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Never Thought It Would Happen

This was it. The moment that I had waited for and dreamed about for so very long. I never thought that it would ever happen so I had made myself content with dreams of her.

I had come out to her a few months before. We had been good friends for a couple of years but when I had started exploring my lesbian feelings, I had realized that my feelings for her went way beyond friendship. When I came out to her though, I did not tell her of my feelings for her. She had been good with my news and our friendship continued as it always had.

A few months had passed when she confided in me that, while she didn't feel that she was a lesbian, she had always wanted to have the experience of being with a woman. She then asked me if I would be willing to sleep with her.

My heart leapt and my stomach lurched but I managed to calmly reply that I would be very happy to indulge her.

We made our plans to get out of town for an overnight. We are both married with kids so we had to be careful. Now, the moment that I had dreamed of so many times was coming true. I would soon be making love to this beautiful woman.

We arrived at the hotel around dinner time. We checked in and got settled into our room. We were both hungry so we decided to get dinner in the restaurant downstairs. We were both obviously nervous about our plans but we still managed a lively conversation.

It was a beautiful evening so, after dinner, we decided to walk along the beach. We frolicked on the shore, laughing, splashing and occasionally touching. Finally, as she ran past me, I grabbed her hand and pulled her to me. She came close, We stood, face to face and then, ever so lightly,, we kissed. We both pulled away at the shock of feelings that coursed through us as our lips met. We laughed nervously and I asked her if she was ready to go back to our room. She nodded silently. We walked, holding hands, back to our room.

We were both very nervous when we entered our room. She headed for the bathroom while I put on some music and lit some candles. I was standing on the balcony when she came to me. She had changed into a red silk nightgown. I smiled my approval while I took in her beauty. She smiled back nervously.

I took the lead at this point, by pulling her to me and kissing her full on the mouth, parting her lips with my tongue. She met my enthusiasm and I went weak in the knees when our tongues met. Her mouth was heavenly as our tongues danced and intertwined. I began to let my hands wander her back, arms and shoulders. Her hands too, began to explore my body.

I broke our kiss and looked into her eyes for a moment. Then I took her head into my hands and proceeded to kiss every inch of her face, ears and neck. I kissed the bare skin of her chest all along the plunging neckline of her gown. My hands had been resting on her hips but now I brought them up to her shoulders only to caress my way back down to her breasts. Gazing into her eyes, I gently fondled her through her gown for a few moments. I brought my hands back up to her shoulders where the thin straps of her gown rested. Still gazing into her eyes, I, ever so slowly, slid the straps off of her shoulders so that more and more of her breasts were revealed. I stopped for only a moment before her nipples appeared and brought my gaze downward. I had dreamed of this moment and I wanted it to last. My hands started again and she brought her arms up so that the gown slipped down and caught at her waist. My breath caught at the site of her bare breasts. My eyes met hers. I whispered, almost inaudibly, "May I?". She smiled her approval.

I was so overcome with their beauty, I wasn't sure that I could move but my hands rose to her milky white breasts in spite of me. I marveled at their softness as I fondled them gently. I heard her moan her approval when I softly squeezed and pinched her nipples. I smiled at this and brought my mouth down to her right breast. I flicked her nipple with my tongue at first and then took it into my mouth to suck and gently bite it while she moaned. I was in heaven and intoxicated with the taste, sight and smell of her. I moved to her other breast and found it to be just as sweet.

Up until now, she had been still. Now though, she said she was cold and wanted to move inside.We went into the room. Her gown slipped from her hips as she walked. She casually stepped out of it and climbed onto the bed. I stopped for a moment to take in the full beauty of her now naked body.

I quickly undressed dropping my clothes in a trail as I walked to the bed. She stopped me before I climbed onto the bed, asking me to just stand for a moment. Granting her request, I stood a few feet from the bed. She took in my body from head to toe then smiled and patted the bed next to her.

As I climbed onto the bed, my primal instincts took over. She lay on her back so I crawled on top of her and began to kiss her hard. She met my kiss with just as much passion her small hands started roaming all over my body. I kissed her face, neck, chest and arms. Knowing that this would be my one and only time with her, I wanted to taste every inch of her. I moved to her breasts, kissing, licking and kneading them. She took my breasts in her hands and asked to taste them. I obliged her, bringing my breasts up to her waiting mouth. Her soft hands felt so nice. I nearly lost control when she took my nipples into her warm wet mouth and sucked. I was immediately moaning my approval.

While she played with my breasts, I brought my pussy gently down to hers and slowly rubbed mine on hers. She met my rhythm with enthusiasm and soon we were both moaning and breathing heavily. She started bucking hard against me, then caught her breath. Her body went taught as she came. I slowed my movement and watched her eyes glaze over with pleasure, as she rode the waves of her orgasm. When her body relaxed, I lowered my own body to lay atop hers. I felt her heart still pounding in her chest, her breasts soft against my own.

When her breathing began to slow, I kissed her again. I kissed and licked my way down her body to her breasts for a moment and then moving further down to the beautiful pink wetness between her legs. When she felt me there, she instinctively spread her legs. I paused long enough to take in the lovely pussy before me and inhale her sweet, pungent scent. Finally, I ran my tongue deeply through her pussy lips starting at the bottom and working my way to her clit. I tasted the sweet juices of her earlier orgasm and wanted more.

I buried my face between her legs with enthusiasm and licked, sucked and stuck my tongue as deeply as possible into her. I found her clit. I gently sucked at it and flicked it with my tongue. I brought my arms up and under her legs so that her legs rested on my shoulders then snaked my hands up to find her breasts. I squeezed and flicked her nipples while I fondled her breasts. They were just the right size for my hands.

I savored every moment of my oral assault on her sweet, warm, wet, soft vagina. Her taste was heavenly. Her scent, intoxicating. I wanted to bottle it as a perfume.

Sometimes I would tease her by stopping all movement and simply breathing on her pussy. She wiggled and moaned and brought her hips up to press her pussy into my face. Her hands roamed through my hair. We made eye contact from time to time when I looked up at her from between her legs. The twinkle in her eye and smile on her full lips let me know that she was enjoying my attention.

Leaving my left hand to pleasure her breast, I brought my right hand down to feel her wetness. I lubricated my fingers with her juices and inserted them into her warm, tight pussy. While I sucked on her clit, I pumped her wetness with my fingers for a few minutes. Then I turned two fingers up, hooked them and went in search of her G-Spot. I knew that I had found it when she gasped and lurched a bit. I rubbed the spot for a few moments and then stopped to apply only direct pressure. I brought my mouth back down to her waiting clit and started pinching and flicking her nipple with my finger. When I had a good rhythm going on her nipple and clit, I started slowly and gently rubbing her g-spot. She was responding by moaning and occasionally exclaiming. I smiled and increased my pressure on her g-spot. Within moments, she grabbed my head, thrust her hips into my face and began to yell, "Yes...yes...yes. Oh God yes!", through her orgasm. She came for over a minute as I kept up all of my actions. Then I slowly let her down, eventually extracting my fingers and bringing my other hand off of her breast. I buried my face in her pussy again and savoring every drop, used my tongue to slowly and gently clean all of her juices from her swollen pussy lips. I gave her one last, full length lick taking in her scent and taste then I brought my mouth up to hers and kissed her passionately. Her juices were all over my lips. I knew she could taste them as our tongues met in an erotic dance.

Her hands began to roam around my body. When I brought my body so that I was laying next to her, she immediately climbed on top of me. I seized the opportunity to fondle her breasts yet again. She pulled them away from me as she kissed her way down to my own breasts. She began to fondle them and pinch my nipples. She then bent her head and brought her lips to my nipples. She suckled each one like a baby at first and then licked and playfully bit my nipples. My nipples were rock hard and I moaned as she played.

She raised her eyes and smiled at me when she heard me moan. Then she moved her hand down to my very willing pussy. She skillfully inserted one finger while she found my clit with her thumb and began to rub it gently. She sucked my nipple at the same time. I was in absolute heaven as she pleasured me, moaning and writhing beneath her.

Without warning, she removed her mouth from my nipple and her hand from my pussy. With a gleam in her eye, she answered my questioning look by saying, "I want to taste you there". I relaxed again and let her do her thing. She showered my body with kisses on her way down to the wetness between my legs. Her face and better yet, her mouth, was now only inches away from my throbbing pussy. I was quivering with the anticipation of her contact. She kept her distance for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, tentatively, she ran her tongue the length of my labia. She inhaled deeply then drove her tongue into my pussy and began to lick it feverishly up, down and side to side. She found my clit, flicked it with her tongue, then sucked it into her mouth. I bucked my hips to meet her mouth. I was in absolute ecstasy from her attentions.

She stayed in my pussy for what seemed like forever, doing everything just right. When she brought her hands up to play with my nipples even as she sucked my clit, it drove me over the edge. I came hard, writhing and moaning from the orgasmic spasms that coursed outward from my pussy all the way up to my head and back down to my toes. Never had I had an orgasm as strong and wonderful as this. When I finally stopped shaking, she brought her hands back down and spent a long time gently licking my pussy clean.

After making sure that I was all clean, she crawled back up to lay next to me. We kissed for a while, tasting ourselves on each others lips. our tongues dancing an erotic tango.

Finally, we lay still, our bodies entwined, pressing gently against one another, and fell into a peaceful sleep.
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