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Old 11-21-2009, 10:09 AM
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as i sat in the chair in her office i cud see the doctors nipples poking out through her blouse. my clit was pulsating. her long red hair just stopping above her big tits. i was in my school uniform and as she directed me towards the examination bed i stood up and she saw the seat of my chair was wet where my pussy had been squelching while i watched her tits bounce while she typed on the computer. she asked did i make a habit out of wearing no panties. i cud feel my face redden and said no. i laid up on the examination bed and she asked what was the problem today. i told her there was a strange substance leaking out of my didnt happen that often but wen it did it was sticky and tasted sweet. she didnt have to pull my skirt up too much as it was already very short.

she was surprised i shaved my pussy as she said not many 19 year olds did. she pressed around the outside of my lips and said i was quiet firm and pink. she asked was i a virgin and i told her yes. she ran her thumb along my slit starting at the bottom working up to the top. wen she reached the top she slid her thumb into my lips and brushed it against my clit. she remarked that i had a large one and would need to examine it closer. she pulled my lips apart and clamped them open. she said i would feel a tingly sensation and not to worry and to relax into it. she rubbed my clit with her finger and my body shuddered. it felt nice. she then produced a clit stimulator to see how it reacted to vibrations. she held the stimulator to my clit and sowly turned up the strength. she told me to tell her if it became too much.

she moved it around in circles and i moved my hips against the was at top strength wen i asked her to stop as it was too much and i thought i was going to burst. she laughed and made notes on her clip-board. she then said she needed to test the size of my opening so she stuck a finger into my pussy. she pulled it out and remarked it was very wet. she stuck her finger into my mouth and asked if that was the substance that was leaking from me and i nodded. she stuck two fingers into me and said i was very tight and needed to be loosened up . she took out a large black plug and inserted it into my pussy and told me to leave it in while i was at home and to call back tomorow to have it removed...........................................
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