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Old 08-20-2007, 02:09 AM
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Dont like this too much, first lesbian love story...It's one part & more about beauty admiration that fucking. I'll have better stuff in the future:] This was written at three in the morning. Bleh.
Oh, sweet three weeks of solitude.

I swear that living with my younger sister is a blessing and a curse. Being that she is only seventeen means that my previous sexual escapades have ceased to exist, and, to put it lightly; I'm in desperate need of a great orgasm.

Thank all things marvelous in this world that she's gone to visit home, leaving me with my toys and many lovers, which one is sure to please my need. "I have all the time in the world…" I sing along, prancing, yes prancing, through the hall of my small apartment nude. To some, being twenty-three and still a virgin is great, but not to me.

As one would say, the cat has already left the bag, and once I got my first taste of this pleasure, I became what you could call addicted.

I walk into my bathroom, still singing merrily as I turn on the bath water, adjusting it to be warm but not hot. Within seconds it's ready, and I find myself on my back letting the running water apply pressure to my clit. I make a soft whimper as I rub my clit in a circular motion, sometimes even diving my fingers into my wet pussy.

"Oh yes…" I moan out, rubbing harder and more vigorously than before. Using any strength in my small, tan body I push upwards, gaining more joy from the pelting water.

My eyes are closed as I finger myself, biting the side of my bottom lip to keep from getting too loud. I guess I've missed this more than I thought, as I soon hear fumbling apologies and look up to see my sisters' friend, June in the door way walking away timidly.

I groan, not bothering to finish up and get out of my previous position, wrap a towel around my body and find June in my sister, Keely's, bedroom. "Sorry, Delia, Keely just told me to grab the spare key and get something…and I didn't know if you were drowning or something." The fair-skinned beauty blurts, looking to the ground and fumbling with her hands.

She has natural orange-red hair, milky white skin, and freckles all over her body. Her eyes are a piercing, yet soft green with a slight blue hue to them, making her a highly sought-after girl, even more so now since she has turned eighteen. I almost can't keep from admiring her small form as she sits there, embarrassed by interrupting.

"No worries, June, I understand completely." I say, taking a seat next to her and feeling her tense up. I try hard to keep from laughing at the timid virgin beside me.

June, though very mature, is the epitome of innocent when it comes to sex. I'd be surprised if that girl has ever masturbated in her life. She never seems to have had a boyfriend and never really seemed interested; in my petty mind I have convinced myself that maybe she's fonder of girls. That would be my luck, as I myself much prefer a woman to a man.

"June don't be so timid, you act as if you've never been this close to someone before." I laugh lightly, looking to the younger girl. She just gulps shyly and forces herself to look at me. "I'm sorry." She utters, taking in my features.

June, on the rare occasion that she was alone with me, admired my hair openly. She loved my straight brown locks, while I still love her wavy and unique ones. I guess you could say I love ginger kids.

"There is nothing for you to apologize about, June." I smile, getting closer to her. On a normal day, I wouldn't do this, but when a gorgeous girl interrupts you at a time like that, what else can you do? Not only that, today something was telling me that my suspicions were true. "Have you ever been with anyone, June? A woman, I mean." I ask, lips just mere inches from her neck.

The red that comes up on her cheeks is beautiful, and I can barely contain my lust any longer. "No." She gulps simply, letting my lips touch her soft skin. "Hmm, tell me June, do you want to be with a woman?" I continue, sucking lightly on the nape of her neck. She gasps lightly, possibly from shock and pleasure, answering a "yes" to my question.

I grin into her exposed skin and take her hand in my own. "Oh thank God, I don't think I could have been denied such a gorgeous girl, anyways." I speak softly as I pull her into my room. I waste no time in pressing my lips against hers, wanting to feel her tongue on mine.

She parts her mouth eagerly, letting our tongues dance as my hands roam under her shirt. "Quick learner, I assume." I grin as she takes her shoes of shyly and I work on her belt. "You're already a great kisser." I say, sliding her sheer white button top off of her shoulder.

I look at her body hungrily, laying her on my bed softly and unbuttoning her pants. I earn satisfied gasps and whimpers as my hands travel up her sides and slide under her bra to cup her breasts. She's a small girl as far as bust goes, but I find her 36A size to be perfect.

June reaches up and unclasps her bra which is hooked in the front, inviting me to take her pink nipples in my mouth. "Oh my…" She gasps, running her hand through my drying hair. "What do I do?" She asks unsurely, looking at me. "Anything you want darling." I speak, pulling her pants down with little effort.

I can tell that June is starting to loosen up as she is now throwing my towel aside and taking my 32C breast in her moist mouth. I moan softly as her tongue flicks across my nipple ever so softly, teasing me but still giving a great amount of pleasure. I run my hand down her leg as best as I can, sliding my hand under her panties to feel her bare, wet lips.

As soon as I push on her clit, she lets out a moan, releasing my breast from her mouth. "You just enjoy this." I purr, sliding her cotton panties off and throwing them aside roughly. Her scent is heavenly and all my previous thoughts of teasing her are gone out the window as her scent lures me into her, making me jump at the chance to taste her virgin pussy.

"You smell so delicious…" I moan, putting one hand down to my clit and pressing it lightly. I waste no more time in taking her clit into my mouth, sucking lightly, and then pressing my finger into her tight opening. "Oh, Mimi…" She moans as I suck harder, licking in an up-and-down motion, now sliding one more finger into her dripping twat.

"Mmm, you taste so sweet." I compliment, once again tasting her fluids. Her moans and writhes are driving me insane as I nibble on her lightly, making her moan louder. "June, baby, cum for me today, I want to make you scream." I tell her, pushing my fingers in and out with more force.

I push my tongue into her, along with my fingers, knowing that soon she'll release herself. "Come on baby…" I breathe out, sucking on her clit, making a noise in the apartment. My fingers still moving in and out as she moans loudly, coming on my unsuspecting lips.

With my tongue, I clean up the beauty's "mess", making sure to lick her warm cum off of her cunt. I can see that she wants to repay me, but I decide to handle it myself this time, letting her enjoy the aftermath of our short-lived session.

June, being the polite girl she is, refuses to take that, and flips me onto my back with ease, lowering her face to my wet pussy. There's that same blush on her cheeks as her tongue darts out of her mouth shyly, having her first taste of a woman. She looks up at a smiling me, waiting for encouragement before she sucks on my clit with more confidence. "Mmm, June, you're a good learner." I gasp as she sucks on my lip, once licking my opening. I gasp at this, giving her the knowledge that it felt good.

She takes that as an opportunity to stick her tongue into my opening, pressing her thumb to my clit. "June… oh, you're doing so good." I tell her as all my built up excitement threatens to spill at that moment.

The excitement from the pleasure I brought her and from her touch, among previous events, cause my orgasm to come sooner than anticipated and onto June's eager lips.

She licks my juices off of her lips and off of my swollen cunt like a good girl, coming up to my level and kissing me on the lips.

"I can get used to this." She sighs dreamily, cuddling closer to me.

And for a second I'm sure I can, too.
I hope I did this right, my brain is kind of dead right now.
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