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Happiness house

Jennifer's feet were killing her. It was her forth day in Toronto,
evening actually, it was just after 10:00 PM and getting dark. She felt
completely drained. She needed to sit down, but the cheap backpacker's
hotel she was booked into was filled with over-zealous and over-happy and
constantly smiling backpacking tourists with timetables, schedules and
itineraries. She refused to be pulled into any sing-along or some other
happy vacation pastime the owners of the hotel had planned that evening for
their guests. She was tall, 5'10", her dark hair hung half way down her
back, she had beautifully expressive green eyes and she weighed about 125
lb, and reasonably happy with how she looked, ok maybe she wasn't a perfect
10, but certainly not a 0 either! Maybe a 9.5! Her makeup was expertly
applied. Her hair looked freshly brushed. Her breasts were a magnificent
36D (sometimes C); she was 24 years old and single, unfortunately.

She had left home and everything behind her, her bedsitter, her job and
come to Canada on a whim. It had all begun when her girlfriend of two
years announced on Jennifer's 24th birthday, that she was getting engaged.
When Caroline admitted she had been two-timing her with a man, Jennifer's
world fell apart. To add insult to injury, she asked Jennifer to be her

She had spent the first two days of her stay in Toronto checking out the
sights before looking for a job. Seriously looking for a job. The want
ads listed hundreds of jobs, however not having a work permit, she
discovered, was a serious drawback. She had gone for interviews the whole
day. From 7 interviews she had been offered a job as a telemarketer,
phone-sex worker, escort, and as a `trainee' at a massage parlour. None
appealed to her.

She spotted a bar, just off Queen St, about 3 streets from her hotel.
`Happiness House' the name appealed to her wry sense of humour, she felt
anything but happy, but she stepped into the batwing doors of the bar
anyway. She was pleasantly surprised the bar's interior reminded her of
the neighbourhood pubs of home. She slid onto a comfy bench seat of the
only vacant snug and rolled her head around slowly, she was tired and
feeling more than a little out of her depth. She lifted her long dark hair
up for a second. She had dressed smartly for job interviews. Her feet
were thrust into Bally ankle boots, her short designer black dress
displayed her legs well, not to mention her ripe 36D breasts and concave
belly, even exhausted, and she made a pretty picture.

Even though the bar was relatively busy, a server made her way over.
Jennifer ordered a beer, on being asked what brand, she replied. "Whatever
you drink, I'm new to Canada." Soon a red labelled Molson Export was put in
front of her with a tall frosted glass.

From behind her, she became aware of the opening strains of `Teardrops
on my guitar'. It was Jennifer's all time favourite; she slipped out of
the booth, beer in hand, and slid onto a barstool where she could see the
singer. The woman, who sat on a slightly raised stage, and was strumming
an acoustic guitar while singing, took Jennifer's breathe away. She had
long flowing dark hair. Her cornflower blue eyes were large and
expressive. She had long lashes that made her eyes appear mysterious; eye
shadow enhanced their natural beauty. Her eyebrows had been plucked to
thin-ish arches. Her cheekbones were high and complimented her eyes. Her
face was heart shaped, her nose was straight and slender with narrow
nostrils, her mouth was wide, with sensual lips She was dressed in black
jeans and a tooled leather belt with an oversized oval western buckle and a
simple white tee-shirt. Her feet were in a pair of fancy stitched high
heeled black western boots that matched her belt; she cradled her guitar
and crooned softly, her voice lilted, her eyes straying over the audience
as she sang the story of unrequited teenage love.

Jennifer's attention was taken away from the singer momentarily by the
man sitting next to her at the bar. His beer belly hung over his belt as
he straddled his barstool, a pair of mismatched and inelegant gold chains
and half unbuttoned shirt drew attention to his lack of neck and double
chins. "Like another one?" He yelled unnecessarily loudly, over the music,
pointing to her beer.

She shook her head, ghosting a grimace that could be mistaken for a
smile, before turning her attention back to the singer. The beefcake made
the mistake, and draped his fleshy arm around her. She wasn't in the mood
to tell him to go sling his hook politely, her retort was a universal "Fuck
off, asshole!"

The man dropped his arm so fast you would have thought she had bitten
him. "Dyke bitch." He muttered.

Before things could get out of control, the singer, who had spotted the
pretty brunette's plight, flicked some switches and trained a spotlight on
Jennifer, before picking up an electric blue Fender Stratocaster and
launching into the Hollies' "Long cool woman in a black dress."

A very large bald biker dude ambled up, poked the rejected man's chest
none too gently before gesturing his thumb to the door. "You're outta here
man! Dont make me throw you out!" He said just loud enough to be heard
over the song, taking the man by the shoulder and half leading him to the
door. He returned to the far end of the bar, and leaned against the wall,
and gave the singer the thumbs up.

The singer winked and finished the raunchy song. "Y'all take my breath
away." She said to her applauding audience. "Gimme 10 and a Molson Ex, and
I begin a new set." She set her Fender gently on a stand and stepped off
the stage.

Jennifer saw the singer was tall, in her high heeled Western boots she
looked close to 6' she made her way to the bar, and pushed her way till she
was alongside her. "Are you ok?" She asked, making eye contact and
smiling. She nodded to the server behind the bar and a red labelled Molson
Export was instantly in front of her. She lifted the brown bottle in a
half salute before bringing the bottle to her lips and drinking deeply.
"Man that hit the spot." She exclaimed.

Jennifer watching her swallow the beer like it was water."Yes I'm fine
thank you, thank you for sending the bouncer over." It was intoxicating
watching her drink, Jennifer was entranced. She stammered. "Can I buy you
another?" She asked as the singer put the empty bottle on the counter.

"Nah let me get you one." She offered, signalling the server again. A
pair of Exports were set in front of them. "I'm guessing from your accent
you are a long way from home."

Jennifer nodded. "I arrived here a few days ago." Jennifer admitted.
"I'm Jennifer, pleased to meet you." She offered holding out her hand.

The singer shook her hand. "Arleen, Arleen Armstrong." She introduced
herself, holding Jennifer's hand and smiling broadly. "Why are you so far
from home?"

Maybe it was the beer; maybe it was the attraction she felt, or the
sudden dampness seeping into her panties. She launched into her story,
ending with. "So here I am, and I think tomorrow I'm becoming a
telemarketer, it seems to the lesser of all the evils I've been offered all

"Your ex must be nuts! I certainly wouldn't let you go, you are
absolutely beautiful, and I love your accent." Arleen commented, her own
accent certainly wasn't Canadian either, Jennifer discerned, it was a lazy
Southern drawl, from below America's Mason-Dixon Line."But that's a man for
you." She smiled.

Jennifer blushed and blurted out. "Her name is Caroline, my ex, I
mean." She waited for the curtain to fall behind Arlene's eyes when she
admitted her sexual preference.

Arleen's wide smile made her blush beetroot red. "Ah, hang about, will
ya?" I need to do one more set, we'll have a few more beers after I've
finished, will you stay?" She asked.

Jennifer could only nod, as Arleen made her way back onto the stage.
She picked up, and plugged in the Strat, flicked a few toggles on her mixer
board, and launched into a cover of Donovan's `Jennifer Juniper'. The rest
of the set went by, with Arleen doing various genres, and interacting with
her audience, keeping their attention occasionally mocking them, picking on
some individual before finishing the set with a sensual rendition of The
Moody Blues', `Nights in white satin'. "Y'all who are sober enough, drive
home safe, the rest of ya, cabs are outside and waiting. Come on back
again tomorrow night, we need the money. God bless and good night." She
flicked the lights on bright, and the bouncers, led by the big bald biker
began shepherding the patrons to the door.

It took about 15 minutes to close the bar. The light were on high, a
huge man with an enormous pot belly walked up to her. "Time to go
sweetheart, we want to go home to!" He ordered.

The biker ambled over. "She's with Arleen." He said as Arleen slipped
into the booth with a pair of dewy beers, clutched in her hands. "Thanks
Grizz." She grinned at him, before turning to the other bouncer. "Check
that there are enough cabs out there Dale, we don't want the cops here
again saying our patrons are being rowdy."

The huge man semi saluted and wandered in the rough direction of the
exit, pushing the last of the stragglers out of the bar with his enormous

Arleen tilted her head back and lifted the bottle to her lips, and
swallowed, until the bottle was empty. She held the empty bottle to the
friendly biker. "Can you get me another Grizz?" She asked, smiling at him.

"Sure thing Arleen." He replied moving slowly to the bar, and returning
with another for her.

Arleen took the beer and began sipping. "Jenny meet Grizz, Grizz meet
Jenny." She introduced.

Jennifer lifted her hand, which was swallowed by the biker's huge paw.
"I'm Jennifer, pleased to meet you, Grizz." She emphasized her full name.

"Likewise I'm sure, Jennifer." Her answered respecting her full name,
his tone and demeanour far different from his projected image of a biker,
his voice was well modulated and accent hinting that he was far from the
lout he appeared to be.

"Grizz. Have you seen Melody?" Arleen asked once the introductions were

"I saw her last during your second set, just before Jennifer had trouble
with that idiot." Grizz answered, pointing towards Jennifer and winking.

Just then another woman walked towards the booth, Jenifer estimated her
to be in her to mid 20's. Her long thick blonde hair was casually swept
back, and long enough to almost touch the silver belt she wore. She was
really short, a little over 5' Jennifer guessed. Her eyes were green, with
a cute turned up nose, her lips wide and sexy, her breasts, beneath a thin
silvery blouse that matched the silver belt, were generous and proud, her
designer jeans, showed her figure off extremely well. When she drew nearer
Jennifer noticed that her large eyes were green and flecked with gold and
her skin unblemished and unadorned by any cosmetics. She bent forward and
kissed Arlene, before turning to Grizz. "Hey Grizzo! Good work tonight
bud." She patted his enormous shoulders, before slipping alongside Arleen,
and taking the beer out of the singer's hand. "Nuff for you `Leen!" She
said before sipping from the bottle. "Who's this?" she asked.

Arlene made the introductions. "Melody, meet Jennifer, she used
Jennifer's whole name, not shortening it to Jenny.

Jennifer put the bottle down in front of her, held out her hand,
noticing that both Arleen and Melody wore identical Celtic wedding rings.
Melody put the beer she was drinking down, out of Arleen's reach. They
shook hands. She also noticed that after shaking hands, Melody and Arleen
held hands. If silence could be deafening, the silence that followed
Jennifer and Melody shaking hands, was roaring. Jennifer blushed
profusely. Her panties began to moisten for the second or third time that

Arleen lifted Melody's hand to her lips. "Jennifer needs a job, or
tomorrow she starts hooking." She said. "I was thinking she could work
here. We need more servers, since we fired Helen and Debbie."

Melody stared at Jennifer for a few seconds. "Ever waitressed before?"
She asked.

"A little when I need cash at University. I'm a secretary, I've spent
the lat two days going for job interviews, but as I've discovered, if you
wan t to work here, you need a work permit. I'm such an idiot." Jennifer

Melody chuckled. "The job pays $10.00 an hour, you start at 6:00PM and
finish at 2:00AM on Saturdays and Sundays you might work afternoons which
means you get the next shift off, we're closed Mondays. There's a communal
tip jar, any tips given to you personally you keep, the rest you put in the
jar. The doormen and kitchen staff share 20% the rest is shared out among
you girls. There's no drinking on the job, no sex with the patrons, during
working hours or on the property. Can you start tomorrow?" Melody, all
business, asked.

All Jennifer could do is nod and stammer. "Thank you, yes, of course,
tomorrow? I'll be here at 6:00, thank you." She sat stunned, before
asking. "What do I need to wear?"

"Whatever you feel comfortable in, most of the girls are in jeans and
sneakers with T's we don't have bar T's yet we've only been open a few

Grizz made a gesture, and stated. "Everyone has gone, outside. I'm
outta here, all the doormen can go." He walked sedately to the bar and
pulled on a set of biker's colours. "See you girls tomorrow evening, at
about 8:00." He said as he walked out the door, it clicked, locking itself
as the huge biker left the bar.

"Hells Angels?" Jennifer asked, nervously.

Arleen pointed to a big sign above the main doors. "NO COLOURS NO
ATTITUDE". He just works for us; we have no affiliation with any club.
"On the other hand it certainly helps having someone with his reputation
working here."

A pretty server came with a big ledger, and put it in front of
Melody."Cashed up, all correct, there's $926.00 in tips, thats, $133.00 per
server and $185.00 for the 3 doormen."

"Awesome Bonnie, see ya tomorrow, oh yeah, meet Jennifer, she starts
tomorrow, she'll be behind the bar with you and Nicky."

Bonnie nodded and shook hands. "See you all tomorrow." She said as she

The three women sat in comfortable silence, with Melody and Jennifer
sipping their beers."Where are you staying, Jennifer?" Melody asked. "Um
The Backpacker's Inn. Its cheap and clean, it was recommended to me when I
bought my ticket." Jennifer answered.

"Oh Lord, George and Sylvia, do they still have sing-alongs?" Arleen

Jennifer grinned ruefully. "Thats the reason I'm not there tonight, but
I should get going, its almost 2:30, and its quiet a walk."

"You cant walk there this time of night, you may as well stay here,
we've got a spare room." Melody suggested while standing and leading the
way to the back of the bar and up some stairs.

The space upstairs from the bar still smelled of new paint, and was
obviously the couple's home. The stairs led to a large parlour type
sitting room, one wall was dominated by guitars. There were electrics and
acoustics, different makes and styles, and a beautiful silver Dobro,
obviously an original, next to a set of empty clips, and the outline of a
Fender Stratocaster.

Melody opened a door. "There ya go, Jennifer, sweet dreams."

Arleen and Melody walked hand in hand through another door, leaving
Jennifer alone in the bedroom. The room itself was large, with a double
bed and still new furniture. She sat on the bed, bouncing up and down
testing the mattress. She stood long enough to pull the Bally boots off
and slip out of the expensive black Chanel. She unclipped her bra, and
felt the cool air caress her breasts, bliss, after being confined all day,
she pulled off her panties and left them in a ball with her bra on the
floor. She lay back on top of the covers naked.

Instinctively Jennifer's hand had begun meandering across her body.
Lost in reverie and beginnings of lust, she spread her thighs as wide as
she could, and lay on her back, head up against the pillows and headboard,
her right hand grinding across her moistening pussy lips, her left hand
fattening her nipples with feather-light caresses until they became so
sensitive, they began to ache, her back arched, quickly she inserted two
fingers into her waiting wetness, her thumb bent slightly until it mashed
up hard against her clit, there, oh yes just there! With her legs spread
out wide, toes dug into the downy softness of the bed under her, she began
to hump her hand. Her mind wandered and she began to mutter. "Oh Arleen
fuck me, fuck me, fuckkkkkkkk me! Tongue my pussy! Make me
cummmmmm............" It didn't take long, her orgasm began with telltale
electric tics along her inner-thighs; her breathing quickened to short
gasps as rapture flooded her, in waves of pure physical gratification. Her
eyes closed as wave upon wave of sexual release."Arleen.......of fuck! You
are so wonderful......." she groaned.

The door opened. "Hey, are you ok?" Melody asked from the door before
approaching the bed watching while Jennifer lay spread open wide, still
stroking herself. Jennifer's right hand tried to cover her wet gaping
pussy, while her left arm covered her breasts. Melody sat on the bed next
to her. She bent forward slightly and pulled Jennifer's arm away from
inadequately covering her lush breasts. Her lips brushed Jennifer's still
sensitive nipples. Current flowed from Melody's lips, Jennifer's nipples
surged into rubbery hardness. Melody's mouth was amazingly hot and wet and
her lips were soft, Jennifer's whole breast was sucked into Melody's mouth
and her covering hand was brushed away by Arleen's hand.

Jennifer felt Melody's palm cover her pussy. Nimble fingers slid easily
into the cleft. Melody's hand began slow steady swirls, round and round,
pressing hard against Jennifer's softness. Slender fingers probed her
pussy, soon a slow sensual rhythm developed, Jennifer's breathing shallow
and almost hesitant as Melody began to speed up. Jennifer's breast popped
out of Melody's mouth and with deliberate slowness, Melody slid her tongue
down until she crouched between Jennifer's legs. Her mouth was incredibly
hot and wet; Her soft lips mashed themselves hard against Jennifer's mons,
while her clever fingers delved deeper and faster. Her tongue flicked
upward finding Jennifer's shy clit hard and rigid. She sucked noisily.
Jennifer's hands tangled themselves into Melody's hair. She arched herself
so much her body was off the bed. She gripped Melody while humping herself
closer and closer to her orgasm. She came with a gush and a primal squeal,
her heartbeat loud in her ears. She released her hold on Melody's matted
and now wet long blonde hair. And she sank spent onto the bed.

Melody still between Jennifer's thighs licked and preened her. From the
door Arleen chuckled. "You started without me!" She complained, as she
slipped naked onto Jennifer's bed and caressed Melody's ass, and her hand
moved with confidence and familiarity to Melody's pussy. She crowded over
Melody, forcing her knees wider from behind, until there was room enough
for Her face. Melody ground her face involuntarily into Jennifer's
sensitive pussy as Arleen's wet warm mouth found what they had so urgently
sought. It wasn't long before Melody was squirming, her face ground into
Jennifer's pussy, her nose accidently pressing onto Jennifer's clit. Their
orgasms were simultaneous and loud, Melody crumpling in between Jennifer's
legs, her ass high in the air, her thighs still wide and Arleen licking at
her delicately.

For a while there was a contented silence, but it wasn't long before
both Melody and Jennifer began to caress Arleen. She spread herself open
to both. It was Melody, who, with familiar experience snuggled in between
Arleen's widespread legs. Jennifer slid over until her lips met Arleen's.
They kissed wetly, their tongues dancing. Arleen's hand cupped Melody's
still sensitive pussy from behind, which she squeezed possessively, before
spreading the outer lips allowing the cool air into her superheated core.
Melody sighed contentedly and with two fingers, she spread Arleen's labia,
gentle fingertips traced tight circles around a stiff little clit. Arleen
sucked her breath and most of Jennifer's tongue, as without warning, Melody
slid her thumb into Arleen's cunt. To Melody, it felt like wet cloying
velvet, she used her thumb like it was a penis; she fished it side to side,
in and out, toying and teasing, while her finger continued to circle her
aching clit.

Arleen wanted to cum, she needed to cum, the pounding in her head
reached a fever. Jennifer reached out and pinched her nipple; torturing
and pulling the trapped flesh between thumb and fore finger, bringing
Arleen so close to orgasm. Her pussy felt like it was a volcano, so hot
with ripples of pure pleasure beginning deep inside her belly and radiated
outwards, each swipe of Melody's fingertips around her clit made her
shiver, she began to bite her bottom lip while Jennifer still kissed and
locked their lips wetly. The tickle reached a crescendo; finally the
orgasm came like a runaway 18 wheeler, overloaded and smashing everything
before it. Arleen screamed, her body convulsing, every fibre of her being
touching heaven. She roughly pushed Melody from between her legs and
gripped her hands over Jennifer's where she pinched her nipples The
aftershocks were just as delicious, she lay on her belly, sated as both her
lovers stroked and loved her.
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