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Old 06-16-2006, 03:51 PM
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Roommate, Friend, Lover

This is my 1st post so please give losts of feedback.

Karrie and Alexandria had been friends for as long as they could remember but never thought each other in a sexual way tell one mourning. They both graduated at the top of their class and went to the same college.
In truth Karrie was jealous of Alexandria, with her seemingly constant tan, long beautiful legs, and most of all her great ass, something Karrie never had. She had small breasts but was no where near flat chested. The small, pert breasts seem to fit her skinny body.
One night Karrie was lying awake thinking of Alexandria. She looked to the bed next to her and saw Alexandria's breasts rising and falling to the motion of her breath. It dawned on her she just wasn't sexualy attracted to her roommate but she was in love with her. She knew Alexandria would never like her in that way though, so he sighed and went to sleep.
Alexandria was awake to. With boy tourble and exams, she was too nervous to sleep. She decided to use her own personal sleep pill, masturbation. She moved her hand down her pants and began rubbing her clit. Getting a reaction from her body almost at once. She thought of Karrie, while Karrie wasn't the obvious person to change a staright girl crooked, Alexandria had grown attracted to her over the years. She loved her breasts. They developed early and didn't stop. Thourgh out high school Karrie constantly changed bra size. Even when they did stop they were bigger than most without enhancements. It was unlikely Karrie would ever return these thoughts. This fact made her rub her clit faster, as if she was taking her anger out on her own body. She thought back to Karrie's body, thinking nasty things she and her could do.
Karrie was still awake. She looked over at Alexandria, her eyes were closed but she wasn't sleeping, instead it looked like she was concentrating hard. Karrie looked down to see the awnser. The sheets around her crotch where rustling violently. Alexandria was masturbating. Turned on by this she wiggled her hand down her pants and inserted her index finger in her pussy. She started slow at first but then spead up to match with Alexandria. Alexandria rubbed her clit faster and faster. She tried to keep quiet but let out a gasp as her tender pussy sent waves of pleasure thourgh her body. The gasp was too much for Karrie to bare and her body lost control cuming all over her finger. Alexandria came soon after, rubbing her clit over the edge and realeasing her juices. She turned over to see if Karrie had heard her gasp, and saw her looking back. Alexadria quicly went under the sheets from embarssement.
Alexandria qustioned Karrie about the night next mourning. "So you, um, saw me last night."
Karrie didn't know where this was going but she said, "Yeah, but its OK. I do it too." There was burning question on her mind she had to ask."So, who where you jerking off too?"
This caught Alexandria by suprise. She didn't know whether to tell the truth or to say some celeb. She decided to be honest."Acctualy it was you I was thinking of."
It was Karrie's turn to be suprised. She never knew Alexandria thought of her that way. Karrie wanted to prursue this."Well thanks, I guess. You know, I think of you too."
Alexandria saw that both their wildest dreams were right infront of them. She also knew they were both too shy to say what they felt. So she kissed Karrie passionatly.
Karrie was in shock. Her roommate didn't kiss her but KISSED, using a good amount of tongue. Karrie kissed back, sliping her tongue into Alexandria's mouth. Alexandria remebered all the daydreams and dirty thoughts she had of her roommate and wanted them to come true. She pressed Karrie on the wall. Her hands running through Karrie's hair, their tongues massaging each other. Their breasts mashed togeather. Karrie's hand moved to her friend's ass and slaped it. Alexandria arched backwards and let out a deep moan. Alexandria droped to her knees and started kissing her new lover's belly. This sent shivers through Karrie's body. Alexandria pulled down Karries pants revealing the panties she hadn't washed since last night. Her scent filled Alexandria'a nostrals. Alexandria needed Karrie's pussy. She pushed the panties aside and thursted her tongue into her lover's pussy. Karrie was almost taken to her knees by this and realeased a scream of ecstacy. Alexandira's tongue massaged the pussy then thursted in again having the same screaming result. Inside she swirled het tongue around tell Karrie moaned again. Then she moved the tongue in and out. Karrie moved her hands down to Alexandira's head and pushed it against her. Karrie couldn't bare it anymore and let out a scream. She came with her lover's tongue still in her.
Alexandria lapped up Karrie's juices. She was now more horney than ever in her life. She got some of the excess cum with her finger and put it inside Karrie's mouth. Karrie never new how good she tasted and wanted to repay the favor of being eaten out. She grabbed Alexandira, pressing her ass against her crotch. She then unbuttoned Alexandira's white nighty blouse. When it was off she cuffed her lovers breasts. Then she started massaging them, then she pinched her hard tits, making Alexandira moan. Alexandria cocked her head back and kissed Karrie passionatly. After the kiss Karrie wanted to give Alexandria pleasure like she had never felt. She put her hand inside Alexandria's pants and inserted her long middle finger into the pussy. She pulled it out and put it in again, repeating this trying to find the G-Spot. Alexandria lifted her thighs up to meet her lover's finger driving it deeper into her. As the finger went faster so did her thighs keeping in sync like some beautiful dance. Alexandira felt pleasure like she had never felt in her life. Her gasps turned to moans and moans to screams as she road her roommate's finger. She lost it and came all over Karrie's hand. Karrie then fed Alexandria her own cum, just like she had done to her.
After they were dressed and cleaned up Alexandria said, "Wanna catch a movie and dinner later."
"I would love that." Karrie replyed. She gave her lover a kiss that was not of lust, but of pure love.

Please leave lots of feedback, good and bad. Ill base my next post off what you want. Please contact me on AIM with Snipershinze(its my gamertag for xbox Live, I know how UN-sexy)
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