Kevin were close to each other when they were small, how they used to tell each other stories, how they used to think of each other. Then Lee blurted out that she has never had sex but she always jerked off. She said they always had a group session at school after sports and so even the coach would join in the fun.

Then it seems that through some physical interaction, both girls blurted out at the same time, if they could take off their tops.

At this time, Kevin was in heaven. The thought of him naked in the spa with two topless girls with him inside was just as sexy as seeing his sister when he got into the house earlier.

He insisted that the world is free and that they can go ahead.

Both then started unstrapping their tops and when it was off, they left it in the spa. Jade’s boobs were very well built and so the shape wasn’t covered by the water – it was just at the level to cover her beautiful light-red nipples. Lee’s was well size and even though they were the same as Jade, her nipples could be seen lightly from the water.

Then it seems that Jade asked Kevin whether he dated girls at York or even if he fucked them or not to which he replied that he dated some girls but he was still a virgin.

Then Lisa asked Jade whether she had fucked before and Jade replied that she was still a virgin. Jade returned the question as well. After this pep talk, all three discovered that they were virgins. Then Lee asked Jade when she proposed to lose it and with who. Jade replied she didn’t know when and with whom.

Then all of a sudden both girls went off into nirvana by hugging each other and putting their legs around each other as they kissed sexily. Their tits were now in full view and Kevin saw that the nipples were fully erect. He took this chance to remove his trunks and leave them in the spa.

Then both girls removed their undies and it seems that they were touching and fondling each other. Lee started by kissing Jade’s mouth and soon made off onto her chest. She caressed her tits and licked them. She arrived at her nipples and sucked them and she moaned “Oh yeahh! Oh hmmmmmm! Oh gees, Lee, fuck me! Fuck me now!”

She slowly licked her nipples and proceeded under them, to the curves of Jade’s tits. They were now smelling of an aroma that could only be found in the garden, freshly plucked, on a warm spring day! They were also sweaty and the skin curvature was so smooth that Lee soon drifted off towards the stomach. “Oooohhhh, oooooohhhh yeah Lee! That’s it! C’mon! Oooooh!”

Kevin at the time had one hand on his dick under the water, the other one moving back and forth. His mouth was fully opened, and he was staring awe-struck! He was really in paradise. His tongue came lashing out and his right hand was now moving violently.

Upon hearing the noises, Lee stopped her licking and turned to face Kevin.

“Kev, I hope you’re enjoying this! Because afterwards, you’ll order the pizza, we’ll eat, watch tv and then go back in your room for some serious fucks. Is that okay?!”

“Anything darling, anything!”

With the green light given, Lee proceeded to Jade’s tickle-hole and licked it smoothly, round the circle, and occasionally moving outside.

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