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In Her Blood

Skye had always been a kind of outcast. It was no wonder that many people avoided her. Her fetish with the vampiric life had become her reality. Her eyes and hair were already as dark as night and her wardrobe consisted only of black clothes that made her appear paler than she really was. Adding to that, her eyes were always lined to give her the expression of being haunting, mysterious, and seductive all at the same time. The feature that sent everyone over the comfort edge was her teeth- they had been altered into fangs, adding to her vampiric design.

Every now and again, an urge would come over Skye and she would go out to her favorite club, The Refuge. She had been drawn to it by its name and had become a regular whenever she felt stirred for a change of pace. Not that she was actually participate...she loved to watch the others dancing along to the wild music. She was enthralled by how their bodies twisted and turned to the beat. Her favorite viewpoint was the darkest corner. It was far enough to remain unnoticed but still her perfect people-watching perch.

Tonight, Skye sensed something different coursing through her veins. She didn't know what it was exactly. All she knew was that it felt almost overpowering. She was so concerned with this feeling that she failed to notice Angel's eyes unwavering from Skye's dark form.

Angel was not shy by any means. Her confidence was something that drew various men to her. Tonight, however, she had Skye in her scope. There was something about the dark-clad girl that caught her interest. Angel knew she looked gorgeous in her scanty little red dress. Making her way in Skye's direction, she schemed to use it to her advantage.

Angel danced her over to Skye. Her body writhed along with the music. As soon as she was sure Skye was watching her, she turned and pretended to pick up something. Her red thong was clearly exposed to Skye. Standing back up, she tugged at the bottom of her short skirt and smiled at Skye. She wasn't sure how the girl would respond but it was worth a shot.

Skye felt herself blush but her "oh-what-the-hell?" attitude was in full swing. She was intrigued that the girl was making an effort to get her attention. She knew that Angel's ass shot was just an act. Wanting to see what this girl was really about, Skye winked at Angel and flashed her a smile that fully exposed her fangs.

Angel felt goosebumps come up all over her body at the sight of Skye's teeth. She wasn't afraid at all...she was turned on! She wondered what if would feel like to have those teeth gliding over her body, nibbling her lips...piercing her skin. The more Angel thought about Skye's potential, the more she wanted this girl in her bed that night. She'd never done anything on the lesbian but Skye made her mind wander into such longings.

Skye was a little shocked (and impressed) that the girl kept advancing towards her. She had expected her to act like everyone else-to make a quick retreat after seeing her little "weapons." The girl coming towards her gave her a new exhilarating feeling. The girl had an amazing body, there were no doubts of that. Her blonde hair was perfect and her blue eyes glittered brilliantly. Her slender body represented grace and poise.

The girls' eyes were locked and the grins never left their faces. Easing her lips to Skye's ear so that she could be heard over the blaring music, Angel introduced herself.

"Hey...I'm Angel...and you are?"

Skye motioned for Angel to follow her outside. Rounding the corner of the club into a dark alley, Skye stopped and leaned against the cold brick. Her eyes drifted down Angel's body, taking her in in the pale light provided by the moon.

"I'm Skye. Sorry. I don't speak very loudly so I thought it would be better to come out here where it's quiet."

"Oh, no problem. I saw you standing over in that corner and wondered why you weren't joining in with everyone else. I mean, it's a club...people come to dance nto just stand in a corner all night."

Skye smiled. "Yeah, most people do...but I'm not "most people.""

Angel was entranced by how suave Skye was. She admired how different she was from everyone else. Nothing was sexier than confidence and it oozed from Skye.

"I was wondering if you'd like to come and hang out at my place for a bit. I'm kinda tired of the whole club scene thing."

Skye was always up for pretty much anything so it came natural to take up the girl on her offer.

"Sure...lead away."

Neither of the girls had any intentions or expectations that night. Neither knew just how alike they were. Both of their minds were thinking the same things...a lust for the other. Oddly enough, neither felt that this urge was inappropriate despite them both being "virginic" to the lesbian side of things.

The walked through a rundown part of town to a slightly dilapidated apartment complex. Climbing up some stairs and coming to the first landing, the walked a short distance to apartment 4A.

"It's not much, " Angel said, "but it's home...for now anyway."

Skye looked around the poorly lit living room. The little furnishings that it contained were well-worn. Overall, the apartment was gloomy yet homely and inviting.

With a warm smile, Skye replied, "I like it."

Skye made herself at home in a brown armchair. The springs were poking her ass...nothing a little shifting around didn't fix. Angel watched Skye squirm around in the chair. She stood to the side and really took her in fully for the first time. Her body looked athletic although it was mostly covered in black, baggy clothing. On an impulse, Angel made the first move.

Walking in front of Skye, Angel straddled her lap. Her skirt was short enough to expose the bottom of her delectable red thong. Skye's eyes were glued to the darkening wetness between Angel's legs. Without thinking, she ran her hands up both of Angel's thighs, edging her skirt upwards. She looked up at Angel.

Angel giggled, "Don't worry, I'm not going to stop you."

"Ever been with a girl before? I'll admit, I never have," said Skye.

"No but I've always had some curiosity about what it was like...I think we should find out, don't you?" Angel replied with a wink.

What Skye had mistaken for a skirt was actually a part of Angel's dress. She knew that discovery would make things a lot easier. Reaching around Angel, she caught the zipper and eased its way down along Angel's back. The material fell loosely off her shoulders. Skye pulled the velvety material down Angel's soft skin. Skye felt Angel shiver when her fingertips accidently grazed her side. Skye could see Angel's nipples poking through her "barely there" bra. She unclasped it and gazed hungrily at the round fullness of Angel's breasts.

Angel's eyes were closed as she pressed greedily into Skye's touches. She was taken by surprise when Skye gently caressed first one breast, then the other. Her excitement increased when Skye's tongue darted over each nipple before settling on one. The suctioning of her lips and the thrashing tongue made Angel go wild. She imagined what that wonderful tongue could do elsewhere...

As if she was reading Angel's mind, Skye gently lowered Angel to the floor. The dress was long forgotten as it draped over the back of the armchair. The bra had been haphazardly tossed to the side. Angel lay in front of Skye clad only in that red thong that enticed all this. Angel stared deeply into Skye's dark eyes and begged with her body. Without a word, Skye raced both hands down across each tight nipple, down Angel's heaving stomach, and removed her panties in one, quick movement. Skye looked at the naked girl stretched out on the floor. With the same telltale wink, she pulled her own shirt up and over her head. In no time, she was naked as well.

Skye bent Angel's legs and pushed them apart. She was welcomed by Angel's glistening pussy. Lowering her face between Angel's thighs, Skye slipped her tongue into Angel's slit and teased slowly up and down its length. Angel moaned softly deep in her throat. Satisfied with her progress, Skye slipped a finger into her mouth, coating it with her saliva. Slowly, she inserted it into Angel's pussy and thrusted it and and out.

Reaching up to toy with Angel's nipples, Skye slipped in another finger. In response, Angel's pussy gripped at her fingers. Still not quite satisfied, Skye added one more finger and found the fit to be right. She licked madly at Angel's clit as she drove her fingers deeper into her, quickening her strokes. She could already feel Angel's pussy tightening at the hint of an orgasm. With one final strong thrust, Angel's hips jolted from the floor as she screamed in delight. Skye licked her fingers, savoring Angel's taste as Angel lay panting and shivering.

"Fuck yeah!" cried Angel, regaining her breath. "Don't move...I have something for you too."

Angel climbed shakily to her feet. When she strolled back into the room, she was wearing a strapon with a large black dildo.

"I never thought this would actually see any action...I guess I was wrong," Angel eyed Skye's body.

Skye instantly got into doggie position. Easing down behind her, Angel softly fingered her to ensure she was nice and wet. She slowly slid the dildo into Skye. Its entire length inside, she swayed her hips so that Skye could feel the cock swiveling inside her.

"Mmmmm, that feels so good, baby," crooned Skye.

Angel rocked back and pulled the entire cock out of Skye. With speed and force, she rammed the dildo back into Skye. She smiled at the sound of her abdomen smacking against Skye's fabulous ass. The more thrusting she did, the harder she did it. Angel had a hunch that Skye liked things rough...and she was right. Banging into Skye as hard as she could, Angel reached around Skye's leg and added pressure to her clit. Already Skye was moaning loudly.

With her other hand, Angel grasped Skye's hair and forced her head back. At the same time, she forced the cock deeper into Skye's pussy. Skye's juices were streaming down her inner thighs.

"Time to finish you off, baby," Angel said sweetly.

Thrusting as fast and hard as she could, Angel rubbed at Skye's clit with lightning speed. Skye rode back onto the dildo and was overcome by pleasure. She gasped and then moaned loudly as her body quivered. Angel pulled the cock out of Skye and loosened the harness. As she turned to lay the strapon beside the couch, Skye suddenly seized her by the throat.

With a seductive look, Skye gingerly tilted Angel's head back to expose her throat. Angel closed her eyes and smiled. Tracing the side of Angel's neck with the tip of her tongue first and then the edge of her fangs, Skye sank her fangs into Angel's neck and slowly licked the trickles of blood. Slowly pushing Angel to the floor, Skye climbed on top of her, her knee grinding into Angel's crotch and she continued to lap at the little crimson rivers.

"You are amazing," gasped Angel.

"I know," said Skye, "it's in my blood."
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