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Old 10-28-2021, 11:00 AM
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The Domina House

“Hello, is that the Domina House?”

“Yes, Madam, it is. What may I advise you about?”

“Well, I've seen your site and I just want an appointment to visit you.”

“Very well. You've seen what we have to offer.”

“Yes, tying up men, masturbating them, spanking, ball-busting, but what I want is a lesbian experience.”

“OK, we can do that. I must ask a few questions please: your name, age and measurements – and when you'd like to come.”

“Fine. I'm Cecilia, aged 29 and my measurements are 34-24-36. I suggest in 3 days time, Friday at 12 noon.”

“Yes, that's all fine. I suggest Eva as your companion, about your age – and the measurements are for any garments we'll give you.”
I put down the phone, trembling slightly. I'd never had a lesbian experience before but I had to see and do what girls do together.
Friday morning I'm wondering what to wear. Hell, it doesn't matter, I realise. I'm going to be without clothes anyway when I get into the House.
I'm greeted by a very smart receptionist. “You're here to have an experience with another woman, aren't you?” “Yes, that's correct.”
“Forgive my asking, but have you had an experience with another woman before?”
“I'll have to say no; only men.”
“Fine. OK, one moment, please, while I find Eva who is going to be your companion.”
A few moments later she returns accompanied by a blond girl wearing a white, quite tight fitting top and white yoga pants. She escorts me to quite a large room equipped with a bed – just white sheets – a couch and a massage table.
“I think the best way to start is for me to relax you with a gentle massage on that table you see there. Perhaps you'd like to take off your clothes except panties and take this towel.”
A few moments later, just wearing the towel and my panties, Eva asks me to lie face down on the table. She takes the towel away, then I feel a little warm oil poured onto my back. She runs her hands over my shoulders, then my lower back and then down my legs. This treatment lasts for about 10 minutes or so, then she invites me to turn over so I'm face up. While turning over she slips off her top and leggings and is now quite nude: no thong I notice. Her breasts are firm, quite big, her hair is down, brunette, long to her shoulders; she has shaved away her pubes completely – as have I.

“I'm just going to take off your panties,” she says and slips them off. She leans forward over me, she places her hands on my breasts, feels them, massages them, takes my tits in her fingers and rubs and squeezes them, then slides her hands over my stomach down to my shaven mound, round it to my legs, then her thumbs slide up to my cunt and they slide past the sides of my slit. I have been in the mood since before arriving, for sex of some sort, so I have been waiting for this and am now feeling quite horny.
Eva's hands gently ease my legs apart; a thumb caresses the top of my slit, eases down to my clit and caresses it. Oh, it's lovely, so gentle. She moves my legs wide apart, stands between them, bends over me, uses her tits to caress my stomach, then plants kisses onto my stomach, descending all the while towards my mound – and I so want her to go on down!
“Is this good? Do you like it?”
“Oh yes, don't stop, go down.”
Eva moves her head down; her tongue reaches my opening and laps me, moves to my clit and licks and flicks, then goes below and pushes into the opening. It's heavenly! I feel very wet.
She stops and says, “Please move onto the couch over there, and lie back.”
Once on the couch I lie at an angle and Eva widens my legs. She kneels. Her head dips and she resumes her licking, serious licking of my clit, sucking it, pulling it between her lips, rasping it with her tongue – and I'm moaning now, wanting to reach a climax, desperate to cum.
But she stops!
“My turn now! We swap positions. You do this for me. You get to taste me!” And she pulls me up, swivels me round and lies down on the couch, legs splayed.
“Now, you know what I was doing. Do it for me.”
She pulls me towards her and I kneel and dip towards her cunt. She is glistening, wet, ready. I've never licked a woman's cunt before so have no experience to draw on – but it's obvious what to do as I've felt Eva licking me. I blow gently at her cunt, my mouth is wet. My fingers open up her cunt and I look at her clit, dip my head and my wet tongue laps her clit, quite hard, then I suck as she did to me. A lovely sensation I immediately felt, to feel this hard bud in my mouth and to hear her sharp intake of breath as I sucked. I licked, I squeezed her tits, I backed off and rubbed her clit similar to what I do to myself when masturbating.
Eva was moaning. “Keep on, lick me, suck me, make me cum!” she entreated.
I did. I kept sucking on her. My own cunt felt almost dripping. It needed attention but I went on. Eva pressed the back of my head. I could feel she was close to orgasm. I sucked and licked and she was there, sobbing aloud and pushing herself against me, then easing me away from her.
“That was so good! I just need a moment, then I'll do it to you again.”
I needed no invitation.
I sat on the couch, legs apart, fingered my clit. I was on the brink anyway.
“Here,” she said. “Get on the bed. Lie down, face me.”
She grabs my hand, pulls me to the bed. I lie, she gets onto the bed beside me, swivels round then moves her body over mine and brings her vulva just over my face. I can smell her sex, I can see her cunt still wet from my ministrations. Her face is at my cunt; I open my legs. I so want her to lick me, frig me, bring me to orgasm. A hand reaches for my slit, starts massaging me, then her tongue is on my clit even as I am sucking hers again. I moan into her cunt; I break free as I'm about to cum . I need to breathe! I gasp. My cumming overwhelms me. She sucks and licks. I cry out. My legs clamp her head: no more - at least for the moment!
Eva struggles free, my hand darts between my legs just to hold myself, then a gentle caress and I subside from those exquisite moments. The soft, gentle face between my legs: such a contrast from the coarseness of a man's face, and the technique is sublime.
Eva climbs off me, her quim still wet with her juices.
We relax for several minutes until she says: “One more thing for you to apreciate.”
She reaches to a box near the bed and pulls out a cock (looks like plastic to me).
“This is a strapless dildo which I am going to put on and I'm going to fuck you with it.”
She puts on dark, thin pantyhose. The cock and balls have a sort of thick bulb behind them.
“How's this going to work?” I ask. “Watch.”
She tears an opening in the front of the pantyhose, takes the dildo and works the bulb into her cunt, pulls the pantyhose tight to hold it in place, and there she is with an erect cock. She slides her hand up and down it, she wanks in front of me, leans towards me: “Suck it,” she intones. “Take it in your mouth.” I take it into my mouth; a slight strawberry taste? It's smooth. I rather like it. I fancy being fucked by a girl.
“Go on then. Stick it in me!”
Eva has another idea. Instead of pushing it into my pussy she slides over my mons with a fucking motion, doing this quite a few times and I feel myself wanting it inside, but she won't oblige.
She sits up, she poses over my cunt with this erection. She starts to wank it again just above my pussy and then, suddenly, she cums! Great white jets of cum spew forth from this cock, right up to my face and across my body. She wanks the cock a bit more till it's drained.
Some surprise – and I'm still high, wanting another orgasm. Eva knows. Taking some of this juice she puts it on my pussy and rubs me hard, wantonly, till I cum again crying out in ecstasy and delight.
I'm exhausted! More time needed to recuperate. Eventually, I'm ready to resume my normal life.
“If you enjoyed that, please come again,” Eva says.
“I did, very much, and I think that would be a good idea.”
She makes hungry where most she satisfies
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