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whosyour51 12-27-2006 07:16 PM

Bartending and First Time
My Night At The Bar

Well this was a couple years ago. And at the time I was new to bar tending. So this night, The place was like most small town bars. Different nights different crowds. Anyways this night pretty much the same crowd, plus a few chicks that were not regulars. Alot of people come by for a drink or beer on there way home after work, some shoot pool others play darts, but thats about it. Theres aroom to the right of the bar, with one pool table , a big round table and four booths. Up front theres three booths a small table and and 20 bar stools. And a kick ass jukebox.
There were about 15 people there this night and half were in the back room shooting pool. Most were regulars except for three chicks. All were pretty hot and were getting alot of attention from the guys. They were drinking mainly beers but every few would do a shot. So none were feeling any pain. I didn't pay a real lot of attention since they were always in the back room.
After a few trips I started to notice she was getting more friendly everytime she comes up. Giving pretty good tips and looking me over more and more.
So its about 12:30 and this same girl comes up to the bar, starts talking, just small talk. After a couple minutes she asks what I'm doing after work. AndI tell her it takes about an hour to clean up and then i'm going home. She asks if she can hang out. So I say why not. Always like alittle conpany.
Finally its almost 2:00 and almost everyone is out except for the 3 chicks and the little blonde that was kind of keeping me company all night tells her friends she's going to hang out and there out also.
Its finally my turn to take a break, so I grab us a couple beers. Wipe down the bar and shut down almost all the lights.
We are stting there and shes talking about 90 miles a minute, when she just kind of turns my stool twards hers and puts her legs on the outside of mine on my stool. Puts her hands on my thighs and just runs them up and down a couple times, just staring straight into my eyes. Then she just leans forward and kisses me, slow then pushs her tounge between my lips and teeth and (holy Fuck) am I ever liking this. She is good and has me hot as fuck. I'm now kissing her back and dammit never felt so worked up before. We break, and I go get us another beer. When I'm back at my stool she pulls me over between her legs, I kind of lay my arms over her shoulders and we kiss again. This time much harder. We are both horny as fuck and shes slides her hands up under mt shirt and me with no bra get goose bumps from the trills going threw me. Then she cups my titties, rubs my nipples till they are hard as fuck.
In one swift motion hooks her fingers on the bottom of my top and slides it up and over my head. Leans forward and sucks one then the other, then bites but not to hard.I'm now getting wet, and since I have never done it with a chick let her run the show.
Kinda lol I slip my hand up under her top and sqeeze her tit, she smiles and just pulls off her top also. Then I undo her bra ,she lets it fall to the floor, and I lean in and lick tho's big soft titties of hers. When she starts pulling my shorts over my hips, and (no panties)But wet as fuck now. She gets this big smile and then just runs her hand over my wet pussy. Then slips her finger between my lips and then two , then shoves them in me. I'm now back on my stool. with my legs spread.
This girl has got me so worked up, I'm moaning soft. And she knows she has full control. She works her way around back of me, then sucks on my earlobe then goes to my neck. Bites. I turn towards her and she kisses me hard as fuck,while turning to face her. Then kind of nudges me up. Pushing me up on the bar,She goes straight down on me. Licks up and down then pulls my pussy aprt and wraps her lips around my clit. Sucks, bites, then runs her tounge in my wet puss. I'm raising my butt up off the bar to meet her as she slides in a couple fingers. I cum and hard. Shudder as she licks up my wetness. Then pulls me by the hand ( as she is dropping her jeans) in to the pool table.
We are on the table just kind of face to face , makingout, and running our hands all over each other.I figure its my turn to do her,(am not good at this as I've never done it with a chick) so just start by sucking and licking her left then right tittie.Put my hand down between her legs, she spreads them , and I run my fingers over her clit. Rub it then slip it in her wet folds. She moans. I feel her tense up and sqeeze my fingers. She gets off.
Then with a smile pulls me straight up over her till we were 69 and we both went at each other. Dammit this girls good, I cum in just a couple seconds. She pushs me over on my back, then gets up walks over to the stick rack, and smiles as she turns to see what I would do. Comes back,(I'm thinking Holy Fuck am I in for it now). She just looks at me spits on the big end and pushs my legs apart wide. Lowers the thing down and shoves it in with no problem, I am so fucking wet she didn't need to spit on it. I raise to meet the push, (Holy Fuck) She smiles and starts working it in and out. Slow at first then picking up speed. I cum again. She bends down starts sucking on my clit, While fucking the shit outta me with the stick. A few times she rams it in so hard it hurt, but good hurt.I must of been bucking to her fucking me so hard that I never thought she was going to stop me from cumming. Never has a guy ever got me off like this.
Then she starts to slow then just stops. Still sucking and licking my pussy but just kind of bringing me to the end. She stands up. Slides back up on the table and we kiss and make out for a few.
Then i look at one of the clocks, (fuck) its after 4 and we gotta get out of there. 5 or so the day bartender comes in to open at 6. We get up, I look at the pooltable, a wet spot about a foot in diameter, We both kind of laff. And start getting dressed. I am so fucking beat (in more ways than one). Ha Ha. I go and grab us a couple more beers and we head out.

Hope You Liked this.

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