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Old 08-30-2023, 01:08 AM
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A threesome for Lyn pt 24

Mark stayed over that night and when we awoke late in the morning it seemed pointless that we got dressed so we stayed naked in the house. Every now and then Lyn would grab our cocks and give us a head job or we would walk past her and stick a finger in her pussy.
It was a warm day so we decide to jump in the pool for a while to cool down, we were just floating around when Lyn went up to Mark and grabbed his cock and started wanking him, he started to play with her tits and pussy. Mark raised himself out of the water and sat on the pool edge, Lyn grabbed his cock and stuffed it into her mouth, licking and sucking up and down the shaft and his balls. I got in behind her and started playing with her pussy, shoving in one then two then three fingers, this went for a while until I put my cock in her pussy and started fucking her while she was still sucking markís cock.
It is a good thing that our fence is a 2m colourbond fence or otherwise the neighbors would be getting a show, I pumped my wifeís pussy as hard as I could, she was sucking marks cock, taking it all in to the hilt, Mark said he was coming and blew into her mouth, she swallowed what she could with some of it dribbling out of her mouth. I came inside her not long after and kept fucking her until I stopped coming. We were all sitting on the pools edge now and Lyn said she hadnít come yet, so I told her to lay down on the sunbed and we would fix that.
She went over and lay down, Mark got between her legs and started licking her pussy, sucking on her lips and playing with her clit with his tongue and fingers, I went inside and grabbed her vibrator and handed it to Mark, he turned it on and just teased her with it at first, then slowly started to insert it into her pussy. She grabbed my cock and started wanking me back to hardness again, she said that she was feeling good and loved that we were having some great fun. Mark started to fuck her with her 9inch toy slowly but making sure that the whole thing was in her before pulling it out and putting it back in and every now and again he would lick her as well. Lyn started sucking on my now hard cock and playing with my balls, she then said she wouldnít mind a foursome again like we had with Brad and Sue, she said with my cock in her mouth and Mark licking and fucking her pussy with the toy at the same time it reminded her Brad fucking her while Sue licked her pussy.
I said then thatís weíll do soon, she said great and went back to sucking my cock, Mark then said he wanted to fuck her her, I said go for it. He put the toy away and pushed his cock into her, she moaned and mumbled oh yeh, he started pumping her pussy pushing his cock all the way up. She stopped sucking my cock and said she wanted to fuck Mark doggy style, Mark pulled out and she rolled onto her knees, sticking her butt in the air, Mark got behind her and stuck his cock in her pussy again and stated fucking her hard, I stood back and watched my wife getting fucked doggy style outside in the backyard.
It didnít take long for her to come and Mark kept fucking her until she told him to stop and let her suck his cock. He pulled out and she tourned around, grabbed his cock and started sucking him, I went in behind her and put my cock in her pussy and fucked her for a bit then pulled out and stuck my cock in her butt and started fucking her there, she moaned loudly and went to town on Marks cock and balls whilst pushing her butt against my cock. Mark blew his load in her mouth and I came in her butt nearly at the same time. We decide to rest for a while and went inside to get a drink and something to eat. I mustíve fallen asleep for a while and when I woke Lyn said Mark was about to leave and was having a shower and she was just thinking about sucking and fucking him in the shower if that was ok with me, I said sure, Iíll watch you. We headed for the bathroom and Mark was just getting in, Lyn said can I wash your back he said yeh and my front if you like. Lyn grabbed the soap and started washing his back paying particular attention to his butt, she then rinsed him off and told him to turn around, she grabbed the soap again and washed his chest, arms, stomach and then went straight to his legs, he asked what about his cock, she said I donít like sucking soap. She grabbed his cock and stuck in her mouth, licking and sucking up and down the shaft, playing with his balls, taking them both into her mouth while stroking his cock.
She stood up and turned around to face me and told him to fuck her, he didnít hesitate and pushed his into her, fucking her from behind, playing with her tits. He pumped her like this for a while then he pulled out and shoved his cock in her butt and fucked her fast and hard. She started to cum and he kept fucking her until he came in her butt. He pulled out after he had finally finished and Lyn turned around and grabbed the soap and started cleaning his cock and balls.
They both then got out of the shower and dried off, Lyn put on her dressing gown and Mark got dressed. He said he really enjoyed his stay and would catch up with us again soon, Lyn grabbed his cock thru his shorts, gave him a kiss and said she canít wait, we shook hands and he headed off.
Lyn said that she had really enjoyed herself and it was great seeing mark again. She asked if I also had a good time and I said of course, whatever makes you happy makes me happy.
She also said that maybe itís time for that foursome again, because she really wanted to go down on Sue again, I sad bullshit you want Brads big cock, she laughed and said yeh that too.
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