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Old 09-24-2002, 08:02 AM
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Daughter Mine

When I closed my eyes I could still see you in all your naked glory. I could feel your warm soft

body laying next to mine and hear you breathe. I could smell that wonderful smell of you in

heat wanting me to fill your love opening with my hot seed, wanting me to create a new life

within your body. If I was careful, I knew that I could taste your sweet juices without fully

waking you, but your nearness and utter nakedness made me want to throw caution to the

winds. What would your mother think if she knew how much we mean to each other. How I

wished we could escape from our lies and live as husband and wife, even if you are my own

daughter, the scion of my loins, the twinkle in my eye those many long years ago.

My cock started to stiffen and soon I had an erection that demanded your attention. I gently

took your hand and placed it over my steel rod. Even in your sleep you knew what to do and

softly started moving your hand up and down sending pleasure coursing through my nerves to

my brain, increasing my breathing and making my cock stiffen even more. A soft moan

escaped my lips and your hand started moving faster, ever faster. I looked to make sure I

haven't woken you, but your eyes were still closed and your breathing was steady. As you

continued to stroke my ever hardening cock, I bent my mouth to your nipples and gently

sucked and nibbled on them. A moan escaped your lips and your hand tightened momentarily

on my cock. I knew that you were awake then and aware of the pleasure you were giving and


My fingers found their way into your warm, wet cunt and gently sawed at the nub that is your

clit. This caused you to moan even louder. Thank heavens your mother was at work and

would be for another two or three hours. Your moans were getting louder as my fingers worked

their magic between your legs bringing you to the brink of orgasm before I took them away.

"Daddy, please make me cum. I need it so much. Please!"

"All in good time sweetheart, all in good time." Your hand had stopped moving over the tight

skin of my fully erect cock and my heart skipped a beat.

I moved down on the bed and put my mouth where my fingers had been, licking the length of

your moist slit. Lapping your juices made me even hornier than I had been and I started

turning around so you could take me in your mouth, but you stop me.

"Not yet, Daddy. I want to feel your tongue fucking my pussy. I want to cum."

With this, I felt your stomach muscles tighten and your cunt lifted off the bed, your knees

squeezed my head so hard that I could barely breathe anything except your moisture. Your

cum tasted like sweet nectar as it rolled over my stiffened tongue and leaked down to your

other hole, a hole I haven't entered yet. We had both decided that your ass would be virgin

until our wedding night.

Suddenly, you released my head and spun around. Before I could catch my breath, you

engulfed my cock with your hot mouth and I felt your tongue and teeth gently licking and

scraping my tender flesh. You knew I won't cum too quickly since I had already filled your

cunt two times that day. I basked in the feeling of your mouth surrounding my cock as you

gently then more forceably probed the slit in its end. I was then squirming with pleasure and

couldn't believe how good you made me feel.

As you felt my balls begin to tighten, you took your mouth away from my cock and turned

around to kiss my lips. You could taste yourself on my probing tongue and I could taste my

precum on yours.

We were totally engrossed in ourselves when the doorbell rang. We ignored it, but it rang

again and then I remembered that the car is in the driveway indicating that somebody was

home. Reluctantly, I left your warm embrace and grabbed my robe from the bedpost.

"I'm coming!" I shouted as I walked down the hall. I opened the door to see a policeman

standing there.

"Mr. Sterling?"


"May I come in? What I have to say doesn't belong on the front porch."

"Yes of course." I led him to the living room. "Please have a seat."

"Thank you but I won't be here very long. I'm dreadfully sorry to disturb you, sir, but there has

been a terrible accident. From the driver's license in her pocket book we have identified one of

the victims as your wife Eloise. We need to have you come down to the morgue and make a

positive identification."

"I see." I tried to put on a very somber face as he spoke the words that I knew would set us

free from your mother forever. I knew I couldn't let my joy show in any way. "When would you

like me to come down?" I managed with a choking sound in my voice.

"At your convenience, but this afternoon would be best."

"I'll be there as soon as I can get dressed."

"That would be fine. Oh, and ask for Doctor Hollings. He's the coroner and he'll help make the

process a little easier for you."

Showing the officer to the door, I thanked him and as the door closed turned to see your naked

body peeking around the corner of the foyer.

"You heard?"

"Yes, Daddy, I heard. When can we get married?"

"First things first, baby. We have to bury your mother, first. Then we have to sell the house

and move somewhere where we are not known. If we didn't, tongues would wag and we would

never truly be man and wife, would we?"

"No, I guess not."

"Give it six months, baby girl, and we will have our life together."

"Daddy, come back to bed and fuck me until you give me a baby, our baby."

I looked at your naked body and moved back into the bedroom. You raced me there and

spread your legs wide showing me your wet slit that ached for my good, hard cock. As I

looked and removed the robe my cock started to erect once more.

"Come here and let me help it get hard."

I moved over to the bed and you put your mouth over my cock sucking harder than ever in an

effort to put some steel into it. Once you got it hard, you moved so you could let me poke

your belly full of my potent seed.

I felt my cockhead enter the folds surrounding your sweet cunt and marvelled at how tight and

hot your body was. I sucked your sweet tits as I slowly entered all the way into you. Finally,

as I felt my balls hit your ass and my cock hit the top of your cunt, I started to stroke gently in

and out of you. You matched my strokes with strokes of your own. Both of us became more

and more insistent and the strokes became more and more demanding as we both reached

forour climaxes. Your explosion triggered my own and I filled your receptive cunt with my

steaming hot seed. We lay together as we came down from our orgasms and my sperm

dripped slowly down your crack to your ass and finally onto the sheets.

"Daddy, that felt better than it did earlier today."

"It sure did, honey, but I can't just lay here all day. I have to go down to the morgue and

identify your mother. But first I need a shower to clean up."

"Can I help?"

"I wouldn't get very clean would I?"

"Noooo, but it would be fun."

"Later, sweetheart. We have all the time in the world now that your mother is dead. So let's

just take it easy. I'll be back soon and we can take up where we left off. OK?"

"Yep." You turned over and showed me your naked ass. When I came out of the shower, I

watched you sleep as I dressed. You looked so sexy with my cum dripping down your ass

cheek. I just hoped you were pregnant.
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Old 09-26-2002, 10:58 AM
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Daddy's little fuck

My daddy fucked me every chance he could, from the cellar, to the attic, He spread me on the kitchen table and ate me while my mom was in the bath--tub, while she was sleeping. He licked and sucked my pussie til I was sore.
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Old 01-16-2003, 03:28 AM
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The thought that we could fuck all the time without worrying about who'd find out, made me so horny that I had to have you again before I could go down to the morgue. I could see that you were all for it, since you were already laying on the bed fingering yourself. I couldn't let you do that all alone, & just then I had to taste your tight wet pussy again. I quickly buried my face in your cunt & began tracing each & every letter of the alphabet over your hot clit. I brought you to orgasm after orgasm, but I couldn't stop. This went on for a few more hours, & on the way to the morgue you told me you'd never cum so hard & so often before in your life. I knew I'd done well!
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