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Intimate Relations

I met my second husband Jim, about a year after a non-contested divorce.
Jim is in his late forties and I, in my late twenties. His first wife had
died from cancer, and I guess we just hit it off, even though there is a
gap in our ages. I am unable to conceive children and he told me that,
already having a daughter and grandchildren was more than enough for him
and he was content .He taught me to enjoy my life again, and his, and I
fell madly in love with him. His daughter however was another matter. To
say she disapproved was an understatement.

Being a nurse she had moved back to his house when her mother had been
diagnosed with cancer, to nurse her through the inoperable ordeal. I have
the greatest respect for her, she did an admirable job of nursing her
mother and looking after her father, who, when her mother finally passed
away, was, totally dependant on her. She and I being of an age I suppose
made it hard for her to accept that I fill the place in her father's life
that her mother had.

Lindsay was three years my junior in high school, who although popular
was always in trouble. I knew her more by sight than an actual
acquaintance; she left our school when I was in my final year. I forgot
completely about her until I met Jim, and discovered that she was his

Jim told me that Lindsay was an only child. Her childhood had been hard
on her parents; she had gotten into more scrapes than your average
teenager. She had been expelled from the school we had both attended, when
a teacher in caught her, with another girl, doing something young ladies
aught not be doing, especially at school. She had been sent to a strict
all girls school in Toronto, where her maternal uncle had overseen her.

Jim explained that Lindsay had rebelled and had in fact run away with
another girl. In his then ignorance, Jim had distanced himself and his
wife from her, it caused them all a lot of pain. Over the years Lindsay
had many affairs with women and Jim was ashamed of his lesbian daughter,
and they had lost touch with her.

One day she stood on doorstep with a baby on her hip. The baby boy had
delighted and astounded Jim. To this day they are the closest of friends.
Lindsay explained that her husband had abandoned them in New York and that
she was destitute. She, and baby Alan had stayed with them until she had
completed a degree in nursing. Lindsay began and continued (very
discreetly) an affair, and finally moved in with a female college
professor. First pretending to be housemates then finally coming "out".
Jim and his wife had adjusted to their daughter's lifestyle choice, and
doted on their grandson, grateful to have both in their lives. The liaison
with the professor had ended soon after Jim's wife had been diagnosed with
terminal cancer. Lindsay and Alan had moved back home and she nursed her
mom with love and tenderness till she finally passed away.

I met Jim about a year after his wife's death. At about the same time,
Lindsay met, and was dating our local mechanic, a man two years older than
Lindsay who Jim approved of as a stepfather for his only grandson;
evidently they had met at a church picnic. As I said, Jim and I had hit it
off right from the beginning, however, my relationship with Lindsay
remained rocky to say the least, and both Jim and I were glad when
Lindsay's mechanic found a business of his own, four hundred kilometers to
the north of us, and she moved with him.

Except for the occasional visit, I saw little of her, until Jim had a
heart attack. She made the four hundred kilometers to our house in less
than three hours. She insisted that she care for him once he had been
discharged from hospital. For once I agreed, after all she was a trained

For Jim's sake, both she and I maintained a state of armed neutrality.
Jim, I think was oblivious of the tension between his daughter and myself,
for which both she and I were grateful. Luckily his youthfulness and
fitness counted in his favor and he was soon up and about, weak but
progressing back to health steadily. After about three weeks Jim needed to
spend two days back at the cardiac unit for tests, Lindsay and I drove him
to the hospital. The drive home was totally silent.

We entered the house, Lindsay headed for the shower and I for the liquor
cabinet. I opened a bottle of South African red wine, often enjoyed by Jim
and myself; I lit the fire, and sat on the sofa, and enjoyed an occasional
sip of wine. Lindsay joined me on the sofa. Her hair was wet and she had
put on an old gray sweat suite. She made an attractive picture.

She's about five foot six, shoulder length natural gold-blonde hair with
big expression-filled brown eyes. Her chest is at least a 36C, a little
wider at the hips than I am, her tummy still flat, although she's given
birth, and long shapely legs. I offered her a glass and the wine, which
she filled and we sat, for the first time, at ease in each other's company,
with no tension. We chatted, the level of wine dropped steadily, till
another bottle was opened, mostly about her dad. We warmed up some left
over pasta and sat comfortably on the sofa watching the fire and chatted. I
mentioned that her dad often massaged my feet when we sat on the sofa and
sipped some wine.

She turned to sit sideways on the sofa opposite me. "I'll do it for
you". She said, moving to sit cross-legged on her ankles her she put my
foot on her knee and gently began massaging the ball of my foot and then,
the instep and between my toes. Her hands were soft, supple and strong, I
don't know if it was the wine or the fact that she was doing what Jim often
did, but I moved my other foot into her lap and pressed it into the warmth
between her thighs. I pulled it back a little when I realized what I had
done. Without saying a word Lindsay scooted forward slightly so that it
again touched her. I felt the sudden increase of warmth and realized that
she had nothing on under the gray sweatpants. She looked at me as her
talented hands worked my feet, I pressed my other foot harder against her
and the pressure was returned. Lindsay's hand worked up my calf. Without
saying a word, I spread and lifted my knees, her supple hands moved higher
and higher until she had to scoot closer.

My toes pressed into her as she spread her thighs to meet the pressure
of my foot. I sensed her hands under my skirt and I arched my back as her
fingers moved over the front of my now sodden panties. The sudden ringing
of the 'phone, jarred us both.

It was Jim; I hit the speakerphone so we could all talk at once. He
said that he felt fine and looked forward to coming home, the tests weren't
strenuous. He hoped that we were getting along. We both giggled and
chorused that we were getting along famously.

After Jim had put down Lindsay and I looked at each other, "are you sure
about this, Beth?" she asked. I nodded silently; my hands trembled as I
sat on the sofa. Lindsay rose to her feet and pulled down and removed her
sweatpants. I looked at her; silently I unbuttoned and removed my blouse,
and unsnapped my bra. Lindsay pulled her top over her head and shaking her
hair stood jay-naked, she was shaven between her legs and it made her pussy
far more prominent. I stood and pulled down my skirt and panties at the
same time; rumpling them into a ball I stood naked as she, watching her
eyes, as they roamed over my body.

Lindsay moved until she stood inches away from me. Her deft hands slid
over my trembling shoulders, she craned forward slightly and her lips were
on mine, the warmth and softness of her lips were the most sensuous feeling
I have ever experienced. We kissed for what seemed hours, her hands moved
with knowledge over my shoulders and breasts, deft fingers tracing and
teasing my nipples, incredibly my shaking knees did not collapse under me
as my stepdaughter teased and scraped her teeth over my stiff and aching
nipples. Her head sank lower as she dragged her tongue over my belly then
lower meeting and parting the course curly pubic hair until her talented
tongue reached my pussy. The wet warmth of her tongue on my pussy lips
sent shivers up my spine and I toppled backwards onto the sofa. Lindsay's
head followed me down. As I sprawled on the sofa my legs spread wide
instinctively. Lindsay crouched between my widespread knees, her wet warm
mouth attached to my pulsing pussy, and her nose found my needy clitoris,
she pressed her nose against my clit and gently began to shake her head.
Her tongue entered me like a miniature penis, her lips sucking noisily as I
gushed my juice for her. Spasms of pure pleasure began to make me pant and
my thighs jerked in a frantic rhythm. My orgasm began with an electrical
tickle in my belly that exploded deep within me, arching my back and
leaving me totally breathless. I collapsed inward, Lindsay continued to
plant soft wet kisses on my pulsing pussy till I began to breathe again.

She looked up from between my thighs as my heart began to beat normally.
Her smile so warm and genuine, "Your first time with another woman, Beth?"
she asked. I nodded. I reached down took her beautiful face in my hands
and dragged her up to me. I kissed her passionately and forcefully; I
pulled her on top of me, my hand crabbing down until it covered her mons, I
squeezed possessively. Her juice flowed onto my palm I could sense her
urgency, as I kissed her mouth my finger entered her pussy. First one
followed by two more, she squirmed as we kissed, and her body rigidly began
to spasm as the first darts of her orgasm overtook her. Her orgasm was as
intense as mine but she was far more vocal telling me how much she loved
what I did for her.

We continued late into the night, exploring each other without shame or
inhibition. We fell asleep in each other's arms in front of the fire.
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