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Old 12-22-2006, 06:31 PM
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Working Overtime

Part One

Marion Fowler stood at the copy machine watching as the last batch of the copies shot out. She had been working overtime all week long just to make the dead line for Monday morning. Marion looked at her watch; it was going on a quarter to eight. "Ohhhh," she softly moaned as she rolled her neck around. Her shoulder length hair blonde fell in her face as she did, and then back out as her head tilted back. Not only did her neck hurt, but so did her feet. Hell, her whole body did. If only she could slip out of these heels and business suit and into a nice hot bath. Once again, she looked down at the copier. "5..., 4..., 3....," she said aloud, counting down the last of the copies. Just as the counter was to turn again, the copier stopped and the little red "Paper Jammed" light began to flash. "Damn it!"

"What's wrong," her boss, Beth Jones, asked as she entered the copy room.

"This copier," Marion replied. "I just had two copies left and the whole thing would be finished."

"Here," Beth said, bending over to inspect the machine, "let me take a look at it."

Marion leaned against the small table, trying to ease her tired body. "I'll be glad when this presentation is over. Right now, I've got a bathtub with lots of hot water calling my name."

Beth laughed as she pulled the last piece of jammed paper from the machine. "I know what you mean," she said. "When I get out of here, I'm heading straight for home and a steamy hot bath. I'll then call up the Chinese resturant near my house, order some food, pop a cork on a bottle of wine, and re-lax."

Marion laughed at how her boss stretched out the word "relax". The hum of the copier once again started as the last two copies were made. "Thanks," she said as she picked up the last stack of copies and headed out of the room. "No problem," came the response from behind her.

It was now Beth's turn to stand before the machine. As she made her copies, she couldn't help but think about how sexy Marion had looked all bent over when she had entered the copy room. Her long sexy legs had just seemed to disappear into the business suit skirt she wore. And the view she got when Marion had leaned back on the table. OH YEAH! Her matching jacket had long been discarded. The top two buttons of her white business shirt was undone. A clear view down it earlier had revealed a very nice pair of average sized breasts. The thought of what she looked like was now more than she could handle.

Beth had never hidden the fact that she was a lesibian from any of her employees. "Are you willing to work with someone who is gay or lesibian?", was a question that she regularly asked at interviews. She believed that everyone should have to right to live their life the way they wanted. She didn't call them out on the fact or hit on them if they were. But rather made sure that everyone, regardless of race, religion, sexual prefrence, and creed was treated equal.

"Excuse me," Marion said as she reentered the copy room. She watched as Beth jumped, obviously deep in thought. "I didn't mean to scare you," she said. Marion and Beth both laughed.

"I guess I'm more tired than I thought," Beth said, still laughing. The copier had long since stopped.

"I forgot my jacket," Marion said.

Looking at Beth, she noticed for the first time just how attractive her boss was. She was dressed almost like herself, but her heels had to be at least a half inch taller than her own, making her the same height as herself. She too had long discarded the matching jacket. Her ample breasts seemed to be struggling to free themselves from her shirt. Her long brown hair was pulled up in a bun. She looked hot. Being bi-sexual herself, Marion had often masterbated to the thought of being with her sexy boss. It was now Marion's turn to jump when spoken too.

"I'm sorry," said Marion. "I guess that I too am sleepier than I thought."

Again they shared a laugh.

"Are you done," Marion asked.

"Yeah," replied Beth as she gathered up her papers and turned off the light.

"I'll walk with you out then," Marion said, smiling.


Beth locked the door and gave it a hard shake to make sure that it had truly locked. "Damn thing sticks sometimes," she said. She watched as Marion smiled at her. If she didn't know any better, she'd have sworn that Marion was flirting with her. And oh how that made her want to rip Marion's clothes off right now and lick her seven ways from Sunday. Then when Marion had more than she could stand, put her strap on dildo on and fuck the hell out of her pussy.

Marion smiled again as they stopped at Beth's car. "Well," she sighed," here were are."

"Yeah," said Beth. Before she knew what she was doing, she leaned towards Marion and softly kissed her lips. Next her hips moved forward and pressed against Marion's as her tongue entered her mouth. It wasn't until she felt Marion kissing her back and fondleing her breasts that she realized what was happening. Backing up, she gasped, "Oh gees. I'm so sorry Marion. I promise that that will..." But before she could finish her sentence, Marion had stepped up and returned the kiss. Their tongues now twirled around each others. Moans of desire rose up from their throats.

Looking around, Marion realized that they were standing in the middle of a well lite parking lot. "We've got to get out of here before someone sees us," Marion whispered into Beth's ear.

Beth moaned, "Follow me back to my place."
It's only funny until someone gets hurt, then it's hilarious!
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Old 12-27-2006, 02:36 PM
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Part Two

In less than thirty minutes, Marion stepped inside of Beth's penthouse apartment. She heard the click of the lock as she looked around the spacious room and at the outragously expensive decorations adorning it. She knew that there was no way that her pauper salary would ever pay for anything like this. "Must be nice being the boss," Marion thought to herself. She gave a startled jump as Beth's soft lips touched her neck. "MMM That feels so good," she moaned.

"That's not the only thing that is going to feel good," Beth cooed in her ear.

Marion turned to face her boss. Their lips briefly touched several times before they allowed their tongues to mingle. Slowly they unbottoned each others shirts. "MMM," she again moaned as Beth rubbed the outside of her bra; her nipples erecting instantly. She watched as Beth removed her bra and massaged her breasts. "Their beautiful," Beth whispered. Her already hard nipples now hardened to the point of hurting as Beth sucked on them. "Oh Beth," she hissed. She could feel her pussy begining to moisten. Damn was her boss doing a good job on her, and her pussy.

Beth stood up from Marion's breasts and removed her own shirt and bra. Her own brown eyes watched with pleasure as Marion's blue ones sparkled with delight. It was now her turn to moan as Marion sucked her breasts. "Oh Marion," she hissed as she arched back onto the wall next to the door. "Oh don't stop! That feels sooo fucking good."

It had been some time since Beth had made love to any one; male or female. Marion's touch..., smell..., hell, everything about her was driving Beth crazy. She had never wanted another woman the way she did Marion. She ran her fingers through Marion's short blonde hair, pulling her closer to her breasts. "That's it baby," she moaned. "Suck my tits baby, suck them." Her last statement sounded almost demanding. "Oh fuck yeah," she screamed as Marion lightly bit, then pulled at her nipple. "Oh fuck, Marion!"

Marion neither knew, nor cared, how they got into Beth's bedroom. Or how their remaining clothes had been removed. All she knew was that she was now on top of her boss, kissing her way down her neck, past her breasts, and too that beautiful bald love mound below. She lightly planted a kiss on Beth's clit before ficking at it with her tongue. Moans filled the room as she made longer licks up and down Beth's clit. She now inserted it deep into her pussy and flicked it. She heard Beth gasp "Oh Shit" before panting wildly. Moments later Beth's sweet juices rushed onto her tongue. She pushed her face closer to Beth's pussy; driving her tongue deeper into her sweet tasting hole. Her face thrashed furiously against Beth's clit.

"Oh fuck," Beth screamed. "That's it! Eat me you fucking cunt! Eat me!" Marion sucked harder and rubbed her face faster against Beth's clit. She could feel Beth's fingers digging into her scalp and pulling at her hair as she screamed "Oh God!" repeatedly. A gush of sweet juices hit her face. She slowed her pace down as she felt Beth releasing her hair. She gave one last lick and then a kiss on Beth's clit. Looking up over Beth's body, she watched as her boss slowly began to breath normal again; cooing with pleasuring as she did. Marion laid next to her, kissing Beth softly while she regained composure.

Beth gently kissed Marion lips. Her hand massaged Marion's breasts before sliding down to the soft patch of blonde hair between her legs. This woman had just given her one of the best orgaisms she had ever had. She now planned to return the favor. Finding Marion's clit, she slowly rubbed it as she continued to suck on her breasts. "Oh Beth," she heard her gasp. "Oh Beth that feels good." She now inserted her middle finger into her employees pussy as her thumb rubbed her clit. She sucked harder on Marion's breast. She smiled as Marion's body arched and bucked with pleasure. Her finger felt the warmth of juices as Marion came. Pulling it from Marion, she tasted the juices on her finger. Spreading Marion's legs wide, Beth looked at her clit. The sweet tasting necture dripped from the small opening.

"It's been a while since you've been with a man, hasn't it," Beth asked. "A long while," Marion answered. "I've been with more woman than I have men." "Me too," Beth replied, "but I just love my dildos."

Beth laid between Marion's spread legs. "I'll introduce you to them later," she said, smiling wickedly up at Marion. Beth licked at Marion's small slit. The juices tasted even sweeter coming from the source than it had on her finger. Beth's ears were filled with loud moans as she licked at Marion's clit. "Oh yeah," Marion moaned. Beth pushed her tongue into the small opening and flicked it around. She had to hold onto Marion's hips as she did.
If Beth had any thoughts of Marion being shy and timid, that move alone would cause her to have second thoughts.

Beth then roughly suck on Marion's sensitive clit. She gave an inward laugh as Marion gripped the pillow under her head and screamed loudly with pleasure. A gush of juices flowed from the small slit. Beth's thumb now rubbed at it as her tongue pushed back into it; feverously flicking the inside of Marion's pussy. An even bigger gush of juices hit Beth's face. It was then that she knew that Marion was ready for the dildos.
It's only funny until someone gets hurt, then it's hilarious!
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Old 12-27-2006, 03:48 PM
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Part Three

Marion stared at the various sized and colored dildos that Beth had laid on the shelf of her vast walk-in closet. Beth stood next to her, kissing her neck and rubbing her breasts. "Which one do you like," Beth asked sexily. Marion stared at two; the black strap-on and the purlple see through double ended one. Beth took her hand and held it above them. "Show me," Beth whispered into her ear. Marion touched the strap-on lightly. "Good choice," Beth whispered sexily. Marion then touched the double ended one. "UUU," Beth moaned, "You dirty little girl. You want them both, huh?" Still looking down at the dildo assortment, Marion didn't answer, but instead nodded her head "yes".

Marion watched with anticipation as Beth put the black strap-on dildo on. "Suck my cock, bitch," Beth demanded when done. Marion done as ordered and suck on the dildo. She had never enjoyed doing this with a man, but now she was more turned on than ever before. Soon the black plastic glisten with her siliva. She surprised even herself when she moaned with pleasure at having her bosses dildo in her mouth. For several minutes, she enjoyed herself and only hoped that her boss was having as much fun as she was.

"Enough," Marion heard Beth growl. "Get on your hands and knees on the bed." Again, she done as Beth demanded. She could feel Beth behind her and the tip of the fake black cock slipping into her. "Oh Beth," she gasped as the strap-on pushed into her small hole. "You like it, don't you," Beth asked. "Yes," she moaned as the dildo slipped further into her, spreading her further as it went. She gribbed the sheets in front of her as Beth began to move the strap-on in and out of her. "Oh Beth," she screamed with pleasure. "Fuck me, Beth. Fuck me with your strap-on!"

Beth pounded the dildo furiously into her employess pussy. The rubbing sensation she was getting as she did was bring her closer to climax with each thrust she made. "Oh you fucking cunt," she said as she grabbed Marion's hips. "I've been wanting to do this to you for so long. You didn't know that, did you?" She smiled as Marion gasped with pleasure. The squeal she gave told her that she had just came. Looking down at the dildo as it moved in Marion, Beth could the shininess growing on the black plastic; she too came.

After removing the strap-on, Beth brought the double ended dildo over to the bed where Marion laid, still trying to catch her breath. Slowly she inserted one end of the dildo into Marion's wet pussy. She watched as Marion cooed with pleasure as the didlo slid in. With it now in Marion, she manuevered herself so that she could slide her own pussy onto the other end. "MMM," she moaned as it slipped in her pussy. With the dildo now in them and their pussies touching, Beth began to rub her own against Marion's.

Marion moaned with pleasure as Beth rubbed their pussies together. Oh damn, did it feel good. The dildo hit all the right spots inside as Beth's pussy rubbed against hers. Reaching up, she rubbed Beth's bouncing, ample breasts as they fucked each other. Her fingers grazed over Beth's erect nipples; pinching them occassionaly. Marion now smiled as she caused Beth to yelp with a pleasure/pain mixture. "Whose the fucking cunt now," she asked. "I am," Beth panted.

Marion began to rub her pussy hard against Beth's as she pinched one of her nipples again. "Oh yeah," Beth screamed. She was enjoying this new found "control" that she had over her boss. For the first time that she could remember, she was calling the shots. "Fuck me, Marion," Beth screamingly begged. "Fuck me good, please." Marion rubbed harder, causing not only pleasure for Beth, but for herself as well. Together they came. And then again. And again. Three times they came togehter. Their juices mixing together as they did. Finally, capable of moving away from each other, they laid under Beth's cool, satin sheets. "If every night of overtime is like this one, then I'll volunteer every time," Marion cooed as she laid in Beth's arms. "From now, it will be," Beth said, pulling Marion tighter to her.
It's only funny until someone gets hurt, then it's hilarious!

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